Smoke Signals

smokesigslogoShock horror Times involuntary resignation by James Harding. In his cheerio speech to staff, James referenced the paper’s coverage of child sex abuse rings as being something of which he was particularly proud. Well there you are then: death by rumour and innuendo. The main reason for this kerfuffle is, I spy, the imminent cash-cow amalgamation of the dying Daily and Sunday Times titles’ operation. Still, it’s interesting to note that the bloke with fearless and objective journalistic principles lost out. Perhaps he had been looking too closely into P.I.E. in the Sky: I couldn’t possibly comment.

Big money in High unemployment figures, it seems. Last week, The Slog raised the alarm about lots of neocon psychopaths claiming to have found jobs – and billing the DWP on that flimsy basis – for folks who seemed to have, um, er, found jobs themselves without their help. But clearly such practices are good for the directors and shareholders of such jobfinder entrepreneurs, because only this year, one such outfit, Business Employment Services Training Limited (BEST), was acquired by Interserve, a company describing its activities as, funnily enough, ‘the delivery of front-line services, particularly in the Department of Work and Pensions’ Work Programme’.

Well bugger me, as Lord McAlpine was never known to say. An initial cash consideration of £17.5 million was paid to acquire BEST.

In 2007, an Ofsted report (having described previous BEST performance as not entirely at best) listed the suppliers’ main weak point as ‘Low job outcome rates’. Just fancy that.

The continuing demonisation of the Syrian regime: sixes and sevens in Israel. Israel’s US Ambassador Michael Oren, warned on FOX TV last Saturday that any evidence of chemical weapons being passed from the Assad regime to extremist groups like Hizballah would be a “game-changer,” and a “red line” for Israel. But Deputy Prime Minister Moshe Yaalon saw no indication at all the next day that Syria was planning to use chemical weapons against Israel.

This latest bit of NATO distraction was brought to you by Rupert Murdoch, the owner of Fox TV. Yesterday, the US formally recognised the Rebel Coalition against Bashar Assad. The announcement by U.S. President Barack Obama in a television interview came ahead of an international conference in support of Syrian rebels on Wednesday in Morocco.

So three cheers for the Muslim Brotherhood, then.

13 thoughts on “Smoke Signals

  1. Silly old me, but why when the so-called Syrian uprising started in March 2011 has taken until now for the ‘west’ to ‘discover’ WMDs lurking in Syria. Probably where Saddam sent them for safe-keeping?


  2. You may like to add another bit to the unemployment part.

    A youth can get on apprenticeship great I thought.

    How long would this be for? Try this … If the individual I know does not find a position of work within 8 weeks and they have not even started the course “in this economic climate” they get booted off the course.

    Now can anybody tell me if a youth, unable to find such employment and with a day release for college a requirement at the same time is the youth allowed to go back onto benefits.

    You end up with a mechanism that reduces youth unemployment but then begs the question does it not? DID YOUTH EMPLOYMENT GO UP by the amount the MSM are quoting as a fall in youth unemployment.

    That seems to be the gist of it.


  3. What is it about wrexham, wales,and construction ?

    Muckybrass fambly home , remploy fiasco, interserve…

    Is the area cursed?

    Oh btw the faily mail told us wilf brambell had been a dirty old man whilst in jersey..

    Mr Rose also from daily heil thinks that island is a really nice place and no such thing as child abuse could possibly happen there.

    Whatever is going on?


  4. Quote from the void;
    “Interserve – formerly known as Business Employment Services Training – this bunch of losers only got 2.71% into jobs on the failed Work Programme data statistics and that was split between 4 offices in 4 different cities of West Yorkshire.”


  5. @bobc
    Good to see an old Private Eyer! My favourite was:

    So then, Mrs Mills,
    You are dead
    Shame that but
    Then again
    Life’s always been a bit of a b@stard

    E J T etc


  6. Not meant to go off topic but couldnt find a place for this .

    Q: what is it about Jersey and what is it about wales/wrexham etc

    1 Jersey child abuse scandals . Savile et al
    Now (poss brambell also jersey)
    And also this below:

    And wales bryn estyn alyn .
    Wrexham fambly home.
    Construction company

    Interserve ( BEST) work program deliverer
    (Recruitment and construction)
    Remploy scandal.

    Anyone have thoughts on this?


  7. It was BEST who were supposed to help me re-train [Not that I had any idea what I wanted to do]
    Bollocks was all they were. Were supposed to set me up with 2 different training opportunities. Did nothing they said they would.
    Probably just took the government handout and ran.


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