fattaxThe debt-management stage of banks and globalist superpowers is over. The tax collection is now under way. In a frightening but entirely credible piece, The Slog plots the likely course of wealth transfer as the prelude to a victory for the dictatorial élite. As always, if they succeed we will only have our own cynical complacency to blame.

Jean-Claude Junker was yesterday abruptly told by the ECB to either reveal all details of Luxembourg’s money-hoarding…or face the consequences. The heist that was a one-off is looking increasingly like a template. Mario Draghi warned menacingly of “the precarious situation of countries whose banking sector is worth several times their GDP”. Some 40% of the offshore banking sector is controlled by British banks. Three days ago, George Osborne signed a tripartite EU agreement to ‘clamp down on tax evasion’. One day soon they’ll invent a tax involving our savings….and then simply grab the money because, by definition, it was evading the tax.

It’s getting increasingly easy to see where all this is going. But if you’re still convinced by the berks who keep calling this stuff ‘lunatic fringe conspiracy theory’, I suggest you look instead at yesterday’s Ambrose Evans-Pritchard column. In a straight-talking piece, AEP revealed that the working documents for the Eurogroup meeting today contain a bombshell ‘tucked away in clause 29. “Sale of excess gold reserves: The Cypriot authorities have committed to sell the excess amount of gold reserves owned by the Republic. This is estimated to generate one-off revenues to the state of €400m via an extraordinary payout of central bank profits.”‘

So, your gold’s not safe either. Maybe that’s why Gordon the Mad sold all ours: he saw this coming. Maybe he invented the idea. You never knew with Brown.

It’s taking some people a long time to work this out, but the moment has finally come for those who scoff or snooze throughout this process to wise up: the Troika isn’t an agent of debt reduction any more. It might have started out with that intention, but today – right here and now in 2013 – it is purely designed to take money from the bailed and give it to the banks and Treasuries of the West. The final, undeniable sign came when the Cyprus rescue became a bail-in: “we’re here to help you, by helping ourselves to everything you’ve got”.

The Troika isn’t mad really, just ruthless. Unachievable fiscal targets being missed in Portugal, Spain, Italy and Greece worry them not one jot – hence their being happy with a Greek debt that mathematically must keep increasing. It’s important, you see, to keep the price of buying your freedom as a slave well beyond any slave’s reach. As Pawel Morski writes of the Troikanauts in this post, “No human agency has achieved so much economic destruction in such a short time without the use of weapons”. But that’s it: destruction is the aim, not the by-product.

The Global Looting plan is getting along well on other fronts too.  In the US, The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) has claimed that agents do not need warrants to read people’s emails, text messages and other private electronic communications, according to internal agency documents.

The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU), which obtained the documents through a Freedom of Information Act request, released the information two days ago, and this revealed the taxman’s view that ‘the Fourth Amendment does not protect e-messages, because Internet users “do not have a reasonable expectation of privacy in such communications.”’ Hmm: the spooks are reading everything we write, we all know that, so, um, we the IRS olr HMRC or Tresor Publique can do it as much as we like. It’s an odd interpretation…but there is no right of appeal. Send an email to your bank making reference to a savings account, and bingo…GCHQ picks it up, makes a quiet call to Uncle Stephen at RBS, and you’re done for having money in the bank that is needed to save RBS in the national interest. It is Kafka meets Orwell in the B-movie Every which way including anal Rape.

We tax your salaries, we steal your wealth, we embezzle your potential, we watch your savings strategy online in order to take that too….and of course, we drive down job demand in order to make you work for nothing. That way see, we can become the new China, export cheaply, and keep the show on the road.

Paranoid fantasy? The new EU/Greece data just released shows that Greek wages fell again last year…by 11% to €3.70 per hour. In other ‘fringe’ EU countries, the rates aren’t much better:  €3.70 in Bulgaria, €4.4o in Romania, €5.80 in Lithuania. But of course, it’s €22.66 in Germany, €34.60 in Luxembourg, and €34.20 in France. Draghular made his ‘squeeze the wage costs’ speech to the bigwigs two weeks ago. His plan is well on the way to completion. Look out M. Hollande, bad times are coming your way, zut alors.

From 2000 to 201o, the lower middle and skilled working classes of Europe and the US saw their real incomes drop by almost exactly 30%. But Friedmanite economics have emptied the public coffers rather more quickly than estimated – it must have been another “surprise outcome” – so now it is necessary to speed up the process of trickle-up wealth, only this time without the stealth.

To ensure the entire process is properly codified, legal and above board, the World Economic Forum has been engaging in some retrospective consent via its grandly titled Global Redesign Initiative (GRI). One of the four key structural recommendations is to institutionalise voluntary commitments as a preferred system or as a partial replacement for decisions by UN governing bodies….so most of their major framework recommendations can be put into place without a formal decision by any existing United Nations organisation. There are all kinds of reason why one might do this, the biggest by far being that UN members can never agree about anything, so from here on they can either sign up to stuff or not.

That’s laughable enough – ‘Rules not working? Let’s try anarchy for a bit’ – but of course the other effect is that any infringement of citizen rights granted under the UN Charter instantly becomes a voluntary decision for the member: in future, there will be no sanctions for those who pauperise, and all the rights of the impoverished will be ignored….including your right not to have your earnings stolen. (See my post about EUCHR loopholes).

I can predict what will happen next, because it’s already been raised by the Troika in Athens. There will be a worldwide raid on insurance/pension provider assets. You know – those very institutions used by the neocon artists to prove that debt forgiveness is impractical, because they’d be wiped out by it. Still, that doesn’t apply now, because when the QE scam finally implodes, the markets will collapse anyway. That’s why we need all this money for the banks and treasuries: so they can survive the shock. It’s in the national interest.

When the investors flee Wall Street in favour of gold, trading in the shiny stuff will be abruptly halted. Then all of it will be confiscated. The Basel rules too are ready for this: the gnomes have already pulled a cute accountancy trick by giving gold a higher notional score when assessing a the bank’s ‘true’ ha-ha asset value. Central Banks are already buying it by the truckload, so the price has to be suppressed to make it affordable. It’s for your own good in the end: really – it is. Honest.

The final stage will, I suspect, be an unseemly squabble between the bankers and their billionaire media mates on the one hand, and the politicians on the other. It will go the way of the dictators in Russia and China, but there are no prizes for guessing what’ll happen elsewhere: Obama has already been proved powerless against Wall Street….and Goldman Sachs has been running the eurozone for the last eighteen months. Mark Carney is about to take over at the bank of England this June: he spent thirteen years with Goldman Sachs in its London, Tokyo, New York and Toronto offices.

What we will then have is a world where one minute group of megalomaniacs control the wealth, the news media, the ability to monitor our electronic wealth management, and the cost of our labour.

We will, in fact, become one big Labour Camp. Signs over entrances will say Arbeit macht frei. The very slavery to which the late Baroness Thatcher was implacably opposed will have been made flesh. And like it or not, her naivety will quite rightly carry some of the blame.

How the Telegraph’s PM Edition email read on my browser yesterday: ‘Great and the good of world politics set to attend Margaret Thatcher’s fun’

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