Nick Buckley, deputy editor of The Sunday People, writes to remind me that I failed to point out, earlier today, how excellent their coverage of Elm House and other paedophile scandals has been. He was entirely justified in doing so, not least because I had myself referred to it less than a week ago. My only excuse is that a big boy hit me over the head and ran away, then I forgot about The Sunday People and everything for a bit.

However, forgetting the excuses and sticking to the truth, this is what happens when a misspent youth is followed by several other misspent decades: braindeath.

I did just point out that I would like to see more from them (and Tom Watson) on paedophilia in Labour strongholds like Rotherham. But that was just me being churlish. Exaro, The Sunday People, the Independent titles, and many other august organs are all doing a top job in helping bring gargoyles to book.

Onwards and upwards, one hopes….