smokesigslogoPeadophile Power and the search for new excuses. Banned journalist and Haut la Garenne investigator Leah McGrath Goodman continues to encounter Government foot-dragging after her visa rights in Britain were abruptly removed three months ago.

Leah submitted her visa request on 30th November 2012. There’s been no response, and this is the third application to re-enter the UK since being banned in September 2011. 90% of UK visa applications are cleared within 21 days, so clearly some heavy-hitters in the small orifice admiration protectorate (SOAP) do not want the application to go through.

Yewtree continues to distract with stories of arrest on charges of showbizz lechery, but the Met’s Farmhouse probe is getting closer to the mainstream monsters. From ‘safe’ houses in South London to large care-homes and snuff movies in Jersey, the élite’s grubby secret is leaking out. The last thing it needs is Leah McGrath Goodman’s return to stir up the pot more vigorously.

Are those who bankroll the US States getting tired of fiscal cliffhanger soaps? The following informed hypothesis plonked into my email this afternoon: ‘…the states and muni bonds and the primary dealers and pension funds!  Someone told the members of the House in a very quiet, but very threatening tone that support would be withdrawn and states and municipalities would be insolvent and bankrupt in weeks or months…..’

“As always, the money gives the orders,” opined a Washington source, “and for GOP legislators, this is something they’d relate to immediately. Pressure from those propping up a bankrupt to stop him from saving pennies, and focus instead on the long string of red noughts, is ever-present. The House didn’t really have much of a poker hand.”

Hence my previous blogs on the subject of starving the dragon by screwing up the flamethrower-makers: take the Establishment’s MO and turn it on them for a change. It has to be the best strategy. If you know anything that can help me with either that process in general, or the Fiscal Cliff insurance pressure specifically, write in complete confidence to

RBS continues to ‘glitch’ the customer, Episode 4,972. Enter “The One Account”, another belter from the RBS stable of thinly straw-covered horsesh*t. The product is an offset mortgage/current account hybrid, but the scam is familiar in its brazen simplicity.

Long-suffering customers describe how sums set up to leave the account for bill payment on 10th of the month (for example) mysteriously ‘leave’ on the 4th of the month, but are subsequently shown not to have ‘left’ until the 14th. I couldn’t possibly comment on where the cash sits and what it does during those ten days in limbo. But I do smell yet another scandal in the making here.

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