‘The award is open to English language writers of any nationality under the age of 35 on the closing date of entries. It is for non-fiction writing.’

This is one of the ‘rules’ of the Spectator Magazine’s new travel writing competition. Clearly they think brains turn to porridge at 36, which – if that’s their assumption – might in turn explain why the Speccie’s IQ level is so unutterably low these days.

If the Spectator had written “who are men” or “Caucasians” in that space, they would’ve been in Court so quickly, their feet wouldn’t have touched the ground.

This sums up everything that’s wrong with our society: ‘We have nothing to learn from older people, we like cheap employees aged under 45, we will pander to the entitlement syndrome of women and minority ethinicities, but we don’t give a flying f**k about those with more experience who have worked all their lives believing in British fairness and ingenuity’.

Cruel Britannia strikes again. Pathetic, and hugely disappointing.

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