At the End of the Day

David Cameron told us today that he finds the appearance of horsemeat in 100% beefburgers on sale in our supermarkets “extremely disturbing and totally unacceptable”. A common expression in the US (based on an old Burger King campaign of thirty years ago) is “Where’s the beef?” – meaning, where is the content in this or that piece of marketing or political puffery, such as ‘Yes We Can’ for example. Today, all over Britain, people are asking “Why the Horse?”

I find it very hard to believe that horsemeat is cheaper than beef. We’re talking economies of scale here after all, and so I’m mystified by this scam: is this a new vanguard of anti-capitalism deliberately reducing margins in order to implode the system?

So far we just don’t know. But in the meantime, I think we should compare and contrast Dave’s extremely and totally. I mean, you don’t need a totally in front of an unacceptable: it’s like saying “slightly dead”…it is a comparative colliding with an absolute to produce a convolute. It is the sort of thing expensively half-educated pillocks say. Slightly more interesting, however, is the fact that Cammers also finds this horsey revelation extremely disturbing.

For myself, I find it mildly surprising (see earlier re price factors) but not on the basis of eating horse. Eating viande de cheval in France is pretty normal, and for some a delicacy. But the likes of Dave and his best friend Rebekah Redtop tend to ride horses rather than eat them, and so this discovery of yet more skullduggery is to them extremely disturbing. I’m damned if I know why: we eat cows, sheep, lambs, goats and many another four-legged beast of the field. We even use horses to chase and kill foxes, whose meat is (I’m told) unpalateable. Such behaviour strikes me as extremely disturbed – but probably not the Prime Minister.

Mr Cameron is as I type flying to somewhere to make a speech about something to do with the EU, although tonight’s latest is that he will postpone this due to the late-in-the-day Foreign Office discovery that Islamist terrorism is a complete pain in the arse. One wonders what the authorities will do next on the question of Islam, but there may be something about it that they’re missing…and so it falls to me to point it out.

There has been much talk over the years of the British media demonising Islamists, but in truth the verb to demonise tends to be reflexive when it comes to Islamic terrorists. The chief entry criterion if you want to be a Jihadist is, let’s face it, the possession of wonky eyes, hooks, and curly beards down to the knee. algislamcrop Thus we can observe that the latest in this genetically-joined line of Killers for Islam is one Abu al-Baraa, and here he is (left).

Just like Abu-Hamza, he sports the informally focusing eye. And while he lacks the Captain Hook feature, it is safe to say that Mr al-Baraa would not pull well on a dating agency site, if only because most applicants would assume he is more kalashnikosexual than sexual stallion.

I think the main point I’m trying to register here is that from Osama Bin Laden onwards, The Islamist Front for the Stoning of Infidels appears to have been a magnet for swivel-eyed nutters. Judging by the latest news from the ransomists of Algeria tonight, the trend continues.

Oddly enough, having a bizarre boat-race is also the key requirement if you wish to rise to the top of that other infamous cradle of financial terrorism, the European Union. Here rompy(right) is one of the more luminary of the 23 leaders of Europe, Herman van Rompuy. Had David Cameron delivered his speech tomorrow, van Rompuy would’ve been one of the keener listeners. But before hearing any of the speech – which was pretty obviously going to ask for a radical new Union Treaty – Herman opined that “We do not need anything like as much Treaty change as people think. Too much change would open the floodgates”.

Whatever you do people, don’t open those f**king floodgates. Do not under any circumstances let any freedom or democracy drown this perfect Oasis of well-managed economic growth, fiscal control, and lean bureaucracy we have over there in Brussels. Otherwise, the results could be truly disastrous.

It is indeed a sobering thought. Perhaps even extremely disturbing….and on a bad day, totally unacceptable.

39 thoughts on “At the End of the Day

  1. Of the two men in the photo’s one is a vile wannabe despot, and the other is Muslim. Neither would enter a fair fight for their beliefs, but both have flunkies to do their bidding. Can’t think which I despise the most…. oh go on then – it’s Rompuy.


  2. Jw I posted a link on Toms blog about the horsemeat thingy . It should have been called keeping up appearances because that was the message in the yahoo news item. The minister worried that this latest we shouldn’t talk down the food industry then Tesco worried what public thought of them then the fact their share price plummeted because of the horsemeat scandal. Sod the public what about the image was the message


  3. Van Rumpoy’s statement sums it all up rather well. He admits there’s a head of discontent, but wants to keep it bottled up. That always ends well.


  4. Sir, Wendy’s coined “Where’s the beef?” It was not Burger King. And VP Mondale used the tag line to great effect against Sen. Gary Hart in the Democratic primary campaign of 1984, only to lose to Pres. Reagan in the fall.

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  5. The sort of animal matter described as “meat” would not be recognised as such by most people. Cattle, Zebu or horse, it’s all the parts that could not be sold as steaks, chops, etc. It’s quite likely that horse DNA is just the beginning, as low quality stuff which used to end up in cat & dog food is now in the human food chain. BSE again anyone?


  6. I’m afraid those floodgates contain something more odorous than freedom or democracy.
    For a horsemeat eating public i wonder what would that be?


  7. The way that Muslims, Eunatics, and Neocon Amerizealots (et al) are running the world we would better served concerning ourselves with what percentage of meat in the future will be the neighbors.


  8. Viande de Cheval is one thing…….
    Horsemeat is another.
    The cost of feeding a horse is beyond many today, especially in the racing industry. The cost of disposal is also prohibitive. There is a trade for the ravioli market in Italy , and evidently a route to the UK foodchain via the burger market. One wonders what drugs have been passed into the consumers unwittingly…


  9. Regarding horsemeat. Growing up, horse sausages were readily available in supermarkets. Tasty…

    I didn’t grow up in Britain, but seriously, all investigative journalists should check the content of hot dogs and chicken nuggets.

    Storm, teacup and the arse that is David Cameron…

    I need to move… soon…


  10. That was an artful & entertaining ‘end of day’ John — If you’re depressed, dear boy — it’s certainly honing your eviscerating skills. I see paedos are about to be routed from Downing St!


  11. “Eating viande de cheval in France is pretty normal”
    On the whole, the French will eat anything that moves, clearly not from necessity but enslavement to their palates. Given the current focus on climate change /greenhouse gases etc. it’s a wonder Western governments haven’t made more of an effort to push vegetarianism on the public, since the methane emissions resulting from the meat industry are significantly more polluting than C02. But as such a suggestion would alienate the public, their ‘concern’ for the planet has to take a back seat.


  12. ‘Herman opined that “We do not need anything like as much Treaty change as people think. Too much change would open the floodgates”.’
    and I would like to open my floodgates and p*** all over the lot of them.


  13. Once you have decided to eat dead animals, my opinion is whatever the specie is a little irrelevant. Although I am a vegetarian, I believe in the right of meat eaters to do just that. The bigger issue with the horsemeat problem, is that again, gullible public believes the bull(horse?)shit that they are given concerning the “accountability” of the food chain. I don’t believe for one minute that someone’s pet horse was intentionally minced up and snuck into a burger plant, it is obvious that this is a case of gross contamination, as someone earlier commented, perhaps pet food contaminating human food chain. My recommendation is the same as all of the areas whereby we have become dependent on industries motivated purely by profit, just stay away. If you have to eat animals, use a butcher you know (or better still hunt the poor creatures yourself, that will stunt your appetite for live protein for sure) in the mean time , enjoy…..


  14. That van Rompuy’s a rum looking cove – more than a hint of genetically modified meerkat; some sort of species cross breeding gone wrong at any rate,


  15. Yes I enjoyed it too, makes you wonder why they expend so much money on state of the art surveillance equipment when a cursory glance at an individuals eye swivelling abilities would achieve the same result.

    From and to, to and from nothing ever much changes in the corridors of power.

    I listened to the oddest radio broadcast yesterday by a supposed latter day 007, who was adamant that Brits are the good guys and its those nasty Germans who run around killing kids once the Brits have performed whatever deviant practice they’ve practiced on them.

    Makes you glad you’re not a good guy.

    Although in fairness he also alleged that Robin Cook was murdered because of fears that he would blab and let the cat out of the bag at an upcoming inquest on a certain Diana.

    So at the end of the day I don’t know whether to smile at JW’s musings or muse over why a blabbermouthing 007 is still alive to tell the tale(s)!


  16. Your repeated Islamophobic comments – now reduced to the level of cartoonish caricatures – does your blog a disservice. Do you not (cannot you?) perceive that our extremely biased, restricted press has an agenda – more than slightly similar to the depiction of Jewish bankers with hooked noses during a certain period of quite recent history. The fact that the boot is now on the other foot should not excuse your blindness, or ignorance, as to what is being portrayed. I thought you knew something about propoganda, or perhaps you approve of it?


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  18. I don’t think you are correct on the Islamophobia. The US gets a good going over as well-in fact all mad extremists do, don’t they?


  19. Horses specifically bred for meat are (or at least should be) safe for eating.

    Horses from private stables or (worse) racing stables may well have been given drugs or antibiotics that could make their meat unsafe for human consumption.

    The pig meat also found in the burgers is a concern, especially if you like rare beef. Or are certain types of religious.


  20. By speaking of Islamaphobia when comments are made regarding Muslim criminals, is equally stifling as is shouting anti-semitism each time we condemn Israel. There are bad guys in each camp, and we must reserve the right to say so.


  21. Did you not know that the continent, including Ireland, is so poor that they are eating their horses because they have them?

    For the Irish, this is close to cannibalism! And for us too, but we are not so desperate yet as to have to indulge. The French of course are barbarians and demonstrated in their eating habits!

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  22. You’re spot-on. The point is that if criminals will put horse meat into “beef filler” illegally – as clearly they have – what ELSE have they put in? Banned offal like brain and spinal cord? Fluke-laden livers? And how long has this been going on? Apparently for ages. BSE again is exactly the right point to make.

    btw all food sold for pets now has to meet the same standards as for human consumption. The days of ” low quality stuff which used to end up in cat & dog food” are long gone.


  23. It is hard, when one reads the news, & hears of hostages taken in Algeria, of the northern part of Mali (who are muslim) waging war on the southern half,(Christian), hear of terrorist attacks in France(2012), UK(7/7,2005) etc., to come to any other conclusion than that this so-called religion of peace, is in fact, anything but peaceful. Or would you have us deny the evidence of our eyes & ears?
    It is all part of the enemy’s propaganda to have us all deny what our ears & eyes tell us, of course. Thus, they talk of ‘Islamophobia’, as if it is some sort of disease we are talking about, like hydrophobia, & that we need ‘treatment’ to ‘cure’ us of our mistaken belief instead of a perfectly natural reaction to a self-evident truth. The enemy are at the gates, but let’s all pretend that they aren’t the enemy, that really they are nice, kind people just like other people we know.
    Has it now become a crime to distrust people? Can you enforce trust and liking just by using an abusive word like ‘Islamophobic’? I think not.
    So, we know your game, go & play it somewhere else.
    @ Erika.


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