GLOBAL LOOTING: How the Fat Cats will ruin us with Fat Tax

fattaxThe debt-management stage of banks and globalist superpowers is over. The tax collection is now under way. In a frightening but entirely credible piece, The Slog plots the likely course of wealth transfer as the prelude to a victory for the dictatorial élite. As always, if they succeed we will only have our own cynical complacency to blame.

Jean-Claude Junker was yesterday abruptly told by the ECB to either reveal all details of Luxembourg’s money-hoarding…or face the consequences. The heist that was a one-off is looking increasingly like a template. Mario Draghi warned menacingly of “the precarious situation of countries whose banking sector is worth several times their GDP”. Some 40% of the offshore banking sector is controlled by British banks. Three days ago, George Osborne signed a tripartite EU agreement to ‘clamp down on tax evasion’. One day soon they’ll invent a tax involving our savings….and then simply grab the money because, by definition, it was evading the tax.

It’s getting increasingly easy to see where all this is going. But if you’re still convinced by the berks who keep calling this stuff ‘lunatic fringe conspiracy theory’, I suggest you look instead at yesterday’s Ambrose Evans-Pritchard column. In a straight-talking piece, AEP revealed that the working documents for the Eurogroup meeting today contain a bombshell ‘tucked away in clause 29. “Sale of excess gold reserves: The Cypriot authorities have committed to sell the excess amount of gold reserves owned by the Republic. This is estimated to generate one-off revenues to the state of €400m via an extraordinary payout of central bank profits.”‘

So, your gold’s not safe either. Maybe that’s why Gordon the Mad sold all ours: he saw this coming. Maybe he invented the idea. You never knew with Brown.

It’s taking some people a long time to work this out, but the moment has finally come for those who scoff or snooze throughout this process to wise up: the Troika isn’t an agent of debt reduction any more. It might have started out with that intention, but today – right here and now in 2013 – it is purely designed to take money from the bailed and give it to the banks and Treasuries of the West. The final, undeniable sign came when the Cyprus rescue became a bail-in: “we’re here to help you, by helping ourselves to everything you’ve got”.

The Troika isn’t mad really, just ruthless. Unachievable fiscal targets being missed in Portugal, Spain, Italy and Greece worry them not one jot – hence their being happy with a Greek debt that mathematically must keep increasing. It’s important, you see, to keep the price of buying your freedom as a slave well beyond any slave’s reach. As Pawel Morski writes of the Troikanauts in this post, “No human agency has achieved so much economic destruction in such a short time without the use of weapons”. But that’s it: destruction is the aim, not the by-product.

The Global Looting plan is getting along well on other fronts too.  In the US, The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) has claimed that agents do not need warrants to read people’s emails, text messages and other private electronic communications, according to internal agency documents.

The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU), which obtained the documents through a Freedom of Information Act request, released the information two days ago, and this revealed the taxman’s view that ‘the Fourth Amendment does not protect e-messages, because Internet users “do not have a reasonable expectation of privacy in such communications.”’ Hmm: the spooks are reading everything we write, we all know that, so, um, we the IRS olr HMRC or Tresor Publique can do it as much as we like. It’s an odd interpretation…but there is no right of appeal. Send an email to your bank making reference to a savings account, and bingo…GCHQ picks it up, makes a quiet call to Uncle Stephen at RBS, and you’re done for having money in the bank that is needed to save RBS in the national interest. It is Kafka meets Orwell in the B-movie Every which way including anal Rape.

We tax your salaries, we steal your wealth, we embezzle your potential, we watch your savings strategy online in order to take that too….and of course, we drive down job demand in order to make you work for nothing. That way see, we can become the new China, export cheaply, and keep the show on the road.

Paranoid fantasy? The new EU/Greece data just released shows that Greek wages fell again last year…by 11% to €3.70 per hour. In other ‘fringe’ EU countries, the rates aren’t much better:  €3.70 in Bulgaria, €4.4o in Romania, €5.80 in Lithuania. But of course, it’s €22.66 in Germany, €34.60 in Luxembourg, and €34.20 in France. Draghular made his ‘squeeze the wage costs’ speech to the bigwigs two weeks ago. His plan is well on the way to completion. Look out M. Hollande, bad times are coming your way, zut alors.

From 2000 to 201o, the lower middle and skilled working classes of Europe and the US saw their real incomes drop by almost exactly 30%. But Friedmanite economics have emptied the public coffers rather more quickly than estimated – it must have been another “surprise outcome” – so now it is necessary to speed up the process of trickle-up wealth, only this time without the stealth.

To ensure the entire process is properly codified, legal and above board, the World Economic Forum has been engaging in some retrospective consent via its grandly titled Global Redesign Initiative (GRI). One of the four key structural recommendations is to institutionalise voluntary commitments as a preferred system or as a partial replacement for decisions by UN governing bodies….so most of their major framework recommendations can be put into place without a formal decision by any existing United Nations organisation. There are all kinds of reason why one might do this, the biggest by far being that UN members can never agree about anything, so from here on they can either sign up to stuff or not.

That’s laughable enough – ‘Rules not working? Let’s try anarchy for a bit’ – but of course the other effect is that any infringement of citizen rights granted under the UN Charter instantly becomes a voluntary decision for the member: in future, there will be no sanctions for those who pauperise, and all the rights of the impoverished will be ignored….including your right not to have your earnings stolen. (See my post about EUCHR loopholes).

I can predict what will happen next, because it’s already been raised by the Troika in Athens. There will be a worldwide raid on insurance/pension provider assets. You know – those very institutions used by the neocon artists to prove that debt forgiveness is impractical, because they’d be wiped out by it. Still, that doesn’t apply now, because when the QE scam finally implodes, the markets will collapse anyway. That’s why we need all this money for the banks and treasuries: so they can survive the shock. It’s in the national interest.

When the investors flee Wall Street in favour of gold, trading in the shiny stuff will be abruptly halted. Then all of it will be confiscated. The Basel rules too are ready for this: the gnomes have already pulled a cute accountancy trick by giving gold a higher notional score when assessing a the bank’s ‘true’ ha-ha asset value. Central Banks are already buying it by the truckload, so the price has to be suppressed to make it affordable. It’s for your own good in the end: really – it is. Honest.

The final stage will, I suspect, be an unseemly squabble between the bankers and their billionaire media mates on the one hand, and the politicians on the other. It will go the way of the dictators in Russia and China, but there are no prizes for guessing what’ll happen elsewhere: Obama has already been proved powerless against Wall Street….and Goldman Sachs has been running the eurozone for the last eighteen months. Mark Carney is about to take over at the bank of England this June: he spent thirteen years with Goldman Sachs in its London, Tokyo, New York and Toronto offices.

What we will then have is a world where one minute group of megalomaniacs control the wealth, the news media, the ability to monitor our electronic wealth management, and the cost of our labour.

We will, in fact, become one big Labour Camp. Signs over entrances will say Arbeit macht frei. The very slavery to which the late Baroness Thatcher was implacably opposed will have been made flesh. And like it or not, her naivety will quite rightly carry some of the blame.

How the Telegraph’s PM Edition email read on my browser yesterday: ‘Great and the good of world politics set to attend Margaret Thatcher’s fun’

Last night at The Slog: Is Berlin set to run away from the Euroblown?

107 thoughts on “GLOBAL LOOTING: How the Fat Cats will ruin us with Fat Tax

  1. “Unachievable fiscal targets being missed in Portugal, Spain, Italy and Greece worry them not one jot – hence their being happy with a Greek debt that mathematically must keep increasing. It’s important, you see, to keep the price of buying your freedom as a slave well beyond any slave’s reach. As Pawel Morski writes of the Troikanauts in this post, “No human agency has achieved so much economic destruction in such a short time without the use of weapons”. But that’s it: destruction is the aim, not the by-product.”

    All this time I’ve been screaming from the roof tops about what they were doing in Greece and how stupid everyone was for thinking it would not end up being applied too them… people think Cyprus is the template? Bah… pension theft, wage devaluation, labor rights destruction, et al… all started here, while every one was busy thinking Greece deserved it because some musty German rags spread lies about us… like they lied about Cyprus… Slovenia next, then Luxembourg… these guys are on a roll… now that there is so very much evidence that they will Greekify the whole world if we let them…. can we please stop being politically correct and call this spade a spade… GERMANS… wake up!!! vote Merkel out, or leave the Euro!! ferfawksake… this German election will be Europe’s last chance to keep from ending up like Greece, or Cyprus… if those sheeple can’t see this now, or are too passive to try and stop her… than we are all screwed!!! (mmm… that is to say the rest of you are screwed because we already have been).


  2. Tthe GermEU/EZ success in Hellas !!!

    All these TROIKA Einsteins how do they expect to collect Taxes ? VAT and all new Taxes they introducing ever other day.
    There is no money to pay all these TAXES , there is no consumption just the minimum possible .
    Our every day pursuit is how our families could just survive.
    Their target is to buy Hellas’s WEALTH the cheapest possible.
    They drive by all means our society to “social mutiny”

    2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013
    Employed 4,531,859 4,493,309 4,430,818 4,227,741 3,888,400 3,617,771
    Unemployed 384,539 437,122 541,939 736,821 1,067,694 1,348,742
    Inactive 3,426,405 3,372,544 3,300,079 3,322,295 3,347,301 3,346,423
    7.8 8.9 10.9 14.8 21.5 27.2


    LABOUR FORCE SURVEY: January 2013


  3. “A day will come , where the greed
    of wealth possession and conceit
    it will be stored in the banks, the multinationals
    and in so much few, where the many not possessing
    they will burst out as calamity that will make the life of the
    few possessing hell …………”

    Aristotle Onassis


  4. “But that’s it: destruction is the aim, not the by-product.”

    Aye, the control is not the goal, it is just the means to an end. I am sure Draghula, Troika etc think there are getting one over on us. I just don’t see how they could FAIL to see that sooner or later, even with all their propaganda, people going to realise they are criminals. It is not just the economic destruction, it is total destruction, social engineering of the destruction of the family circle, the destruction of the education of our children, the destruction of our health services, The destruction of food production, the destruction of Law and order, integrity, honesty etc etc. Implosion is what they are aiming for, and I hate to say it, they are on target, they just haven’t sqeezed that hair trigger, …….yet. A little more complicated than ‘Bobs Golden Shot’.


  5. So here we are, marching like lemmings over the fiscal cliff. Reality bites back making fools of us all. Still, I’ve had it pretty good to be born in the optimistic 50’s and 60’s where the illusion of everything getting better and better, fueled by technology. I’ve never gone hungry, well …. except by accident, Australia is so big that I got lost and couldn’t find any trace of civilization, or any source of food, for weeks. I’ve never had to fight a war. I’d be really bad at it. I’d be be amongst the 60% who fire in the air hoping to hell they never hit anybody. John is all gloom and doom because he is too well informed. I am more sanguine as I’ve lived in such rich, exciting and comfortable times. So we are screwed and can expect a reckoning for our profligate ways. History has a way of doing that.
    My only regret that is my beautiful daughters, and their children, have to live with the consequences of the mess we made.


  6. It’s all very sad. Enough wealth and technology in the world to feed and clothe everybody, easily. A problem on debt that could be cancelled overnight, and no-one would suffer…


  7. In order to re-create you must first de-con-struct.
    The middle class was created for required reasons (the start of the industrial revolution ) given a better education and told they were superior to the working class.
    Most of the middle class is not needed anymore due to technology.
    This is eons old as a system, we are slaves, free range slaves but, slaves nonetheless.
    The truth is that, there are the masses(profane/dead) and there are the elites with their deep know-led-ge.
    Whether we will ever break this cycle, I don’t know.


  8. They know we have no money for taxes… this way they force us to sell our land. It’s a real estate scam… notice how they push the idea that Cyprus, Italy, and Greece are “richer” than Germans… because we own our homes (Greece has highest home ownership in EU) and they want them… the next form of wealth confiscation… the only way they could ever afford a place in the sun…If not with tanks, then banks.


  9. “free range slaves” precisely… we are entering a period of NeoFeudalism… the middle class and it’s power and wealth were necessary (albeit temporary) constructs as you say… but no longer… things are not changing radically, they are simply normalizing to the way it has been for thousands of years… the future middle class will be tiny and will consist of low level bureaucrats, police, military, judicial, and prisons… as it always was. Why pay a human to work 8 hours a day when a machine can be bought once… and works 24 hours a day.


  10. And here is where I am going to be classed as a conspiracy nut…. Genetics is going to be able for the elites to create the future obedient worker, created as necessary, even better than a Robot( a Russian word, I believe).


  11. I agree, NeoFeudalism is the ultimate aim. It’s been in the pipeline for decades.

    Hello, is that an Ergastulum I can see being erected on the horizon over there?


  12. @ silent one I think that there might have been a Troika plan once, certainly to gain more control over society to conform, and our wealth to pay for the governance, quite possibly in some of the ways that you describe. However, over the past year, there have simply been too many mistakes. A Grand Chess Master might sacrifice a couple of Pawns to gain a stunning victory, but the Troika have sacrificed most of their major back row pieces recently….read any papers or blogs you like…day by day, the Troika are loosing control. If they do not intervene it blows up, if they do intervene, there always seem to be unforeseen consequences …or in the case of Cyprus…the figures were wrong, or their policies turn economies into Death Spirals, that will rely on constant Bale Outs for the next generation or two.

    In my opinion, all this Taxing/Bale In’s etc. is not some great scheme, but born out of the Troika’s Utter Blind Panic. Lagarde is surely no more than a few months away from being the first Managing Director of the IMF to preside over it taking large, actual, real and unrecoverable losses. Draghi has bought up more toxic Club Med Bonds and lent more money to zombie banks that they can ever hope to repay (particularly when LTRO pay-back dates come up!). Any Sovereign or large bank default will show up immediately that the ECB is totally bust. The Sprouts are simply looking on in dull surprise and are powerless to do anything to remedy the situation…..And they are only concerned about their Grand Project (and gravy train) exploding……… Geli and Woolfie just want to get re-elected at any cost to anyone. (which makes a lot of it much worse!)

    The beast of the Euro is going to be at its most dangerous during its death throes and I do agree with JW and many others commenting here, that things are about to get very unpleasant for many of us, (probably worldwide) in terms of our saved wealth and our aspirations for our children. But, I for one, cannot buy into the Troika Grand Plan idea…..they have no idea whatsoever what they are doing…..which is precisely what makes The Troika very dangerous indeed.


  13. Gold is the money of Kings,
    Silver is the money Gentlemen,
    Barter is the money of Peasants,
    But, Debt, is the money of Slaves.


  14. As I have said on a few occasions here recently, they will impoverish us all in the futile attempt to keep The Dream alive.
    There is limit to their actions when it comes to keeping The Dream alive, we will all be wearing sackcloth before long. No possession of any kind is off limits.
    You could imagine a destruction so complete that, it is the end of this period in history. Things will never be the same again…But, Hey! Never mind ‘Strictly’s’ on in a minute……


  15. Above all, the tptb play both sides of the game, they are one and the same. It is their game and their rules.
    They are the Force AND the counter force.


  16. The final stage will, I suspect, be an unseemly squabble between the bankers

    The final stage will be something completely unexpected. This from Kopp Verlag a good while ago (in German, sorry)

    It will be something nobody thought of, yet just large enough to tip the first domino on Wall st. That’s the moment when the bankers queue up at the top floor windows.


  17. TGNR wrote “That’s the moment when the bankers queue up at the top floor windows.”

    It might just be a case of how much they know as to whether they jump or are pushed. Vindictive I know, but where do I get the tickets ?


  18. The devil is always in the detail. Wall Street will have overlooked something. When it bites, the bite won’t even be noticed – the effect of the bite’s toxin will be as immediate as it is powerful.

    It has to be under the radar. You will hear of the effects, you will never know what actually happened. You will wake up to a crisis that will make Lehmans look like a snowball.


  19. I must say I disagree with Pawel Morski in that the IMF was always the precurser of destruction. The Asian tigers did not recover until they told the IMF to foxtrot oscar.

    As to the plunder I have always said that the elites hate plebs and property ownership. They hate everything that gives us any independence and above all they hate democracy.

    If there is method in the madness they have bought democracy and are now indulging in mass confiscation so that we pay for it. A cunning plan indeed.


  20. I am with you in solidarity. But why would the Germans do anything like that if they think they are winners ? It all ‘seems’ to be going quite well for them. Any solution lies in the hands (and minds and actions) of the rest of us. We would all do well to imitate the Italians, and find our own Beppe Grillo’s


  21. I think they are trying to move their plan forward way too fast. I reckon they are clueless, not clever and strategic. If they want to move this fast, they need an army to do so -in every country in southern europe. How on earth are they going to bribe the French to stop the frogs going all 1968 on them.
    The minute we all wake up, we win. (just so tiresome waiting for the flares to go up) The pensions issue must be the one that prods the UK, surely. Otherwise nothing will.


  22. Bill – think who’s behind the IMF and who makes money from them. That’ll tell you why the Asians told them to get stuffed. If the Europeans had any sense they’d do the same – then the ground rules would change. There is no madness to the motives of the IMF; fear is perhaps the operative here.

    That would be the point at which the taxpayers no longer have to support the banks through bailouts to Greece and the rest. Because the banks will have folded or been condemned as bad-banks.


  23. Seconded. Hastily they created the EZ, and the expansion of EU from 17 to 27 members (the 2nd silliest policy after the euro creation).
    Hastily the have now decided to run again to Fiskal Union, bank recap, then finally European Res-public. That’s their only option – if they don’t run, it falls apart.
    If they do succeed, they will most probably sprawn a monster again…


  24. JW First you must make a decision. You seem to vacilliate between its unplanned chaos to its all planned. It will be easier to focus once you make a decision between the two.


  25. Rationally they have no plan, greed has made them ridiculously stupid: “let’s make everyone poor and in debt and we can live like kings”
    Where do they think they are going to live that is safe, some island somewhere with serfs and an army, look at what happens when your army is powerful, Eygpt, Greece etc, they take over, it is just another way that empires fall. Empires always fall, three generations is the norm, one generation of expansion, which can actually be several human generations, then one generation of complacency that deteriates into desperation to hold it together, but why would anyone want to spend their life supporting those that oppress them. it is not the human condition. It is just taking longer to happen as the distraction of the mind with info/technology is too strong.
    Just turn off the internet and see what happens!


  26. Yes, Ioannis, and so glad JW you have finally figured it out:
    ““No human agency has achieved so much economic destruction in such a short time without the use of weapons”. But that’s it: destruction is the aim, not the by-product.”

    This was stated in the orginal PNAC plan, back in 1997, and I’ve been trying to shout from rooftops too … only to be greeted with “conspiracy theorist!” Trouble is, until everyone realises that the first shot across the bows was 911, the military takeover will not be clear to Europe. No, no weapons involved, but war just the same.

    Look what Ralph Peter’s article, Constant Conflict in the 1997 US Army War College Quarterly says:

    “There will be no peace. At any given moment for the rest of our lifetimes, there will be multiple conflicts in mutating forms around the globe. Violent conflict will dominate the headlines, but cultural and economic struggles will be steadier and ultimately more decisive.”

    Economic struggle anyone?


  27. not enough time to read it all at the mo but as I have been saying to Mrs H since Lehmans, no money is safe in any bank, homeowners will be bled dry. It has taken me a great deal of effort to dissuade her from buying a house in theis country with the highest property taxes in the world, but I think now she is quite relieved herself. then we can run south easily when the mini ice age kicks in. Happt to saty that Amlbrose, the plumber has unblocked me on his site; ONH


  28. Class:
    Middle, Upper, Lower
    Established middle class
    Technical middle class
    New affluent workers
    Traditional working class
    Emergent service workers
    Precariat, or precarious proletariat


  29. In the French revolution(1789-) the so called mob went around and killed a lot of the peasants as well, considering them to be part of the problem. Who were behind the mob? It was chaos created in order to start a new paradigm that the real power mongers wanted, the end of one era and on to the next.

    Also ,think about the statement that; The rich could always rely on paying one half of the poor/despe-rat-e to kill the other half.

    Tptb must realize that taking the pensions will really anger a very large amount of the population.

    And from the ash-es the phoenix shall a-rise.

    New World Order


  30. @whoflungdung – that’s the problem with violent revolutions. The kettle explodes, the bodies of innocent and guilty lie on the streets altogether. There’s little room for rational decisions, logic, justice, etc.


  31. While capitalism is trying to grow into a world-dominating monster, radical Islam is trying to defeat capitalism. Is there a tipping point? Just a thought.


  32. Let’s hope for a 3rd dimension, beyond capitalism and radical Islam where RIBA, making money out of money is as unethical as ‘usury’ for Christians…

    “a world where one minute group of megalomaniacs control the wealth, the news media, the ability to monitor our electronic wealth management, and the cost of our labour.” … AND the cost of all resources our planet can produce.

    May cynical complacency turn into cynicism fuelled by PASSION!


  33. Was/is the capitalism we have ever real or was it just the Wolf wrapped with a cloak called capitalism.
    Radical Islam has been created as an opposing force by the ptb.


  34. And of course the UN agenda 21, The war on terror and climate change cannot possibly be additional thumbscrews applied to the masses.


  35. It is all there for those with an i to see

    [audio src="" /]


  36. @whoflungdung: i can agree to that!
    The lesson from history is that all past revolutions have been started by (and fueled with) big numbers of hungry, empty stomachs.
    (Almost-any exception will just confirm the rule) all of them ended in establishing totalitarian states. From Napoleon, to Stalin, to Hitler, to Mao.

    What we need now is a broad critical mass of open, thinking minds. Many times that means you got to ignore the alarms of the empty stomach (oh. and in our times – 21st century – it also means shutting off the TV – so we got an extra barrier to jump than our ancestors).


  37. You’re all worrying for no reason. My latest £20 note distinctly states, “I promise to pay the bearer on demand……”. Euro notes don’t – ergo, all is well in Britain.


  38. If you think all is well in the UK think again, CaMoron has gone to see Herr Merkell, Rumour has it that that the Bilderberg will meet in UK or Germany, is he going to be briefed, or is it so that he doesn’t have to attend?
    Is the Cyprus Bail-out, Bail-in Sell-Out planned for the UK You bet it is, if they think they can get away with it..

    You might not be aware of the changes to the Banking Act 2009. Changes that specifically make it ‘legal’ to steal directly from your back accounts, for example :-
    Currently section 3 states,
    Interpretation: other expressions In this Part— “the FSA” means the Financial Services Authority, and “financial assistance” has the meaning given by section 257. it is to be changed to
    In section 3 (interpretation: other expressions), after .this Part.. insert…client assets. means assets which an institution has undertaken to hold for a client (whether or not on trust, and whether or not the undertaking has been complied with),..
    And in section 47 (3) existing clause is
    (3)Provision under subsection (2) may, in particular, refer to particular classes of deposit. ( to be changed to)
    In section 47 (restriction of partial transfers), for subsection (3) substitute..(3) Provision under subsection (2) may, in particular, refer to. (a) particular classes of deposit; (b) particular classes of client assets.. Banking Act 2009
    The above changes can be found in this link to the pdf file … _notes.pdf
    The Title to the webpage the “Financial sector resolution: broadening the regime” and the link is … regime.htm

    Now I want to draw your attention to this pdf … /nr156.pdf Dated 12th December 2012
    On page 5 S,(23) it says

    Where barriers to resolution are identified, firms will be required to remove them through changes to their structure and operations. The proposed RRD provides authorities with the necessary powers to achieve this, including the ability to require changes to the legal or operational structures of institutions, and to require firms to cease specific activities.see note 8
    Note 8
    8 See Article 14(4) of the proposed RRD, including 14(4)(e) “requiring the institution to limit or cease specific existing or proposed activities,” and 14(4)(g) “requiring changes to legal or operational structures of the institution so as to reduce complexity in order to ensure that critical functions may be legally and economically separated from other functions through the application of the resolution tools.”

    The above paragraphs make it possible to do exactly what they have done in Cyprus, block all access to your savings ie:- Credit and Debit cards, ATM’s etc.
    If you think this is going to be restricted to Europe think again The green party in New Zealand have leaked plans to implement the same legislation called “Open Bank Resolution” , I call it “Open Bank-Open Wallet Resolution” – Dated November 2012, so you can see with all these documents that they have been published well in advance of the situation in Cyprus, therefore the consultation and discussion process has been going on for a long time prior to March of this year. Now as part of the agreement that Cyprus has been forced to accept , there is a delegation to implement the Bail-out, Bail-in or Sell-out, not from the European Central Bank (ECB), not the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and not from Germany on Herr Merkels behalf, the delegation is from the UK. And then you have Ben Benanke refusing to rule out the Bail-out, Bail-in Sell-Out scenario. I think it is clear That Cyprus is a test case being used as a model for worldwide implementation, and I am not the only one by a long shot


  39. That is one of the most clever misconceptions they have managed to foist upon us: ‘The State’.
    WE are the ‘State’, without us, there is no state.


  40. These people are different to the rest of us.
    Two examples:
    Back in probably the `80`s the Sultan of Brunei had a yacht build that has windows in the salon that “could withstand a direct hit from a shoulder held rocket launcher: …. “. The yacht was based in the Med.
    I remember thinking at the time that it wasn`t necessarily so cool to be the richest man in the world if you had to be worried about attacks by rockets when you were on your yacht on the other side of the world from where you lived.

    Abramovich – or one of the Russians – has now built the biggest yacht in the world – for a few Billion $ – but it is so big that he cannot dock in most of the nice/posh/elite/snobby ports in the Med. He has to anchor off or go into the commercial docks.
    To my mind it sort of defeats the object of going down to one`s yacht for the weekend for a nice cruise it you can`t then actually go into any of the ports…….

    This is what i mean by different – they see things differently. The first was happy to take all the oil money that Brunei was earning as his own and accept being attacked by rockets as a consequence …. that is not really normal behaviour.
    The second wants to have the biggest and best even if its size prevents him for using it for what it was built for … that is not normal behaviour.

    Or then again, maybe I just have an odd view of what is “normal”…


  41. Eurozone officials have ominously warned as well that bank accounts are guaranteed against loss but not from confiscation by governments who can take the money whenever they want.

    The above sentence taken from this article in Greek Reporter.
    On the other hand it exposes the unsavoury side of the Civil Service in Greece today…..which wont generate much sympathy by most Europeans.


  42. The thing is, the human condition demands freedom ! It may be that many have to die so that others attain it. But historically speaking the sacrifices have been made by those who prefer (in the end) death to slavery.
    It may be harder to grasp because modern technology is so much more efficient when used to oppress the masses……. but Sobibor (concentration camp) tells what happens eventually. It is true that the initial results of a mass uprising may be nothing like the imagined utopia of freedom which was in the minds of the ‘leaders’. But eventually the freedoms will be delivered because heads will keep rolling as people turn against those seeking to deny them. Numbers will always count and the oppressors are always going to become fewer as they continue to squabble amongst themselves for ever more power alongside the plotting of their fair weather friends. History has the answers………. it is those who ignore history who are destined to repeat its mistakes. As I have said before….. Spartacus won in the long term :)


  43. You are right, little sympathy here. I particularly liked ‘The workers have reacted angrily to the unannounced checks, accusing the government of using “intimidation tactics” to make them show up for work.’


  44. Ioannis, why put it to the germans? Even if they voted out Merkel a new government wouldn’t change things. Why expect them to willingly destroy their prosperity / survival? That is madness. Especially when their whole national raison d’etre is trade & they have no higher value to fight for? (Except possibly ‘heimat’…and does it exist there anymore?)

    Really, who is it now that cares about the Eurozone? We need to understand this. Are we stuck in this situation because (1) we can’t get rid of our politicians? Or (2) because ordinary people continue to believe in the euro against all logic? We must take our own responsibility ourselves – we must just leave. Or declare default and reap the advantages of default. Put an end to it.

    We can’t expect our greek coalition government to do ANY of this. For PASOK and ND politicians their personal safety by now lies ONLY in staying the course. At some point the game will be up & after that we will see the worst of the maimoudes sneaking out of the country dressed as shepherds, priests, Troikanauts, customs police, etc. Or steaming out of Faliro marina on junta-oligarch gin palaces. THIS is why we have Blackwater/Academi in 1st place, above the police & army.

    Except when we’ve sold it voluntarily to pay taxes, the EU hasn’t yet moved to requisition our properties, land. Why should we be forced to give up our family land to pay for a rigged, broken system whose purpose is to destroy us? We citizens can unite. There are infinitely more of us than ‘them’. There are not enough Blackwater mercenaries in the world to deal with all of us.

    In Greece the young have so much rage, whether right or left, Chryssi Avgi-Antifa-Anarcho, I see a french style Terror if we don’t start moving now to change things politically. But the Coalition, for personal survival reasons, will NOT let that happen. And through the idiocy of our 50 votes system they will continue to have power until something breaks internally in the coalition.


  45. True. The three Estate pillars here are
    – The Crony Politicians
    – The Intertwined Businessmen
    – The Professional Unions
    And of course we have the 4th Estate – the MSM.


  46. Lets hope that they do all head off to one small island somewhere……. I pump for us to start talking up bikini atoll as the only place they will be safe…. I am sure that the ordinary military cannon fodder left behind can supply a final, one off nuclear test to show us all how the rich and powerful cannot take it with them when they go :)


  47. We all have to wonder at the lack of response on behalf of the populace from the armed forces in whatever country.I can only assume they are not on our side.Will they enjoy shooting on the populace?To my mind the picture of an armed helicopter floating over New York with a soldier happily aiming at unknown targets was chilling and message sending.The revolution,we crave,will have to be one of the mind,where the elite will be crushed.Happily,the numbers of people turning away from MSM is accelerating.


  48. In December 2012,it emerged that the Hampton’s elite were uneasy at their wealth gap and starting our to correct the “view” at least.The unease since I can only assume has got more intense,as the wealth gap has hot larger.If the “elite”refuse to listen to their own what chance have we?


  49. Goodaye, Kiwi. Of course it’s totally planned. And he knows it. Sadly, all the fillibustering rhetoric is motivated by an extremely egoic mind. Luckily, the heart, wherein lives the Love, eventually surfaces. Always. Ego is only 1% our our DNA, scientifically verified. To allow so small an enitity to call all the shots, mostly wrong, results is an unhappy life. Love is what it is all about. Love.


  50. @ PT. Well said. The chickens are coming home to roost. The world has a horrendous banking crisis and sovereign debt is way too high for most individual governments to be in a position to solve their own bank problems. It seems that we can’t grow out of this problem. Forgiving debt is fine but who pays: well, everybody who has a pension or savings. So what is left? Inflation, ZIRP, wealth transfer etc. In my view, the current European and world financial crisis is not a well thought plan to keep us in our place. Rather, it is a truly monumental f**kup brought about by 30 years of mismanagement and it will require a truly monumental and coordinated solution if it is not to collapse around our ears. Do I like it? No! I have worked hard and saved in order to have an interesting and dignified retirement. I haven’t had a personal debt in decades. That said, my portion of the federal, provincial and municipal debt adds up to a significant debt. I now accept that my savings are going to be part of the solution if that gets out of control in Canada. I also accept that before this is over, one way or another, my standard of living is going to be reduced. @PT, perhaps living in a large country makes us more sanguine. At least it allows us to put on our hiking boots and get away from it all, although, given that we are having a snow and freezing rain storm at this very moment that is not today’s solution.


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  53. Surely JW when they have robbed us of everything and we will be unable to pay any debts we may have then ultimately forgiveness at the other end of the circle is all that can be achieved as you have alluded to previously?


  54. Unfortunately this is OUR Beppe… and he is nooo comedian… this young Ellinonazi has over 60% support of police and military…


  55. Ironic huh? German control since 2009, has the effect of “Nazifying” Greece!!! it’s like sci-fi around here…


  56. @whoflungdung… spot on my friend… genetic engineering will mean that the robots they replace us with in factory’s.. will be replaced by “designer hmans’ with just enough iq for simple tasks and simple lives…


  57. zeus, acording to the vice president of DHSY:
    10.6 billion from the banks bail-in…
    0.6 billion from additional taxation
    0.4 billion from gold deposit sales
    1.0 billion from roll-over of internal debt and payments owed by the governmeny to Cyprus private sector
    1.4 billion from privatizations
    0.1 billion by changing the payment terms of the Russian loan.

    The article is here (Greek text):αβέρωφ-από-που-θα-βρεθούν-τα-δισεκατομ/


  58. There is no love for the civil service laggards… there is no sympathy for them in Greece… they are coddled by the government so they can re-elect their bosses… they have been leaching th elifeblood of Greek enterprise for too long. I have long been in favor of the austerity reforms of cutting govt. slackers, and opening up closed professions… unfortunately the govt. found it more politically expedient to cut teachers, hospitals, and old people instead…


  59. Ioannis,

    Before you start ranting against me again, listen:

    If Merkel and her Christian Democrats/Christian Socialists/Free Democrats coalition would be voted out (which i doubt at the moment, but things may change) there would be the Social Democrats and the Greens to take up government. And then, no matter if you like to hear this or not, you will wish after one week that Merkel would have stayed in power, as then, with those neocon/neolib weasels in power you’ll see all your worst nightmares come true in no-time. If you bleive Merkel is bad then wait until you experience Steinbrück (SPD) and Trittin (Greens). It was not the current coalition who put Agenda 2010 in place and motion, it was a SPD-Green coalition from 1998-2005 who started the whole mess with that dreadful idea of austerity, inside Germany.

    You are very loud and when it comes to blame Germany and Merkel for everything you consider evil in the current state of Europe, you are fast, arrogant and bossy when it comes to call me a Nazi and whatnot, whilst my whole family was adamant anti-nazi and paid a heavy price for that, it is easy for you to stay in your superficial, hurt Greek point of view and call names on me and the country i live in, but i bet you’ll wish you had used a far more differentiated point of view when, god forbid, the SPD and Greens will get into power and do whatever their Wall Street masters tell them to do far worse than Merkel and her gang ever did, mark my words.

    Besides that i will not vote for any of these political clowns in Germany, as i did not vote for any of these traitors to the Republic after that dreadful election of 1998 in which a whole generation was betrayed in Germany in light of what started right after these Socialist-Green(eco-fascist) backstabbers came to power with Schröder and his rotten lot of neoliberal skunks.

    There is no, i repeat, *no* alternative yet strong or serious enough to change course, and there will not be one if not some absolutely unforeseen miracle occurs before September this year, and despite all the gloom and doom predictions of a €urocrash i do not see any of it happen given the unbelievable sophistication of endless can kicking and mass manipulation of the people these rotten banksters and politclowns have developed.


  60. Full Stop – forgiveness would avoid any credit events.

    That would save Wall St who are leveraged to the hilt in CDSs and their various derivative offspring. After all, that’s why nobody has been allowed to default – and the taxpayers have had to hold the can instead of those responsible for insuring against defaults.


  61. Now this is closer to a civilized discourse than what I have come to expect from you in the past… I am happy to hear the tone of your comments on this subjects that I have repeatedly proven you wrong has changed accordingly. I feel free answering you without the filter of your prior condescension, or arrogance coloring my comments.

    Of course you still take some personal jabs, but that never bothered me… it has been your tone about Greece’s role in this mess ALL of Europe finds itself in because of German leadership (albeit Merkel or not).

    As far as the threat of Greens, etc. other parties being worse than Merkel… bring it on. Something i don’t think you have understood about my position on all this from the beginning… I either want Germany to be “all in”” or “all out” when it comes to supporting it’s EU “partners”… as I have stated from the beginning the half hearted half steps with Greece (and every other country, combined with BAD policy decisions) are at the root of this Euro crisis… I understand that after getting raped by Wall St. German banks were in crisis mode and instead of feeling secure enough to ensure the world that German clout would back the EU… Germany responded by announcing the opposite… and concentrated on shoring up capital in their banks, and removing as much toxic debt onto Eu balance sheets as they could… as an emergency tactic it had short term success as Germany has enjoyed prosperity at the expense of Eu depression… but it was a horribly short sighted, stupid way to deal with the crisis… and has resulted in the situation we are in today. Of course now Germany couldn’t fix the problem if they wanted to… but still refuses to leave because of the money they are making from loan payments, and a reduce Euro that fuels their exports outside of the Euro (as you stated) so at this point… Fawk off!… really Germany is depression the whole EU while they are doing great because they don’t want to risk a percentage point or two of inflation… something that would barely affect the lifestyle of average Germans… but piss of the Bankfurt elites (whose greed is so prevalent that they bought into junk bonds without question, and put Germany in the position that cause this is in the first place… something, as you know ILLEGAL to do IN Germany.)

    So in short, German exposure to American junk bond crashes combined with most EU country’s being over extended on their balances are what caused the crisis… my point all along is that Germany’s response has been crap… something pretty much the whole world agrees with at this point as we find ourselves on the edge of collapse. again.

    In closing… I don’t care who wins in Germany as they will undoubtedly fumble the recovery further and will eventually either choose to leave the Euro (my choice) or the whole thing will disintegrate from the inside… at the VERY least Greece will have to exit the EU now… barring a write off there is no amount of funds or restructuring that will stop that… for us, it is game over… and of course that wil spread… it may be another country first as soooo many people are nearing the same point we are.

    I have no confidence that anyone, Germany especially has the funds, smarts, or will to do “all that is necessary” to save the EU from it’s bad management… so you’re threat of some other party being worse does not concern me in the least.

    for your personal edification it is these kinds of statements and the arrogant tone you take when making them that typifies German insolence… maybe it is cultural and this is how Germans think of other peoples different in ideology from themselves (that is what my German family and friends say)… but in this case you propagate German stereotypes… perfectly… examples…

    “you will wish after one week that Merkel would have stayed in power… as you’ll see all your worst nightmares come true in no-time. ”

    “You are very loud and when it comes to blame Germany and Merkel for everything you consider evil in the current state of Europe,”

    So is most of the world at this point Germany and merkels role in all this is the focus of most financial reporting being done in the rest of the world… more specifically on this site… I am certainly not alone in these sentiments… no matter how much cheerleading you hear from the German press there…

    “you are fast, arrogant and bossy when it comes to call me a Nazi and whatnot,’

    I give what I get… all I have ever done is responded to your crushing insolence towards Greece… your repeated claims we are “cheats” and “lazy” and so forth that I have repeatedly proven you wrong about tend to enrage you and then you get nastier, and nastier… as a result of your mental inflexibility and arrogant, insulting tones yes… i have struck back personnally… but only after having proven you factually wrong, and only after your attacks… I won’t let you talk lies about my people and slander me when you are both wrong, and a nasty piece of business when proven wrong”

    “it is easy for you to stay in your superficial, hurt Greek point of view”

    Perfect example of your condescension… why is my Greek point of view superficial”… this is why you sound ridiculous and it is always easiest for me to countermand the things you say… with the things you say.

    ” i bet you’ll wish you had used a far more differentiated point of view when, god forbid, the SPD and Greens will get into power and do whatever their Wall Street masters tell them to do far worse than Merkel and her gang ever did, mark my words.”

    More threatening tones… people get very nervous when Germans say things like this… just so you know

    I hope Greens DO get elected, and I hope Germany’s leadership actually begins to LISTEN to the German people who (apparently) unlike you DON’T WANT TO STAY IN THE EU!

    maybe if German PEOPLE were making some decisions instead of Bankfurt elites running the world into the ground to save their banks, bonds and investment class asses… things could be allowed to fail completely instead of continue to limp along in this lame fashion… I am not afraid of Germany leaving the euro… I am all in favor.. please go, take care of your business and stop bumbling everyone else’s to improve your own…

    Feel free to respond with a tantrum if you like…


  62. GNR… the bite came in 2007, and the toxin worked… the worlds economy turned into a zombie, slowly stumbling around, cannibalizing itself to keep going… now, there is no “meat” on it’s bones and it will fall in the loosely knit heap of bones it has become… the death stroke was in 2007… we are just getting to the end results.


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  66. The troika may have had a plan but it will have involved the banks playing along – but the banksters want to loot it all before they fly off to East Asia.


  67. “where the illusion of everything getting better and better, fueled by technology”

    It wasn’t an illusion. The collapse in technological innovation is the result of the destruction of the eduation system.


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