THE PAEDOFILE: Getting f**ked up the arse by Little Britain

britt1Old Home Secretaries never die, they simply fade away

While Britain continues to wait for a sign (however small) of arrests following the Elm House paedophile brothel enquiry (the same one that Boris Johnson sees as “really going rather well”) more than 30 people have been arrested as part of an investigation into a major systemic child abuse scandal in Northern Ireland.

The investigation follows a review of cases of young people missing from the care system over the past 18 months. It shows up yet again how, having been f**ked up the arse by the child ‘care’ system, kids do a runner and then get f**ked up the arse by paedophile rings picking up the systemic crumbs. Later, the kids escape again, turn to the church for succour, and get f**ked up the arse by priests. Being a kid either in or out of care these days is very much an adult-rated movie experience.

Health Minister Edwin Poots and Justice Minister David Ford are due to attend a Stormont debate early next week, but Poots has in the meantime issued a statement which is a classic of spin-speak. It includes the usual references to ‘sexual exploitation as a priority’, ‘developing and agreeing a multi-agency action plan to deal with the issue’, ‘robust action is being taken to both prevent children and young people being sexually exploited’, and of course the ever-present ‘deal effectively with those who perpetrate child sexual exploitation’. Up to but not including people who work for Sky, the care services, the police, MPs, powerful suppliers to government, and Royalty.

We should of course remember that being f**ked up the arse regularly by wearers of expensive shoes and antique watches is far from being the only reason care home kids do a runner. Some leave simply because they’re in care unjustly, others because they’re fed up of pc do-gooders talking down to them, and others still because they are, to be honest about this, bordering on feral. They don’t do a runner to go back home of course, because back home may well be where they got f**ked up the arse in the first place. I just find it unutterably depressing that if in 2013 a British infant is the victim of family dysfunctionality, the only viable future appears to be one in which people f**k one up the arse. The uniforms might change, but not much else.

It does make one wonder why Gary Glitter bothered to fly all the way to Thailand when there are such rich pickings here. But chiefly, I marvel at the gall of politicians who persist in affecting shock about it, especially those charged with actually doing something about it. The par excellence examples of this were Harriet Harman and Ed Balls between 2005 and 2010, but this now well-worn tradition extends all the way back to Leon Brittan, a man who was Home Secretary during the worst excesses of Elm House.

Mr Brittan appears these days to be in some form of retirement after a long and distinguished career of mislaying of essential dossiers, and sending or receiving diplomatic bag literature of a sexual rainbow nature. Remaining as he does commendably modest about this exploits, we should nevertheless all remain aware of the massive contribution that Leon has made to the culture of our Nation. David Cameron hired him as an exports consultant in late 2010. He was Nick Clegg’s first EU boss. Clegg’s Dad was one of his best friends. He was the man who shafted Heseltine during the Westland scandal.

Few others can boast such a full life, or indeed such a charmed one.

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33 thoughts on “THE PAEDOFILE: Getting f**ked up the arse by Little Britain

  1. If only the MSN would tell this story in such plainly understandable language. Or, if only they would tell it at all!


  2. Nothing is going to happen to anybody involved in this nefarious activity. The same can be said of Coulson and Brooks, they will never see the inside of a courtroom.
    Government has shown us that it is nothing more than a front for organised crime, with us playing the victims.


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  4. If you try and find some real statistics, which is far from easy, because most instances of such child abuse will go unreported, you will still come to the conclusion, that the instance of children being “f**ked up the arse” is actually very rare. For example try a google search of “How common is pedophilia”. You may get a more accurate view from a Senior Nurse who has worked in Casualty for Years, as some of the child victims will be seriously damaged.

    That is not to try and minimise the problem, but your articles give the impression that it is extremely common. My own impression from what people have actually told me, is that it is probably about as common, maybe less so, as children who get killed crossing the road. I thought this in itself was incredibly rare, and the statistics will be easy to find, yet to my astonishment, last year I was at a friends’ house for a meal, and she told us that her son, had been killed crossing the road, just after another friend turned up who said exactly the same thing had happened to her child.

    Neither of them had talked about this before, so out of a total of 3 women present, two had lost children in exactly the same kind of road accident. Yet that was merely an example of co-incidence. The real instance of all kind of child death in road accidents is very low.

    Statistics are important in evaluating risk, yet people become terrorised, and change behaviour, because of fear from media, with the result – for example – that they put their child in even more danger, by being over-protective. The child is not allowed to play outside, and turns into a fat blob, that will probably be lucky to make 40 with diabetes and the rest. Meanwhile virtually all men, who 25 years ago, would naturally volunteer to teach kids skills such as music or sport, won’t go anywhere near, cos its just not worth all the aggro of the CRB checks – and the paranoid mothers’ accusations and dirty looks – even if they are a parent of a child the same age themselves..

    The result is a totally dysfunctional society, which appears to have been deliberately engineered, by the psychopaths we really should be concerned about.



  5. Where are Leon Brittan’s solicitors, I mean this is more than ridicule: I sat next to him at my Livery company dinner 2 years ago,and,yes, he is weird.


  6. If Brittan is smart he and his solicitors will just STFU. Since JW is not living in the UK and the blog is hosted on an American site the dolicitors would be nuts to try something.


  7. Tony
    With respect, the stats are massively un and under-reported.

    Yes, paedophilia per se is a rare event, and 88% of it doesn’t take place in the Care System.
    That’s because the kids in care are a MINUTE fraction of the UK population.
    My objection to systemic abuse is the 100% lack of interest in being honest about it by the authorities – partly because they’re involved, and partly because they don’t GAF.


  8. When are we finally going to have an open dialogue about psychopathy? Sexual assault, particularly on children, is merely one nasty manifestation of the behaviours of the personality-disordered, who spend their entire existences destroying other people’s lives, destroying decent society, and wreaking evil havoc. When asked about psychopaths, one prominent American psychiatrist said “Oh psychopaths? Yes they’re completely untreatable, but we love them. Because each one of them gets us 100 clients coming in for therapy.”


  9. I would think a straight, adult woman would be repulsed at the thought of straight sex with these repulsive slugs. How horrifying it must be for a child to suffer perverted sex from these ugly pieces of shit it is almost impossible for us to contemplate or imagine. That’s why it goes over the heads of most people. They cannot imagine the depths of depravity so it’s not on their radar.
    Icke is right – they are a sub-species of humanity.


  10. Back in the late ’60s my flatmate worked as a typist in a police station in a medium sized US city. One of the cops told her over 50% of their complaints were related to child sex abuse but it was never reported in the papers etc. as it would cause panic. He also said it was usually a family member or family friend or neighbour committing the abuse. She was horrified as was I when she told me. I believe there is far more abuse occurring than is realised by the public.


  11. Thanks Harry that was very interesting. It didn’t take long for my jaw to drop. Take this little piece from the document, which was, I assume, from the minutes of a 1954 meeting…

    “The final key to economic control had to wait until there was sufficient data and high speed computing equipment to keep close watch on the economic oscillations created by price shocking and excess paper energy credits — (paper inductance/inflation).”


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  13. @John Ward re Elm Guest house as we know that a certain Harvey Proctor was a visitor to EGH and according to the MM list where cert ain prominent MPs were helping Mr Proctor with his Tie shop business for some reason I came across an article that suggest a LOT of financial help was forthcoming from MPs at the time..very odd as that business was doomed to makes one wonder just wtf was going on there..when you consider that business of his was registered in…Richmond Upon Thames ie close by where the abuse crime were being commited..

    “Mr Proctor turned from politics to hosiery and opened his shop in Brewers Lane, off Richmond Green, in 1988 with a pounds 2,000 grant from the Government’s Enterprise Allowance Scheme, and a little help from his friends: a start-up fund of pounds 75,000 was organised by Tristan Garel-Jones MP, the former Tory deputy chief whip and one of the party’s best-known fixers.”


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  15. John Ward see how that stuff in the indie article matches the MM notes

    “Harvey Proctor runs shop called Tie Shop bought by Puddles (owns freehold)

    Geof Archer/Cecil Parkinson payed (sic) for the lease
    lives in Fulham and got a flat in Rich
    drinks in Richmond Arms Pub.”

    behind proctors business was a company called Cottonrose Ltd

    About Cottonrose Limited
    Cottonrose Limited was incorporated on 04 Nov 1987 and is located in Surrey. The company’s status is listed as “Dissolved”and it had one director at the time it closed. Its founding director was Mr Keith Harvey Proctor. Cottonrose Limited does not have any child companies.

    Registered Address:
    11 Brewers Lane
    Richmond Upon Thames
    TW9 1HH
    United Kingdom

    Cottonrose LimitedEdit details
    Company Number: 02188714
    Company Type: Private limited with share capital
    SIC Code: 5242, Retail Sale Of ClothingInc. Date: 04 Nov 1987
    Annual Returns: Unknown
    Annual Accounts: Unknown

    re: Cottonrose Ltd aka Harvey Proctor

    DEBENTURE – Outstanding on 1988.10.24

    RENT SECURITY DEPOSIT DEED – Outstanding on 1989.05.31


  16. John talking of Heseltine
    what you make of this considering that LB as well as Proctor were guests at EGH..

    “SENIOR Tory politicians including **Michael Heseltine**, President of the Board of Trade, and Lord Archer have invested more than pounds 100,000 in a loss-making shirt shop owned by the disgraced former Tory MP, Harvey Proctor, perusal of the register of members’ interests reveals to the curious inquirer.
    The register discloses the fascinating fact that no fewer than 11 current MPs have shareholdings in a little-known clothes retailer, Cottonrose Ltd.”


  17. and westland would be connected to defence of realm ie national security which would involve the security services wouldnt it?..


  18. do you think John that somewhere in the westland affair there was some murky goings on involving abuses at EGH?..just a thought..


  19. Harvey Proctor Investors

    ‘Patrick Puddles’ owned freehold
    Lord Jeffrey Archer MP (paid for shop lease & former politician whose political career ended with his conviction and subsequent imprisonment (2001�03) for perjury and perverting the course of justice.)
    Cecil Parkinson �MP (Paid for lease & was forced to resign in October 1983 after it was revealed that his former secretary, Sara Keays, was carrying his child, Flora Keays. A child he never met)
    Tristan Garel-Jones(MP, former Tory deputy chief whip and one of the party’s best-known fixers)
    Mr Michael Heseltine MP (He resigned from the Cabinet in 1986 over the Westland Affair and returned to the backbenches.)
    David Heathcote (Amory Paymaster-General & prominent gay rights campaigner)
    Mark Lennox-Boyd (former junior Foreign Office minister)(Henlow Grange connection)
    Sir Nicholas Bonsor (MP Upminster)
    Richard Shepherd (MP Aldridge-Brownhills & rated as one of the Conservatives’ most rebellious MPs)
    David Evans (MP Welwyn Hatfield) (Shortly before losing his seat, in early March 1997, he attracted controversy over unguarded remarks in an interview by sixth-formers for a school magazine in which he referred to his opponent as a “single girl” (she was 42 years old at the time) with “bastard children”,[3] and claimed that the Birmingham Six were guilty and had “killed hundreds” before being caught, as well as making remarks considered racist, such as asking how the sixth-formers would feel if their daughter was raped by “Some black bastard”. Twenty months before, in an interview with the Times, he admitted that he was a racist
    Neil Hamilton (resigned as Northern Ireland minister re cash for questions)
    Tim Yeo (Environment minister who was forced to resign after news broke of his adultery with Julia Stent, a Hackney Labour councillor, who bore his child)
    Michael Brown (resigned as a Tory whip after homosexual affairs with a youth and a Ministry of Defence civil servant)
    David Ashby (who suffered unwelcome publicity after admitting sleeping with a man but denying having sexual relations with him)
    Sir Neil Thorne MP
    William Benyon MP (Benyon joined the Royal Navy aged 13 in 1943 and attended Britannia Royal Naval College, Dartmouth. He retired from the Navy as a Lieutenant in 1956 Benyon joined the Conservative Monday Club prior to 1970)
    Sir Charles Morrisson (Brother of paedophile Peter Morrison MP & sister Dame Mary Morrison, was a Woman of the Bedchamber to Queen Elizabeth II for forty years)
    Christine Hamilton (wife of Neil, friend of Derek Laud who provided alibi in an alleged rape that was quickly found to be entirely false. In 1999, she was on the front-page of The Sun when she was snapped kissing young Conservative Will Goodhand at an Oxford University Conservative Association dinner. She is most famous for her defence of the allegations of corruption and ‘cash for questions’ made against her husband whilst he was an MP. The failure of their attempt to sue Mohamed Al-Fayed led to them going bankrupt.


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  21. I’ve read for a number of years. This blog has gone way downhill in that time. Thanks for what fish there were, and I hope your enjoy the rest of your *retirement*.


  22. Which is a great pity, as I think Rebecca Brooks would like very much to give evidence, the paedophiles are just so determined that she will not. There will be a trial though, the Lord said there would be and it wont be a secret one either.


  23. so true, and the problem is the constitutional concentration of power in a few, makes them vulnerable to much wider and stronger criminal network. Moreover, there is a correllation between officials, officially empowered to make decisions for the people, and treating the people like children; which in turn, must be a behavior that leads and tempts one to pedophilia. Likewise the whole must be wider spread, for it to go on and not come up, for i doubt anyone would want to participate either way, clearly thinking, and this, a contrivance, by higher power, a story, that facilely explains how so much wrong goes on, in covert sacrifice.


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