THE PAEDOFILE: Why our leaders are offside on the paedophile issue….

…and there are two sides to the Jimmy Savile saga

That Jimmy Savile was very odd indeed is hard to question. But as regular Sloggers know, I have increasingly come to the view over time that (a) he has become a magnet for those who seek publicity and money; and (b) he has been used as a weapon of mass distraction by others with various agendas. As time has gone on, this obfuscation has been complicated further by the unerring instincts of the MSM for exaggeration, invention, and anything else that might sell newspapers.

Nowhere is this more evident than in the Murdoch press, whose owner (the miraculous Alzheimer’s reverser Rupert) has of course an obvious agenda: to smear anyone and everyone associated with the BBC. What began with Plod trying to put every case of child sex abuse at Savile’s door (“Saves orn the paperwork, squire”) then ballooned into multiple arrests of obscure DJs, soap stars and one-time sports reporters. Most of them seem to me – looking at the facts – to have been sad old gropers: sex pests yes, but paedophiles? Look closely at some of the press statements, and you will I fancy join me in suspecting that a little judicious age-lowering here and there has been employed by the boys in blue.

Yesterday, former care-home inmate and blogging aristocrat Anna Racoon ran a piece about what Savile’s family is going through, and why. It will raise doubts in the mind of any fair and intelligent observer of this issue. Like everything Anna does, it is contrarian but extensively researched – using direct contact with the Savile family. It shows that, at the very least, that there has been avarice, distortion and deception in this case. Savile is clearly guilty of some horrendous nastiness, sexual and otherwise; but he has been placed into the smoke rising from Hell, and this is pure tabloid invention: the Devil, you might say, is in the distraction.

What Mme Raccoon boffs on about quite a lot is that still by far the majority of paedophilia takes place outside the care system by adults the children know…a sizeable percentage of whom are family members. I posted about this very topic eleven days ago, but while this is an incontrovertible fact, the key points driving me and others in a quest to lift the carpet on systemic abuse remain as follows:

Visit any Underclass area of any major conurbation, and you will see endless groups – directly or indirectly – associated with the act of or trade in paedophilia. You will find evidence of systemic complicity – some of it judicial, some of it local government, and some of it religiously based. You will hear politicians going lalalalalalah. You will be shocked by the cynical and/or criminal involvement of senior police officers. You will find social services turf wars, corrupt psychiatrists, braindead Judges, and men who are clearly flying a false flag in positions of great responsibility directly involved in the “care” of vulnerable or disturbed children. Mainly, you will given gagging orders.

Look as I have at Canada, Holland, New Zealand, Australia, the US and Asia, and you will find these patterns repeated over and over again: this is not a global conspiracy, but it most certainly is a global problem. Only here in Britain, however, does the Establishment seem to have an interest in losing reports, suppressing evidence, finding distractions, denying the obvious, and working on the mad basis that the only paedophile is a dead paedophile.

Former Cabinet Ministers, Rotherham taxi drivers, Liverpool Councillors, Wrexham hoteliers, Devon cops, Staffordshire doctors, and hundreds of women with lots of children and no fathers have all convinced me over the last seven years that, while there is a lunatic fringe and an avaricious minority, organised child trafficking, systemic child abuse and persistent sexual opportunism are all blighting the lives of a significant number of children in care.

The Education Minister Michael Gove’s view is one of blanket denial. The Health Minister Jeremy Hunt never mentions it, nor does Welfare Minister Iain Duncan-Smith. I have yet to hear a single utterance about this subject from Ed Balls, Harriet Harman or Yvette Cooper. When Tom Watson gallantly raised the issue in the Commons, David Cameron’s body language was at best shifty. Not a dicky bird from Home Secretary Theresa Nutsin-May, despite the fact that her police forces have been opening, closing, dead-ending, reopening under pressure and then arresting here and there for decades now.

What’s happening here is the covering of the backside. It is the same – except even worse – as the explosive Coop Bank bailin information now coming to light about pensioners’ lives becoming a wreck, purely to save the political neck. We the citizens and our children come last: it shouldn’t be that way, but it so obviously is, those who deny it must either be asleep, or Establishment members with a great deal to hide.

A total of four arrests have now been made in the Fernbridge enquiry. A former Cabinet Minister is under suspicion, and lots of papers are being shuffled around from one agency to another in the hope they might self-immolate during the process. Nobody in the MSM – with the honourable exception of Christopher Booker at the Telegraph – is asking the bigger question: why is this not a massive national issue being debated openly in the Commons?

The answer is, I’m afraid, the same old same old. All the paths lead back to the same obscene mélange of bribery, Council corruption, the involvement of privileged groups from Cardinals and Asian taxi-drivers to Royalty, and the protection of Parliamentary members in both the Commons and the Lords. It is just another dimension of a sick culture slithering down into the sewers.

Meanwhile, a paedophile pensioner who abused children in a church-run home in Edinburgh faces a lengthy jail sentence after being found guilty on 22 charges of sex abuse relating to children. In May this year, alcoholic paedophile Mark Bridger – a man who lived out violent sex fantasies about young girls on the internet – went to jail for the murder of April Jones. But Dominic Grieve QC, the attorney general, is busy on more weighty matters: prosecuting a 21-year-old juror on a paedophile-case jury for writing on his Facebook page “Woooow I wasn’t expecting to be in a jury Deciding a paedophile’s fate, I’ve always wanted to F**k up a paedophile & now I’m within the law!” That we have braindead jurors is of little surprise to me; I am merely left wondering WTF Grieve is doing handling this case when he has, surely, far bigger fish to fry.


Yesterday at The Slog: MPs cover themselves by screwing innocent pensioners

28 thoughts on “THE PAEDOFILE: Why our leaders are offside on the paedophile issue….

  1. I remember reading on one of the blogs that Jimmy Saville used to go to church with Peter O Toole. I would like to know more about that, it might be something or nothing.
    There was a television program on yesterday about Frank Bruno. I would like to know the real reason why Frank Bruno has been sectioned, because I don’t believe the television version of events.
    MI5 are supposed to be about national security, but they are actively and aggressivly covering up international child trafficking and forced adoptions and institutional child abuse, and persecuting the victims of these evils.
    I would have more sympathy for Jimmy Saviles relatives if they had more sympathy for us Pindown and Secret (therefore illegal) Family Court victims, but they don’t seem to give a toss about us, even though Savile was one of the fixers.


  2. One reason the politicians are so terrified of this can of worms is simple. One of the mainstays of political manipulation is to lead folk to believe their children are at risk, as A Hitler put it in Mein Kampf; “As long as the government is perceived as working for the benefit of the children, the people will happily endure almost any curtailment of liberty and almost any deprivation.” They know that the opposite also holds true; exposure of this problem on the scale asked for could conceivably wipe out many of the political elite and I don’t mean those directly involved.

    Indeed it occurs to me that Mein Kampf is the preferred play-book of the modern British politician, given the number of strategies espoused by Hitler that they seem to follow to the letter.


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  4. During the late 1970s in Northern Ireland,a group of naive young men ran a pamphlet called “Bawd News”.Bawd News ran salacious stories no one else would touch and it was greedily consumed by workers in Belfast who spread it to the rest of the North,as they left Belfast by train .”Bawd News” met its come uppance when it ran a thinly disguised story about Prime Minister paedophilia .It nearly cost the authors and publishers their lives.They were invited to quit with the heaviest military hands available.Their suggestion that paedophilia was a mechanism of control could not be tolerated.
    Today this control mechanism is being used by the NSA,FBI and MI5/6 and many other assorted “security services”around the world.Indeed just a suggestion of “child pornography”is enough to destroy a life and career.We are led to believe that all hacking is merely for information,others have suggested it is to control those who think they are in power.Today our technical elite are the deciders who will win or lose,or at least their bosses.
    As long as the paedophile in public office is protected there will be no open prosecution of these vile animals and we are reduced to mere promises of possible prosecutions as action.


  5. ““Woooow I wasn’t expecting to be in a jury Deciding a paedophile’s fate, I’ve always wanted to F**k up a paedophile & now I’m within the law!””

    This shows that the cycle is complete, the feedback loop that comprises social media, the tabloid press, 24hr TV news has just about sewn it up.
    I am now convinced that pretty much any concept could be sold to the masses if there is sufficient will to do so.

    I share JW’s opinion that people like Stuart Hall are simply fodder being fed into this media machine to divert attention from the real agenda. ‘Oooooh that bloke from It’s a Knockout did all those things blah blah blah’.

    A more effective smokescreen I could not possibly think of.


  6. As an adolescent, Bruno was in a children’s home in Sussex sent by, I think, Wandsworth Council. He did very well there. I was told by a casual acquaintance years ago that he became so institutionalised that he didn’t want to leave.


  7. There are other aspects to the rise in child abuse that our society does not want to admit. The break down of family life has increased the number of stepparents and casual boyfriends who abuse children with whom they live. Then there is the cost of looking after children in care. Social services are not receiving the funding that will help them look after the increased number of children who are in danger of physical or sexual abuse at home or simply gross neglect.


  8. Remember the Indie have apparently covered up the testimony of a victim given to Yasmin Alibhai-Brown that Hall abused the girl with his ‘mates’ including an MP who is now a Lord (there is an obvious candidate). It will be interesting to see if Hall’s sentence is increased on review. No increase would support the view that he did a deal: keep quiet about everyone else in exchange for a short sentence.


  9. they are receiving enough funding but that funding is a private company’s profits, how much per child per week, £400 per week per child, so a home with ten kids gets £208 thousand a year, how can that not be enough and is a conservative estimate.
    in the case of John Allen(bryn estyn) he was able to amass a huge fortune in a job that gave him the ability to engage in his most favourite pursuit of buggering little boys, now you have to think how many other pervs have caught onto the fact that you can make huge profits from abusing children that you are ment to be protecting and you have to remember that some folks will do anything for cold hard cash.


  10. ‘Jimmy Savile was very odd indeed’?

    He was a child rapist, necrophiliac, kiddie pimp and murderer. ‘Very odd’ is the bloke who has to touch the wall every 5 yards,wash his hands repeatedly or who won’t step on a crack.

    Again you say there is no global conspiracy… I say look up the definition of conspiracy. If you’re not aware that snuff films, child porn and children are trafficked globally by people of different nations; sometimes in a diplomatic bag, then you’re just not paying close enough attention.

    All the spooks knew what he was doing, and some of his royal chums. For anyone to think that isn’t the case is straight up insanity.

    Savile had incredible access to Royals and politicians. He holidayed with Charlie ‘The clown prince’, smoothed things over with Diana, spent 11 Xmas’s in a row at Checquers, visited the Knesset etc. etc….. Please let’s not pretend he hadn’t been scrutinised, as EVERY BBC worker is given a going over by the spooks, it being the the government propaganda vehicle and all!

    I hope you keep lifting up stones John, but if you see something truly horrific under there, call a spade a spade. We passed the town of ‘Stiff Upper Lip’ a good while back…


  11. Can you produce some evidence that any police force has ever found a snuff movie? In the 1990s an ITV documentary (which you can watch online) stated that the police had yet to find any evidence of one.

    People keep on repeating this stuff.


  12. What’s that you say? The police and the media don’t have any evidence to hand? Made a documentary that says there is no evidence….? Sounds conclusive to me!

    Presumably that would be the same media and police force who have been covering up for all manner of crooks and child abusers!

    I’m not getting in to the ‘produce evidence’ whirlpool Tony. Some people won’t see what’s staring them in the face until the Times and the BBC report on it. Might I suggest you do what many people do, and do a little research; rather than expecting others to do everything for you.

    Because until you, I , and every bugger else start to engage OUR critical faculties, we’ll be entirely beholden to the whims of liars.


  13. I have every respect for JW’s work and dedication on all topics especially the work he put’s in to pedophilia.
    Jimmy Savile was evil not odd and those that know of and protect/blackmail these evil people are also evil. ( I mean human evil not religious evil ).


  14. I don’t know the ratio of children to carers for adolescents, average or difficult, or arrangements overnight. However, in one year there are 8760 hrs. 1 person working 45 weeks at 37.5 hrs a week works 1687.5 hrs. That means that each child will need 5-6 people working shifts around the year. (Obviously the child will share the carers with other children). 6 disturbed children would probably be enough for most adults. £400 pw in that case is not a lot of money as you need to pay one salary + NI plus food, accommodation + bills for the child. Someone informed can give more accurate figures. However, the point I’m trying to make is how immense is the work done by parents in bringing up children who make a contribution to society rather than be a drain on it and how expensive it is to replace parenting by parents with social care. BTW the fortune made by certain people may not have come from social services but from pimping children who were paid off with a can of beer or a packet of fags.


  15. dear John “Wrexham hoteliers” is a very good point indeed…especially when you consider the Clwyd council document that has CHE/ CREST written on it..


  16. I heard it the other way around–the security services were happy to see those stories circulating, mostly because they had planted them in the first place. (I assume you’re writing about the Ted Heath-Kincora connection).

    The Ted Heath stories ring false to me, because they always end with him doing something really lurid, like turning into a lizard or throwing a body off the side of his yacht. Maybe he just always went the extra mile, though.


  17. “No evidence” doesn’t sound like conclusive proof that snuff videos exist. Affordable video cameras have been around for 30-40 years. Odd that no one seems to have uncovered one in all that time. Not just the police, but the media, campaigners and all…


  18. I didn’t say there wasn’t any evidence Tony. I said it might be an idea to go and find it for yourself. I have no desire to go seeking video evidence of a snuff film, because it’s unlawful, immoral and likely to get a pauper like me a spell in chokey.

    I’m aware that video cameras exist, without them the concept of the snuff movie would be rather redundant I imagine.

    I have not done in-depth research on snuff films. But if you are minded to investigate yourself I would suggest Amsterdam is a good place to start, or maybe the home of Dutroux, Belgium.

    There are plenty of people talking about this issue. Do some research and make up your own mind, or don’t. But be assured of one thing. If your only point of reference is an ITV documentary, and the fact that you haven’t seen any video evidence personally; your take on the situation can only be, charitably, described as ‘limited’.


  19. Jimmy soVILE…! “…a bit odd!”
    A BIT ODD…!
    How Bloddy Stoopid Are You? Methinks..? that YOU Are! ‘evidenced by’ that statement alone..”A LOT ODDER!”
    You’re a KANT..! OR am I bein’ ‘too philosopical’..? perhaps I mean something else..? Erm..?
    Yes! I think I do..!
    I’m outta here..!


  20. I’m with you…. I’ve read this blog for months, but never expected to see a serial paedophile/necrophiliac enabler of sex crimes to the elite described as ‘a bit odd’! WTF???
    All respect for this writer is utterly diminished… obviously in league with the scum that allow the shit up top to continue… and as for impugning Chris Spivey’s integrity! What a crock of shit!
    For all Chris Spivey’s faults, he does not describe the worst of nonces as ‘a bit odd’, like they sometimes put a drop of tabasco in their coffee…. which would be ‘a bit odd’. No…. they like to abuse, rape and murder children, supply children for snuff movies involving MPs, diplomats, royalty, knights, lords and pop stars.
    A bit odd.
    Yeah…. that’s ‘a bit odd’.

    A bit odd that anyone would write this article and still wish to be taken seriously.

    *comment deleted*?
    don’t bother replying because I won’t be returning here and will be deleting from my favourites.
    Can you say ‘knee’ jerk?


  21. Police raided a printng shop in Checker Street, Kings Lynn in 2002,and found several Russian nationals on fake Polish identities living in the house, and printing not just fake utility bills and identites, but child porn and snuff movies made to sell across several counties.
    Also released on a police caution was a local evengelical leader who was involved in the mass circulation of boy porn mags.
    Many of the snuff movies were sold at boot fairs, and many sent to Tel Aviv


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