Smoke Signals

smokesigslogoGeithner replacement tells you where Obama is headed. There were strong rumours in the States last night that President Barack Obama will nominate Jack Lew to replace Tim Geithner as the next Secretary of the Treasury. Lew career highlights include getting a $900,000 bonus at Citigroup, during a period when Citi got a $45 billion bailout, saw $27.7 billion in loses, and suffered a 90% depletion in value. Lew is a former derivatives trader who made a pile from hedge-fund betting. Legislators would do well to check the consistency of his advice on this matter between bank and investor projects.

Dunraidin’. Further to last week’s post about the Spanish pension fund being even emptier than the WSJ realised, further news reaches Slogger’s Roost on the subject of ClubMed treasuries in general: they are all pretty much raided out, aka empty. The observation applies to every member of the Valley of Doom: Greece, Portugal, Cyprus, Spain and Italy. Italy has yet to yield up the awkward fact of complete misreporting about past sovereign debt levels, Spain’s caja crisis has been woefully underestimated, and Greek banks are now kept alive 24/7 be ECB life support and accountancy somersaults. Bottom line: Mario will have to find other ways to pretend that any of these nations can survive Troika demands. (For more heartening economic news from euroland, follow this link)

A Scottish grave leading all the way to Westminster? Forensic scientists were yesterday exhuming a grave in a Lanarkshire cemetery. The hitherto unsuspected second body detected in it will almost certainly turn out to be that of Moira Anderson, a small girl killed in 1957 by the notorious Scottish paedophile Alex Gartshore.

Jock police are working on the basis of strong leads suggesting a well-connected Central Scottish paedophile ring that went about its happy business for three decades until the end of the 1970s. Some memoirs and Wikipedia entries may require careful revision and editing as a result.

29 thoughts on “Smoke Signals

  1. And the headlines today are about the US ‘warning’ us not to leave the EU, and if this should come to pass? Will they come for our WMD’s? Send in the drones?
    Why the World hates America is not hard to fathom.


  2. Jack Lew – tells you all you needed to know. Couldn’t get or didn’t want anyone competent who wasn’t a Wall Street puppet. A derivatives trader at Citi! Give me a break!


  3. In every case, bar none, the recent wars (and pumped-up insurgencies) have all been against countries whose leaders have expressed a wish to dump the petrodollar as a means of payment for oil. Whether this has been the actual cause of the USA going to war, I couldn’t possibly say. There are two left; Iran and China. Good luck with those, Obama.


  4. Thinking about lewd behaviour, the figures are so sexed up already they might as well hand control of the money supply to the Kinsey Institute – at least they’d be able to tell us just how f*cked we really are.


  5. Given US – European history for the last 30 years it is most likely that the US wants to see a Federated States of Europe with the UK bound up with it. On the other hand they also want to see a Disunited States of Europe, endlessly squabbling about details while they gain as much advantage as they can, something else they see as Britain being essential for.

    The USA and France do have a great similarity in foreign policy terms, for both the principal motivator is: sod anyone else, does it benefit us? Britain is unfortunately still stuck in the Pax Britannia mindset of saving the world from itself mixed with a severe case of, if it benefits us then it must be bad.


  6. The true horror is that ALL the Western/developed governments, or perhaps it would be more correct to say political class, want to see One World Government. That is the impetus behind the EU, AGW, International Courts, International Law, Agenda 21, Common Purpose, Globalisation, Basel, Bilderberg and so on. The only thing holding it back is the developing world as they recognise that they would be forced into the role of second string.

    Doesn’t it warm your heart that Russia and China are the bulwarks protecting our freedom from our own Quisling classes? Certainly makes me chuckle.


  7. Just another little piece of the puzzle. Interesting to see how this plays out.


  8. The financial aspect in Europe, whilst obviously frightening, it is just a tool.A tool to peddle this strange ideology.Financial collapse and the consequences need not be so bad, when security, good community relations and family are around.

    Naturally everything has been done to undermine any cohesive society, with blatant lies covering for what is to come.If the financial aspect is a table cloth, then the knives and forks and stuff is the society.

    You can juggle your credits, lumps of gold around all you like, the fact is here in the UK it will be pointless other than a means to an end, to get the hell out of Europe.Should have got a sharia compliant mortgage, you know? Those interest free ones, cash in hand job at the taxi firm/firms that every single person who hails from certain places seems to do, with a freedom of movement and financial independence from HM government, that I as an English bloke could only ever dream of.More names that what we need!

    DirtyBrain, also known as BrainDirty, Mr Dirt Brain and on Fridays Alan Brainstain has fled the country, we have circulated a photo to relevant European institutions.He/she is said to be about 6’4 and devout, hence the overt disguise and denial of anybody being able see some face action.You get my drift no doubt? I know a couple of Afghan war veterans I had the pleasure of working with did.

    I suppose by the time the White Christian Civilisation backbone of Europe has finished promoting Homosexuality, and Gender bending insanity, at the same time as outlawing criticism of it or anything to do with the extermination of white folks in Europe, which ladies and Gentleman is the idea of the ideology.Our woman will be enslaved and our men such a stupid characture of a human being, the last bastion of anything bearing resemblance to European sanity, the best bit of Germany and Russia will put the iron curtain back faster than you could say swivel eyed racist, bigot nazi, islamphobic, homophobic finger licking racist paedo man.

    I predict a riot, not a pussy riot either! The Russians are on to them, Putins decision to ban the adoption of Russian kids in the US was on the face of it tit for tat, but there is much more too it than that.I hope you allow my comment, I dont think it is dishonest is it?


  9. Indeed. The proposed U.N. ‘one world army’ will exist only to invade those independent nations who wish to retain self determination. What kfc1404 said above is exactly what we can expect once the global financiers get their way.


  10. Been announced there is no body there. I was a little older than Moira and was living in Glasgow at the time so I remember the case well. This ‘suspects’ daughter has been seeking publicity for ages about this and written a book. With nothing to go on I don’t expect this case will ever be solved but this paedophile ring stuff is getting out of hand, I have yet to see any evidence that even Savile was any more than a rather strange character with a penchant for groping young girls. If more comes out I will be interested but for now I am sick of it all. What is the point of dawn raids and searches of well known people’s homes on allegations 20 – 40 years ago that it is unlikely can ever be proved anyway. Seems an awful waste of police time.


  11. Well I think we’d all prefer the Police to focus their attention on the (alleged) Westminster paedo’ ring, but it doesn’t seem to be happening. So, were they not harassing washed up old celeb’s for public consumption we might get the idea the Police were impotent.


  12. I’m sick of it all as well, but for different reasons that you are. I am sick of being treated worse than a criminal or a piece of dog crap for having the misfortune to be a victim of institutional abuse 40 years ago. I would like a nice little happy life where I can choose wether to be interested or bored of child abuse investigation news stories. The choice must be a nice thing. At the moment I feel I dont have that.


  13. The police will continue to cover up for the Gog and Magog protected (for now) paedos because any that dare to step out of line will soon end up with their whole life and that of their family on the masonic chopping block.They will make an example of anyone who steps one toe out of line


  14. I feel sick about this ‘Gay marriage’ thing that is going forward on both sides of the channel. I can’t help wondering if it isn’t the European paedos & pederasts who are behind it, pushing it through without a debate in any parliament. What worries me is the thought of homosexual sex being taught in schools, the actual practicalities of it, that is. Will people really stand for it?
    ……..Or perhaps I’m just being paranoid?


  15. It is all part of the same Cultural vandalism technique, used against European Christian civilisation.Be it endearing a stupid way for society to go, or just covering the holes in our cohesive society, with 70’s tat.

    Best ignore it, like flares, the nonsense of it will just be obvious one day.


  16. No surorise then that Kissinger was around to assist the UK Gov to pluck Rhodesia from the gentle clutches of Bishop Able Muzorewa and deliver the ‘gem of Africa’ to the very nasty Robert Gabriel.


  17. The roots of post-wwII economics & politics are superbly presented in Oliver Stone’s Unwritten History of America. Sheds light on the British attitude to postwar europe and the stiffing that Stalin was dealt. Episodes are on youtube, well worth a watch .


  18. No you are not being paranoid. The Kinsey Institute has provided training for some of the people who were put in charge of Children Schools and Families.


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