HACKGATES & PAEDOFILES: The importance of big scalps in fast-tracking cultural change.

Nailing the top bad guys brings help more quickly to the victims at the bottom

Anthony France became the 22nd Sun journalist to be held by Elveden detectives yesterday, alongside two officers from the police ‘specialist operations unit’. So that’ll be 22 hacks collared then, none of them working for the defunct News of the World, but all of them working for an organisation closely involved in Plebgate where doubtless some other officers from another unit will be hauled up before de Jerrdge in the near future.

But to date in Hackgate, the Murdoch/Cameron intimates arrested number just the two (2), Andy Coulson and Rebekah Brooks. Those found guilty and banged up total zero (0). The Big Scalps are still firmly on the sociopathic heads of those who run these rackets. In turn, I wouldn’t hold your breath waiting for any Government whips to face Lord Justice Bacque-Botham in Court No 3 at the Bailey on charges of being an accessory to Andrew Mitchell’s stitch-up….or indeed Mitchell himself for perhaps (allegedly) telling media fibs about how many times he went in and out of the Downing Street gates on that fateful day, when crowds and swearwords came and went in inexplicably mysterious fashion.

Yesterday’s raid by the Met’s Fairbank Unit (interesting that they chose an infamous oxymoron for their name) on the premises of those helping abused care-home kids has immediately (and unsurprisingly) struck those close to the story is a little arse about face.  Given that the thing under investigation here is paedophilia-trafficking on an industrial scale, not volunteer organisations formed to represent the victims, you can see their point. There’d be a few raised eyebrows, after all, if Plod raided the Treasury while investigating charges of widescale tax evasion by a property development group. Or then again, perhaps not.

In relation to paedophile arrests too, Max Clifford faces charges; and while he is a seriously low-life leech on the careers of damaged celebs, he has always had one golden rule: he will not defend those who are paedophiles. So there is perhaps a trend here.

But the point with The Paedofile is the same as that with Hackgate: suspects questioned at or around the BBC, 56,098; perpetrators arrested beyond the confines of the BBC 0; suspect tendencies followed up at Sky News or in the House of Commons and Downing Street 0. We’re told (or I am anyway) that high-profile arrests in relation to the Elm Guest House saga will be revealed in short order. I would lay odds of 12-1 right now that some dead people will named, some celebrities will be charged, but none of those feeling a hoffissa’s hand on their collars will be serving politicians at Westminster.

Once again, no Heap Big Chiefs will be scalped. Once again, evidence has been seized and will be withheld. Just as the villains in Plymouth, Bristol, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Manchester, Humberside and Rotherham remain at large and/or ‘cleared’ on the basis of questionable evidence, so too do the Mandarins responsible for enormous pension fraud remain barely written about, let alone investigated or charged.

Nobody is a bigger parodying satirist of the Dave Spart school of comment that runs ‘the fundamental tendency of the boss class to exploit the children of the working people and twist their minds via media plutocrats towards a robotic, lackey acceptance of the capitalist narrative is once more apparent in the actions of their fascist agents within the ranks of the politicised ranks of the vicious police conspiracy in harassing the brave freedom fighters on our streets striving to create the Socialist’ etc etc etc. There will always be apologists for wrongdoers and wideboys, who insist that such people run things better, and are important to the point of indispensability. Perhaps every now and then they might even be right. But the importance of bagging Big Scalps goes well beyond such narrow arguments for or against.

This relates closely to a point I was at pains to make in the Palace of Westminster earlier this week. Two people were telling me how they have been blatantly swindled by the lawyers handling their alleged insolvency. A single mum explained how she wound up in prison for daring to question a truly eccentric decision by a secret family courts judge. A wife explained how her husband’s Council connections were screwing her out of a decent divorce settlement. There were at various times anything from 15-20 appellants in the room, all trying to get justice from various systems and corporatist institutions squashing their rights….for money, or worse. At the moment, they have only fine organisations like the Mckenzie Friends to help them – or already time-starved MPs who can raise their issues under Parliamentary privilege.

But while many argue that ‘the system’ creates the problems, it doesn’t: the system’s failings are only a symptom of the problem. The problem is one of culture. Only a culture of zero corruption tolerance can stop it….and not by simply putting ‘zero tolerance’ into the Annual Report. Corruption starts at the top. It is on the way to ending when the man or woman at the top is arrested, tried, found guilty, and goes down for a long time.

That and that alone is why taking Big Scalps is absolutely central to removing the misery of those being scammed in the lower echelons of a corrupt profession: because the crooks will either leave – or knock their rackets on the head in return for staying out of prison. And the victims will speak out with more confidence against the next get-rich-quick scheme operating at the expense of the system. And the senior ranks will be more attentive to their complaints. It is all, in the end, about changing the culture.

I’m prepared to suggest to the reader that, even though Bob Diamond has been forced to leave Barclays, I remain to be convinced that the Barclays culture will change, either temporarily or permanently. This is because Mr Diamond was not charged with any criminal financial offences, although he did seem to be very close to a great deal of the naughty action taking place. Today, Barclays’ new boss has told staff ‘they should quit the bank if they do not want to sign up to a set of standards’; but this is simply more signing, more mission statements, more notice-posting, and – yes – yet more bollocks. Everyone in the sector knows that Lord Green is still in thick with the Government, as indeed Stephen Hester is at the Treasury. Neither of these men is ever likely, in the current British econo-fiscal culture, to face any form of serious pursuit in the solving of alleged global crimes of manipulation and embezzlement.

The conclusion is obvious: try and then execute the senior Nazis, and you dramatically accelerate the process of denazification in Germany after 1945. Try  the Kray twins and jail them for life, and you very quickly restore cooperation between the East End’s police and public in 1965 London. Send the top Watergate criminals to jail (and force the President’s expulsion) and you protect the liberties of an America at war with itself in the early 1970s.

We don’t do this stuff any more. We won’t start doing it again until the culture changes. We won’t change the culture until some very influential folks are caught red-handed and go to prison, their lives forever ruined…..following which, their admirers feel the cold chill of pour encourager les autres on their backs.

See also Rossarian, Catch 22, Joseph Heller and so forth.

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45 thoughts on “HACKGATES & PAEDOFILES: The importance of big scalps in fast-tracking cultural change.

  1. Funny you should mention the Krays. One chap defended them to me on the grounds that they “kept order” around the place. We don’t need that sort of order, and we don’t need the bollocks that’s been going around the last years.


  2. Unfortunately I think only a ‘major event’ that causes a considerable amount of civil unrest and turmoil and provides an opportunity for change is our only hope, we might then be able overthrow these Goliaths, and restore the balance but, I’m not holding my breath.
    The endemic and systemic corruption is far too embedded for anybody to try to change it now. Without an ‘event’ we are screwed.


  3. Not quite on topic here, but since you (didn’t) mention RBS. My cousin found his debit card embarrassingly rejected at the petrol station Tuesday, on visiting his bankers of 30+ years, RBS, he was told his overdrafts (personal and business accounts) had been curtailed and the contents of those accounts had been used to reduce his debt, literally leaving him penniless. Naturally he had not exceeded his arrangements at any time, nor did he have any notification of their intentions. He did, however have a larger than usual amount in his current account, ready for a payment to HMRC.


  4. @kfc1404
    It’s been said before – civil disobedience can begin on a personal level. We must stop co-operating with the bastards until they clear out the stables. My TV license was the first to go.


  5. All these investigations in relation to the paediophilia are being held off computers and mobiles-why?Are the police well aware that they are hacked and none of their phones or systems are secure,as with the security services who prance their encryption systems as infallible except to the people at the NSA and St Petersburgh University and Chinese geekdom.Are these off shore geeks scanning for a juicy story and evidence to assist their efforts just like Heath et al in the 70s?Naughty suggestions are floating on forums from China about Blair,Brooks and Cameron!No wonder they are so ineffectual.


  6. I’ll raise you this one..

    Mitchell and Webb as a kind of apocalyptic focus group? Just to test our reactions….

    now I’m worried


  7. Hi JW,

    It was not yesterday that the police raided MMs house, nor were the police armed to my knowledge. My understanding of that particular encounter was that it was broadly friendly despite the legal formalities, with MM and Fairbank parting company with increased mutual respect after a frank exchange of information.

    I hope this helps


  8. kfc
    “a major event” seems to be what TPTB have made a habit of using to introduce more restrictive legislation and crackdowns. For example, Romano Prodi in Oct, 2001 : “The current crisis favours European integration”. All depends on who wields the most power when the “event” occurs and can turn it to their advantage.


  9. @Peter C. On a point of general interest if you are self-employed it’s a very good idea to open a bank account specifically named as “taxation”, “HMRC” or similar and put aside money you will owe to the taxman (and more if you wish).
    The bank cannot touch any money in that account as Her Majesty has a lien on it.


  10. “Naughty suggestions are floating on forums from China about Blair,Brooks and Cameron!”

    Do they mean a threesome? :-( )


  11. Sorry, OT, but I am intrigued by this statement (BBC News): David Cameron has postponed a long-awaited speech on Europe due to the hostage crisis in Algeria, saying the country should prepare “for bad news”


  12. Shameron on is in an impossible position. He knows the country wants an in/out referendum but his mates know where their bread is buttered so he is trapped . He will ,as all cowards do, take the soft option. Ask some fudge question like ” do you think the uk should renegotiate its position” A win win question. I tried but …. UKIP will take the Tory vote allowing ZaNuLieBore back in.


  13. @ MaxC

    Really? I didn’t know that. I have operated as self-employed more than once, but I did not, and would not ever, rely on a bank for capital or even day to day funding. Long before I started my own first business I visited our local bank manager with my father and discovered the true face of banking. This chap was being moved after three years, as was apparently standard practice then, and was complaining that he had to cull the worst performing business accounts so that his replacement would have a nice balance sheet to start with and wouldn’t be faced with having to take any nasty action in his first few months, also standard practice it seemed. His complaint was that some of these people were friends and none of the accounts suggested anything seriously amiss, but he had no choice in the matter. This involved both loans and overdrafts. That, and a few more things he told us, really opened my eyes.

    Banks are no different to insurance companies, they do not operate in your interest and are not to be trusted.


  14. @Peter C: RBS, rotten bleedin’ scoundrels, needs a cash grab. They’ve been liboring under the misapprehension that all would be fine…. next week they discover the past participle.


  15. What bad news? worse than the sh*t we are in now? FFS, it must be bad…
    Or, a smoke screen, a distraction…I leave it to you to make up your own minds…


  16. Why feel intrigue? The statement is there just to prep you for the sociopaths coming narrative of the next “big distraction”.
    They are definitely laying it on a bit thick at the moment.


  17. Surely you’ve worked it out?
    Cameron is personally leading a rescue team to free the hostages tomorrow and therefore cannot do anything like look after the country’s interests. And no of course those trained to do this type of thing couldn’t possibly do it (even if Algeria would allow it-which it won’t) without Dave’s personal supervision.
    He is however right that there is likely to be bad news.
    And obviously this is in no way related to our interference in Mali-a country with which the UK is intimately acquainted and contains substantial UK interests -oh no, it doesn’t does it. Still let’s interfere-why not?


  18. Escalating death toll in Algeria, cue crocodile tears from Cowardy Cameldung who can thus desert the ‘european question’ and avoid exposure; he probably organised it personally.


  19. @ mickc
    ‘Cameron is personally leading a rescue team to free the hostages ‘.He knows what it did for the queens reputation when she parachuted in to the Olympic Stadium so he’s hoping this will put him right to the top of the polls.
    The dickhead!


  20. If you’re a member of the TA get ready with your tin hat, gas mask and kit bag. Your country and EU needs you. Please ensure you purchase all necessary kit at your local army surplus store before reporting to Brize Norton tomorrow afternoon. Fly spray and sun barrier cream are advised. Your Prime Minister is very proud of what you have volunteered to do you are all splendid examples of the Big Society in action. You are all reminded that voluntary involvement in military action and risky foreign adventures can be dangerous and HM Government accepts no liability whatsoever in any circumstances. Please remember that while on active service you are representatives of the Queen and EU. The eyes of the world will be upon you please behave accordingly. Reports of poor behaviour, incivility or war crimes will be dealt with severely.


  21. The FO’s top man Commander Willie Hague is flying in as we speak accompanied by his man servant both having graciously interrupted their lost weekend in Australia.


  22. Apparently there has been a complete mess made of it, and the hostages are dead. Reported on MSM, so may be tosh, though.


  23. ‘Corruption starts at the top.’

    No it does not.

    This statement is just plain wrong.
    Corruption starts at the top, the bottom and the middle. Corruption starts outside ‘the circle’ and it can grow from within.It starts and is nurtured anywhere it can get started and get nurtured. This is not hard to understand.
    To state, as the author does; that corruption starts at ‘the top’ is to avoid seeing more clearly the current state of our country.

    ‘………execute the senior Nazis, and you dramatically accelerate the process of denazification in Germany after 1945.’
    I disagree with this as well.
    It is obvious to me that total defeat and occupation by millions of foreign troops for decades is what did the trick. Not trials of those unwanted by ‘Paperclip’.
    To the extent that any contemporary Germans gave a toss about the ‘trials’ I though it was mainstream considered historic opinion that the injustice of trying only Germans and those Germans being tried IN PART BY BOLSHEVIKS turned the whole affair into a sick joke? (Georing excepted who was admired for his clever exit)
    ‘Try the Kray twins and jail them for life, and you very quickly restore cooperation between the East End’s police and public in 1965 London.’
    Co-operartin between the East Ends general public and the Police?????????
    Thanks to putting the Krays into jail?????
    ‘Send the top Watergate criminals to jail (and force the President’s expulsion) and you protect the liberties of an America at war with itself in the early 1970s.’
    This is just plain wrong as well.
    I thought that it was generally accepted that America’s liberties were now dead thanks to the Patriot Act and the NDAA.
    So, I suppose the author and host is refering to a twentyish year haitus betwix the above events (Watergate/911).
    My view of Watergate is that it created a monster and did not protect American liberties (that’s what their Constitution is for ). The Liberal media became an illegitemate policy generating organisation. They pretended that Nixon was a dangerous monster. They never again acceopted the authority of elected ‘Administrations’ that they did not support. I hate the liberal media and I trace their stupid and destructive intellectual dishonesty to the Watergate affair. Look what happened when a real dangerous man entered the White House.

    I do not agree that thhe current dire state of our nation is explained by simply corrupt elites. (I once did but that was 15 years ago.) Obviously our elites are corrupt but that explanation is wholly incomplete.
    Not only is it plain to me that there will not be any big political/banking names arrested and jailed for anything; I do not believe that that would make a blind jot of difference to anything if it did happen.
    The historic international examples cited above by our host do not demonstrate that cutting off a ‘rotten head’ causes the main political body to become healthy.
    Instead I suggest they indicate how little evidence there is to draw opon in support of the premise.


  24. Look upon the spin machine and tremble.
    Yesterday there were but three Brits embroiled in the affair,
    so why so much concern from the Camerlot?
    Could it be that some of the many dead hostages were in
    fact British soldiers who weren’t supposed to be there?


  25. ‘It’s a blog, that plays a tune that you can dance to.’
    Thanks for your comment made in the best spirit I’m sure.

    Still, the above is still so wrong about our country. Our elites have always been corrupt & corrupting. Something changed.
    Internal? = loss of much Christianity and Welfare.
    External = the NWO releasing our elites from the ‘burden’ of decision making; leaving them to atrophy & steal our money.


  26. I agree, however your ref to Max C’s quotation regarding paedophiles has fooled you. It is the perfect way of “hiding in plain sight”. With all the skeletons he hides, I am impressed that he was arrested at all. These people have got away with so much for so long. There never was a culture in the 60s where it was ok to abuse children. Again, this is a media invention to fool us into making disgusting things somehow more palatable! Much easier to move the goal posts!


  27. Agreed – It is an opportunity to look grave and concerned in front of the Camera……….. that is all !
    The man (used in the loosest possible term) is a charlotan – nothing more………..(alongside, it should be added, 97% of the other westminster mob) and he probably needs time to re-write his EU speech yet again as he cannot have anything to say which will convince the public that we are better off in the EU. snake oil is what it is……. and a new label will not change the contents of the bottle one iota……. which is what he is trying to achieve !


  28. A change in culture would be a wonderful thing.

    Yes, the “big” heads have to roll for change to take effect. And that, I think, is exactly why they won’t.

    Since our plausibly deniable corrupt culture dates back many, many decades, and as it is now so deeply embedded in all aspects of life, the chance of a meaningful change taking place is slim.

    Think of a famished racing snake on a diet.

    For change to take place, it would require objective honesty, courage and insightful intelligence amongst the political and business class to make these changes.

    I’ve been looking quite carefully for these traits to manifest. I only ever see their opposites.

    Funny thing that.


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