‘Barack Obama has hailed a deal reached to stave off a “fiscal cliff” of drastic taxation and spending measures as “just one step in the broader effort to strengthen the economy”.’ (BBC News this morning)

Once upon a time there was a tall, slim, empty black man, all sound but no vision, who somehow stumbled into an arena and got elected President of a once rich but now beleaguered nation. His job was to tell everyone that everything was alright, and he did this very well. So well, in fact, that he did it too well, and got elected a second time.

Following his re-election, a few people who had believed in the black dude asked him why he was working so hard for the bad guys, and this is what he told them:

“I will sign a law that raises taxes on the wealthiest 2% of Americans… while preventing a middle-class tax hike. There is a path forward, if we focus not on politics, but on what’s right for the country. Also dey go’n bust mah nerts if ah say sumpt’n else, nigger. You want maybe ah should get mah black ass blown off, man? Shit man, they shot a white billi’naire fer crossing dem, what chance you think I got?”

And so, having listened to the blasé bilge from Cameron, the Oprah soft-soap from Obama, and the recovery bollocks from Brussels, the Awake Folks hunkered down behind the sofa and awaited the Tsunami of exponentially growing excrement that was heading their way. And instead of listening to the dictated bromides of the puppets, they read pieces like this one and realised it wasn’t just them.

*Thanks are due to The Slog’s marine sports correspondent Gazellegs for the link to James Kunstler’s 2013 forecast.