NEWSCORP: Alive and well and still pulling the strings among Britain’s elite

Savilegate & Plebgate show only too clearly that the Murdoch hobgoblin is out of its coffin once more

Those even now still incapable of spotting the Newscorp agenda in relation to the BBC/Savile farrago will doubtless be ‘appalled of Kettering’ about the Sun’s front page this morning, which features a Tweenies episode on the BBC including a ‘vile, sick Jimmy Savile’ character in it. The usual ‘fury’ and ‘outrage’ clichés were in abundance, and The Scum revelled in claiming that it had been ‘swamped with calls and emails’.

The Wapping liars had clearly gone to a great deal of trouble to wind up some of Savile’s former victims in order to feature more damning quotes about it being “a bloody insult” and so forth. This extract in particular is a cracker:

’52-year old mother of two Deborah from Gravesend, Kent said “The BBC needs a complete overhaul of management”, which is exactly what you’d expect Debbie in Kent to say, really. She probably also added that a two-speed internet, VXX ETFs, and the manipulation of the Libor rate were a dibollikal libatty in terday’s multkulchralsiety.

Only right at the bottom of a long column on this event does the dear old Currant Bun note that ‘the episode was first shown in 2001’. Ah, right: just the 12 years before the lid blew off Sir Jimmy, then. Fair enough, it’s a cockup and the BBC should’ve spotted the content, then binned the episode. But the impression given throughout the piece is that a gang of mad paedophiles still secretly running the BBC had made the episode recently in order to cock a snoot at the likes of Mum Danielle Davies, of Hull, East Yorks, who said: “I cannot believe how inappropriate this is.” The way you do in Hull.

Of course, having bred the thick-as-a-brick generation over the last 44 years, Rupert and his Pals can now benefit from using such knee-jerkers as yet more spitting slings and arsey arrows against the Beeb. It’s onwards and upwards as always for the Men from Murdoch….and not just on this front.

The Sun’s orchestration of the Plebgate affair is there for anyone owning just the one mad, wobbly terrorist eye to see, with another deviously misleading piece today underlining how Dave and his senior Mandarin Sir Jeremy Heywood had made zero effort to really get at the truth – which is, of course, entirely accurate.

What’s missing from the Sun lead is why that might have been, who was behind the false whistle-blowing cop, and whether or not the Whip he contacted was already primed to know the Newscorp story would break. The media set-up has Rupertbollocks plastered all over it, but this latest article merely contains the coy reference, ‘The Sun exposed last September’s confrontation’. But rest assured it didn’t plan the whole farce as yet another revenge on Traitor Cameron: ooooooo nonononononono. That’s why the Digger’s admirer-chums Jeremy and Boris were so quick to shout ‘political set-up’ and back Andrew ‘Plebs’ Mitchell to the hilt.

It’s merely another everyday tale of distortion and deception from those wonderful folks who brought you Hackgate, police bribery, threats against MPs, and deals offering Party support in return for a UK media monopoly. The last element of 3D bollocks is of course distraction, and most of the above serves to keep the paedo-focus on Camerlot and the Beeb, but well away from anything unearthed by arch enemy Tom Watson at the now infamous Elm Guest House in Rocks Lane, Barnes.

In fact, both the Murdoch Wappers and the Barclaysark Telegraphers have imposed a tight news blackout on events in south London. There are many reasons why this might be, but now isn’t the time to go into them. Suffice to say that – as during the early weeks of Hackgate – the Elm-ban is there because neither organisation particularly relishes the prospect of full-scale revelations about former Elmers.

27 thoughts on “NEWSCORP: Alive and well and still pulling the strings among Britain’s elite

  1. Thats the thing about the free press… You (the owner) can write whatever you like (or is in Your best interests).

    And this can go on so long as people buy into it…


  2. Nice piece but you need to use less three syllable words, it’s a readability thing, some of your writing is too elaborate, like baroque, or something.


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  4. Off topic but on language,
    The quotations reminded me of a story by the late Vic Feather. He was a prominent trade unionist who had made his name fighting workmen’s compensation claims for industrial injury in his early days.
    He was giving evidence in court for a man who had shown greater than average stupidity in getting himself hurt. The judge intervened and asked ” but Mr Feather, was your member not aware of the principle of the principle of non possuit benefica suae injuriiae?” To which Feather replied “They talk of little else in Bradford, my Lord”.
    Nowadays even t he subliterate know the rudiments of t he professional jargon which leads to the compen. Who says our education system isn’t the envy of the world?


  5. Dear John,

    The BBC still has a culture of covering up for pedophiles. Back in 1979 there was a BBC called “Public School” filmed at St Peters College Radley which in which I am ironically described as a “man of character”:

    And here is “Gay Dave” Joan Bakewell wrote in The Times that he was an actor who seemed to be played by Alan Bennett:

    An old friend emailed me before Christmas to say that Auntie is updating the film and Hannah Berryman was looking for peeps featured in the original film,

    I wrote to Berryman and the email was forwarded to Claire Sillery executive producer.

    Sillery emailed me back to reassure me that Auntie takes child abuse very seriously and she was forwarding my email to the investigation department.

    In fact, all she wanted to know was whether there was an ongoing police investigation. She failed to pass on the documents I had sent her and Andy Murray, a ex policeman who tells me that they have no access to the utube & are working off laptops.

    I have reason to believe that Radley may still have nonces on the staff as Warden McPhail thinks reporting Coulton to the child protection officer in Salisbury, Revd Rachel Bussey and blogging about it was “nasty”.

    I’ll forward you on Sillery’s email. I warned them the truth always comes out in the end ..


  6. ‘Fewer’ not ‘less’.
    Some of us have the attention-span to read grammatically-correct, and even elaborate, writing.


  7. Dominic Mohan does sound very similar to Damon Killian, they certainly share the same trait for giving the public what they think the public should have.


  8. Mudplugger,
    You beat me to it!

    One of the reasons I love Paxman so much. He was interviewing someone a few weeks ago and corrected them, mid sentence, on the use of fewer and less. I’m not a grammar pedant, we all make mistakes but one should aspire to use language correctly (and, even, elaborately!).



  9. +1
    I don’t mean to be picky or condescending, but to criticise someone else’s writing by coming out with this…

    “…use less three syllable words…” and “…like baroque, or something…”

    …including the nowadays, all-pervasive ‘like’ word, ‘nobody’ could do better I think!


  10. The comment that comes to mind is, “So What?” There never was a utopian or altruistic ideal dedicated to exposing truth and enlightenment behind newspapers, although such things do occasionally come to pass, like the parliamentary expenses scandal which saw 7 folk prosecuted (although the number should have been closer to 300, if not more).

    Newspapers are there to push the personal, political and financial prejudices of the owners, always have been. The Telegraph was originally started in 1855 by a disgruntled Colonel in order to air his personal grievances against the future Commander-in-chief of the British Army. The Daily Mirror started off as a feminist propaganda sheet. All newspapers at one time or another have used Murdochian and worse methods at times to pursue their purposes, be it trashing their competitors, destroying political rivals or influencing parliament by every means from bribery to blackmail.

    For all the underserved reputation of the BBC it has slavishly followed the bidding of the Establishment, domestically in particular. Many years ago I used to listen to the early morning World Service News and I was truly horrified, still being young and naive, to discover it was often completely different from what I quickly came to realise was domestic propaganda.

    As you point out, John, the news media consistently pick and choose what they do or do not cover, often for the most nefarious reasons.


  11. Call me thin skinned and a dreamer but the very fact that this organ of the press is bought and read by large numbers of folk goes a long way towards explaining how and why we are where we are, which is to say that we are here because sufficient numbers of people willingly ,ffs, buy into it. The very sight of it depresses me beyond belief and evinces an involuntary shrinking reflex from my shattered frame which would be clearly detectable by the use of any modern medical measuring equipment. No doubt this Pavlovian response is equal and opposite to, in neurological terms, the salivating that this comic confers upon its readership, which knowledge only serves to confound me further. Such poverty of aspiration, such determination to avoid any rational interpretation of one’s environment, fills my heart with a cold dread as it belies an active willingness to be fixed in perpetuity to the wheel of exploitation. That the other organs, almost without exception, provide the same toxicity in a less stridently populist wrapper is of little, if any, consolation; but it was, of course, ever thus. The emancipation, in terms of wealth and technology, which has sprung from a century or so of ‘advancement’ has led to expectations of, and a sense of entitlement to, a ‘better world’; but, having lost our balance, we have stumbled and are now lying prostrated in the mire. Right now, it is not easy to see just who or what will motivate us to get up and walk on when the polpuppets and the rest declare, at each and every opportunity, that sh*t has never smelled so sweet.


  12. General reply to the sceptics, this is blogging, it needs to have readablity, my comments were fair. The wall of text effect is often in effect here. I think it’s the writer’s version of ‘loving the sound of your own voice’ – ‘loving the look of your own words’, a too clevah thing. I do enjoy the blog sometimes but a lot of the time I can’t be bothered wading through it.


  13. Did you read the bit about “The attention span of a gnat” ? No ? I guess JW should have put that bit in as well…………. I wish I could write as well as John and dare I say…….. help out those 40 year dumbed downers a tad :)

    I cannot understand anyone compaining about Johns style……. why keep coming back if you do not read and understand the message…….. surely not just to criticize the style ? I can understand disagreement or even to put forward another viewpoint……… or even to notify about another o/t but probably important message which is not likely to be covered in the MSM…… but using long words ?


  14. John, your criticism of newscorp is admiral but your -apparent -defence of the BBC less so. They are a bunch of politically correct zealots who are quite willing to toe the establishment line if they feel -even slightly -threatened.They paid out £185000 to Mc Alpine even though they had not accused him of anything. This effectively closed down any MSM investigating any high placed establishment figures who may have been involved in child abuse..All we get are ‘has been’ celebs who are on their last legs. Poor buggers!


  15. Laurence: Is JW defending the BBC per se? From my point of view, John seems more to be trying to highlight Murdochia’s desire to thrash the BBC, to expose the fact that Murdochia is using the Saville scandal as a very big stick with which to do just that, and to try explain the reason’s why this is so.


  16. Did you also notice The Sun’s editorial about cuts to the Armed Forces? Just as they backed the war in Iraq, they want us to have enough troops to go to war in Africa to fight non-existent Al-Qaeda. Oh, there are wars and there are anti-Western terrorists in Africa, but there is no organisation.


  17. ….but a lot of the time I can’t be bothered wading through it.

    Well trip through it gaily then, run through it stark bollock naked – but stop whining.


  18. There is one recollection of the scum that springs to mind. It was around the time of greenham common protest over nukes.
    There were photos of the women protestors camping there. They asked a disgruntled woman who lived nearby thought . She went on how dreadful these dirty unwashed women were who were all lesbians probably and the effect it was having on the value of her house. Overlooking the fact that living right next to an American air force base with nuclear weapons in effect made her home ground zero was never mentioned.
    I wonder why.


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  21. Laurence: “for me the beeb is just another part of the establishment and not to be trusted.”.

    Agreed. In the Murdoch vs BBC war, whoever wins, the ordinary citizen loses.


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