EXCLUSIVE: Cameron under siege say Tory MPs

Three backbench Tories and two Cabinet ministers believe David Cameron’s government is under concerted attack from a number of loosely affiliated Right wing groups among the Conservative Party’s MPs, donors, and grassroots workers.

The sources (who did not collude) cite a number of recent enigmatic events, inexplicable leaks, media owner machinations, and resignations as clear evidence of the internal campaign to destabilise the Coalition and isolate the Prime Minister. Specifics quoted include Plebgate, and the decision to resign by two Conservative peers over the last two days. Named ‘arsonists’ include Lord Ashcroft, Boris Johnson, the Barclay Brothers, Jeremy Hunt, and those with close links to Newscorp.

The  short-term objective is to break up the Coalition by any and all means possible, watch Cameron flounder, and then force his hand to move the tiller towards a more anti-EU, pro-business programme going into the next election.

“The calculation is that LibDem loyalists will desert to Labour, Boris [Johnson] fights a seat, a tough campaign sticks the boot into Miliband’s obvious lack of ideas, Clegg’s MPs are decimated, and we wind up with a clear majority,” said one of those contacted, adding “I don’t know whether they have the clout or the stomach for this, but I do not doubt that they wish to bring it about.”

A senior UKipper agrees that the Right Move tendency is a genuine (if loosely coordinated) force within the Tory Party. “Within UKip there’s a group who see a reconfigured Tory line-up making a pact with us to stuff the liberal Left,” he told me, “There’s some heavy-hitters in there. There’s a lot of common ground. They do talk to us. Cameron seems to me to be surrounded and close to being a prisoner in his own Party.”

Meanwhile, yesterday there were 180 promised new statutes, today the Barclays are putting the spotlight on 70 previous Camerlot promises that haven’t been enacted yet, as such. Failure to deliver on 70 promises is spun by Cleggerons in 2013 as being ‘overdue’ on the pledges, as opposed to no intention whatsoever of fulfilling them and over-my-dead-body chum. I tried to work out later last night what percentage of the original plan the Saggy Seventy represented, but I gave up and fell asleep instead. UK politics has this effect on me more and more these days.

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42 thoughts on “EXCLUSIVE: Cameron under siege say Tory MPs

  1. Notwithstanding that I intend to vote UKIP (best of a very bad bunch) at the next pretend election, if the Conservatives don’t go down this route, they stand a very good chance of being wiped out. They also had better not try any nonsense with the wording of the referendum, either. Anything less than a straight in-out vote will be seen as a pack of lies to distract the people, although I know that most remarks issuing from Westminster these days, tend to fall into that category anyway.


  2. How dreadful! A right wing unhappy! And Cameron is doing so well! The country loves him and Mr Clegg (who may lose his own seat). God forbid that we get Thatcherites policies which resulted in Kinnock whinging about miners no being home when he called, they were in the holiday flats in Marbella! How evil can you get? To take the racist lefts support that way!


  3. I suppose this is a similar situation to being dictated to by Zuma, Mugabe, Chavas, Hollande, the Aussie mouthie bint, Obama.
    The Brits …. sit around like mesmerised rabbits … if they had taken the last General election seriously and not been so darned dazzled by Youfy Cameron and Clegg, we all might have had more say in matters now.

    John, you are pissing in the wind….. informing but in your own self interedt!


  4. Will the fact that he’s under siege show up in Cameron’s ‘euro-speech’ this month? No doubt he’ll scatter a few crumbs around to try and appease these critics .Somehow I don’t think it will make much difference.


  5. Best news I’ve heard in ages. Anything which gets rid of this lot is welcome.
    As ever we’ll probably be saying the same about the next lot in due course-but thats par for the course.
    With a bit of luck (very unlikely) the Tories will understand that being led by a member of “ruling class” only leads to disaster. The days of deference to well connected idiots are long gone.


  6. Respectfully, anyone who thinks they’ll get a straight “In/Out” referendum is seriously deluding themselves. You only have to study what went on in 1975 – the lengths Wilson’s govt. went to to rig the 1975 referendum, including the use of the CIA’s Psychological Operations Division at the Connaught breakfasts – to see what will happen.

    Tony Benn – Energy Minister in that govt. – said it was “rigged”, in a Peter Hitchens documentary on 2004.

    Face it, the UK is the 2nd biggest bankroller of the whole sorry mess, with only 4 in total paying for it – only Germany pays more than us. Do you think anyone will let us leave? More importantly, is there a serious force in UK politics to advocate secession from the EU?


  7. “Lord Ashcroft, Boris Johnson, the Barclay Brothers, Jeremy Hunt, and those with close links to Newscorp”

    Sorry, but I don’t believe a word of it. I remember the little show put on for us all in Obummers war room, with them all gathered round watching the pretend demise of Bin Laden.

    The nobs are very fond of putting on little theatrical shows. I remember the one put on at Stafford Secret Family Court for my benefit, of my corrupt judge pretending to repremand my corrupt solicitor.

    The politicians like to put on a show of pretending to fight with one another, but they are all partners in crime. When things get sticky they swap leader, like geese in flight.

    Don’t forget, these are the folk who take pride in the obnoxious thought that the City of London is protected by Gog and Magog.


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  9. Opportunists rarely like to set sail before they think they know which way the wind is blowing. With a lee shore looming for the EU and USA, they will wait for a few shipwrecks to appear and then decide a course. This all feels very much like the calm in the eye of the storm – break out the sou’westers and give me a shake when it comes on to blow..


  10. At the risk of being labelled repetitive, I read an appropriate sentence the other day that explains the situation quite well. “Politics is 47% smoke, 47% mirror and 6% substance, largely unknown and mainly shit.”

    We have to remember that the art of politics is not government, nor is politics interested in the common good. Politics is the art of manipulation, deception and accumulating personal/group/party power.

    This is why politicians cannot be believed and, I have little doubt, why public interest in politics and Westminster has fallen so far. This is why those in the ‘Westminster bubble’ and the media have their heads firmly stuck up each others arse, looking for the 6% and only seeing shit. No politician will ever convince me they hold to any belief or principal, I simply do not believe a word they say any more, having been so often misled. And if you cannot trust anything they say then they have no value to me. That is why I will never vote for a mainstream politician/party ever again and would urge everyone to do as I do, vote for an independent or minority candidate. Until the power of the LibLabCon is broken, or even better a ‘none of the above’ option on ballot papers appears, nothing will change.


  11. While I understand and accept the points you are making, perhaps a vote for UKIP is as close as we will get to “none of the above”. If they actually hold the balance of power, then we might get the referendum, too. Anything else would be a surprise, as well as a bonus.


  12. John: Do you actually drink Red Stripe or are you supporting a revival of the once great Windies? (Frank Worrall was a contemporary of mine at Manchester.)


  13. These people have always haunted the tory party, John Major aptly described them as “bas**ds. They put the nasty in the nasty party. The Telegraph has run a plethora of stories spreading outright lies about welfare and the unemployed. And yet another load of bull about what a tough time the rich are having.

    What does not fit the narrative is the stories the DT has run on the EU not being such a bad idea after all. People like the Barclay Bros. much prefer supra national bodies to deal with as they are cheaper to corrupt than individual nations. UKIP are nothing but a false flag for the tories.

    Whoever you vote for you’ll get the same neo liberal economic policies especially from UKIP.


  14. Dazzled by Youfy Cameron? I don’t think so. Cameron fought an election against possibly the worst ever Prime Minister, a man who many believed to be certifiably mentally ill. Gordon Browns Government was simply appalling and yet Cameron still failed to get a clear majority. Politically he missed a big wide open goal. Cameron dazzled nobody, he won by default in a hopelessly confused political mess which is why his Government is such a total shit shambles.


  15. @Old Soldier

    I would whole-heartedly agree where UKIP has a real chance of causing trouble for the incumbent. UKIP, Independent, Monster Raving Loony, even BNP or EDL will do at a push, whichever might give the most damage to the expected LibLabCon winner. It is not so much voting FOR a party/candidate as far as the mainstream goes, it is voting AGAINST the wreckers of the LibLabCon. Change will only come if the current political class is destroyed or seriously damaged.

    UKIP does have does have a raft of acceptable policies, if you are of the small ‘c’ conservative bent, and might even exhibit a degree of honesty if they were to form a government, but they are somewhat contaminated by and with the existing political class.


  16. Revelation 20:7-10 says, ‘Now, when the thousand years are completed, the Slanderer will be freed from his prison. Then he will go and mislead people in the four corners of the earth, Gog and Magog, and bring them together for a battle. And there will be as many as the sands of the sea. They will march across the earth and surround the camp of the Holy Ones and the loved city. But fire will come from heaven and consume them. Then the Opposer who misled them will be thrown into the lake of fire and sulfur, where the wild animal and the false prophet already are, and they will be tortured day and night for ages of ages.’

    Don’t hold your breath..;)

    (Gog and Magog – two giants on the seal of the Lord Mayor of London; it seems these words have a variety of meanings and applications, even the Chasidic rabbis couldn’t work it out!)


  17. Excellent, Tory Teabaggers.
    Let’s hope they blow the brains out of
    the party like their American cousins.


  18. @PeterC; can’t disagree with any of your reply, either. UKIP only serves a purpose as a control on other parties.


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  20. @HB

    Quite so, Revelation has it as ‘and’ per your citation. Pedant’s corner here says the book of Ezekiel in two places is usually rendered mentioning a Gog ‘of’ the land of Magog. Drunken cross-eyed copyists shooing flies as dripping ink splattered even unto yon honored place of fairest damsel’s nose hair. “Oh ye war a fine scribe, na look ah what ye done ..”


  21. It won’t make a ha’pe’th of difference who wins the general election. Blue team, red team anyone? Who seriously believes any of them have the slightest, blindest clue about anything other than talking shit.

    The economy is on auto pilot perma-stuck heading straight into the side of a mountain whilst Gleggeron and the nasally cross-eyed dickhead walk around in ever decreasing circles talking at their own arses.


  22. If newscorp and labour lack of credibility couldn’t win an election last time, what makes them think it’ll work the next?


  23. “Cameron seems to me to be surrounded and close to being a prisoner in his own Party.”

    Oh I do hope there are still some ex-Para’s left in his party, they don’t take prisoners.


  24. The problem with PR spin is that it offers diminishing returns, a higher dose being required each time. Those nice people who make up our population may have given Cameron and his mates the benefit of the doubt on the basis that, like, they had to be better than Labour. Well perhaps they are slightly better, but the endless spinning of every possible flock of manky geese, aiming to persuade us they are really a fine bunch of pure white swans, just is not working. The spell is broken, we treat every Coalition utterance with the maximum scepticism, as normally reserved for G Brown, retired.

    Dave, old chap, you can fool some of the people all of the time… Give it a rest! If in doubt, shut up! Just get on with redefining the RPI measure and then please, don’t try and tell us it more accurately reflects our everyday purchasing experience. Silly goose!


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