At the End of the Day

Tonight on the news, I watched as the family of Tia Sharp came out to face the media after Stuart Hazell changed his plea to guilty of murdering their little girl. It shouldn’t have been anything other than a deathly, solemn moment, but it was rendered horrifically funny by the words of the bloke chosen to speak for them:

“We are very pleased that Stuart Hazell changed his plea to guilty. He will be sentenced later but it will not be enough. He should serve out his debt to society, and then be taken out and hung”.

I don’t want to go into too much detail here, beyond pointing out that while criticising a sentence you haven’t heard is irrational, demanding that the reward for repayment of one’s debt to society should be death is an assertion bound to evoke involuntary laughter. Despite myself, I did indeed laugh out loud at that point.

Does that make me a sicko, or does it make this now de rigueur family-statement-to-media an obscene ritual? Obviously, I would argue the latter: it is grossly unfair of the press pack to expect grieving citizens to behave with dignity after such a gruelling ordeal. Above all, it is appalling that the response of families hits the airwaves in an unfiltered manner sufficient to make remote commentators like me giggle. I didn’t want to laugh at their fate: I would much rather they had held their silence.  Indeed, I wasn’t laughing at their fate: I simply couldn’t help seeing the ridiculous side of an adult saying that gouging out the killer’s eyes, pulling out his nails, drilling his teeth one by one, operating on his brain without anaesthetic, handing him a 55-year sentence and then hanging him in 2068 was too good for the bastard.

Mindless vengeance is funny when taken to extremes. I’m sorry, but it is – so get over it. Do I make this point to show how superior I am to that family representative? No, I don’t: my point here is that the media are psychopathic in the way they cajole, insist, and if necessary bribe grieving people to make fools of themselves in public. That family members agree to do it simply hammers home the previous point about our knackered culture: the last thing it does is damn them. They go to the slaughter as their murdered child did: unseeing victims.

Over the years, few tabloid titles have mined this disgusting seam of sh*t to the extent that The Sun does, and the News of the World did before it committed public suicide. Lest we forget, the Murdoch press hacked the phone of dead schoolgirl murder victim Milly Dowler. Not content with the guilt involved in allowing one of his newspapers to do such a morally inexplicable thing, Murdoch himself came to Britain and pestered the girl’s family to take part in a ghastly media circus of lachrymose hypocrisy, during which he publicly asked for their forgiveness in a way that was truly vomit-inducing. It wasn’t so much going through the insincere motions of apology, as forcing a reluctant priest to give absolution to Reinhard Heydrich in front of a million mics and cameras.

Tonight, I look on as a ruling Conservative Party stands in danger of being captured by a phalanx of people who not only accept the nature of Rupert Murdoch and his culturally destructive Newscorp: they positively endorse it as a model future for Britain’s media. Those same people – to greater and lesser extents – are complicit in an obvious cover-up of the sort of sexual deviancy that leads inevitably to dead Milly Dowlers and Tia Sharps.

There is no getting away from this obvious connection between what is unacceptable and what is being posited as our best future. The Labour Party lacks the spine to stand up to it, and the weak inhabitants of Camerlot will be replaced by it. Camerlot itself supped with the Devil over one sad Christmas, and wound up being sucked into the vile vortex…..down the swirling throat of which Andy Coulson and Rebekah Brooks will disappear before too long.

But the news inventors, spin distributors, history manipulators and agenda setters will remain to ensure that each distraction will be more overtly invisible than the one before. There will be stooges, ersatz heroes, and wavers of false flags.

And very sadly, there will be laughable public statements from those who have over and over again put their trust in the political class – only to see it dashed by the selective exposure of their own gauche grief on the one hand, and the thorough erasure of Establishment guilt on the other.

45 thoughts on “At the End of the Day

  1. I know what you mean, John – I heard that comment too and thought it was quite bizarre. While I’m sorry for people who have lost loved ones in such a dreadful way and am glad justice will be done, I get tired of the almost identical platitudes coaxed out of the bereaved by the media after every tragedy and the way we’re all supposed to identify with people we’ve never met and would never have had reason to. Then there is the tedious detail of the court cases, with the charade of being balanced for legal reasons, even in cases where we all know the accused is guilty as hell.


  2. dear john, i often come across strange publications, recently i found a ref to these items:

    Real Time detection of childrens skin on social networking sites using MARKOV random field modelling
    BV Amsterdam 2011

    security technical report..

    Quantifying paedophile activity in a large P2P system
    Vol 49 No1 2012
    Elseview Science BV Amsterdam 2013

    any ideas?


  3. I really can’t see how anyone could find anything funny about this whole tragedy. My disabled son once suffered appalling abuse at school by the staff who humiliated him by stripping him from waist down in front of the whole class and told him off because he had soiled himself. Despite my son requesting help he had not been taken to the toilet when he needed. This of course, is not as dreadful as that done to poor Tia and her consequent death, but for a good few minutes when I found out I could have ripped the heads of every member of staff involved. I wholeheartedly and actively support the campaign against the death penalty in the USA, but I nevertheless understand the visceral response of the family of Tia and my heart goes out to them in their terrible distress. It’s easy to sneer and be amused by the unwise and clumsy reactions of those not used to expressing themselves publicly either verbally or in writing. Perhaps your reaction would have been better kept to yourself.


  4. You hit the nail on the head John.

    The media (led by Newscorp) seek new lows pandering to the titillation required by the baser elements of the public and their desire to hear the sordid details of some poor child’s last moments.

    They not only intrude on the grieving process, made more difficult by the exposure of the facts at trial, but then serve up the victim’s family as fresh fodder for the voracious public to consume.

    They even pervert the legal process to such an extent that innocent people are convicted of crimes they did not commit. I’m not just referring to Amanda Knox, but to the Guildford 4, the Birmingham 6 and Barry George too. Then there are the people that the press accuse of crimes, who were also innocent, but thankfully were cleared before any trial, such as Robert Murat or Chris Jefferies.

    I thought that Leveson had exposed the press shortcomings when it came to interfering with bereaving relations. Like victims of rape, they should be accorded respect and allowed to grieve in peace. The press do not intrude on families when a serviceman dies in Afghanistan. But if a little girl is horrifically raped, dismembered and then buried in a river, the press consider the family are fair game and there to assist them make a profit selling newspapers.

    Sometimes, the media’s behaviour would make Dr Lecter appear a saint.


  5. Yup, it’s a bit daft daft to schedule his hanging for after having served his prison sentence. If my understanding of the prison pecking order is still valid, for this type of crime isn’t there a chance that fellow prisoners will try to ensure that he doesn’t complete his sentence? Or at least, he comes out of prison a wee bit ‘reconfigured’.

    Personally, I’m in favour of something like the Malaysian culture for welcoming prisoners to their future abodes. Doubtless many older Sloggers will still have memories of receiving 6 of the best at school for some misdemeanour or other. Hand on heart, I can confess that I was relatively well-behaved – the most I ever managed was 4! And, compared to Malaysia, it was a walk in the park.

    But the Malaysians, they take it to a whole new level. Ice-cold, and delivered with impartiality. This Hazell chappie – and others found guilty of similar offences – will, within seconds, experience just how contemptuous he/they is/are considered. But there will still be a few minutes to go!

    If you are the slightest bit squeamish, don’t click here:

    If you aren’t squeamish, then away you go. For most people the still photography will be more than enough. If you wish, you can download the video and witness the whole spectacle. Be warned – most people that I have shown it to weren’t able to watch it to the end.

    To be borne in mind – around 150 or so years ago, punishments of 500 – 1,000 strokes of the cat were nothing unusual for serving members of the Royal Navy/British Army. Unnecessary fatalities were avoided by dishing it out as X number of strokes per week. Hell, there were even cases of some servicemen building up a credit in lashes!

    Now wouldn’t that be a fine thing for this Hazell character, and others of his ilk, to concentrate their minds on for the first several months of their incarceration.


  6. they are using science to detect paedophile activity on the internet now…


    Feria-Purón, R., Miller, M. & Pineda-Villavicencio, G. (2013). On large bipartite graphs of diameter 3. Discrete Mathematics 313, no. 4, 381-390.

    Gao, D. Y., Watson, L. T., Easterling, D. R., Thacker, W. I. & Billups, S. C. (2013). Solving the canonical dual of box- and integer-constrained nonconvex quadratic programs via a deterministic direct search algorithm. Optimization Methods & Software 28, no. 2, 313-326.

    Islam, M., Watters, P.A., Yearwood, J., Hussain, M. & Swarna, L. (2013). Illicit Image Detection: An MRF Model Based Stochastic Approach. In: Elleithy, Khaled; Sobh, Tarek (Editors), Innovations and Advances in Computer, Information, Systems Sciences, and Engineering, pp 467–479. Lecture Notes in Electrical Engineering Volume, 152. Springer, Berlin. ISBN 978-1-4614-3535-8

    Islam, M., Watters, P.A., Yearwood, J., Hussain, M. & Swarna, L. (2013). Illicit image detection using erotic pose estimation based on kinematic constraints. In: Elleithy, Khaled; Sobh, Tarek (Editors), Innovations and Advances in Computer, Information, Systems Sciences, and Engineering, pp 481-495. Lecture Notes in Electrical Engineering Volume, 152. Springer, Berlin. ISBN 978-1-4614-3535-8


  7. And you are not the public? Neither is Ward? Sanctimonious, holier than though is John and all copied from David Icke, who is by the way the real investigator in all this, he gave up his career and his life so that people like Ward could plagerise his work.


  8. trying to understand what Vinking Jack was recommending, I clicked his link. Currently in Spain using a Movistar (telefonica) connection, I found the link barred or filtered out by Canguro (who- or whatever that is)


  9. Dear Aidan7
    The mystifying anger in this thread is exceeded only by its illiteracy. This is your first, and last, warning: any further personal attacks on me or anyone else here and you are out.


  10. Individual tragedy and blood shock such as this is milked to the max by the corporate media whilst the same media studiously minimize the coverage of the mass murder genocide and war crimes being committed by holders of political offices ( cutouts ) on behalf of their controllers / owners.

    One of the control mechanisms for cutouts is of course blackmail, he who has the dirt perhaps a recorded telephone conversation admitting a child murder or paedo footage controls the cutout.

    For this marionette mechanism to be more effective the public hive mind needs to be kept traumatized, distracted and angered with regular blood shock propaganda. The concentrated media focus on such appalling child murder cases serves to instill and expand a sense of outrage and hostility in the public mind towards padeo / child killers. This wall to wall media coverage,public outrage and hostility in turn serves as a stick with which the blackmailer ( Kingpin – perhaps a media mogul servant of a hostile foreign power ) might employ to control his fearful pet politicians – disposable cutouts.


  11. True Pyramid Power is the bureaucratic political organizing of society into power control hierarchies, some known and the most powerful ones unknown.
    The top Covert Power in the world is referred to by many as ”the top of the pyramid” and these top controllers are always hidden by many layers of Cutouts who are more than willing to do their dirty work. Such is the nature of hierarchies and bureaucracies which have power funneled upward into a few select individuals who are the Leaders of the World and the true Powers That Be (PTB). These top controllers are best referred to as Kingpins.
    The use of Cutouts provides layers of insulation and deniability from blame for the Kingpins and is considered essential and basic tradecraft.

    By now it should be clear that the use of a Cutout creates an insulating barrier of deniability for the actual string pullers of any act. The more middlemen or Cutouts involved, the greater the degrees of separation from the primary perp who is responsible.

    The greater the number of the layers of separation, the greater the deniability of those who are the true string-pullers behind the curtain and the less likely their exposure becomes, nor is it possible to ascertain the true motives for the decisions and actions of the Cutouts doing the dirty work for the PTB. Instead trite and false cover stories are dispensed as propaganda by the major mass media.

    This insulation can become so great that it is almost impossible for ordinary citizens to be able to understand the actual USG actions that are being imposed on them or the base policies behind them which motivate the very top string pullers who have absolute “Cesarian authority”.
    see Preston James PHD


  12. The only real punishment for a crime like that is to let the father have the scumbag to do with what he pleases with no recrimination from the law. That is the only fair price a crime of that magnitude could ever have… everything else is a tax payer funded holiday.


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  14. I am always unsettled by the recent parallel trend for police officers to make post trial statements in which they pronounce on the wickedness of the particular crime/criminal in question.
    Why ? It’s already plainly evident from previous reporting .
    It’s not their job. I often wonder why they are present at this concluding point in the judicial process, their evidence having already been submitted. They should be otherwise engaged in the more pressing task of nicking other villains.



    Social networking sites are increasingly being used as the source for paedophiles to search for, download and exchange child exploitation images. Law Enforcement Agencies (LEAs) around the world face a difficult challenge to combat technologically-savvy paedophiles. In this paper, we propose a framework for detecting images containing children’s pictures in different poses, with the ultimate view of identifying and classifying images as corresponding to the COPINE scale. To achieve the goal of automatic detection, we present a novel stochastic vision model based on a Markov Random Fields (MRF) prior, which will employ a skin model and human affine-invariant geometric descriptor to detect and identify skin regions containing pornographic contexts.
    Child exploitation; Forensics; MRF models; Skin models


  16. Of course the family do know what the sentence is; we all do. As this bit of scum has pleaded Guilty to Murder the law proscribes only one sentence – life. What the ‘tariff’ will be I have no idea, but I can see that being 15 years.

    Should he be hanged ? Well it is a fact that the murder rate basically doubled after abolition in 1965 and has never gone down. In 1964 (the year there were executions) the rate was 0.63 per 100000. In 1993 the rate was 1.31.


  17. Your first paragraph reminded me of the superfluous wording used by so many organisations in an attempt to sound intelligent.

    My rail provider is one of the worst offenders:

    “Please do not attempt to board the train on platform 1 as this is not in service”. Not boarding it is not enough , do not even ATTEMPT to board it.

    “There is no smoking on any C2C service, this includes toilets and gangways”. Really, someone at some time thought that standing in the gangway of a totally enclose carriage meant that they could light-up? They should have just been thrown under the next train.

    On a LED screen “This is a quiet carriage, please do not use electronic devices or ‘mobile’ phones”. Mobile phones are mobile not ‘mobile’ the mobile part is an analogy and so the quote marks are superfluous.

    Yes, I am a pedantic, grumpy old man!


  18. “News inventors, spin distributors, history manipulators and agenda setters” – THANKS for making me smile after I was too sad for my taste. I’ve always been interested in finding out who decides how on what is supposed to be ‘topical’… If we knew, what would / should we do?


  19. Yian,
    Heard that kinda family retribution was quiet popular on Fridays in the ex-football stadiums of Talibanistan


  20. John,
    What sentence would you be satisfied with?
    What sentence would you want if the victim was a loved one of yours?

    Hazell will cost the state a min of £60k per year to keep him in prison. ~£1M for 15 years. How many of our fellow subjects would rather that money’s spent elsewhere?


  21. And how would you compensate someone executed for a murder they did not commit?

    If one innocent person is executed by the State, does this not make all of us murderers and all of us liable for execution? Eye for an eye until the whole world is blind.

    There used to be something called imprisonment with hard labour. It does not execute the prisoner, but it does punish them every day. Life imprisonment should mean what it says, but it should also have value to society. I’m sure that there are some defunct coal mines that could be used to exercise those worthy of hard labour.


  22. I thought it was the father or step-father who made the statement.
    It seemed to me to be quite a measured and reasonable couple of sentences for an aggrieved family member to make. I can imagine myself in the same position intending grevious bodily harm (at least in my head) Makes good deterrent sense too, providing the prisoner pays for his board and lodgings during the first part of the sentence.
    …Its a free country… he can say what he likes. Some people might be able to forgive and forget, others might want their legal system to be a bit tougher on crime. That is how we find the mood of the people. At some points in time, we are vengeful, at other times we are super-tolerant. Maybe in the current depression, the UK population are getting more strident -and more to the point, the TV edtors are showing it.


  23. “Criminals thrive from the indulgence of society.”

    I never said torture, or any of that… i say that if you kidnap, rape, torture, kill, and dismember a little girl… the only one that should have the right to judge and punish you… is that child’s family… I don’t care how it sounds or whose politically correct “sensitivities” this opinion hurts at all… these are not people they are monsters with a 100% recidivism rate… no jail term is long enough, and no “painless” death harsh enough. When it comes to these animals I have a zero tolerance policy.


  24. My point is that only I should be allowed to decide what sentence I would be satisfied with… not some limp dick lefty judge preening on about the bad social conditions, and horrible childhood the defendant had to endure… or how they are victims of the system blah blah blah… criminals laugh at these people basking in the warmth of their weak character… criminals and paedophiles are counting on the weakness and sensitivity of the world in order to continuosly do what they do… like I said… only the family should judge… not you, not me… only the affected party… or in this case their living relatives… if you choose to give these animals even a little tolerance they will ALWAYS choose to use it.


  25. Additionally… why would the state invest 60K a year for an animal that statistically has a 100% recidivism rate? It is n’t fair to decent value producing people that DO pay taxes top have to deal with this scum because a small segment of the population does not have the nerve to do what is necessary to protect it’s most innocent and most defenseless members… sorry but my sympathy is for the family. Also… to answer your question… I think he deserves to have to go through exactly the same thing he did to that little girl… videotape it… so that others pieces of shite like him can think twice about how they treat other people.


  26. Ioannis

    I sincerely hope you’re not a parent of a victim.

    There is no greater pain than to bury one’s child.

    We are on the same page re sentencing of child killers. I differ on the executioner.


  27. If there’s a conspiracy to frame someone for murder that results in that persons execution then those who conspired are murders and should have the same sentence. This should reduce the number of police conspired ‘miscarriages of justice’ aka stitch-up. It appears the more publicity given to the murder(s) the greater the likelihood the police will grab the easiest ‘perpetrator’.

    The fact that I am pro death penalty does not make me guilty of false testimony against another, as has happened in the following cases: Birmingham Six, Guildford Four, Maguire Seven, Cardiff Three, Stephen Downing, Stefan Kiszko, Barry George, Sally Clark (imprisoned based ‘expert’ testimony), etc.


  28. +1 Ioannis. To take pleasure in the loneliness, pain and terror of a child is wicked beyond belief. They deserve whatever torments the victim’s family could devise.


  29. We could start by looking at how we compensate the families of people murdered by released or escaped murderers.


  30. @ Anomalous

    A couple of quotes from “The Hangman`s Tale” by Syd Dernley, who was an Assistant at over 20 executions, many of them with Albert Pierrepoint as the man who pushed the lever.

    1. “I never had any doubts that hanging was a deterrent and I believe it still would be. The atmosphere in a prison at the time of an execution was awesome. Here was a building packed with the rowdiest, most undisciplined, violent men in the country and yet there was not a sound to be heard; the silence was eerie. There was a reason they were so quiet.; they all knew what was going to happen and they were all frightened. When those great doors went down, sending a boom throughout the prison, they also sent a message, and the message of the gallows went home to the people who needed it most.”

    2. “Wait!” say the abolitionists. “Mistakes can be made, innocent men could go to the gallows!”.
    Let us examine this particular suggestion. Let us concede, for the purposes of argument, that every man executed since the war, about whom there is any serious doubt, was innocent, We have Evans, Bentley, Hanratty … one soon runs out of names.
    On the other hand, in the first twenty-two-years after capital punishment was abolished – that is, up to the end of 1987, thirty-seven people were killed by men who had killed before, been convicted of murder or manslaughter, and served terms in prison or special hospital. Now which should be the area of greatest concern?”

    In the meantime, the doubt mentioned by Syd over Hanratty appears to have been tidied away:

    “On 22 March 2001, James Hanratty’s remains were exhumed so that a DNA sample could be taken for analysis. The results showed there was a 2.5 million to one chance that the samples came from someone other than Hanratty. In March 2001, DNA sample extracted from Hanratty’s exhumed body was matched by forensic experts to two samples from the crime scene.”

    So, just two judicial mistakes made between 1945 and 1964, not three!

    I found Quote Nr. 2 to be very interesting, never having come across it before until I read Syd`s book. Are the abolitionists aware of this simple arithmetic or is it way beyond their academic faculties? With all of the safequards available from modern forensic medicine I just cannot see any more tombstones being engraved with “Hanged by mistake!”.

    So, let`s put it back on the statute book.


  31. What a supremely ridiculous thing to say Apostoli. That “kinda family retribution (that) was QUITE popular on Fridays in the ex-football stadiums of Talibanistan” was, in those parts, usually for the terrible sin of trying to educate a girl/woman or for a woman in an often violent marriage she was forced into, being caught or even just accused of having an affair.

    It’s obscene to compare the vicious ideology of the Taliban with the natural feelings of vengeance of a grieving father.


  32. If it were my daughter that was lying in the wet clay of Albion right now, that scumbag would have been pleading for jail from the very beginning so as to be as far away from me as possible.

    I doubt he would ever have made it to sentencing of changing pleas. Methinks it would have been I that ended up being sentenced.


  33. Guys…”whether murderer deserves torment” (it does in my opinion), and “whether torment should be allowed to apply” (it should not, again in my opinion) – these are two different issues.
    Societies that practice lynching, will eventually produce more and more of those monsters that are lynched…think about that…


  34. supafeckinmingster,

    The comparison is with the execution not the crime. How the feck did you read support for the Talibunnies?


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