40 years after Solzhenitsyn, ‘We never make Mistakes’ is alive and well among the technocrats.

wnevmamistSolOne of the most unconsciously significant giveaways of the last three years has been the emergence of the word ‘mistakes’ in Brussels Orwellspeak about democratic votes, national elections, and political compromise in the EU. As far back as the Lisbon Treaty, the word was beginning to enter into the dead language of bureaucratic mendacity (I think it was uttered first by the cerebrally obese former Communist José Manuel Barroso) in relation to any citizen rejection of EU policy. After a series of ‘mistakes’, you probably noticed that the EU discouraged any voting suggested by its member States, and eventually Wolfie Schäuble became rather more active in telling Greece (once via Merkel and Sarkozy and then once alone) they couldn’t have any elections at all until he gave the word.

Since that time, there has been no prospect anywhere on the horizon of Brussels ever again asking any citizen a question about stuff, beyond “What are you complaining about, don’t you understand anything?” The epidemiology of this two-step-to-goose-step virus is becoming obvious both inside and outside the EU. Because Britain has no conventional mechanism for triggering referendums, we now have the farcical situation of a Government (in power on the basis of just 38.47% of the eligible electorate) rejecting the desire of 51% of the People to ‘definitely or probably want to get out’ of the European Union. Knowing perfectly well that the europhiles would lose any reasonably framed plebiscite on this issue, David Cameron chooses instead to renegotiate the UK’s relationship with a Union (a) whose currency we don’t share (b) whose fisco-economic policies could best be described as a masochistically painful sort of kamikaze, and (c) whose output and exports are flatlining outside of Germany.

The problem faced by most of we sad old naifs on the liberty/democracy/empiricism axis is that, without doubt, the politicians of the West are indeed making so many mistakes, ironically even the ESN Nazis in Belgium could put together a decent case for the end of politics.

In the US recently, as the ceiling fell in on the fiscal cliff waltz, Senate majority leader Harry Reid publicly accused House Speaker Boehner of running a dictatorship that was putting his own political prestige before the signing of a deal. There was also, of course, the disappointment among those with some degree of economic literacy re the hype and pointless posturing about an arbitrary budget hugely dwarfed by the size of (and deterioration in) America’s debt mountain.

So in that context, it was something of a letdown when their next exchange consisted of  “Go f**k yourself,”  from Boehner to Reid, followed by Reid’s response – “What are you talking about?” – and Boehner’s witty riposte,  “Go f**k yourself.” Here was a mile-long line of newly-washed dirty underwear where the detergent clearly hadn’t had any effect, but legislator concern about it was being expressed in the form of obscenity, bewilderment, and unimaginative repetition.

In the UK meanwhile, we had a New Year message from Prime Minister David Cameron, the gist of which was an assurance that, thanks to what his Government had “done”, Britain could now look to the future with confidence. This was hard to take in the light of a hamfisted austerity drive aimed (like the US fiscal-cliff deal) at solving roughly 3.7% of the problem, but yesterday Dave dipped his Happy Feet further into the ice-cold water of Lake Eerily Contradictory by writing – in a letter to fellow G8 leaders marking the start of the UK’s presidency of the group – that it was ‘clear the world would continue to face grave economic uncertainty in 2013’.

Britain’s PM asked for ‘bold action to drive economic growth across the world by advancing free trade, ensuring tax compliance and promoting greater transparency’, adding that ‘to achieve this will require strong political leadership and months of detailed policy work ….What we are talking about are long-term changes in our countries and the rules that govern the relationships between them’. It was the kind of content-free bollocks to make “Go f**k yourself” look like an insight of awesome originality.

Now these are all very obvious, bigtime mistakes; but the balance is more than restored by realising that the financial technocrat Snafus are as much in evidence as ever. As Bloomberg reports, efforts to stabilise global investment banking have been stymied not just by Wall Street psychos and the headlight-gripped, half-baked rules of the pols, but also by the conflicting bullsh*t drafted by lawyers, and the divergent accounting standards suggested by bean boys. All of the professions involved in this oxymoronic anarchy of rules seem to be eternally incapable of understanding that any system will work well or badly depending on whether it’s Dr Jekyll or Mr Hyde out there ‘cooperating’ with it.

The ‘professional’ group currently facing yet another ill-thought-out rulebook is the British media set. The UK’s Daily Express today ran a front page headline, ‘At last a boom for Britain to look forward to’. I’m sure that in April 1945, the Nazi newspaper Völkischer Beobachter ran scoops about massed battalions of Aryan avenger clones driving back the Russian barbarians. I am here to tell you that the imaginary Aryans of 67 years ago are more real than the Express boom heading our way, unless you define ‘boom’ as the sound of Britain’s banking system being blown away by debt. But media proprietors today fly far above the Law….and are vital to the maintenance of 3D bollocks.

The bottom line is that – as long as lightweight politicians, scheming globalists, autistic accountants and sociopathic lawyers are cooperating with Establishment media to deliver a version of Truth using heavily smoked and distorted mirrors – the mistakes will keep on coming. More to the point (from my perspective) those making the mistakes will continue to blame the pythonically squeezed citizens of every sovereign State on the planet for their ‘mistakes’ in voting for this, that or any other thing. They will stop allowing them to make mistakes: this in turn will stop the Governments from getting vital citizen feedback…..and thus enable them never to make mistakes again.

Aleksander Solzhenitsyn satirised this essentially USSR view of the world in his short double-novella We Never Make Mistakes. The reality is that we only learn from our mistakes: we can choose to ignore the mistakes if we are stupid – or to declare that we have banished mistakes to history if we are mad. But to see democratic voting as a mistake from the past to be eradicated goes way beyond any fantasy ever imagined by Gordon Brown, Herman van Rompuy, Angela Merkel, Mario Draghi or Josef Stalin.

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29 thoughts on “40 years after Solzhenitsyn, ‘We never make Mistakes’ is alive and well among the technocrats.

  1. Too true John. We only learn from our mistakes. Will we learn that it is a mistake to elect unprincipled creeps to Parliament? Will we learn that the commercial world and the Public Service cannot and should not be allowed to collude?


  2. So glad you were insightful enough to mention feedback. Without feedback all systems be they merely mechanical or complex and political are doomed to systemic overrun and failure. At present the PTB seem focused on the elimination of feedback and meaningful redress from the public discourse, a collaborating media assists this process.to corrupting perceived feedback via disinformation and propaganda. and serves therefore they the scriptwriters who seem inevitably doomed to intentional systemic failure , Alas the results of incompetence, corruption in office and subsequent failures may also be ours if we allow them.


  3. the biggest ‘mistake’ ( An error or fault resulting from defective judgment, deficient knowledge, or carelessness’.) we in the west make ,is believing that we actually live in a democracy.
    (Democracy is a form of government in which all eligible citizens have an equal say in the decisions that affect their lives.) We haven’t done so for years and it’s unlikely to happen anytime soon.


  4. ‘as long as lightweight politicians, scheming globalists, autistic accountants and sociopathic lawyers are cooperating with Establishment media to deliver a version of Truth using heavily smoked and distorted mirrors’
    This indeed might be their undoing in the end. The ever increasing levels of deceit that we are witnessing these days I believe, are in the long term unsustainable.


  5. I do not consider any of it to be a mistake anymore more the politicians told so many lies that they now believe their own lies to the point any other perspective is considered an affront to their futile incapability to even stabilise the current situation.

    The most comical aspect is the implication of more free trade by Cameron.

    Where is the proof that free trade actually benefited any population and which population did it benefit? Yet he chases like Keynes but for what reason?

    My perspective of this free trade is very different from Cameron’s with no rules between countries of very different cost bases will result in the trade of more than goods. It trades unemployment and slavery all at the same time in trading nations and it can drive the debt in another nation far higher and towards a fiscal cliff of their own.

    Now if you find a nation running into financial problems decades ago … hmmm … now who could that be? They will crave free trade to get over their problems instead of facing up to them. Doesn’t work this time round though because most other nations are currently in or moving towards the same position or like Greece find themselves in even a far worse position.


  6. Totally agree but they are so single minded in the direction of preserving themselves they ignore the fact that once enough deceit is regurgitated in any unlikely future event of telling the truth it will be considered another deceit. That concept is so brilliant I think.

    The down side is you can’t fix it neither, but from their perspective it is not broken anyway so why should they care at this time. I bet the last Czar of Russia or the Shah of Iran had exactly the same mindset.


  7. What bothers me is that – in their own eyes at least – they are not making mistakes. Everything’s going perfectly to plan.

    One Vladimir Ilyich Ulianov (Lenin), Chairman of the Council of the People’s Commissars of the Soviet Union, said mischievously that “The way to crush the bourgeoisie is to grind them between the millstones of taxation and inflation”.

    Fatheads “Ernst Stavro” Cameron and “Rosa Klebb” Osborne are busily bending every effort to prove Vladi right .. taxation’s coming along nicely, thank you very much, and (hyper)inflation will be along shortly.


  8. John,

    I think you are being rather too glib in assuming that a referedum on the EU is winnable. By that I mean no side will win politically and no side will accept the outcome.

    The MSM will release the biggest sh1tstorm of propaganda ever seen, including the Daily Telegraph, a recent convert it would seem, The bulk of the MSM would be pushing for a yes vote.

    I believe Plan A was to get us into the euro see us “do a Greece” and grab state assets that way. Plan B is too push the Tories to the right, manufacture a crisis and grab the state assets anyway. Needless to say the NHS would be first and the beauty of the plan is it doesn’t matter which party gets elected.

    I hope I havn’t delved too much into the realms of conspiracy theory here, but I’ll bet I’m mostly right.


  9. …..wait….I see the hooded man with the scythe……

    When is the sh*t “corporate share buy-back to keep pensions afloat” going to kick in? 5 years? 10?


  10. The reason for all the smoke and distorted mirrors is that they’ve set fire to the sodding things in order to try and get rid of them altogether. They don’t want any reflection that might distract them from ‘necessarily’ digging the pit that they plan to bury us all in (excavation mark) or attract too much attention (they seem to be quite safe there for the moment). Common sense, now officially offside because it’s so unfair, would suggest that this is not sustainable but then that depends on what it was you wanted to sustain in the first place. From a buddhist pov it’s a major case of wrong motive, wrong action; there’s a lot of it about.


  11. You write so fluently about the issues that matter…from a halfway house position. You don’t appear to have political ambition, by rolling up your sleeves and wading into the arena with fists flying, to the roar of the supporting crowd. Nor do you have a good word to say about or for the only man who is capable of tackling these EU monsters – NIGEL FARAGE
    In the Netherlands, Nigel Farage has earned respect, but the British people are very reserved until their backs are to the wall and the firing squad has them in their sights.


  12. Yes i read that Express headline as I passed the newstand in Asda, I did a double take, laughed and walked into 22 stone of fat and fury in a dayglow jacket that said Q busters or something on it………


  13. TRG
    That Farage is getting respect in Holland is satisfyingly irrelevant. I have written many times about why I will not wade into the sewage. I’d rather regulate the sewage via internet pressure. A united effort by the decency axis online could achieve this v quickly, but they lack belief in themselves.


  14. For me, the really comic part is that Ukraine and Georgia continue with their single-minded pursuit of joining the EU, as if just what it needed for what ails it is a flood of poor Ukrainians and Georgians looking for jobs, braving the gauntlets of protectionism and subsidization. Good luck with that, boys. And when Moscow proposes a customs union to benefit mutual trade – with the clear cutout that any country which still aspired to join the EU was perfectly free to do so, the two were not mutually exclusive – Hillary Clinton (who never saw an opportunity to meddle that she did not fall upon like a fat kid on a dropped candy bar) said the Russian government was “trying to recreate the Soviet Union”. Just as if the Soviet Union was concerned with international trade.


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  16. Some learn from the mistakes of others too .Few years ago the talk about a monetary union in Asean was hot , now they do not want to talk about it .Who will put Singapore and Cambodia in the same currency ? i Guess only the one that put Germany and Greece in one .


  17. ‘ A united effort by the decency axis online could achieve this v quickly, but they lack belief in themselves.’

    Agreed. We are in an ideological fight with people who have seen the promised land, the fools, and who deliberately avoid reading their own small print. Until we find a way to show our mettle we really are doomed and current technology would appear to be as good a way as any; has to be better than bloodshed at any rate.


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