Time for a truth between the EU and the UK

There’s a bit of a catastrophe fest going on in the EU at the moment, but not much of it makes sense. Predictably, Brussels and its UK Fifth Columnists are arguing that the effect of a British exit from the Union would be catastrophic for London, because mainland financial centres would simply regulate the City out of the game. They couldn’t and (more to the point) they wouldn’t even if they could, but the bollocks will continue until enough people are frightened, or simply stop listening entirely.

What beats me however is how this catastrophe is going to square with the other one now on the horizon: the collapse of Cyprus. This time, the agenda is “we need another bailout”, and so Olli Rehn is leading the charge on how the sky would fall in without one. Now clearly, the sky can’t fall in on the eurozone if Cyprus defaults and on Britain because it leaves the eurozone. Nobody should listen to the ezoners anyway, but if they’ve all been blown over by Cypriot debt, the credibility of their “you’ll be destroyed” shtick is pretty seriously scuppered.

There’s another option hanging around in my mind, although it isn’t in the air just yet, as such: if the EU decides to take action against the UK banking system, we should default, and thus destroy theirs. I mean blimey, if little Cyprus can deliver a eurozone belly-up, Britain could destroy the entire Western world, couldn’t it? Once this sadistic kamikaze mentality takes off, there’s no saying where it could lead.

So we need to nip the entire thing in the bud right now, today. I propose, not a truce, but a truth.

What we need is a brief outbreak of facts to replace threatening agendas. In fact, I’d go as far as to suggest that, had more people studied and then stated the facts a little earlier, we wouldn’t be chucking ire in every direction today – and we wouldn’t all be doing it from the questionable safety of our very own gigantic vats of mire either.

The truth is that no nation in history ever paid its own gdp back in debt. Not only do the maths give plenty of clues as to why, I see no opposing clues coming from Cyprus that, in this vital sense, it is uniquely well versed in the art of so doing. So we should forgive the Cypriots before things get out of hand like they have everywhere else.

The truth is also that, once the more jumbo-dumbo markets work out how the UK (and that’s us, folks) is a pantomime horse wherein the head is insane and the backside not producing anything useful, we will be insolvent too. There simply aren’t any jobs left in vaudeville for crazy horses that run in circles and sh*t everywhere. So unless the ezoners want that sooner rather than later, they should STF up.

This is about as long as the truth session needs to be, because after that things start to sound so serious, just announcing them would be enough to render the major powers paraplegic. And anyway, the catastrophe war is thus far restricted to Europe. I think we should give it a try.

55 thoughts on “Time for a truth between the EU and the UK

  1. In the battle for smoke and mirrors over the glorious future of the UK within the splendid EU, the chorus after each verse seems to have escaped us. ‘Harmonisation….harmonisation…’ Major objective of the EU, oft repeated. No one shall have an advantage, he might actually benefit from some common sense.
    Let us look at some worked examples of what harmonisation would(will) mean to GB society: the level of first tier pensions in Britain is around one third of that in the developed EU, but the contribution history (30 years) is one of the shortest. Sort that, even over 20 years!
    Taxes/duty on property transfer in the UK are far below the levels elsewhere. Say 2% stamp duty vs. 13% in Belgium. Good dinner table chatter.
    The game changer remains the vast difference in the cost of employing an additional worker. Say 19% of gross pay in UK, but 60-65% in France or Benelux. I kid you not. When is there going to be a reasoned debate about this? Far more interesting than the boring bookkeeping of debts that will never be repaid.

  2. I have yet to understand why Cameron, Clegg, Milliband et al. actually think UK (the country not them) would be better off completely homogenized with the EU. I can see no reasoning that shows UK would be better off, although I can see many extreme disadvantages for UK and the UK populaiton. So what is it that makes these Europhiles so keen? Apart from the Churchillian romanticism of the Schengen agreement allowing passportless travel, and the free trade (that we had before with EFTA) I can only see downsides.

  3. There never can be a reasoned debate, the truth will always be muddied because if it wasn’t the whole house of cards would fall down.The EU would be seen as nothing to do with Europe but just a series of numbers in a swindler’s list and money would be seen as nothing more than the fraudulent creation of powerful interest groups. Of course we could have almost the truth,how about a gold standard controlled by the same swindlers?

  4. I share your curiosity. What secret ingredient makes the EU good for us?
    I say secret because no one seems to be willing to tells us anything but obvious bullshit and downright lies.

  5. Maybe not a lot to do with subject but on Radio 4 news at 1pm, twas reported that Argentina was very close to meltdown financially at present and many were beginning to wonder how this would impact on global circumstances. Should we worry ?

  6. What? American backsheesh and EU backsheesh from an undemocratic, unaccountable system, no nasty checks and balances. Perfect if you are an insider. And they are.

  7. Congratulations JW on the rare achievement of getting the words ‘truth’ and ‘EU’ so close together – an almost unheard-of occurrence which may never be repeated in our lifetimes.

  8. There are two main reasons in my view. First the EU is just a step on the road to one World Government (actually a facet along with the American, African, Asian and Pacific Unions which, while planned and schemed for from the same point as the EU, have failed to thrive} an ideal almost the entire Western political class is fully signed up to. Second, and not wholly disconnected, politicians always crave a bigger stage on which to strut their stuff. These people love swanning around the world dispensing wisdom, or what they see as wisdom.

  9. Nothing makes the EU good for us, the people, but it sure is good for them, bigger trough means the snouts can grow bigger and there’s more room to suck up from the trough. A bigger share of the pie for them and f*ck all for us.
    Yes, think that sums it up.

  10. ‘U.S. piles pressure on Cameron to stay in EU: Vice-President to give fresh warnings in Downing Street visit

    Joe Biden will meet David Cameron at Downing Street following talks with French and German leaders
    Mr Biden’s aide: ‘It’s in our interest for there to be strong UK in a strong EU’
    Poll shows PM’s speech has not shifted attitudes to Conservative party
    Figures show no change in those who want Tory government after election’
    The US cares not a jot for anything or anybody but itself.

  11. JW
    “What we need is a brief outbreak of facts to replace threatening agendas.”
    Sheer brilliance. Please will you stand as an MP?
    All Sloggers would give you their vote.

  12. @Mudp
    Good spot…but the can will be yet further down the road this time tomorrow and it (the can of worms) will be even closer to the reality which history will prove to be the real truth…

  13. @PeterC
    “These people love swanning around the world dispensing wisdom, or what they see as wisdom.”…but which we all refer to as bollocks.

    Another good spot.

  14. @kfc
    35 years after I first read it…I must go back and re-read Animal Farm. How could GO have known what would happen ie that it would turn out to be that it was capitalism and not communism that he was writing about?

  15. More disconnect. It really is fantasy, how do they do it?

    The FTSE 100 has risen 6.43pc over January, marking the best start to the new year since January 1989, when the blue-chips jumped 14.4pc.

    Receding fears over the state of the global economy, helped by encouraging data from China and the seeming abeyance of Europe’s sovereign debt crisis, have all spurred London’s large-caps.
    The more they practice the deceit they better they get at it!

  16. The American elite cares not a jot for anything or anybody but itself.
    The British elite cares not a jot for anything or anybody but itself.
    The French elite cares not a jot for anything or anybody but itself.
    Etc etc etc.
    The elite cares not a jot for anything or anybody but itself.

  17. The blog site Golem XIV latest post has an interesting take on Cameron et al and the EU but for some reason my attempts to post a link fail.
    Is the author a persona non grata on this site?
    Anyway its well worth a read if you care to look.

  18. You could shoot this lot full of sodium pentathol and they would still tell you that Monday comes after Friday – which, of course, it does.. Objective truth is only arrived at when we objectify and discount our subjective desire to see things in any particular way. To do this, we must first be prepared to let go of our preconceptions and suffer the pain of disillusionment. If you poke yourself in the eye with a pointed implement it hurts; if you poke someone else in the eye with the same implement it doesn’t hurt nearly so much, as has been scientifically proven. This is their science, and our impasse – it explains the lachrymose disbelief with which we view their arrogant stupidity.

  19. It is more than a tad ironic that the govt is constantly engaged in trying to overthrow dictators,communism,and other non democratic entities but wants to be part of an non democratic,corrupt,unaccountable,dictatorial state called the EU.

  20. It’s all just the usual bravado and bluster we’ve become accustomed to from the EU leaders. The fact that they think it will frighten voters to vote In just emphasizes how little they understand the UK or its people.
    What worries me a lot more than the ridiculous and transparent antics of the EU is the Fifth Column you mention. The newspapers are already printing far more pro-EU stories than anti. Even Ambrose Evans-Pritchard, who is usually strongly eurosceptic, wrote a long piece in the Telegraph quoting at length a company chief (who wasn’t British) saying that we needed to be very afraid of leaving the eurozone.
    I’ve long suspected the newspapers are fully paid-up europhile organs. They print silly stories about straight bananas, metric measurements etc but they never investigate or mock EU politicians like they do British ones, even though these EU lawmakers make 70 per cent of our laws. They have mostly, sadly, become the tools of big business and international interests, and cannot be relied upon for news and opinion on the EU referendum,
    Given that the establishment is closing ranks, it is imperative that voters withdraw their support from the establishment parties, Labour and Conservatives, and vote Ukip, Respect, or whatever. It is the only way to lance this festering boil, so that we have honest politics and media again.

  21. If they were to get harmonisation, then the french will want every tax/charge to be levelled up to harmonise with theirs. It’s been spoken of.

  22. My few thoughts and to where it all leads so sorry if people think it is long but it is more stating the blindingly obvious.

    1. To have to use all this terror and coercion to get the result that you want leads me to believe any future within the EU is definitely not good for the UK population unless you accept this kind of behaviour as being the new normal (in other words persecution until the time you leave the EU or die whichever one comes first).

    2. You are not changing the EU anytime soon even if you do remain as it is set on preserving itself and you will be sacrificed to achieve this. Now that looks more likely if we remain whereby anything you have that others think has worth will be taken. If any EU representative says we do not want the city who the hell do they think they are kidding? They are in it for the benefits and upside, never the downside! Anything other than that they must be retards and mentally not there okay.

    3. As for the city and more for historical relevance, in 1972 the writing was on the wall with the hidden inevitable outcome in 2. that would instigate the actions in 1. that no politician was prepared to mention at the time because it would have been a NO VOTE.

    So I come too this… if you agree with the above.

    If the city is not yet a dead duck in the EU in the end it will be that you may as well get a gun and go and shoot it now and lord knows once it has been shot or gone how you are going to raise the money for the EU contributions they demand because the people here are financially broke.

    Ditching it now accepting that a substantial part will be lost anyway as determined in point 2. To leave now they cannot let the UK instantly implode wiping them out. That leverages us time to rebuild before we lose it all anyway.

    Grasping the mettle, “x” is currently weak and cannot take many more big knocks so likely it can do no more than allow you to leave. In the short term it cannot affect you too drastically because it shoots itself in the foot if it does because you start cancelling everything, debt, trade etc. that keeps the whole thing propped up.

    We then come to this point and I would love to ask Obama/Biden or any other leader over the other side of the duck pond. Would you allow points 1,2 and 3 to be applied to your population? No reply solicited needed but I thought you might like the question :-p

    You position whoever you may be living in the UK no matter race, colour, age, sex or creed. You are quite simply expendable under the above so get used to it.

  23. Great though that idea is, even the significant number of UK Sloggers are distributed across 650 Parliamentary seats, rendering the chance of victory somewhat limited – the rest of the electorate wouldn’t be listening to the JW manifesto, they’ll just vote how they’ve always voted. That’s why nothing changes.

  24. @kfc
    “How do they do it?”
    By the dispensation of sheer bollocks, my friend, sheer bollocks…just as JW keeps banging on about!

  25. Whilst I would agree, these are people supposedly in charge of billions. It would appear they are happy with the risk, even have an appetite for it, you can’t fake that, can you? We have to consider that there are a few lone voices predicting doom, and many investors with billions to invest, well, investing. Not sure it makes sense, does it?

  26. @Tom. Exactly. Many of the posts attached to the Ambrose Evans-Pritchard piece criticise him for regurgitating the BS he’s been fed, without subjecting it to rigorous scrutiny and analysis. Whatever happened to investigative journalism?
    And while I’m off on one, what happened to satirical TV programmes which held up to the light these absurd scare stories. Bird and Fortune, Spitting Image, please come back. We need you.

  27. Well it isn’t in our best interests, Mr. Biden, so piddle off back to America. You mistake our politicians willing to be your lapdogs as representative of the entire British nation. We are not.

  28. Good points. Our leaving must be worse for the EU as we give it so much money to prop up their house of cards. Leaving will allow us to invest all that money back into Britain and rise again like a Phoenix from the ashes. What’s not to like?

  29. On our side of the pond, Obama and Bernanke are doing everything they can to keep the whole thing propped up with more money printing, bond buying, etc., and providing cover for the banksters to let them continue their scheming the markets, laundering money for drug dealers and terrorists and robbing from pension funds, etc., with the occasional slaps on the wrist with fines that are the cost of doing business and no jail time because afterall, they are too big to fail. Both parties are in concert in keeping the public preoccupied with arguments over the same petty issues — racism, gun control, abortion, etc. — that divert everyone’s attention from the financial fraud that continues each day in the dark. Similar to the way the IMF and EU are pitting European nations against one another.
    While I believe the U.S. elite have their eyes set on dominating the new world order, I think blaming one country or the other is pointless because it is the ruling elite against everyone else, regardless of party or sovereignty. hat’s fun to watch is how long it will take before the greediest of the elite start going after each other’s necks and whether they will destroy themselves. On a smaller scale, our Republican Party is going through that process now of self-destruction — the radical tea baggers against the

  30. Sorry, last two sentences should read:
    What’s fun to watch is how long it will take before the greediest of the elite start going after each other’s necks and whether they will destroy themselves. On a smaller scale, our Republican Party is going through that process now of self-destruction — the radical tea baggers against the conservative “moderates.”

  31. I think you will find that the kind of show you mention has ben deemed ‘double plus ungood’ and we will never see the like of them again….. this side of the sh*t storm.

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