EU BUDGET DEAL EXCLUSIVE: It won’t make a blind bit of difference

The initial media responses to David Cameron’s ‘victory’ on EU spending cuts suggest that by this evening he may have been declared a Deity by national acclaim. The reality is that this is Dave’s Neville Chamberlain moment.

Even the normally anti-Camerlot Telegraph uses the verb ‘slashed’ to describe the €30bn cut in European Union spending.

But this is a cut spread over six years. It equals almost exactly the risible level of cuts achieved by George Osborne in the UK.

The deal is being trumpeted as ‘the first cut in the history of the EU’.

But compared to total spending, it represents a 3% cut. And MEPs might still block it.

Britain’s budget-cost cuts could amount to £500m a year, allegedly.

That’s less than one sixth of our monthly trade deficit. Overall, Britain’s overheads as a Member State are described as ‘maintained’. France’s CAP subsidy, however, has been increased by €1billion per annum.

Our economic and fiscal position remains unchanged as ‘dire’. But while all this mass distraction was occurring, the following important news items appeared:

Mario Draghi gave a very downbeat outlook on eurozone economic progress.

In an interview with Der Spiegel, David Miliband pledged that Britain will remain at the heart of the EU.

A hearing is scheduled today in the High Court. It relates to no fewer than 165 civil phone hacking cases against Newscorp. Rupert Murdoch’s  legal vipers have been “scrambling to settle the cases out of court” writes the Telegraph’s Louise Armitstead. But they clearly haven’t been entirely successful.

Tim Vine wrote a very funny tweet  advising that Findus fishfingers are 100% sea-horse.

More later.

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31 thoughts on “EU BUDGET DEAL EXCLUSIVE: It won’t make a blind bit of difference

  1. Funny that eh? talking of more smoke and mirrors, anybody see this?
    ‘EU to sneak party political funding in via back door
    … as discussed in the HoC European Committee B, yesterday. Currently, these proposals purport to pertain only to “transnational” parties within the EU – and not to internal national parties. But Lidington refers to the difference between EU transnational parties and domestic parties, which leads me to assume that the proposals are merely a stepping stone to achieve state funding of all political parties’.


  2. EU budget in euros-we pay in £. What will the exchange rate be in 2020? A finance director who bet the house on this sort of deal would get his P45 damn quick.


  3. The EU seems to have developed into something which Americans call ‘overpaid wine tasters’. Just follow the current discussion about salary levels of EU civil servants. What makes an EU civil servant a superior race compared with, say, a civil servant of France when France has the reputation of having the most elitist civil servants in the world? As long as the EU remains something that views itself as something outside of Europe, it has no future. One of the EU’s principles was supposed to be the so-called principle of subsidiarity. I. e.: What can be done better locally or nationally should be done locally or nationally and the EU should only come in when something requires supranational treatment. Does the type of light bulbs we buy require supranational treatment? Or many other examples of that kind? What would require supranational treatment, for example, are foreign policy and defense. I don’t think we will live to see the day where the US President has one phone number for the European Foreign or Defense Secretary.


  4. The ‘deal’ is all part of a MSM and EU attempt to build up Cameron and denigrate UKIP. Unfortunately, it will probably work given the slothfulness of mind and body of Boobus Britanicus.


  5. In the same edition of Der Spiegel, an editorial tries to determine the benefits to the UK of being in the EU. The sub-headline reads ” …it’s virtually impossible to find hard proof of any net benefit…”
    But all these analyses adroitly avoid the real issue – national self-determination.
    I nearly added that the UK is more than just an economic entity; but for me, as an over-60, I’m afraid the UK has lost any sense of national identity anyway, so sod it all.


  6. All sorts of stuff doing the rounds at the mo. This made me smile…….

    I was in the cafe at Tesco ordering my food and the waitress asked if i wanted anything on my burger,so I had a fiver each way.


  7. Indeed it is. My thoughts exactly. As I said before, they are working the game between them, it’s all a setup, as usual….


  8. A very, very good point with £ approaching parity with €. Still, when it gets there (after 2015 perhaps), Milliband will take us into the Euro. We will also be able to claim all those subsidies that other luckier countries have been receiving, won’t we? No, of course not, there won’t be any money after we stop contributing. What a farce!


  9. The man described by Berlesconi as a concentration camp commandant, Martin Schultz, has said that as the EU parliamentary president, he will veto these cuts. So on to the next chapter in this sorry tale of dogs fighting over an ever decreasing bone.


  10. If this whole situation wasn’t so serious it would actually be quite funny. Findus Beef lasagne content 100% horse meat and not a trace of beef.

    You couldn’t make it up


  11. Very sadly the loss of national identity has been the policy of successive governments since the 1960’s. The only exception being when the Government uses it for its own ends to fight wars. Plenty of Britishness, flag waving and Rule Britannia being pumped out at the soldiers and sailors heading south for the Falklands war but bring any of those attitudes back with you afterwards, big no no. You’d be immediately branded a little Englander, racist and closet BNP member.


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  13. The interesting thing here is the ease at which Cameron appears to have secured this half arsed victory. He does appear to have scared the euro horses with the promise of a referendum (how god only knows as it was clear there would have to be one anyway). it is bewildering to think that due to the piss poor quality of the rest of the twats in parliament it is still possible he could be prime minister after the next election.


  14. “I don’t think we will live to see the day where the US President has one phone number for the European Foreign or Defense Secretary.”

    At this rate Klaus I hope we don’t!

    May I add to your ‘stupid interference’ list:
    – making kokoretsi illegal here in Greece (yes, steki owners with kokoretsi spits out front should technically be fined or jailed)
    – the banning of unglazed terracotta bowls for yoghourt, which mean live yoghourt doesn’t drain properly anymore and sours after 2 days
    – paying owners of caiques to break them up (instead of selling) and forcing greek fisherman to change to unsuitable-for-the-mediterranean fibre glass boats. No doubt made somewhere else in the EU.

    Back to Brussels: the tax free renumeration and other perks of EU officials, and the sheer wastage & duplication in the commission makes the EU bureaucracy, in my view, the true & outstanding candidate for Austerity in Europe.


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  16. Apparently Tescos has just launched a new range of value meat products in a joint branding with “My Little Pony”…


  17. Amendment 10 to The United States Constitution is effectively the same as subsidiarity in the EU. It is similarly universally ignored by the federal agencies and government. There is a thirst for power and micromanagement in anyone who arrives at federal/EC level that brooks no interference from democratic process.


  18. Yes, it is all a carefully choreographed charade. Agreement is reached beforehand on what each leader will be given to take back as a ‘win’ for the baying multitude at home. Cameron claims historic victory in reducing EU budget – but magically UK’s payments into the EU increase. Hollande sulks and is not in the meeting where the traitorous British and Germans forced the EC’s hand. Etc etc. The MSM is already buying up rose petals to spread ahead of Cameron’s return so the EU charade has worked.
    This is the way that it is always done in Brussels – all arguments are for show. Draft meeting minutes are usually circulated ahead of the meetings.


  19. One should be in no doubt about the eventual goal envisaged by TPTB, as demonstrated in this quote from Dr Brock Chisholm, Director of the W.H.O. in a speech to the U.N. in 1948:-
    “To achieve One World Government, it is necessary to remove from the minds of men their individualism, their loyalty to family traditions, national identification, patriotism and religious dogmas.”

    Apparently this recommendation has since been taken to heart by a large number of world leaders.


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