What do you call a complete and utter waste of public money?


I think my overall assessment of Plebgate thus far would have to be that the Tory party is learning very quickly from what it sees as the ‘lessons’ of McAlpine media-manipulation bollocks. I had far more important things to do earlier today, but I just finished reading Andrew Mitchell’s ‘account’ of being stitched up by Plod. After doing so, I find myself perplexed at the low level of voter discernment now assumed by those in the Establishment. For many years now, The Slog has insisted that the average Brit voter’s ability to tell excrement from putty is slipping; but the blatant starting point for this entire Plebgate scam was “they’re all so f**king stupid and distracted now, they’ll believe any old tosh”.

Mitchell’s self-absorbed (and, let’s be fair, disturbing)  first-person piece in today’s Sunday Times is nevertheless just one more example of a bloke describing his cramped conservatory without mentioning the several hairy, damp and smelly mammoths that are also quite obviously present. For the former Chief Whip, there is but one mammoth in his conservatory: the police. For the rest of us, the other two are so painfully obvious, the desire to remove their tusks in order to create more room is overpowering.

Especially notable is the adoption by Mitchell of McAlpinesque  feigned shock: “If you had told me six months ago that this could happen in Britain, I would’ve rejected the idea out of hand”. In this statement alone, the wannabe returning Minister shows himself  to be a citizen of Lalaland, or perhaps more likely, a steaming hypocrite. A chief whip expecting life to be straight? Do leave it out.

The mammoths I refer of course are first, the multivariate schisms that are today’s Conservative Party; and second, the ever-present slimey suckers of the octopus more usually referred to as Newscorp. My reservations remain the same as they’ve been for the last five days:

1. The idea that Andrew Mitchell was fitted up entirely by the police is preposterous. The mendacious copper who broke the ‘news’ of his Downing Street altercation rang first, a newspaper owned by Rupert Murdoch…one that has had an incestuous relationship with both the Tories and the Met police since God was a boy; and then second, John Randall – a Tory Whip who had earlier vociferously demanded Mitchell’s resignation.

2. I truly cannot accept the idea that the Sun hack phoned by Anonymous Plod was taken completely by surprise at the ‘news’ of the then Chief Whip apparently behaving like an arse.

3. Lo and behold, having been shafted by one Murdoch newspaper, Mitchell bares his chest in another one. But the Sun and Sunday Times pieces are damaging to the Conservative Party in general, and David Cameron in particular. Enter the anti-Cameron camp of Davis, Johnson and Hunt.

I need to leave this subject alone for a while now: I’m becoming repetitive, and suspect that the vast majority of Sloggers understand all the points being made here perfectly well. I would very much like, ever so quietly, to take Rupert Murdoch out in classic US Bin Laden style, and then bury him at sea. But such is against the law; and while 90% of what Newscorp does is against the law, two wrongs will never make a right.

Meanwhile, three points are of great import: the police are bent, the political class is devious, and the media are complicit.

Why oh why oh why did we ever think that Leveson might achieve something?

30 thoughts on “What do you call a complete and utter waste of public money?

  1. ‘Why oh why oh why did we ever think that Leveson might achieve something?’
    Why oh why oh why did we ever think that this basket of bollocks would change anything?
    Forget it. Nothing is going to change without blood flowing.
    Why oh why oh why do people think that this isn’t so?
    Answers on a postcard…..


  2. Enquiries are so very useful. They are a gravy train for the legal profession (who are over-represented in the house). They keep bueaucrats in full employment. They give the impression of doing something while procrastinating. They keep the media busy. They allow questions to be evaded on the grounds of sub judice.
    And by the time they have finshed they are old news.


  3. Why oh why oh why did we ever think that Leveson might achieve something?’
    But he will achieve something – he will allow the police to be more bent, the politicians to be more devious, while even the better papers are made even less able to inform the public.
    Isn’t that what it was all for?


  4. http://www.guardian.co.uk/commentisfree/2012/dec/20/bernstein-murdoch-ailes-petreaus-presidency
    Here’s an article by Carl Bernstein of Watergate fame about Murdoch’s activities in USA.
    Did Petreaus’s refusal to play ball lead to his outing in the press for playing hide the sausage? Couldn’t happen in Britain though, could it?
    As for Mitchell, one less arsehole in Westminster won’t hurt. It’s not as though there’s a national shortage of arseholes.


  5. I agree entirely. The newspapers have probably been told to put Mitchell’s side of the story… or else. I didn’t believe the Mitchell ‘pleb’ story from the start but I don’t believe this latest version of events is the whole truth either. I have little doubt the papers are doing what they have to do to avoid having to apologise profusely and admit they got it wrong.


  6. the police are bent, the political class is devious and the media are complicit

    Agreed because a certain type of ambitiou underling in all three intuitively grasp that:
    At or above assistant Chief Constable, Privy Councilor and Editor/Proprietor levels respectively, the absolute overriding priority of office is loyalty to a clearly corrupt Machiavelllian Establishment System, in which the ends (ie its protection at any cost) ALWAYS justifies the means. They – the underlings – are only rehearsing the covert skills required for success, poor things.


  7. Even better than that, an enquiry provides a useful diversion from Cameron and Osbornes appalling mismanagement of the economy.


  8. We are not going to get rid of the bureauocrats any time soon because so few people can spell it. We need to get rid of both the EU and the EAU and just accept ‘burocrats’ as a word. Either that, or just ‘useless twats.’


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  10. it is spelt, it. Sorry couldn’t resist a tiny bit of stupidity! Hope everyone has a good Christmas and a happy and healthy new year.


  11. the police are bent, the political class is devious and the media are complicit

    So I’ve learnt to accept these points as given now, rather than try to fathom out the whys etc.
    Who would have thought a bicycle, a gate and a nasty would have brought this all to the surface? Berks!


  12. They all seem to be engrossed in covering their own tails and protecting their own interests. Mitchell made life difficult for himself early on in this escapade by not admitting what he actually said, has he actually admitted what he ACTUALLY said? He has I think only offered a defence based on ‘I didn’t say what others have quoted I said’. This to me is bollocks and means that he is still hiding something. He is now pleading innocence after having had time to study evidence which at best is inconclusive, and therefore falls straight into lap. Although the police are not ‘lily white’ Mitchell is a well versed and coached senior tory politition, we should be questioning everything that comes out of his mouth!


  13. Send in the clowns said: “We are not going to get rid of the bureauocrats any time soon because so few people can spell it.”
    Your spelling of bureaucrats being a case in point. It’s *never* had an O. (>_<)


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  15. The real point is that if the police are willing to lie to shaft a senior member of government in an area that they KNOW has more cameras than a TV studio, what level of honesty can be expected from them with an ordinary member of the public out of sight of CCTVs?
    While flagging up all the normal political issues, it is important to remember that this is an extremely public demonstration of dishonesty by supposedly the cream of the police force. Public trust once lost by the police will not be recovered in generations.
    I remember in the 1970s in Germany in a ‘trade event’ some British police arriving in an area of Germany with many UK armed forces. The German public were literally amazed that people from the UK were stopping and talking to the British police as Germans avoided der polizei whenever possible. Today the British police would probably be avoided in the same way. This says a lot about British society – it is noticeably less friendly and more authoritarian. The liars in public office whether police or politicians have a lot to answer for.


  16. For what has happened you just need to read a few of the Plod Blogs in interspace………… often very good and enlightening (but they just carry on regardless doing what they are told)…….. but the comments sections are also revealing. The police obviously consider that it is ‘us and them’ and that they no longer consider themselves part of the UK genreal population……… until they start being part of ‘us’ and stop colluding with TPTB even at the lower levels (bearing in mind the Nuremberg excuse is not at all acceptable) it will be so until they learn the hard way (by being on the wrong side) that they are really still part of us……….. and that they are just the cannon fodder of the ‘elite’. This will not happen until they have to (proverbially) ‘open up’ on their own families and friends – under orders from ‘above’.


  17. JW Whilst Levenson may be a waster of space to you, in the enquiry something important did surface..a matter close to my heart,
    that is the wilful discrimination of disabled people..it was cited in Levenson that this Govt was indeed complicit..even Grayling (the liar) said he was ‘bemused’ by it all, fact is , his dept has been feeding lots of outreageous scare stories about benefit scroungers..ok so where do you think they come from ? mars?
    how can a minister not be aware that this si going on and the bribes offered which has been going on?

    so for my part, the Levenson aint totally crap..
    even though as per normal govt ignores it,,like the ‘payment by results’ report..
    oh by thre way i did send you this regarding the DWP..the fraud invesigation dept, there have been cuts..yeah cuts to the fraud investigation of bogus and fraudulent scamming welfare and work program scamming companies…

    now i see interserve (the work prog scam company you mentioned) are diversifying into private health game business..
    by buying up a private health care company..
    ”theres money in them thar jobless” has now become
    “theres money in them thar patients”


  18. by the way, silly old me but isnt the details of jobseekers meant to be confidential? or for a few quid it can be leaked to the MSM for them to twist and distort??
    anyone have a thought on this?


  19. Mitchell’s outright denial of using words like pleb only occurred months after the original incident why could he not deny it immediately after plebgate but can make outright denial months later?


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  21. If the photograph of the PC who sent the email is correct he looks like a grossly overweight thug and going by his email a barely literate one at that – is this what out police have come to? and this is one of the men with a gun! BTW Mitchell did deny ever using these words right away but no one wanted to listen. I don’t have much time for politicians but even less for bent police as they have the power to ruin lives as I have seen for myself.


  22. You might have thought Leveson would achieve something but my box set of ‘Yes Minister’ and ‘Yes Prime Minister’ includes a lovely episode on how to choose the chairman of an enquiry so I was never in any doubt as to why it didn’t.

    What do you suppose the effect would be to re-run these classics on a prime time slot? Enlightenment of the masses or….Yeah I thought so, total disinterest and a mainly ‘er what was that about?’ response to some of the finest [and most accurate] political satire ever.


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