The Unaligned Front for Decency (UFD) is being thought about by legal persons in England, but at the moment it’s looking like it should become a Mutualised Unincorporated Association with members rather than shareholders. It seems the problem with being a charity is that, allegedly, you can’t lobby for changes to the Law….which strikes me as odd, but predictable – probably because of the tax status of such charities.

Either way, the UFD can be formed fairly swiftly because none of us want to use it to avoid tax, and it’s really like your common or garden Golf Club. Except that Golf Clubs don’t change the world, whereas the UFD just might. Listen – if you don’t aim for the stars, you’ll always be in a ditch.

This is the plea part: first, are there any decent lawyers out there following The Slog who would donate the job of forming this club for all of us free? I estimate that currently there are about 200 people (they range from unemployed under 25s to dentists and MPs) who have expressed an interest in joining.

And second, are there any online-savvy art directors who could do the same to develop a logo?

Stay tuned: I will keep you updated.

74 thoughts on “UNALIGNED FRONT FOR DECENCY: An update and a plea

  1. John i commend your efforts exccept to be honest the name sounds a bit like one of those radical right movemenst in the USA …as well as being a bit ”mary carthorse”…btw if you check out linkedin site on graphic designers you will find no end of logo creators ..i used do to tons of them when at was at college i am on linkedin on graphic designers forums..

  2. Unaligned Front for Decency – a real mouthful – not to be confused with ‘ …an affront to decency. UFD, UDF, UPS, confusing acronyms.
    UKIP suffer the same problems (and an awful logo).
    All the best, most timeless logos seem to have a foundation in Heraldry, where the most important rule is clarity (and the rule of tincture).
    A great idea though, and count me in.

  3. Count me in too. But, (at risk of repeating myself)!, please can we have some kind of stated objective which describes the UFD. If we are to pass this on to apprpriate people who perhaps haven’t been following your Blog, it would help. We who have been following you for sometime have come to understand your motives and objectives, there are many others out there who have not had the privilege. Help us to help you. Many thanks.

  4. Just to confirm John I am in.
    Job: Bricklayer (with pitchfork)
    And I have to agree with Graham’s comments about UFD or is that the UDF?!

  5. Count me in too but what will that entail for you?
    I´m not sure what it entails for me but I know from experience that my words can be cheap. What say you?

  6. John, I like very much that you are taking some action. I expected more from the branding of your name! UFD? UGH!
    And when you say it, it doesn’t half conjure up Life Of Brian and the People Front of Judea or was it the Popular Front for Judea….etc. I am sure you can come up with a word (or 2?) which encapsulates your purpose and resonates with a wider group.

  7. Still like ” the sensible party” simplistic ,I know but understandable by the masses. All policies have to be sensible . Non threatening name as well.

  8. jOHN I thought thi smigh interest you its th munro report on chid protection..
    it starts with this:

    “In June 2010, the Secretary of State for Education, the Right Honourable Michael Gove MP, asked me to conduct an independent review of child protection in England. This is my third and final report in which I set out recommendations that I believe will, taken together, help to reform the child protection system from being over-bureaucratised and concerned with compliance to one that keeps a focus on children, checking whether they are being effectively helped, and adapting when problems are identified.”

    so there you go……Mickey Gove himself…


  9. Count me in but I’m not sure abut the word ‘Front For’. I would be inclined not to use the word Front, (‘National Front’ comes to mind). I would prefer ‘Return To’ Decency but whatever you decide you will be stuck with! I’m sure you will get a lot more nit-picking!

  10. I have a young graphic designer staying a few days. Going to pick his brains. You can count me in John.

  11. It is a fantastic idea but permit me to say I really really do not like the name. I can’t comment on an alternative but ‘unaligned’ is just not a great word, just wondering if it should be ‘nonaligned’ anyway? Followed by the word ‘front’ is also not good – it brings up Nationalistic connotations.

    Sorry to criticise it but I think it is very important to get it right from the outset.

  12. It seems to me that this forum has not yet identified and targeted its particular objectives. Decency, probity, honesty and rectitude are all great tags but imprecise.
    There already exist successful campaigning groups for single issues such as change.org and 38degrees.org
    Why can’t their resources be utilised?
    I would like to be involved but can we have a plan please? I’ve not enough years left in me to spend fannying around.

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  14. I’m not entirely sure about the name, for reasons that others have identified, and it seems a bit anodyne but perhaps that’s the point; I dare say you’ve given it a lot of thought anyway. Count me in though (or as a legendary friend used to say “put me down for forty nine go’s”), we’ve got to front them out somehow.

  15. Why not call it *Sovereignty*? That wouldn’t need an acronym, and could only be shortened to Sovs.

  16. A starter for 10….Pro-Pail.
    Pro PoliticAl Integrity and Leadership
    Anyway I’m in too!

  17. Forgive me but, what’s wrong with the original concept of Radical Realism, after all isn’t this the foundation, the very building blocks of where we are today?

  18. This is harder than it looks although I do like the CODE. I am already nonaligned (or is it unaligned?) I care about economics. What is the alternative to the neo liberals? To my mind it can only be MMT.

    I’m in if there is a specific goal of Full Employment and the Job Guarantee. Anything less and I shall wish you all the best and offer support where I can.

    Good luck.

  19. Some very interesting videos. This one has been posted here before, though I still don’t know whether to completely believe it. If you can believe the extent of the stink, and the length of time it has been rotting, then nothing else should come as any surprise whatsoever.

    The other has John Ward, explaining amongst other things, how he managed to get himself banned from Twitter, which I guess is quite an achievement in itself. Interesting if you have followed his blog, and never actually seen or heard him speak.

    The agenda of the meeting “Mind the Gaps — between Online and Mainstream Media” would appear very relevant to what John has in mind here.



  20. Have to agree that the name is a non-starter – how about ‘Free Democrats’ – it’s free of alignment and it’s democratic.

  21. Mudplugger,

    They said the same thing about Led Zeppelin. I also said the same thing to the guitarist in a band who played down our local pub, who decided to change their name. “That name is awful.” A year later they were World Famous.

    Personally, I think the first 3 words do not add anything, and there appears to be no band, nor political group called DECENCY, which does not surprise me.


  22. Tony,
    Couple of problems with DECENCY. Its opposite is indecency, which carries specific implications. Second point is that, as a single word, it echoes ‘Respect’, the Galloway vehicle party, which is not a good start.

  23. @petitb. +1.
    On the same theme I read somewhere that you have 30 seconds to make your pitch and if you haven’t explained yourself by then, people’s eyes glaze over. So we need a 30-second “hook” that encapsulates what we stand for; and from that maybe a more punchy name would suggest itself.

    And if all that sounds a bit cynical I learned the truth of it at those business breakfast clubs.

  24. Just some thoughts about the name which may not be up for discussion. However, does ‘Non Aligned’ not sound better than ‘Unaligned’.

    For me, Non Aligned is associated with the ‘Non Alligned Movement’ which had alot of respect in the World.

    ‘Front’ reminds me of Citizen Smith (e.g The Tooting Popular Front)
    ‘Movement’ sounds better IMO.

  25. Talk about the blind leading the blind.
    Suprising that JW and so many thinking contributors have put their name and flagging reputation to such a half baked lot of nonsense .
    A lot of unaccountable mud throwing at people who have done nothing wrong.
    Watch your back.

  26. I think you may get more support if the movement were to emphasize anti-corruption. Good on you for trying anyway

  27. Count me in too. I’m not sure what use I might be, being firmly planted here in the Fatherland, but who knows? – stranger things have probably happened.

    As for the name, I agree with the majority of posters that it’s a bit ‘verwirrend’ (confusing/bewildering), as we would say over here. Having given it a modicum of thought, howzabout adopting a name that already carries a worthy reputation in itself and, essentially, was following what appears to be much the same objectives that JW is striving for.

    In German it is known as ‘Die Weiße Rose’, which translates neatly into ‘The White Rose’ – though that in itself might not please JW overmuch! Whatever, ‘Die Weiße Rose’ has been resurrected as a political pressure and opinion group – last month, in Munich, where it was originally founded during WWII. Perhaps a link-up could be made with them? Suffice to say, my own application for membership will be submitted to them in the next few days.

    For those that don’t know what ‘The White Rose’ was, Google, amongst other search engines, is your friend.

    Plus, the international aspect may not be a bad thing. How many Sloggers have taken note of the formation and rise of the French ‘Bloc Identitaire’ resp. ‘Generation Identitaire’? The spirit of the latter movement has in the meantime spilled over into Germany and it is becoming increasingly active, as the following link demonstrates. I cannot imagine that one Slogger will disagree with the statements given at the end of the video – in German and English.


    Are we likely to see similar events at Town Halls resp. Hotels de Ville anytime soon?

  28. Forgive me as i am not English and far from England too , maybe just an idea . The word “people” or “people’s” front might unite people more .As for objectives and plans that some think that are needed upfront , maybe after the basis is set , the values and the ideas can gradually manifest themselves through publications and talks rather than be cast in a theoretical philosophy of manifestos.

  29. Personally, until a leader comes along that tells it like it is, then lawful non compliance is the only way forward for me.
    I hope John your tenacity pays off. Best of luck!
    In the meantime I will be watching this space.

  30. July 23, 2013
    A barrister accused of making hoax claims to a senior Ministry of Defence official about a bomb being hidden at an east London hospital is to stand trial next year.
    Michael Shrimpton, 56, allegedly told Barry Burton, a close colleague of Defence
    Secretary Phillip Hammond, that an explosive device was at Newham Hospital.
    Shrimpton, the author of conspiracy theory book, Spyhunter, is also said to have made bogus bomb claims to the offices of David Liddington, MP for Aylesbury, the following day, Southwark Crown Court heard.

  31. Thinking one stage on from the ghost’s acronym – what about “FairPolitics”. We have FairTrade (laudable aims, widely understood), so why not bring a degree of fairness back to the political debate. Doesn’t undermine “Radical Realism”, rather it just makes it more easily understood.

  32. I think the name is ok,but naming all or part of our mission something that people of either right or left may object to,whilst we all understand that wherever policies are unfair,biased & offend decent people of any persuasion,employed by any government of any persuasion,needs standing against on principal
    After all if a principal is worth defending on one matter,then it is worth defending on all matters
    So like someone walking from the back of a Aeroplane to the front those observing on the plane Each sees the man walk a different distance & therefore observe the act differently,yet we can all agree on the mathematical formulae to uphold how we see it
    I know what i am trying to portray,but has usual i have probably left you all confused
    You see John i can read & understand war & peace,just do not ask me to write a essay on it

  33. Unaligned Front for Decency – the name seems to have more then a whiff of Mary Whitehouse about it dedicated to the removal of filth and smut from our television screens. Claire Short would definitely approve.

  34. Count me in too and keep up this important work. Out of time zone but still got a passport and a vote.

  35. JW I’m in but someone else on previous blog mentioned the excellent EU Referendum website where they have started their own ‘Harrogate Agenda’ which I believe is similar in it’s ideals to UFD. http://www.eureferendum.com/harrogate.aspx
    The poster also mentioned the danger of many disparate groups which worries me and it may be worthwhile looking over at this site to see if you feel there is an affinity that could be developed into a stronger singular force.

  36. One caveat…..if this brilliant idea takes off, it will attract ambitious, sociopathic, amoral plankton.

    You know, politicians.

  37. See above….
    How could you filter out people like Bliar, Brown or the Flamboyant Homosexual?

  38. gawd lets at least get on with it with facebook page and using free petition sites. lawyers, what do they do, but delay and complicate. either this gets going or im going to have to storm the bastille single handed or live in a cave

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