Invasion of the body-politic snatchers

During the last Government, there were many cries of foul about the number of unelected advisers popping up all over the place. The most infamously dense and dangerous of these was Lord Birt, a man who once proposed to Tony Blair a reform whereby the whole “system of government could be speeded up” if some Cabinet votes were allowed to replace a majority in Parliament. He was a man ahead of his time, Birt.

The trend was, many of us protested, oligarchy and kitchen Cabinet rule by the back door. But in 2013, the present Government airily invites them through the front door, and simply ignores the criticism.

The latest example of the syndrome in the DfE is perhaps the most brazen so far. Michael Gove’s appointment of Conservative donor and private education enthusiast John Nash as an education minister had this tweet getting record RT numbers on Twitter two days ago: ‘Venture capitalist donates £300k to Tories. Takes on academy. Gets life peerage. Becomes education minister’. Just when you thought there was no point to Twitter, you realise there is.

Thus the privatisation of politics continues apace, and lobbying rules the roost: give £3.5m to the Conservatives, get planning laws relaxed; make Bottomley your discreet private health sector cypher in the Lords, make sure her acolyte Hunt gets the Health secretaryship, get lots of cooperation from rich private health insurers; support Murdoch’s bid for BSkyB, get Newscorp support for the Tory election bid. ‘Open for business’ is the new graft.

Ludicrous sound-morsels get bandied about now like playground insults: “Let’s get away from regulation and show we’re open for business, let’s bring in the skills of the private sector and give people more choice, we should be cutting government down to size and getting rid of red tape, stop bashing bankers and let them get on with keeping London as the world’s greatest financial centre, because wealth creators must be rewarded and let’s face it, in the end we’re all in this together“.

Naturally, old curmudgeons like me would fill those inverted commas with slightly different terms: “Let’s just have no rules so we can all get as rich as we like, let’s have everything run by globalist gargoyles with no ethics and even less social perspective, let’s give all the plum contracts to our mates and then become non-execs later, let’s cut every legislator’s balls off and blackmail the rest, treat bankers like rock stars, and buy tons of gold just before they completely f**k the currency and cut the welfare bill by starving the Underclass into non-existence”.

So far, this Coalition (spade a spade and all that, the Conservative Government) has publicly embraced Rupert Murdoch, Baron Green, Grant Shapps, Sir Richard Branson, and a veritable soccer team of shady donors or treasurers. This is a long-standing Tory tradition going all the way back to Jeffrey Archer and Lord Ashcroft, the only difference being that whereas Archer was simply a fantasist idiot and Ashcroft a rich bloke with delusions of grandeur, the characters coming through the revolving doors these days are beyond shady: they represent the forces of total darkness.

In this sense, the British government is running entirely in tandem with all the major Western democracies. Former Wall Street troughers infest the US Federal Treasury, mine owners tell the Aussie government when to fart, and banker technocrats run the southern half of the eurozone: in Britain, it’s expat media moguls like Murdoch and bankers like Stephen Hester, but the exact profession is irrelevant. We are witnessing the logical end of a long-term econo-political process.

That process was enabled in the UK by the failure of soft collectivism after the Second World War, fertilised by the Man-Woman Margaret Thatcher, accelerated by the City’s Big Bang, and finally cemented in place by the ‘relaxation’ of super-rich groupies Tony Blair and Peter Mandelson.

But that only gives one a narrative. The reasons why the outcome was near-inevitable are myriad but very clear. After the war, the US showed its gratitude to the one steadfast ally it had by presenting it with a lead neck-anvil, and heaping massive pressure on the Government to break up the Empire…which, being Socialist and principled, it did with alacrity. While Europe was given Marshall Aid with which to modernise, plucky Blighty stumbled on with a self-image of debt, dwindling colonial income, and somehow seeming unable to match the pace of others less encumbered by the twists of fate.

After this low self-esteem turned into first the patrician obfuscation of Harold Macmillan and then the white-hot bullsh*t of Wilsonian Labour, three serious pretenders to Sovereignty became convinced they could do the job of running Britain better than Parliament: respectively, they were the TUC, the bankers, and the information revolutionaries. These movements had within their ranks extremists who made the challenge a very real one indeed: the first knackered an already under-invested and old fashioned economy; the second emptied an already over-subscribed Treasury; the third is trying to privatise politics.

The residue liquid produced by this alchemy – governments perpetually short of tax income and congenitally unable to curb spending – was poured into a new brew called The Internet to create the final hemlock for liberal democratic politics and small retail ‘community’ business.

So it is that conviction politicians with authority have been replaced by politicians desperate to avoid being convicted by the authorities, and the third wannabe sovereign sees its chance: that is, a multinational media set pushing the case for neocon globalist business.

These are the information illuminati, and they could yet turn out to be unstoppable: Google, Facebook, Microsoft, Apple, Newscorp, AOL, Orange and other online presences yet to be born. They are a natural to collaborate with the sovereign security agencies – and thus ensure that every last truculent citizen everywhere is watched, heard and otherwise monitored 24/7. Anyone who doubts that this progression is already far-advanced simply isn’t awake.

But oddly enough, just as the trade unions became arrogant and the bankers insolvent, so too the infowar technocrats and the globalists they support will stumble on the road to Dystopia. The reason is remarkably simple: their vision has no resolution. Ineluctably short-term greed-centric, it can’t work out how the pauperisation of the 93% can be squared with its desire to get richer and richer, more and more powerful, and ultimately unassailable; while equally, it can’t fathom how global mercantilism can avoid everything from siege economies and currency wars to nuclear conflict.

The misanthropy of the info-élite is based on a near-total ignorance of species and social anthropology, the real pleasure centres it obeys, and its ability to desert techno-toys and inflating money when they can no longer be an effective balm poured on frustrated lack of fulfilment. It’s why their product manuals are impenetrable, the gadgets themselves idiotically over-specced, and the business model of never-ending replacement just another South Sea Bubble doomed to burst when currencies are destroyed alongside massive wealth and income write-downs.

But for the time being, carpetbaggers are in. The job of ambitious politicians like Boris Johnson and Jeremy Hunt is to invent reasons why such fish-eyed sickos are quite nice really, and nothing to be frightened of. The job of online commentators, therefore, is to keep digging up the rich seams of evidence which show precisely what anarchic sociopaths the vast majority of them are. The MSM still has some pockets of resistance, but almost all the press titles and broadcasters are either hiding behind the sofa or collaborating with the Nazis. We are the maquis. That’s it.

Footnote: Newscorp for the first time emerged naked from the manipulatron closet last Friday and ran the same headline in both the Sun and the Times about Jimmy Savile: ‘He groomed a nation’. Consciously or not, Murdoch is turning Savile into Hitler, and the BBC into Dachau. This has two advantages for him: it depicts the dead DJ as a one-man paedophile industry, a unique oddball, a monster responsible for an untypical outbreak of perversion the like of which we shall never see again. And second, it demonises the Beeb to a degree capable of helping people forgot what a disgusting gulag Newscorp itself is.

The parallel here really is how the Germans love to depict Hitler: as a one-off mad Austrian totally unrepresentative as an expression of German culture. The marvellous film Der Untergang smashed this confection forever. Who, I’m left wondering, is going to smash the pernicious influence of the Wapping Liars?

53 thoughts on “Invasion of the body-politic snatchers

  1. ‘Who, I’m left wondering, is going to smash the pernicious influence of the Wapping Liars?’

    Or the pernicious influence of the BBC ?


  2. As I understand the position (mainly from Correlli Barnett’s “Pride and Fall” quartet admittedly), the UK got more Marshall Aid than any other country. However, it was used to try to prop up Britain’s global pretensions, (armies cost a lot of money), and in the furtherance of “soft collectivism” which also cost a lot of money but was itself unprofitable (but need not have been with good management-e.g the British motor industry now doing rather well under other ownership).


  3. The period of so-called “soft collectivism” was in hindsight it seems not that unsuccessful for UK PLC, considering the average GDP growth rate from 1945-79 and the lower average rate from 1979-2008 under “Thatcher and Sons” (see Simon Jenkins’ book). Adding the disastrous five years 2008-13 to the second period will make its stats. look worse.


  4. ‘the business model of never-ending replacement just another South Sea Bubble doomed to burst ‘

    Bravo!! Often your work contains great insight but this one is a gem worth individual praise. To add detail I happened to be with a friend who had recently bought an Iphone5, I was utterly amazed by the amount of his life he had to plug into it to make the thing work. Bank details, email address etc.. I was half expecting him to have to insert a stool sample into a little slot on the side before it would do anything useful.

    One wonders which iteration of the Iphone will be the last given that society seems on a trajectory to ruin and the technology complicates itself on a geometric basis every 6 months.

    I will henceforth be available for comments via baked bean can and long piece of string.


  5. Indeed, it seems we are left with few choices, ‘please choose the flavour of your Orwellian dystopia and swipe your barcode via the reader’


  6. The Atlee Government spend the money on setting up the NHS, the welfare state, sweeping nationalisation, rearmament (and the development of a British atomic bomb) and even the import of American cigarettes (which had become popular during the war). The re equipment of British industry was rather neglected and was subsequently to cost Britain dearly once other European countries got back up and running. By 1960 West German industrial output had already overtaken the UK and it was double by 1970.


  7. @Lupulco

    Probably a lot of people………. none of whom will tell you as the last thing anyone wants is someone from ‘the government coming to help them’ :)


  8. To fecker…

    Q. From whom?
    A. Don’t care.

    Q.To where?
    A.On your fecking head – with any luck.

    Now feck off.


  9. Your thoughts on News International and the BBC are very apposite. Unfortunately, the BBC does not help itself;It’s not just its cowardly approach to reporting current scandals, but also its relentless dumbing down to the point of infantilism. Just look at the Saturday TV schedules! .All the authority it once had is gone. If it remade Civilisatiion today, it would probably be presented by Alan Titchmarsh.


  10. OT, or not…

    Meanwhile, on related blogs, it seems the yanks don’t understand the word bugger.

    Oh dear, don’t think they’re going to last long.


  11. There is one way to fight, and this does not involve any violence, simply stop complying. We comply in so many ways every day without any real thought. We supply massive amounts of data about our shopping behaviour because we are fed crumbs like nectar points and clubcards. We feed google, facebook and apple a constant steam of our thoughts, actions and deeds.
    In the name of easier and simpler living we allow technology to supplement and infiltrate our lives.
    Think how your ‘self’ is being slowly and irrevocably digitised because your identity is now the keystone of a vast tangle of information about you. The digital self is then subjected to the forces and regulations imposed by the controllers of the websites and corporations.
    So we are now in a world in which you are seduced by technology that promises a more enriched and simpler existence and are instead bolted into a framework that exercises control in ways you could never have imagined.

    I have ceased signing up online to ANYTHING that requires my name, or use pseudonyms for things like facebook, twitter etc.My mobile phone is pay as you go and the network do not know who I am. I give out my personal information very sparingly indeed and when asked for it I question the need to divulge this information before I do.

    If you feed the monster it will become stronger.. so don’t

    Because of this stance I have been variously labelled as paranoid or a conspiracy theorist, these people I am afraid are already part of the matrix.


  12. Garrythetotalgobshite: I see your back in gratuitously insulting mode.

    I was asking a genuine question. Namely, do you think conflict could be a direct result of the forces at work?, as described in JW’s article above.

    This is how the comments thread on The Slog works, or at least is supposed to work. But if that’s not enough for you, and it’s insults and aggro you seek (you have previous for this recently), I suggest the Slog comments section isn’t really for you and it is really you who should “feck off”.


  13. InTeleGent: I’m so glad that someone other than myself felt obliged admonish Garry on the tone of his replies. Thank you.

    But why do you believe me to be “sometimes misguided”?


  14. Thank you!! This has been my point for a number of years, but many people seem more interested in moaning than actually doing something for themselves to change the situation. Even something simple such as ditching current accounts with the appalling High Street banks who rob their customers blind left right and centre (and some of whose ‘investment’ activites are positively criminal) and instead moving their money / debt / direct debits to one of the many (solvent) building societies who now operate excellent current accounts, from the basic to the really very sophisiticated, and with excellent customer service.

    In many ways, the future is in our own hands, if only we would stop wringing them. Protecting our identities / privacy, our relationship with money / debt, the finanical institutions with whom we deal, where we shop and what we buy – I could rant for England about this ……


  15. The US taxpayers are pleased with the increased productivity brought about by the use of the Iphone5, it has dramatically cut down the cost of surveillance by our CIA.


  16. @ Impoverished Psychologist
    Another trick is to fill in the relevant online forms, but change the data slightly each time, and for each website you use. Slight change of spelling on your name, address etc. Shift the month or day, on your date of birth, etc. Be creative.
    It’s very difficult to cross reference data sets between organisations if nothing quite tallies. If enough people were to do this, the data bases would eventually, be sufficiently ‘polluted’, that the data and information retrieved from them could not be relied upon. Think of it as a virus of misinformation. Every little helps.


  17. A man charged with murdering two Big Issue sellers who were stabbed in the centre of Birmingham has been remanded in custody.
    John Ward, 23, of no fixed address, was remanded until Wednesday by Birmingham Magistrates’ Court.
    A man charged with murdering two Big Issue sellers who were stabbed in the centre of Birmingham has been remanded in custody.
    John Ward, 23, of no fixed address, was remanded until Wednesday by Birmingham Magistrates’ Court.


  18. Reading this latest very perceptive piece, set me thinking that even though many of us are now aware of the fate awaiting us some time in the future, are we not like rabbits blinking at the car’s headlights coming straight for us……… It brought to mind the image of so many European Jews in the thirties, seeing all the unequivocal signs written clearly on the wall, yet clinging to the belief that whatever their instincts must have been telling them (from their knowledge of their own history), somehow their fears would not come to pass …………….. Isn’t time for serious action?


  19. @Impoverished Psychologist
    Spot on fella. Treat your personal data as exactly that – private. Non compliance in other ways is lawful, reasonable, and non-violent. You may not stop the machine dead, but each additional bit of friction we offer will eventually grind it to a halt.


  20. “But for the time being, carpetbaggers are in.” I think that is the most apposite line in your piece, John. From Cameron’s comments today, ‘…. sure we can renegotiate ………… definitely have a referendum on the result ……. no point doing so before ……….. likely around 2017 …….. continued membership is essential ……..’ it is clear that he has absolutely no intentions beyond trying to defuse the UKIP surge and any party split plus kicking the whole thing into the distant future where it poses no threat. From all this we can deduce he is indeed fully signed up to the Federal vision and if that is the case then what other use is his or any other politicians position if not to get as much out of the trough now and make sure their trough continues to runneth over long into the future?


  21. I very much enjoyed Mr Ward’s above analysis however he surly omits one guilty player from his trio of Guilty Men (‘…TUC, the bankers, and the information revolutionaries.’)

    The People.

    The people consciously decided to vote other people’s wealth into their own pockets.
    Thus, the ‘democratic process’ quickly became a mechanism wherby those too cowardly to go out and thieve for themselves ordered The Politicians to do it for them.

    Now, after several generations of this genteel thieving; it is obvious to anyone who cares to think about it that The People ARE The Other People who are being stolen from.

    However, such thieves have The People become that they don’t care anymore.
    They just don’t care that their children will pay for their foreign retirement cruises.
    They just don’t care that their parents will lie in their own filth in a geriatric ward to pay for their ‘free’ childcare.
    Decent men and women are repelled from this politics as crooks and perverts are attracted.
    Thus, we are wide open to the NOW and all that that will entail.
    ‘Dear All
    Imp Psych says ‘do not comply’. Spot on: the whole farrago would collapse within a month.’
    Correct, but who reading this will actually stop funding the BBC for example? We
    Mr Ward logically suggests the current system will not endure/triumph as the snake is eating it’s own tail.
    I disagree.
    The elites are more than happy for ‘us’ to return to the stone age if we survive at all. Just look at the Euro ‘elites’. When they save ‘they will do whatever it takes’ they mean it. They are creating a United Europe and compare the necessary debris to Napoleon, Adolf, Rome and Stalin. They are not even started yet and starvation and mass riots will not make them even pause.
    …….my only consolation is that Leicester won 4 nil away this weeken….still…that was agains Bristol and they are bottom of the league…..


  22. Mr Fecker,

    I’m so pleased that you can visually observe my back.

    Q.I was asking a genuine question. Namely, do you think conflict could be a direct result of the forces at work?

    A.”Forces at work” is far too vague. It’s rather like answering a question with a single noun like “bomb” or indeed “shite”. Everyone and everything seems remote these days. No logical argument can be made without a crass insult. I’m as guilty as the next person but I make no apology for it. It’s the new norm. I don’t like it, you clearly don’t like it, but as your Slog ID suggests you are a complete “gob-shite” also. Just the way things trend.

    As for your final comment “insults and aggro you seek (you have previous for this recently)” ???

    I clearly have insulted you and given you “aggro” but certainly not recently nor based on any of your previous Slog comment crap – none of which was sought.

    In conclusion, sod-off you mingingfecker.


  23. John R ………I like your robbing Peter to pay Paul argument however I do think that the elites will soon be shaking in their boots over here( the US)if the masses do indeed return to the stone age, well not exactly stone age,because the masses will still have their guns.


  24. If Uncle Sam runs of of money, credit and it all goes completely pear shaped I would imagine there would be an utter blood bath with the worlds largest angry armed insurection. Whats happening in Syria would look like a tea party in comparison.


  25. Sir,
    With respect, too many citizens have hidden their wealth or their labour for too long, and have been milking the State for all it’s worth, and the whole farrago has already collapsed.


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  27. Many people are simply gullible. For all the anti-capitalist rhetoric everywhere, and obsession with data protection, people quite willingly pay huge sums for pointless pieces of electronics because they are suckered by big business. They then proceed to share with them information that could be used against them in future if they fail to do what they are told. It’s exactly the same with sat-nav. The big corporations are enslaving people with technology and leaving them unable to think for themselves.


  28. Thanks for the response Mr Casso.
    I hope that your armed freedom will make a difference. The NDAA will not save the elites. However; again I would say that the mass of ordinary people do not appreciate what the elites are prepared to do. Think Stalin & the Ukraine. (Did you know that the US Marines are recruiting heavily from foreign countries?) Two examples; population replacement via mass immigration and the vaccination programme are serious problems for the/your Republic.
    It’s later than we think.



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