BANKING SCANDALS: Cooking up the hook-ups that turned into f**k-ups…and Britain’s first bailin.

Boiling up…. a massive Labour debt at the CoOp, fraud at RBS, Libor fiddles at the Bank of England…and how a sorry trail of incompetent political interference led to a haircut for innocent CoOp investors.

There are few British bloggers with the nous and attention span of Anna Raccoon when it comes to the history of ramifications. So she was pretty fast out of the blocks yesterday when it came to spotting the reasons behind the Co-Op bank’s woes at the moment. She beat the Mail on Sunday by several hours in getting the story out. So while I was putting out smoke signals about why Hester got the chop from RBS, and speculating on Paul Tucker’s sudden resignation at the Bank of England, Ms Raccoon was pointing out why the Co-Ops demise is political dynamite.

As Anna explained, a rather large political Party called Labour (new improved not-New Labour) has a whopping £3.6m debt with the Co-Op. If somebody somewhere decides to foreclose on that, the political fallout will be that of an unstable isotope: accusations will explode in all directions.

But probably of much bigger international significance is that we are about to experience Britain’s first bailin. Holders of certain bond types (and we’re not talking wealthy folks here – far from it) will get a haircut calculated by the MoS to be around 30%. I understand it may be much higher than that. Prepare for an official announcement as the week unfolds.

Be under no illusion, the Co-Operative Bank is in deep doo-doo. A great deal of the problem stems from the Britannia building society and Co-operative’s  £70bn “super-mutual” merger in January 2009…a marriage which, one might say, has never been fully consummated. IT problems dogged the whole thing from Day One: but at heart, the Britannia loaded on to the Co-op all sorts of bad debts and other nasties it didn’t deserve….and then at a crucial moment, the Co-Op had its arm twisted to take on those Lloyds Branches the EU insisted must go. This took the management’s eye off the ball at entirely the wrong time.

The Co-Op deal was never a merger in reality: when Britannia came to the table, it was already a busted flush. Over a quarter of its lending business was extremely toxic, and probably more than that would’ve been defined as ‘sub-prime’. Notably, there were no bribes to Members to get them to approve the deal. And in the 2008 collapses, Britannia had found itself badly exposed to two failures. There was much drivel about “Britannia doesn’t need to do this deal, this is a merger of equals”, but in reality it was a hastily arranged fire sale. The question is, who twisted Co-Op’s arm to do it?

That nice Scottish country solicitor Alistair Darling already had some serious fiscal and political problems on his plate at the time. It wasn’t just that Gordooom was losing his marbles like a kid with holes in every pocket: he’d already been told by the regulator that Dunfermline BS was a disaster area – a total write-off….thanks to Lehman et al knowingly flogging them junk. There goes yet another fraud that was never investigated. Not only was it in Brown’s constituency, with Britannia also a basket case, Clerical Ali was fearful of mass panic, and desperate to avoid pro-Labour mutuals from dropping like flies. Daft hook-ups like Lloyds and HBOS were not yet the obvious f**k-ups they later became.

Darling’s personal reputation was also at stake: he had nailed his colours firmly to the Mutual mast. By March 2009, he’d had to give the Nationwide close to £1.6bn of taxpayers’ dosh to persuade them to absorb the Dunfermline crock; and although both Britannia and Dunfermline had been conned by banking’s mainstream sociopaths, the Chancellor knew that this would get lost in the detail as the Conservative Opposition went for his throat. He had to act. Let’s be more precise: Gordon Brown ordered him to act. And not for nothing did Tony Blair, when prime minister, remark that dealing with Brown was like “facing the dentist’s drill without an anaesthetic”. Because the Britannia wasn’t technically insolvent, the ‘merger’ could be engineered with the pols largely off-stage.

But then there was a change of Government, much of this was forgotten…..and along came the EU. As a consequence of its £17.4 billion bailout by the taxpayer, Brussels ordered Lloyds to sell off 632 branches by the end of 2013. I’m told that Vince Cable in particular is more than slightly perturbed by the evidence linking him to the Co-Op and its proposed takeover of the Lloyds branches. There is gossip of commercially unwise arm-twisting here too.

And finally, as I posted yesterday the doors are revolving wildly at RBS, Lloyds. It seems to me that certain key politicians are keen to distance themselves from what is rapidly turning into an almighty mess involving Paul Tucker and Stephen Hester.

So to sum up then, complicity in SME fraud, forcing through the Lloyds/HBOS disaster, arm-twisting the Nationwide, a hospital pass for the CoOp, more distraction for the CoOp on Lloyds/HBOS, and rigging the Libor rate. What wonders politicians do perform.

60 thoughts on “BANKING SCANDALS: Cooking up the hook-ups that turned into f**k-ups…and Britain’s first bailin.

  1. The wonders the politicians perform leaves no bounds of imagination. When labour lost the 1992 election and John Smith tried to work out how they could reposition the party, one of the wheezes were to create a northern force in banking.

    Many people recognised this, and set to work to prepare for a Labour victory.
    Smith had Brown, Darling and others all from the Edinburgh area work the patch for “New Labour”

    The newly crowned Blair took over this mantel and made sure the City of London came on side, particularly the foreign banks. 1997 became the watershed repeat of 1986.

    The consequences of light touch regulation, massive increases in fractional reserve techniques have resulted in todays situation.

    It will take many years, possibly a further decade to re-establish an equilibrium (if that were indeed possible). In the meantime, Germany, China and many more threaten to move much of their activities out of London.

    Cameron et al can only try to minimise the damage and to make sure their friends continue to finance the party.


  2. To be listed on The Stock Exchange. Upside- At least it will give the Bankers a £1.5bn hole in which to invest unlent QE funds. (for a week or two)


  3. That’s a shame. I’ve had an current a/c with them for years and always been happy with their performance.
    Fortunately I have no shares, or whatever their equivalent is.


  4. The trials and tribulations of the co-op don’t just cause me pain, it’s like someone dancing on my grave. The mutual model should have been able to sail through the crisis but as usual, the usual greedy buggers f**ked everything up.

    The lesson from the GFC is that the good guys don’t win. It just advanced the sociopaths.


  5. I’m not a conspiracy theorist, and not prone to paranoia, but in my darker moments it has crossed my mind this local banking scandal (ie in UK) is just the tip-of-the-iceberg of the greatest criminal manipulation by the greatest global banking ‘master-puppeteer’ cartels the capitalist world has ever known.

    Some of them were in Watford recently – and even there they were the ‘elephants in the room’.


  6. If the Co-Op is also the preferred Bank of many UK Trade Unions, it is going to be fascinating to see if we can discover which of them also have large Debts there…..and which ones in Credit start hollering blue murder when their ‘fighting funds’ suddenly start to evaporate.

    Anyone else like to bet on “Queue’s around the block (a la Northern Rock) by the end of this week?” Bloody shame that the superwet BBC Breakfast is just reporting that Co-Op bondholders are having their bonds changed…and not even mentioning any sniff of depositor haircuts.

    ‘Responsible journalism ? ’…or ‘They’ve been nobbled ? ’……Take yer pick !


  7. My current exposure to the Co-opted bank is £6.50. I plan to continue to use my account as they have been pretty efficient from a day to day high street banking perspective. I only use a bank to process bills that cannot be settled in cash – all other wealth is held in tangibles.
    I suppose I’m part of their problem, I probably cost them money…..


  8. It will be interesting to see what the position of members of the public who have overdrafts, or loans from the Co-op will be in all of this, as when the ship sinks, will they be forced to pay up?


  9. the-untouchables-rothschilds-private-empire-banksters-t301.html

    This chart shows major shareholders of The Bank of England and the US Federal Reserve, plus major American banks –

    N.M. Rothschild , London – Bank of England
    | |
    | J. Henry Schroder
    | Banking | Corp.
    | |
    Brown, Shipley – Morgan Grenfell – Lazard – |
    & Company & Company Brothers |
    | | | |
    ——————–| ——-| | |
    | | | | | |
    Alex Brown – Brown Bros. – Lord Mantagu – Morgan et Cie — Lazard —|
    & Son | Harriman Norman | Paris Bros |
    | | / | N.Y. |
    | | | | | |
    | Governor, Bank | J.P. Morgan Co — Lazard —|
    | of England / N.Y. Morgan Freres |
    | 1924-1938 / Guaranty Co. Paris |
    | / Morgan Stanley Co. | /
    | / | \Schroder Bank
    | / | Hamburg/Berlin
    | / Drexel & Company /
    | / Philadelphia /
    | / /
    | / Lord Airlie
    | / /
    | / M. M. Warburg Chmn J. Henry Schroder
    | | Hamburg ——— marr. Virginia F. Ryan
    | | | grand-daughter of Otto
    | | | Kahn of Kuhn Loeb Co.
    | | |
    | | |
    Lehman Brothers N.Y ————– Kuhn Loeb Co. N. Y.
    | | ————————–
    | | | |
    | | | |
    Lehman Brothers – Mont. Alabama Solomon Loeb Abraham Kuhn
    | | __|______________________|_________
    Lehman-Stern, New Orleans Jacob Schiff/Theresa Loeb Nina Loeb/Paul Warburg
    – ————————- | | |
    | | Mortimer Schiff James Paul Warburg
    _____________|_______________/ |
    | | | | |
    Mayer Lehman | Emmanuel Lehman \
    | | | \
    Herbert Lehman Irving Lehman \
    | | | \
    Arthur Lehman \ Phillip Lehman John Schiff/Edith Brevoort Baker
    / | Present Chairman Lehman Bros
    / Robert Owen Lehman Kuhn Loeb – Granddaughter of
    / | George F. Baker
    | / |
    | / |
    | / Lehman Bros Kuhn Loeb (1980)
    | / |
    | / Thomas Fortune Ryan
    | | |
    | | |
    Federal Reserve Bank Of New York |
    |||||||| |
    ______National City Bank N. Y. |
    | | |
    | National Bank of Commerce N.Y —|
    | | \
    | Hanover National Bank N.Y. \
    | | \
    | Chase National Bank N.Y. \
    | |
    | |
    Shareholders – National City Bank – N.Y. |
    – —————————————– |
    | /
    James Stillman /
    Elsie m. William Rockefeller /
    Isabel m. Percy Rockefeller /
    William Rockefeller Shareholders – National Bank of Commerce N. Y.
    J. P. Morgan ———————————————–
    M.T. Pyne Equitable Life – J.P. Morgan
    Percy Pyne Mutual Life – J.P. Morgan
    J.W. Sterling H.P. Davison – J. P. Morgan
    NY Trust/NY Edison Mary W. Harriman
    Shearman & Sterling A.D. Jiullard – North British Merc. Insurance
    | Jacob Schiff
    | Thomas F. Ryan
    | Paul Warburg
    | Levi P. Morton – Guaranty Trust – J. P. Morgan
    Shareholders – First National Bank of N.Y.
    – ——————————————-
    J.P. Morgan
    George F. Baker
    George F. Baker Jr.
    Edith Brevoort Baker
    US Congress – 1946-64
    Shareholders – Hanover National Bank N.Y.
    – ——————————————
    James Stillman
    William Rockefeller
    Shareholders – Chase National Bank N.Y.
    – —————————————
    George F. Baker

    Re: “Barclays Bollocks”/”Institutionally Corrupt” Private Ba

    by RichardWSymonds » 04 Jul 2012 13:35

    “ALL SAVED FROM TITANIC AFTER COLLISION” – The Evening Sun, Front Page, April 15 1912 … ening-sun/ (Hat-Tip: AI)

    Barclays – Dangerously In Control & Dangerously Out-Of-Control

    Barclays now own & control the giant company which we have our mortgage with.

    So what do they do ?

    Send us both a Debit card, complete with Pin Numbers.

    We didn’t ask for it – and we don’t want it – but we’ve got it.

    By accepting it, does that maker me complicit – a form of consent to what they are up to?

    Bin … pt-secret/

    OFFICIAL: Goldman Sachs role in eurozone debt fraud to be kept secret
    Just fancy that

    The European Central Bank has won a ruling to refuse access to secret files showing how Greece used derivatives to hide its debt. They were guided in this scam by Goldman Sachs.

    “Disclosure of those documents would have undermined the protection of the public interest so far as concerns the economic policy of the EU and Greece,” the European Union general court in Luxembourg said, rejecting a challenge by Bloomberg News brought under the EU’s freedom of information rules.

    The ECB is of course headed by a former Goldman banker, Mario Draghi. Although comment about this was sparse, the new Bank of England Governor Mark Carney is also ex Goldman Sachs. The Prime Minister of Italy Mario Monti is ex Goldman Sachs. Hank Paulson – architect of the 2009 US bailout – was ex Goldman Sachs. Greece’s interim technocrat government in 2011 was headed by Lucas Papademos – also ex Goldman Sachs.

    The privatisation of public money in the West is thus more or less complete.

    German chancellor Angela Merkel said in February 2010: “It’d be a scandal if it turned out that the same banks that brought us to the brink of the abyss helped to fake the statistics.”

    But she isn’t showing any signs of concern about two european central bankers and one PM being graduates of that very same bank.

    Anyway, bent EU Court finds in favour of depraved Wall Street bank, and against freedom of the press. Protection of the public interest, nothing to see here, move along please….that means you too, Mr Leveson…


    by RichardWSymonds

    I am astonished by the near-criminal moral hypocrisy of Bank of England’s Mervyn King – and the obscene ‘silent sin of omission’ by the BBC in not exposing it:

    The Bank of England (& the US equivalent Federal Reserve Bank) is mostly made up of these “institutionally corrupt” Mega Private Banks.

    The time has come to call for independence from these “institutionally corrupt” Banks, as a pre-condition for democratic survival


  10. How much of this is due to the Co-op’s much trumpeted ‘ethical lending’ policy? They were boasting about lending for Green initiatives, as if this was a sure fire gold-mine, but experience in the US suggests that 90% of these green startups go bust.

    If ethical Green industry is chewing through UK state subsidies as fast as this, just think what they can do to a small private bank!


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  12. ‘Gold collar criminals’ in action or in cahoots with what collar politicians?

    And nobody is accountable to anybody, as long as they get their salaries, bonus payments and pensions…

    Maybe ‘ethics’ is more than a ‘branding exercise’?


  13. some strange comments here
    -depositors & account holders would be covered by the Government scheme up to the £80k or
    – no suggestion at all that depositors with more than that would be “hit” ( a la Cyprus
    -borrowers like the Labour Party would be unaffected
    -the “losers” would be equity holders first ( but there aren’t any ) & then the bond holders
    -not sure what level of bonds outstanding but the press have been suggesting the hit will be to the holders of PIBS where the amount outstanding certainly isn’t £1bill
    – wasn’t so long ago they were being touted as some of the safest the PIBS
    universe (seem to remember several of personal money sections of the MSM)
    – this was no doubt part based on the fact that Co-Op was preferred buyer of the LLoyds branches mandated for disposal by the EU & thus an observer would assume the Co-Op was nothing like a basket case
    -think some of our politicians were suggesting Co-Op & its mutual status were the way for forward for banking competition/choice
    – or how on earth the Regulators could have seriously considered the Co-OP to but the branches given the sh** they were in
    – intrigued to hear what they have to say now
    -not clear whether Co-Op (like LLoyds) pressured to take over Britannia where it seems most of the problems have come from
    -maybe the previous management of Brittania can give back their “rewards”
    as atonement for Cr** management
    – happened to the PIB holders of B&B
    -also believe to another BS (either Coventry or West Brom)
    -Bank of Ireland tried same type of action but holders campaigned & went to court
    -holders take the risk but the outcomes seem political viz RBS & Llloyds OK
    but not say B&B & maybe not the Co-Op


  14. And in a week in which they, the political class, talk about the need for others to be ‘transparent’ with their dealings.

    Its not so much a can of worms, more like a whole shelf full.


  15. For anyone who fancies a little light reading about the Co-op Bank here is a link to their own website



  16. There are a few more ramifications you should consider:

    1. In all the discussion about ‘opening banking up to competition’, in particular business banking and retail banking, you need to look at it from a rapacious American raider’s point: how do you prepare the ground best to achieve that?

    a. Sell a load of Grade A shit called sliced n diced mortgages etc etc to a bunch of idiotic mutuals, thus replicating the 1980s scams of the USA led by the infamous Salomon Brothers.
    b. Hamstring the healthy savvy UK banks with some shit (namely Lloyds loaded with HBOS, Coop with Britannia etc, Nationawide with DBS etc) to weaken their position and fatten them up for sale to American majors.
    c. Launch new brands targeting only the solvent and well-off (this is the classic way to make profits – ensure that the marginalised in society have nothing to do with you, thereby ensuring that they have no bank accounts).

    2. If you are the EU, how do go about weakening Britain (as opposed to London, since lots of Frenchies work in the City, you know)? Well, enforce the sale of Lloyds Branches to the wrong people, delay that and then get to a position where the deadline effectively becomes a fire sale. So you encourage uk pols to block the NBNK offer and accept a far more risky offer from the Coop, thereby killing two birds with one stone.

    3. If you are a London-centric poor-killer, all this is manna from heaven. You don’t want anything to do with the Shires, so you set about launching a new retail bank for the SE of England, since that will be by far the most profitable. You’ll attack national brands, stealing their more profitable business and let them languish with the tottering edifices you have no interest in funding.

    Who wins?

    Banking buccaneers, management consultants, investment bankers and hedge fund managers.

    Who loses?

    SMEs, the shires, shareholders of traditional banks, members of mutuals.

    Same old story really.


  17. Looks like the Khazar Mafia have a few more items to add to their list of crimes against humanity.

    Time they were all on public trial……then most likely hung…….perhaps from a lamp post near to the entrance of their fiefdom – ‘the City’.

    Good post, John.


  18. Nice conspiracy theory you have there, but that doesn’t explain why in the wake of the 2008 banking crisis, the only large bank that really capitalised on the crisis by buying up failed regional banks in the US was TD Bank (hint: TD stands for Toronto Dominion).

    With TD hiring Gus O’Donnell as an advisor and Mark Carney on his way over to take over the BOE, it’s clear that American Banks were manipulated into selling toxic derivatives to British banks and building societies by those crafty Canucks as part of a cunning campaign for world domination.

    I for one think you need to welcome your new Canadian Overlords and learn to appreciate the finer things in life such as Maple Syrup, Poutine, and Hockey.


  19. If ever there was a time to get your money out of any bank, its now. Rumours too that either Deutche, Citi or Barclays are fast following the Co op to the bail in post…


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  21. This is a false flag. The Co-Op(t) is being dynamited to legitimise Carney’s imminent inflation. Even the Telegraph today is openly calling for devaluation.


  22. I had a feeling the Co-Op would come under the jackboot of the central bank friendly crooks. Anyone, or any business that offers a possible alternative to the status-quo will be trodden on.


  23. Would be nice to see the Conservative party give back the 50% of its funds that it gets from the City / financiers.

    Absolutely gutted about the Co-op. We went to the AGM in May. It was two or three big commercial loans for shopping centres by the Britannia which did for them. Some of the board still wanted to press on with the Lloyds takeover but the members said no. And thank god too.

    A friend who has been there for 11 years told me:

    ”We had an exec brought in by necessity as most of our previous board were either too old or were drafted in as part of the Britannia acquisition. Once they’d gone we got all types from HSBC and Bank of America who tried to turn is in to a global entity. It didn’t work and we weren’t ready to grow that quickly. They’ve since all stepped down or been fired but its left a massive hole and lots of disengaged staff. We were looking at investing in Asian markets and all sorts of shit.”

    And that was after the crisis. The big swinging dicks still hadn’t learned their lessons.


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  28. Hello – Glad to see someone finally writing in such detail about this shit-storm that has been brewing for some time. I used to work there (Britannia & then the Co-op) , admittedly at a low level, but I could see the PR wheels turning at full steam throughout the process which set off warning signs for me (so I did some research and kept my eyes and ears open). I wrote this about it, you might find in interesting…


  29. Poor old Co-op. Could this have been engineered to prevent it taking over the 632 LLoyd’s branches, because the big established banks would lose out wholesale if they did. There is so much distrust of them because of their sharp practice, that many would prefer to deal with a company which tries it’s best to be fair and ethical. I have a lot of affection for theCo-op, their lack of a ‘cutting edge’ is wholesome and rather sweet.


  30. Gordon Brown is not from the Edinburgh area. He is from the fife area, the other side of that long bridge known as the forth road. Edinburgh is now thankfully run by the SNP.


  31. The Co-operative bank is one of the best alternatives in my opinion. They were the only one I could find that issues debit cards without RFID chips under the guise of “Contactless”. Viewers of the Gadget Show a week ago however were being told how great RFID is … “but the ultimate goal will be to have RFID chips fitted directly into our bodies” !!!


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