THE PAEDOFILE: Lust for power and lust for children: the obvious link

The attempt by Newscories to smear paedophile investigation is motivated by unhealthy desires

hagueoddHague…So many questions, zero accountability

Journalist Nick Davies wrote in 1997: On the fringe of the tribunal hearing, there are disturbing suggestions of a violent cover-up. The London Evening Standard has run a series of stories about two brothers, Adrian Johns and Lea Homburg, who were abused by a convicted paedophile named John Allen. Allen ran a complex of homes in North Wales and London and is said to have been supplying boys to wealthy outsiders. The Standard reported that the two brothers were trying to blackmail him when, in April 1992, Adrian was burned to death in a house fire in Brighton. Lea later died in mysterious circumstances.

Nick Davies is the man who had to bear Mayor Doris Jobsworth calling his early Hackgate articles “a load of left-wing poppycock”. Being proved 100% wrong didn’t stop both the Mayor and Jeremy Rhyminge-Slang kissing the old Digger bastard all over his anatomy at the Olympic Games. Even now Murdoch has, in the last week, been clearly shown to have lied to the SC&M Committee, and vowed revenge on the Met Police, they still refuse to retract any of the abuse aimed at those who merely wish this indecent Antipodean lowlife to bugger off for good. (Most US journalists, I should add, are of the same mind).

Anyway – Nick Davies, Guardian star journalist – no fantasist he. Nick is just one of the hundreds of thousands of Brits who know that our child care-home system is failing, and that ‘renting out’ kids thus ensconced – while not a routine practice – has certainly been going on in most large centres from Plymouth to Edinburgh for at least forty years.

Now today the Daily Telegraph – at the opposite end of the spectrum from the Guardianistas – gives space to a victim of paedophilia accusing William Hague of deliberately suppressing the case (and others) to which Nick referred way back when. In this particular instance, we are back once again with the fat gentlemen sporting nice watches and shiny shoes. And with the odd actions of Mr Vague, who is not being called upon to explain any of his oddly censorious behaviour during the Major years.

So Boris – thou who art variously trumpeted and bankrolled by the Maily Sarkograph – what saith thou to this? Nothing? I thought so. Nothing either, one assumes, about the Daily Record’s piece last week which established something ever so slightly fishy:

‘A RESPECTED government adviser on child protection has been charged with fraud over allegations that she falsely claimed to have a medical qualification. Susan Stewart, 43, worked with some of the most vulnerable children in Scotland for more than a decade – advising courts and local councils on whether they should be taken into care. The mum of two, who referred to herself as Dr Susan Stewart and was called on as an expert by a Scottish Government committee, was manager of a child and family assessment centre for leading Scots children’s charity Aberlour Child Care Trust. Prosecutors are now considering a police report.’

What about you, Michael Gove and Jeremy Hunt: clearly the vetting system is a bit, shall we say, lightweight? Non-existent? You tell me. All I can tell you is that I hounded a false psychiatrist accuser in the pay of Staffordshire Social Services six years ago. He ran away, but he still practices, still takes the money, still tells gullible Family Court judges that kids have invented memory syndrome….but is in fact himself affiliated with an Anglo-American paedophile apologist organisation. Which, spookily, I can’t write about thanks to a gagging order.

Britain is rapidly turning into a country where those with an obsessive lust for political power are prepared to deny anything and support anyone in order to achieve that power, and then retain it. To those Sloggers wondering if I’m becoming totally obsessed with pieces for the Paedofile, I would answer that I write about this for the same reason I write about football, phone hacking, global looting, Crash 2 and umpteen other subjects: they are all symptoms not of an economic crisis, but a much broader cultural crisis.

Money-lust destroys political trust and hides paedophile lust. The connection is obvious. We are only barely civilised any more. The return to decency is a chronic need, and it is apolitical in nature. Tribalism only allows the barbarians to get away with it.

Earlier at The Slog: They’re using chickenfeed to distract us. We should demand more.

8 thoughts on “THE PAEDOFILE: Lust for power and lust for children: the obvious link

  1. dear john there were a number of guest houses in UK and the world that came ‘spartacus recommended’ as i have found out ..oddly enough a guest house in Brighton…knowinfg full well that spartacus was a paedophile promoting can only wonder wtf was going on back then….as i mentioned to you before brighton shows up more than a few times….CHE meetings, a child of sex being abused as well as these strange deaths…


  2. Obsessed with the Paedophile pandemic? Not at all John. Committed is the better word. You write about your Grandaughter in devoted terms, rendering your committment to these issues laudable at the very least.

    These gagging orders are of course reprehensible, and represent the activation of the inner defences to protect those depraved psychopaths that feed on a childs terror.

    But what of the courts that issue such orders. Courts serve the Crown do they not? Which Crown? The Mon-archy? I think not. Our entire legal system is turned on its head and is corrupted in a move to protect the corrupt.

    A FOI request was made to a council (I have a copy of the reply somewhere to the question asked, which was: “If a childs birth (berth) had not been registered, would the SS: (social workers or Schutzstaffel; you decide), have been able to take that child into state “care”?

    The answer was a monosyllable. The answer was “NO”.

    This after some little consideration leads one to the inevitable conclusion that here in “New Britain down the rabbit hole” Registration is synonymous with transferring ones rights to the state. It is why we live in “Wards”, because by complying and transferring our parental rights to the Government Corporation we are declaring ourselves incompetent. Have you ever heard of the “Triple Crown” ? Here:

    Hard to believe but these papal bulls resulted directly in the situation whereby living under cumulative evil has rendered life itself a trauma. It is a shame more people do not actively work to topple this Babylonian Hierarchy of sodomisers and worse.

    This Triple Crown forms the basis of British Admiralty law which is a massive fraud, and deceit upon the people and carries or is endowed with negative legitimacy. From these bulls came the C’est que vie Act which was enacted under our Enery the eighth, and amended the same year as the Great fire of London: False Flag distraction? Very likely. Want evil, look no further than the Privy Council.

    Hmm sorry about the rant John. But this thoroughly depraved system of Government, whereby everything is incorporated: Even us, that is why registration is required, to create the corporate person to which our westminster mafia can attach taxes and bills and make the innocent, trusting and unwary human being liable by the use of trusts in an unlawful manner. And now our country is to be destroyed by fracking, while free energy is repressed.

    Damn them all John. And well done to you.


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  4. I like your posts, John. You write very well.

    But am tired of the conatant paedo theme. You’re either writing about them or calling someone one. I’m going to stop visiting for a bit. It’s tedious.


  5. As much as I’m in general agreement with you over what appears to be happening, that Telegraph article is actually dated 5th November 2012. It’s down by the author’s names beneath the photo.


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