Slog prediction vindicated….but not enough of it.

We’ve been waiting fifty years. Where are the big arrests we’ve been promised?

boothbyyoungptBoothby…..never went to prison

The week before last I ran a piece based on good sources about Richmond Council employees being in the frame for the organisation of a child-trafficking scandal at Elm House in Barnes. The tenacious folks at Exaro confirmed two Council employee arrests this morning, also last Monday adding significant new information reporting how the evidence was available to ring alarm bells (and feel collars) an astonishing 23 years ago…in August 1990 to be precise.

The true  length of justice perversion, depth of deceit, and breadth of cover-up is becoming clearer with every day, but the MSM seem as ever (with the outstanding exception of the Independent titles) to be miles adrift on the issue. (The Dacre Mail is goodish, but incredibly behind the music). One wonders as time goes on which bit of this alarming blackout those in favour of stricter blogosphere controls don’t understand: viz, powerful people with a control psychosis tend towards paedophilia more than the average because of the same lust for control of the vulnerable. Such people tend to be legislators, own newspapers, sit on the judiciary, and have daunting letters before and after their names. Without the likes of Tom Watson, Christopher Booker, and umpteen blogsites fighting the corner of those hideously damaged by the Secret Family Courts, care homes and disabled institutions of Britain, how exactly do such gung-ho censors think the answers would come to light? Why do they think Jimmy Savile got clean away with it for five decades?

Everyone likes to get ahead of the game, but for four weeks now I’ve been confidently expecting some serious arresting about Elm House: I’ve used the word ‘imminent’ so often now, repetitive strain injury is imminent. So far, two local council managers (non-political) have been taken into custody. Cyril Smith (political but dead) and Anthony Blunt (political but dead and already disgraced) have been named. We know that secret payments were made by councillors to silence the victims. But this is small potatoes: why did the Met raid the offices of those who protect victims and confiscate the high-ranking names of perpetrators? How long does it take to identify people that famous? Why are we still dithering about with sad gropers at the BBC when it is abundantly clear that Leon Brittan (very political) is implicated, that the inlaws of existing Camerlot Ministers seem to be connected to events in Barnes, and at least one high-ranking Whitehall mandarin is clearly identifiable as a frequent visitor?

brittcropFor those who find me “a bit previous” as Plod is wont to remark, I would point them at the same accusations myself and many others were chucking at both the Met and Camerlot in the early stages of Hackgate: this is all taking a great deal of time because those with power and influence are hanging onto every door jamb like limpets in a bid to ensure none of this leaves the building or – God help us all! – reaches a courtroom.

The next stage will consist of risible excuses for being an Elm House regular. Then more attempts by those of a Borisonian bent to accuse the guest book of being a forgery. Then investigations mysteriously dropped halfway through. Then further goes at mass distraction from newspapers owned by those with something to hide. Then – if everything goes according to the Whitehall/Wesminster/Vauxhall plan –  there’ll be another Leveson….no accused to stand trial save for one or two hirelings, and more drivel about how the internet needs to be closely monitored.

Remember: the only person that caught Murdoch’s fingers in the door was the late Milly Dowler: without her wretched cadaver, we still wouldn’t have a single Newscorper in the dock. Despite the fact that the Murdoch empire is in disgrace, James Murdoch escaped scotfree without so much as a police caution, and his father’s fingerprints remain on as many grubby episodes as ever: Jeremy Hunt was ‘vindicated’ by a whitewash, Newscorp got out of Plebgate without one accusation being aimed at it beyond the blogosphere, and Murdoch’s papers have conducted an obvious campaign of BBC-rubbishing that is entirely to their strategic media advantage in the UK market.

jimmacptWhat we are looking at here in the thigh-deep ethical excrement of systemic paedophilia is a national disgrace that has gone almost entirely unpunished – indeed, it has flourished – for half a century. In 1964, Bob Boothby lied about his association with paedophile pimp gangsters Ronnie & Reggie Kray….the twins went down in the end (for a publicly-committed murder) but Boothby never saw the inside of a prison: one of the few human areas his body didn’t examine the inside of.

Fifty years on, those taking us to Hell in a handcart remain as inviolate as ever in their ability to violate the souls of others. If we think of ourselves as in any way a civilised nation fifty years on, then this must end. Now.

For an excellent historically-orientated slant on this issue, visit msjenniferjames

39 thoughts on “ELM HOUSE & RICHMOND COUNCIL: First arrests.

  1. Scarily enough john the present Tory admin at Richmond council are pushing through a scheme involving children which will be outsourced or floated off to or as a company much to the outrage of libdems in Kingston of whom are concerned about child protection . Is that area in a time warp or something?


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  3. The sexaul abuse of children is/was also rife in the private boarding schools favoured by the privileged elite.

    Christopher Booker and I were both educated at the Dragon School in Oxford which I regard in most ways as a wonderful place.

    Nonetheless, there was a covered up incident when I was there in 78 and years later I was told that one of the masters who I would never have suspected had been sent down for several years for molestation.

    Had we been educated in an age appropriate way then we would have been able to protect ourselves.

    Marcus Pollett has a good article here about the effects of molestation at prep school



  4. Actually its a bit weird as when schofield presented the list of names to Cameron on tv. Cameron said he was worried gays might get blamed. And now we see that Tory homosexuals were recommending elm guest house to others.
    I wonder who this peter g bloke is.


  5. So john do honestly think that brittan brook and bottomley etc will be helping the old bill with their enquiries or will jezza hunt intervene on bottomless behalf since they are related and hunt has a habit of cronyism


  6. For me in all the issues (above no exception) the central point is this …

    “Trust me I am a poltician!”

    Anybody? Please name me one poltician you would trust?

    None? Really, thought so I can’t neither. Last one might not be my cup of tea but feel it was Robin Cook who seemed to stand by his principles and so maketh the poltician who resigned from the last government over the Iraq war. Since then they have all gone now, none remain so it falls to myth and legend there ever was an honest politician.


  7. Spot on post; sing it long and sing it loud. May they, each and every one of them, suffer persistent tinnitus for the rest of their puff.


  8. And the Pervs in power could find the time and effort to fill the HoC to pass a Law to allow gay Marriage in Churches.
    What next, Children over the age of 8 to be classed as adults?
    I also wonder which Foreign Intelligence Agency is calling the shots by using their knowledge of the Paedophiles in high places and using it to Blackmail British Governments to betray their people?


  9. “Trust me I am a poltician!”
    This is indeed the central point to a lot of problems in the world, not just the UK
    The corruption/perversion of justice available to those elected (and unelected) in positions of power is to me the most insidious blight on the general public.
    I would ban these people from ever serving in public office again


  10. A quote from the late, great Robin Cook:

    “Bin Laden was, though, a product of a monumental miscalculation by Western security agencies. Throughout the 80s he was armed by the CIA and funded by the Saudis to wage jihad against the Russian occupation of Afghanistan. Al-Qaida, literally “the database”, was originally the computer file of the thousands of mujahideen who were recruited and trained with help from the CIA to defeat the Russians”


  11. But no BIG names connected with the guest house of course. Chaff.
    btw…. “priest” to add spice no doubt. What was the priest’s connection with Elm House?
    Mary Moss to be interviewed on ITV News 6.30pm tonight.

    Elm Guest House to be featured on C4 news tonight.


  12. For my money, I regard Enoch Powell as being the last honest politician who told the truth to the people, & I don’t care who knows it.
    It cost him a ministerial position which might have led to his being PM. It is to our eternal shame that he was sacked from the government by Heath, & ignored by almost everybody. Our grandchildren will despise & curse us for our utter stupidity.


  13. There were big demonstrations all over France against ‘le marriage gay’.
    Since then they have covered the nonsense in the HoC over the ‘debate’ about this abomination. They expressed surprise & incomprehension that there was no demonstration in UK about this.
    I feel that the French are less brainwashed than the English.


  14. Interesting how the gay marriage issue is raising at the same time in a number of European states – shades of the smoking ban, a coordinated social-change process for which no-one ever voted but TPTB decided was in our best interests.


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  16. @silly,
    The debate today in HoC had nothing to do with’ Churches’
    Please do some research before you post. It had to do with Marriage and everything to do with equality.
    ‘…. covered the HoC debate about this abomination’
    Marriage in my opinion is not an ‘Abomination’
    I do believe the Catholic Church was the main organizer Of the French demonstrations. I wonder who are the Brainwashed?
    the words ‘Catholic’ ‘Abomination’ & ‘Churches’do seem to be common whenever there is a Paedophile Scandal.
    A Catholic priest was arrested this afternoon in connection with Elm House.
    Well, I’m off to plan my nuptials with my same sex partner of 18years, and thankfully being a happy Atheist, The words Catholic, Abomination and Church will be nowhere close.


  17. Frightfully rude to mention it but do you chaps reckon this could have something to do with class war? It seems to rage in the press rooms, police stations, priesthoods and parliament but is never mentioned for what it is. Abuse the poor and follow the money. Anyone for class war?


  18. Really?

    You should do some homework.
    What do you think would happen if the Catholic Church turned away a Gay couple who wanted to get married in their Church ?

    They already have Civil Marriages.

    Tell me again, why they had this vote?


  19. This is the sort of anti_Catholic rhetoric paid for by the nasty party Catholics had to put up with in Northern Ireland-now bring it on big boy!


  20. Look mate

    The BBC rubbishing that Murdoch gets up to is akin to pinching a girls arse compared to the rape of the old Auntie escapades of the DT ‘bloggers’.

    Of course, it is eminently feasible that the dirty old Australian (who miraculously backed off his usual avaricious high horse when I stated that the time between his two divorces and his next marriage would leave most juries to conclude that he was a serial philandering Catholic who might do well to return his good-boy Gongs to Vatican City posthaste) has hired a bunch of thugs to carry out this blogging for him. I doubt the Barclays care, after all……


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