ELM HOUSE PAEDOPHILES: Cyril Smith named, but Coalition in fear of evidence closer to home about Rocks Lane parties

Brittan worked for Cameron, promoted Clegg

leonBrittan….speculation about Rocks Lane scandal

As the late MP Cyril Smith was last night named as a suspect in the case of paedophile parties at the Elm guest house in Rocks Lane Barnes, media and Westminster sources close to events broke cover to suggest that “a sense of great unease” permeates senior Coalition Ministers this weekend. The Slog investigates why.

Although most people have now forgotten the event, two and a half years ago David Cameron – unable to find anyone who’d take the job as Trade Minister – appointed Leon Brittan as a consultant to do the job ‘full time for £500 a day’ – or roughly £170,000 per annum. The former Thatcher aide worked in the role from September 2010 until February 2011, taking time off from his Vice-Chairmanship of UBS investment bank to do it.

This is not, however, the only direct link Mr Brittan has with the Coalition. He was also Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg’s first political boss in Europe, and on LBC recently David Mellor mentioned that Brittan had promoted Clegg: “He [Clegg] got the job because Clegg’s father was a very close friend of Leon Brittan” said the former toe-sucking Conservative Minister. It is not clear whether Clegg promoted Brittan’s cause for the 2010-11 consultancy job, but the LibDem leader admits himself that Mr Brittan first introduced him to Paddy Ashdown.

Brittan first became a controversial figure during the Westland Helicopters affair in 1986. He resigned when he was shown to have leaked a letter critical of the minister at the centre of the scandal, Michael Heseltine. Heseltine stormed out of Cabinet, but was later said by some to have felt ‘framed’ by events during and after the events of that time. Sources told The Slog late last year that Heseltine’s appearance in the ‘little black book’ of American paedophile pimp Jeffrey Epstein was “a plant designed to discredit him”, but to my knowledge nobody has ever accused specific individuals of the frame-up. (The Daily Mail rang Heseltine at the time, who told them he had “no memory of even meeting Epstein”.)

However, what is clear is that several photocopies of what purports to be an Elm House ‘regulars’ guest list have been circulating around the internet over the last two weeks. They clearly feature the name Leon Brittan. Shortly after the Westland affair, Whitehall and Westminster openly gossiped about Margaret Thatcher “banishing” Brittan to an EU bureaucratic post. Clouds of accusation have followed the former Trade Minister ever since, including on one occasion rumours about “irregularities” in the contents of a diplomatic bag coming from the EU into Britain.

Last November there was speculation in media circles that the ‘senior Tory politician’ accused by Steve Messham might have been Leon Brittan. Then the entire episode became clouded by a BBC supplier wrongly hinting that Lord Alistair McAlpine was one of the men concerned. In 2000, a £13m investigation by Sir Ronald Waterhouse QC made a series of recommendations after finding ‘systematic abuse, a climate of violence and a culture of secrecy’ existed in Welsh children’s homes. The Elm House ‘parties’ are thought to have been regular affairs in the 1990s. The enquiry took statements from 240 people abused as children in 40 homes, and mentioned 200 people who thought to be paedophile child abusers. Many of the names discussed were never released.

Also during November last year, The Slog posted an extended piece running through the names of senior MPs suspected by some of having paedophile proclivities. At that time I specifically offered the strong view that Ken Clarke (one of the accused) had quite definitely been wrongly accused. Earlier this week, a senior media contact close to the issue confirmed to me that the Clarke accusations “are complete tosh”. This in turn raises a question mark again over soi-disant ‘whistle-blower’ and former child actor Ben Fellows, who continues to accuse Clarke of things that appear to be obviously false. Six weeks ago a Smoke Signals piece here suggested that Fellows might be working for a third party in this regard. This has never been substantiated.

The abuse trail first exposed in the Commons by Labour campaigner Tom Watson seems at times to be an unfathomable spaghetti of plot, rumour, stitch-up and cover-up. But strong suspicions of ‘a paedophile ring with close links to Ten Downing Street under Margaret Thatcher’ remain. The raid by police two weeks ago on the premises of those batting for the abused has raised further concerns about a potential Establishment desire to seize any damning evidence of active paedophilia among Britain’s political class.

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80 thoughts on “ELM HOUSE PAEDOPHILES: Cyril Smith named, but Coalition in fear of evidence closer to home about Rocks Lane parties

  1. Jw a certain person on another blog who admits to being a Tory voter was trying to suggest that he had investigated paedophile activity years ago and told us they were all lefty union types and there isn’t or ever have been Tory paedophiles because they are not that way inclined. Odd thing to say I thought.
    Ok there was a Twitter case last year concerning a paedophile network. Twitter claimed they had sorted it out. Oh dear because that’s not true. That stuff continues.. from what I hear. Now why is that… because someone should tell us.

  2. I was illegally street trading in Richmond in the early 90’s when a skin crawler came along and told me to go away or he would call the police. Ignored him…Old Bill arrived. They were friendlu and polite. As I was packing up they asked me if I knew who creepoid wasof Commerce

  3. Yes. Readers can press Ctrl and the + sign together to make it as big as needed (sorry if this sounds patronising!)

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  5. Well then CEF, are you his mum? And the source, by the way has balls of steel…and doesn’t work for MI6. That’s a first.

  6. Can we be privy to the information used to support Clarke? There must be demonstrable proof that Clarke was wrongly accused, otherwise his claims of innocence bear no more weight than those of his accuser.

  7. Don. The first time this happened to me was on a Tellytubbygraph debate about a well known American firm of GM in food. My posts kept getting censored but the “scientific expert” kept replying directly to my posts on the blog. Various insults were thrown about hippy nutters etc, which everybody could read but none of my fast flying post were shown.

  8. ONH I have only recently ‘awakened’ to reality, having been working for years within the managed reality that was defined for me by the MSM. Thanks to blogs like this I see many things more clearly these days, but do need to ask such questions occasionally to increase my grasp of the situation.

  9. I consider myself familiar with the interface of today’s connectivity, but have absolutely no idea how things work behind the screen.

    So, my question is this: If a comment is awaiting moderation, is it not John that is the moderator, and therefore chap that decides what comments are listed?

  10. There are over a hundred pictures in that gallery (cue tony hart the gallery music) the writing is hard to make out and the photos aren’t clear but someone wants us to see them .. plus the copies of cheques and receipts ..bloody hell what was going on in that place what with the the disgusting abuse of young boys .. no. Wonder it was covered up ..makes me bloody sick ..these bastards rule over us and are carrying out sick crimes on children

  11. from the UK’s Daily Telegraph, wonder why UKIP do not point out the paedophile agenda of the EU

    The European Union’s elite are determined to destroy Europe’s Christian heritage, Italy’s reform minister, Umberto Bossi said yesterday.
    He described the elite as “filthy pigs” who wanted to “make paedophilia as easy as possible”.
    Mr Bossi, leader of the Northern League, said Brussels was “transforming vices into virtues” and “advancing the cause of atheism every day”. He denounced the European arrest warrant as a step towards “dictatorship, deportation, and terror, instilling fear in the people, a crime in itself”. It would lead to a Stalinist regime “multiplied by 25”.

  12. “Became clouded by a BBC supplier wrongly hinting that Lord Alistair McAlpine was one of the men concerned”….Mighty convenient. Newsnight and Messham get silenced, McAlpine gets a pay-out (his name was out there anyway). And, as a bonus, Leveson gets another spoke for his wheel. These fore-mentioned conspirators, includung the “BBC Supplier” are all linked by “Common Purpose”.

  13. Oh both eyes are fully open I can assure you. My problem now is to sort the wheat from the chaff with regard the multiple and opposing points of view freely expressed online. This is why I ask earnest questions and risk such condescending answers.

    I now see I’ve nothing to learn from you, so I won’t take up any more of your time.

  14. Hi John just wanted to state the “Elm Guest House parties” were occurring earlier than stated in your article between 1979 and 1982 (when the guest house was raided. )

    Your article implies there is a link between the North Wales abuse and Elm Guest house, I wouldn’t be suprised at this but just wonder how you came to this conclusion.

  15. Mr Ward…I would ask why you don’t know more about Mr Fellow’s ‘motivation’ for levelling such accusations at KC…after all, we were told that there was even a video of the whole event.
    I,personally,distrust any ministers or officials that had access to the truth of abuse in care homes…and subsequently did nothing,as obvious coverups went on – I’m afraid I view those that did, as badly as I view those who would find and store images of child sexual abuse; each one of which is a crime scene.
    No, Mr Ward…KC was protected by gagging orders as soon as Mr Fellows made his (latest) accusations…why? And why have we heard almost nothing since? It stinks, Mr Ward,and I find it troubling that your usually-impeccable sense of smell is seemingly defunct in this extraordinary matter.

  16. All very well of them to name Cyril Smith,but when are the going to name or be allowed to name, living child abusers who are members of the ruling elite.These are the people we need to see behind bars.

  17. Amongst the names on the Elm list are “Claus Weistaig”, which may be Ms Moss’s attempt at reproducing a name she had heard. He was “over from Australia”. The list goes on in the same context “(Sir Anthony) Blunt used the name Goldstien (sic)”.

  18. I don’t know about anyone else , but I haven’t got a clue what most of these posts are about. Isn’t the point of a blog like this to have a discussion that people can understand and join in with, not a sort of private game of Chinese whispers??

  19. Photos have been posted on the internet of pages torn out of a notebook. These pages have been collected by someone who knows what was going on at Elm Guest House in the 80s. They contain lists of VIPs who used the unwilling services of boys delivered to the guest house to be used and abused as victims. Many it seems came from Richmond Social Services care homes. There are lists of boys’ names as well. If there are also photos of activities or of the VIPs, I haven’t seen them. The activities at Elm House are the subject of a Met Police operation, named Fernbridge. Listed (alleged) users include a world-famous pop-star (male), local authority officers, and MPs including a former MP still living who who (unbelievable though it seems) was Home Secretary during the epoch of the offences. Does that help, roguetrader?

  20. I wouldn’t be so keen to defend Ken John.

    Arch Bilderberger, trying to implement secret courts where ANY security apparatus involvement is involved, which coincidentally, covers most of the scandals currently in question.

    And didn’t Ken have a large hand in Savile’s access to Broadmoor?

    I can see what Ken has to gain from this being hushed up, but i can’t think of any benefits for Ben Fellows for speaking out. Quite the opposite.

  21. Take a look at the EU building, then compare it to images of the Tower of Babel. You will be completely shocked at the similarity, as I was.

  22. Exactly, the whole thing is a whitewash. Although prepare to be shocked at the langauage, I suggest a pop over to Spiveys blog where the dots join up to the very top of the establishment including the Royals, As someone who has just recently realised the whole of what we have been taught and led to believe is a sham, I for one will do all that I can to non comply with a system that is beyond rotten and ruled over by international paedo-gangsters.

  23. ONH: “I was illegally street trading in Richmond in the early 90′s when a skin crawler came along and told me to go away or he would call the police. Ignored him…Old Bill arrived. They were friendlu and polite. As I was packing up they asked me if I knew who creepoid wasof Commerce”

    I’m sorry but I don’t get what the above is meant to mean. Can you please enlighten me?

  24. Thanks roguetrader. I’m glad someone said it. I’m a regular on The Slog, but I really do feel like an outsider tonight.

  25. FFS Broadmoor is locked up tighter than the proverbial duck’s arse because some of the people in there are seriously dangerous. The concept that anyone, including Jimmy Savile would have free access in there is absolutely barking!
    I’m as game for a conspiracy theory as most-but they really, really do have to have some passing acquaintance with reality.

  26. I agree, I’m sure I did agree to you but it seems that I agreed with some fellow below who seems sceptical of JS @ Broadmoor,,, yet facts are facts and this is widely accepted

  27. No one is suggesting the lefties are blameless. The point here is that this person claims “there isn’t or ever have been Tory paedophiles because they are not that way inclined”; a statement so stupid it beggars belief.

  28. @MickC; Savile was one of only two people who had a complete set of keys to Broadmoor. I was taught control and restraint techniques by the Broadmoor “nurses”, so the information was accurate.

  29. Oh. And thanks for the answer.

    It seems a pity that such open debate within what we all hope is a free arena, has, overseeing it, some third-party enforcer.

  30. And of course, today’s comment goes straight to publication, and not awaiting moderation.

    One has to wonder how this whole wordpress thingy operates.

  31. For all I know, 99% of ex-Labour cabinet ministers are paedophiles. However, the link you shared is for a website run by and for fruit-loops. Only idiots think sex education for young children is about paedophiliac grooming and,the last time I contemplated the issue for 3 pico-seconds, Britain’s media was not controlled by ‘Zionists’ (unless you count Melanie Phillips as ‘the media’). Can’t imagine her protecting New Labour!!

    The website tastefully says: “vote Labour, get a paedo for a neighbour”. Ah… nostalgia. I remember when the Tories used ‘nigger’ instead of ‘paedo’ in their election material.

  32. Like i said earlier…any home secretary over the last 3 decades that didn’t ‘preside’ over a full, independent and transparent public inquiry into the abuse visited on our kids in care by the rich and powerful, was not doing the job we paid them a fortune to do…and were most likely complicit somehow.
    Haul the whole bloody lot of them over the coals and get some answers.

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  35. “But strong suspicions of ‘a paedophile ring with close links to Ten Downing Street under Margaret Thatcher’ remain”

    It’s not just paedophiles. It’s partly about how you create “reliable” i.e. discreet, male prostitutes for VIP gay men. You can only find ones reliable enough for VIPs by filtering i.e. abuse a bunch at a children’s home when very young and select the most passive and submissive. A VIP gay man at a gay but non-paedophile party might not know the 18 year old rentboy he went with came through that kind of filtering process but that’s still scandal enough for blackmail and/or cover-up purposes.

  36. I get very cross because I feel.there is a massive cover up .
    I was told Britain had over 250 offences on him for this . Also the Chancellor od Exchwquer was involved .

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  38. These rumours were widely circulating in the 1980s. It was alleged that LB called all the Westminster press corps together to threaten them with criminal libel proceedings if anyone linked his name with the rumours. Private Eye immediately published an article linking LB with the rumours, getting round the prosecution risk by describing them as “without foundation” and “believed to have been started by MI5”

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