ELM HOUSE PAEDOPHILES: Three face arrest, public figures implicated

Westland helicopter scandal dragged into Fernbridge investigation

Following the Slogpost of a few days ago predicting imminent arrests in relation to the Elm Guest House paedophile scandal, I understand that three people will initially face charges. I also have two corroborations of a rumour that the newly-named full-scale criminal operation ‘Fernbridge’ has powerful evidence against former Conservative ministers, a royal household member, and three other politicians – one BNP, one Irish, and one Labour.

A pop-star described as “a mega-famous songwriter” was also a visitor to the house, but for adult gay sex not child abuse. He does not face charges. One source also adds, “On the guest list I noticed the names of Leon Brittan and Hamilton Blackburn of Westland Helicopters”. This could have far-reaching political ramifications, given that Brittan was closely involved in the Westland deal during 1986. The Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher and Trade and Industry Secretary Brittan wanted to see Westland merge with Sikorsky, an American company. It resulted in Heseltine’s resignation, for he favoured a European solution merging Westland with BaE.

“It looks like there will be three arrests very soon,” another source told The Slog, “but these will not involve famous guests. However, the Fernbridge team are certain that figures in public life will be nailed.”

The site Exaro that has been very much ahead of the game on this story yesterday tracked down Elm House manager Haroon “Harry” Kasir, who ran the ‘guest house’ with his wife Carole from 1979-83.

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46 thoughts on “ELM HOUSE PAEDOPHILES: Three face arrest, public figures implicated

  1. And pray tell, who’s up for feeling a ‘Royal collar’? This will be swept away, probably hidden under that fabulous cloak that covers all embarrassing (to Govt. or suchlike.) issues. ‘National Security’
    There, simples.


  2. All nailing of guilty people in public life has to be encouraged.
    Maybe a lesson to others thinking about doing bad things.
    The best nailing is the death penalty.
    Call me strict, but….


  3. kfc;
    I used to think that the Germans were politically naive, but at least the brits seem to have caught up with them in that respect.

    At some point in The 90’s there was a scandal about CDU slush funds stashed in Switzerland.. My buddy told me, with great glee, that Kohl would go to prison. LARF. I told him that if Kohl came to Trier and gunned down everybody in the Marktplatz that he would not go to prison. NO Way Helmut!

    The problem was resolved when the CDU accountant, who had all the dirt, fell on his sword before the Old Willhelm got to arrest him. No chief witness, no prosecution. Finished.

    Bottles of whiskey, loaded pistol and placed in a locked room would clean up lots of your problems. You could start with that Golden Brown gezzer from Shrotland (German joke)

    yours from white Belgium where the schools stay open, the roads are useable and life carries on with a populace that are really pleased to see the snow.


  4. Go onto the Chinese websites and there are plenty of named,shamed and videoed royalty of our Windsor house and other royal families,all enjoying themselves.These cretins just did not and do not realise the very extent to which they have been infiltrated in our very connected world.


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  6. In the nicest possible way……. but Belgium stays open because it receives subsidies from its EU ‘partners’ – we spend all of the cash we could use to repair and maintain our road (and other) infrastructure, donating it to other EU members so that they can afford better infrastructure than ourselves…………they even have bridges going nowhere in some countries thanks to generous ‘EU’ subsidies….. all in all – a good deal (for those who can get it !)

    I like having European people as friends…… however I do not like to see UK taxpayers money being used to disadvantage the UK.

    I agree with ‘those at the top’………. the ‘national security’ lock up the papers for 100 year rule will apply…………. a few ‘small fish’ will be thrown as bones for the public to gnaw on………… we’ll get another enquiry, and all will be declared good and wholesome !


  7. Is not a ‘member of the Royal Household’ code for a member of staff rather a member of the Royal family? I am sure that had there been any evidence implicating a member of the Royal family itself any investigation would have been killed stone dead immediately.


  8. “A pop-star described as “a mega-famous songwriter” was also a visitor to the house, but for adult gay sex not child abuse. He does not face charges.”
    Too much of a National Treasure and too close to the Establishment to pursue for more serious things then?
    Strange how that other National Treasure from down under has also seemingly been treated softly.
    I applaud everyone that won’t let this scandal die as there is something rotten at the core of this country that needs removing.


  9. John, when you refer to an Irish politician, do you mean an Irish one or a Northern Irish one?


  10. My, my, what a tangled web…..great research, JW!

    I am left to wonder if Michael Hesteltine’s long January 1986 Downing Street walk (when resigning as Defence Minister) was entirely because of his squabbles with Leon Brittan over Westland, or whether, being mindful of his being ‘heir apparent’ to Thather’s Throne, Heseltine was aware of enough of anything nasty going on, to distance himself very publicly indeed from any sorded side of the Westland affair that might have come to light and engulfed the PM and her Cabinet…..presenting him with a perfect opportunity, of course !


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  12. Where does this quote “mega-famous songwriter” come from? Because the pop star whose name is on the list I’ve seen circulating on the Web wrote songs but is not a famous songwriter. He’s famous (mostly in England and Europe) and he did write some songs but he’s mostly famous for being a singer. You should be more careful in your descriptions.


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  14. “A pop-star described as “a mega-famous songwriter”

    Just realised that the name and person we all think it may be would not really be described a “songwriter” as I believe all his songs were written by others?

    Of course we do know another mega famous Sir who is….


  15. O/T but, had to post as it such good news again, the good news just keeps on coming, doesn’t it?

    ‘Confidence in European Banks Is Returning’
    There is cause for hope in Southern Europe. New numbers indicate that trust is returning to banks located in countries that have been hit hardest by the euro crisis. But even as discrepencies in the Continent’s Target2 payment system shrink, danger still lurks.


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  18. Think you are barking up the wrong tree. I think if it were a fab boy the lady with the missing leg would have dropped the bomb or hinted when she was trying to get mega cash


  19. So, the famous pop star went to a child molester’s paradise for adult gay sex and is not facing charges. As if he didn;t know

    There’s number 1 swept under the carpet


  20. a minor point but a glaring error none the less………. the right winger (now dead) who’s implicated and named is not from the BNP.

    Nor is or was he from the NF,

    He was in British Movement, big difference.

    errors like that could undermine an otherwise excellent article


  21. Don’t forget the Hollie Grieg’ case re: north of the border.
    That case could blow anytime now with a little more help from friends.
    And that is a mega-pot of cover up corruption, please look it up if you are not aquainted with it.


  22. btw has anyone heard from @ZenZen? His trial for attempting to expose a Plymouth solicitor was due this month.

    @ZenZen, good luck mate may the Karma be with you.


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