At the End of the Day

Once again I am indebted to Butch the Bollocks Impaler for pointing me at some stuff over the last few days….of which, more first thing tomorrow. But this piece at the site Acting Man we found at the same time and without collusion: and it’s very good. My one observation above and beyond the excellent technicals in there is that I see the repatriation of German gold as the precursor to the beginning of the end of globalism…the ‘end of the beginning’ as Churchill would’ve said. There’s not a lot to fear from that, frankly: a return to sovereign self-sufficiency (with some trade in surpluses) is an infinitely safer and more steady route for the development of human civilisation than bonkers neocon mercantilism where the most likely outcome is nuclear obliteration.

However, like it or not the latter ‘model’ currently holds sway…..and its effects continue to be obvious to those not suffering from catatonic delusion disorder.

Npower, the Cooperative Society, Age UK and Barnardos are all trying to point out to the UK Government that the skewed age demographic we live with now dictates the certainty of older people dying of cold during the winter. Nothing Camerlot is doing at the moment, they say, goes anywhere near far enough towards avoiding this potential disgrace.

Not surprisingly, relative laymen like me read about such things (while fainting after opening energy bills) and wonder why fuel costs are so high in a global economy currently sinking to its knees: surely supply and demand apply, we ask. Hahahahaha.

Further down the age scale, the cost of childcare has inflated by a massive 6% in just three months. One in four mothers at home would return to work, but the nursery costs make a nonsense of the idea. Once again we see the ‘free market’ deciding, but rather badly – and entirely in favour of greed. The childcare sector has cottoned on to the fact that babyboomers’ kids are currently sprogging bigtime as their egg quality declines… the nursery prices have been racked up. Doubtless Dan Hannan would approve, but the reality is that this is going to cost UKplc a great deal of entirely dead money.

While they may look at first sight like two more examples of capitalism’s failure, they are not. Examples like these are airily written off by the MSM as ‘the squeezed middle syndrome’ – as if the middle might be a tiny fraction of the much bigger social franchise. The truth is, ‘the middle’ is that vast majority left over when the bottom 10% and the top 5% have been subtracted. Instances like these are symptoms of monopolistic opportunism feeding on daft feminist expectations and brainless medical intervention. They aren’t capitalism as I know it, Jim.


Misidentification of what’s really going on is in fact the media’s forte now, and has been for some twenty-five years or more. Nowhere has this been more apparent than in the reporting of African developments in the last year. The Algerian massacre, for example, has been written up as yet more barmy ‘Al Qeida’ religionists taking the piss, but folks like Mokhtar Belmokhtar are kidnappers – and smugglers of cigarettes and hard drugs – waging a war for survival, and access to resources, on a continent they see being invaded by Chinese and Western infidels scrabbling for the last vestiges of fuel for the globalist fire.

Belmokhtar is an Al Qeida affiliate in the same sense that the President of the Huddersfield Town Supporters Club is a Manchester United fan. The only thing those two have in common is football: most of the time, they hate each other and barely meet to discuss anything.

The same media drivel applied to the branding of 2012’s north African anti-tyrant movements ‘the Arab Spring’ – imagining for some reason that Abdul in Cairo might be even remotely on the same socio-political wavelength as Dean in Brooklyn. This too is the direct descendant of Ted Levitt’s globalist crap about Parisian intellectuals being closer to Princeton intellectuals than Toulousienne or New York administrators respectively. The denial of culture is quite one of the silliest conceits of Twentieth Century Man.

No: the African bloodbath we are witnessing today represents an undignified and desperate attempt by the West to keep the production output/volume/multinational show on the road – by accessing vital minerals and what remains of fossil energy. It reflects the ultimate failure of Friedmanism: the unwillingness of cultural short-term greed to cede ground to rational investment into research that would render current energy modes redundant. Thus the French action in Mali is no more a defence against terrorism than Cameron’s interference in Libya was the guiding light of British democracy lending a hand: rather, they are opportunist moves to put French and British business and energy interests first.

The examples of this media-blindness hypothesis are myriad: the national press and the BBC incapable of looking beyond eurozone debt as the main factor lying behind the austerity being meted out to Greece. The inability to grasp that Cyprus is the Mediterranean Cuba. The unwillingness to interrogate the Erdogan regime in Turkey. The utter lack of any discerning analysis of this crazy Nazi-Soviet pact between the US and the Muslim Brotherhood. Whichever way you cut it, Geopolitics really isn’t the MSM’s strong suit.


Wherever one looks, the Business as Usual syndrome continues to dominate. The Centre for Economic & Business Research says that house prices in the UK will hit a new peak over the next eighteen months, on the back of low interest rates, economic recovery, and a lack of quality housing stock for potential buyers. The CEBR seems not to have factored in other realities such as rock-bottom confidence, cash-strapped and paranoid banks, falling full-time employment, flatlining gdp, and the collapse of the global financial system.

But the Times too thinks housing will be our saviour: Economics Correspondent Kathryn Hopkins says that building 100,000 UK homes this year will create 150,000 new jobs, and thus ‘boost the economy by 1%’. Sadly, what it won’t do is export anything – or find 100,000 people with the confidence to buy the bloody things. Here yet again the media set is in awe of the building sector’s ‘cheering results’ of last week. But as The Slog showed a few days ago, the housing boom is a myth created by the smoke and mirrors that always accompany seedy deals between business and politics.

If this kind of thing ranks as ‘analysis’, then God help us all.

26 thoughts on “At the End of the Day

  1. A return to sovereign self-sufficiency and the death of neocon mercantilism? I’m praying for it. I just hope the Coke-fuelled, psycho’s don’t hit the F**K-IT Switch on their way out!


  2. Maybe slightly O/T but having just watched BBC and ITV news, found it quite disturbing to watch the PR coverage of our heroic Prince boasting of slaying “the enemy” in Afghanistan.


  3. Such a good article. It conveys my thoughts in such an eloquent manner but hard hitting and straight to the point…
    I for one was not at all surprised by the linking of AQ to current events in Africa at every opportunity, both by politicians and the MSM and promising decades of hunting down the ‘enemy’…. The continued War on Terror.
    It sickens me that people can’t see through this tripe. Obama a continuation of Bush, Cameron a continuation of Blair and Hollande a continuation of Sarcozy. I despair… I really do.


  4. Personally, I do not think that this movement of gold is political at all; I think it amounts to little more than what a person’s body does all the time on a national scale. We do not need to think about breathing; we do it all the time automatically, and when we’ve been running up a hill we breathe faster automatically. I reckon that what is happening here is simple: the storage space for gold has risen in cost as gold has been hoarded by various gold-bung investors. As this rental cost goes up, the German government has simply acted on little more than an autonomic level to shift the gold to somewhere cheaper; i.e. back in Berlin.

    At the overtly political level, on the other hand, different things are afoot. Russia is suddenly utterly unfussed about the EU squatting like some demonic toad right on the doorstep; this wasn’t always the case and Putin used to be distinctly frosty about the notion of a new economic/military superpower developing in Europe. Now he ain’t fussed at all.

    The Yanks are similarly behaving differently. They want Britain to stay in the EU, and have said so quite clearly and distinctly. This is mostly because they want things here to stay the same; they like having the EU sitting there like a great big passive lump of jelly, absorbing Islamic migrants who would otherwise be causing trouble. The yanks fear Britain holding a referendum on EU membership because they know the outcome (as does Cameron, which is why he’s having to be prodded along so much) and would rather the EU remained for a while, instead of collapsing.

    And then there’s us. We really need to crack on and get this referendum held and things sorted before Plasticene Man and his manky Socialist horde line up and win the next election, which they will if Cameron doesn’t bloody well get his arse in gear.


  5. There is no chance of ‘cheaper energy’ in Europe – the politicians and bureaucrats have a common purpose policy for raising energy prices. The petrol price escalator is nothing compared to what the EU is trying. This is all Agenda 21 led and requires fuel poverty. Rather than giving more power and energy sufficiency to the third world, the EU wants to level down Europe. After all its not _fair_ how much energy old people use in UK compared to those in an African village.


  6. “But the Times too thinks housing will be our saviour: Economics Correspondent Kathryn Hopkins says that building 100,000 UK homes this year will create 150,000 new jobs, and thus ‘boost the economy by 1%’. Sadly, what it won’t do is export anything – or find 100,000 people with the confidence to buy the bloody things.

    Has this woman been to Spain or not even read the articles about it? All those empty newly built towns complete with never used airports? Does she think that somehow it will be different if the houses are built in Wigan?


  7. On another planet i see the film director Michael winner is dead. So it looks like he won’t be called in to be interviewed in the yewtree investigation after all. Weird timing that.


  8. Yeah… she’ll be telling us next that all 100,000 of em will be easily affordable by someone on the UK average wage. 3 times salary and all that! That’ll make them about £65/80k…. bargain…


  9. Germany’s recent annoucement of “in-house” Gold reserves is a key indicator as to a shift against the neocon world hegemony.

    Combined with its refusal for a greater ECB – No money printing en masse, the neocon hold using Bonds as ransom (and who knows what else), is sure to lead us to some troubled times with the sword instead of the keyboard.

    Look at the current “terrorisism” in Greece over the last week; Could this be due to Germany providing support for Greece to start its digging up of its Gold reserves? And hence storing it in Germany?

    Thus no PIIGS being let out of the Animal farm in the immediate future…. until Germany shores up its precious metals.

    The recent alliance with Russia over its Oil/Gas reserves; contracts are being awarded to Russia in the first round not to mention Greece saying NO to NATO, thus not allowing them access to its sovereinty to launch attack on Syria.
    -This has been allowed in part with Russia sending a massive fleet to the med with Greece allowing unlimited access to ports… Where did this come from “The Greek Military Brass”?

    Is France heading down a path of being left out to dry…

    Interesting to see what our Geopolitical landscape will be like in the next year.

    Chuck hagel’s role will be crucial for the US to once again become America. What effect will this have on Britain? Especially with the UK starting to move to its Commonwealth colonies namely India and Australia of late…

    Could the Brits be undermining the Chinese and try a shift play to India?

    World looks like it is about to explode me thinks. So many questions…


  10. Indeed ! YouGov run by the Husband of Cathy Ashton – Unelected Foreign Minister for Europe………….. last week they found UKIP support dropping back………. and guess what………… it turns out that the survey had been ‘skewed’ to get the result they wanted to portray !

    Of course this didn’t make the same headlilne as the ‘original’ poll results and was only discovered by online truth seekers.

    You Gov is an absolutely untrustworthy source if you want a dose of reality.


  11. Is it not possible that the 100,000 new jobs and houses are for the expected influx of Ruritanean immigrants? Are not the sovietised EU and democratised Russia to merge seamlessly to form one of the 3 trading blocs of the united world as “forseen” by Marx ?


  12. I understand your Africa para and concur that we aren’t there for the stated reasons. However, at some point the so called western democracies are going to have to confront the reality of radical Islam [all of it really] and places like Africa are going to be the main battleground [afghan is lost already]. Stupidity of course is that we’ve been inviting them in for years and so the war will be on two fronts straight away.
    So do the globalists somehow factor in this fight to the finish?
    The Muslims do, because it’s in their end of days kind of stuff [like revelations with an Islamic spin] -if any of them bother to read it.


  13. “babyboomers’ kids are currently sprogging bigtime as their egg quality declines… the nursery prices have been racked up.”

    This might be one reason.

    Another that you should not overlook is the endless racking-up of regulation in this sector. On top of everything else is the CRB check nonsense.

    “If you want less of something, make it more expensive.”


  14. “the cost of childcare has inflated by a massive 6% in just three months. One in four mothers at home would return to work, but the nursery costs make a nonsense of the idea. Once again we see the ‘free market’ deciding, but rather badly – and entirely in favour of greed”

    If you think the market in child care is a free one, you need your head examined. Its heavily State regulated. Its no wonder that child care costs so much. Those that do manage to implement all the regulations without going broke have to charge more to recoup their costs, and the rules stop many competitors entering the market, and drive existing ones out of it, so those left have a captive market.


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  16. He’s a soldier in a volunteer Army. I was in the same Army for 22 years – we’re good because we train our frontline troops to enjoy what they do, like it, and want to do it again.

    It is actually quite good fun once you get over the initial shock of contact,


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  18. Contact! From thousands of feet, in millions of quids worth of armour, firing missiles at shepherds who wish everyone would just f*****g leave them alone. I suppose he’s carrying on our proud tradition of overseas jollies, shooting natives armed with sharpened fruit.

    I find it odd that the suicides rates are so high if the soldiers are having so much fun!?

    If they’re lucky enough to get back in one piece, i imagine many of them realise eventually that what you find ‘fun’ when you’re in your teens and have no understanding of life, often comes back to haunt you when you grow up and realise you’re a pawn, and the ones who sent you to keep their wallets fat don’t give a flying.


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