PAEDOPHILE POWER: You ask how Jimmy Savile got away with it….read this.


Top Dutch official faces Demmink evidence…but still walks free

A long last, the Dutch government has brought somebody involved in a paedophile case to Court. The Dutch nation eagerly awaits the result of the man’s second trial that begins today, December 12th 2012.

There’s just one problem. The man they’re putting on trial is investigating the alleged perpetrator. But surprise surprise, the man he’s been investigating was until recently the highest Law officer in the Land.

Dutch journalist Micha Kat has been on the trail of the former head of the Dutch Ministry of Safety and Justice Joris Demmink for a long time now. But he has been far from alone in accusing his prey.

First named by inference by the Netherlands press in 1994 in the context of ‘the involvement of a top official from the Hague in the abuse of minors’, in 1996 Turkish police alleged they had evidence proving that Demmink organized sex parties in Turkey during which minors were abused. They  stated that the sex parties were organized in collaboration with drug offenders who had contacts with the Turkish government.

In 1998, a Dutch TV documentary revealed that young boys were smuggled from Poland to the Netherlands with the assistance of “a top official of the Dutch government”. It added that a top official named “Joris” had been sentenced to 240 hours of community service and six months of conditional imprisonment. Claims then appeared in the Dutch media that this was not Demmink, although information was at zero on who it actually was.

But shortly afterwards, the Amsterdam authorities investigated a paedophile network. It was found to include a former lawyer of the Dutch queen, two main prosecutors, a former minister and a professor. Documents were leaked suggesting that Demmink had tried to sabotage the investigation.

In 2002, Kurdish PKK sympathiser Hüseyin Baybasin – arrested in the Netherlands for “criminal activities” related to “drug trafficking, extortion and murder” – was sentenced to life imprisonment.  Ever since his arrest in 1998, Baybasin had claimed that, because of his Kurdish activism, Ankara had put pressure on the Netherlands to arrest him by threatening to disclose information on Demmink’s abuse of minors in Turkey.

But despite all these clouds, Demmink was appointed to be the highest-ranking Justice officer in the Netherlands. Dutch intelligence agency AIVD has since revealed that it investigated “circa 40 rumours about the lifestyle of Demmink”, and that intelligence officers tried strenuously to block the appointment because of Demmink’s “sexual lifestyle”.

The magazines Panorama and GayKrant decided the following year to cooperate on an independent investigation of Demmink. They published articles revealing that Demmink had abused children in Eindhoven, the Netherlands, and while visiting a sex bar in Prague. A man named Frank Leenders comes forward to claim that Demmink had been present during the filming of a porn movie in the Czech Republic where a child died as a result of penetration with a dildo. Dutch NOS News then named Joris Demmink as a child abuser.

But the then Minister of Justice Piet Hein Donner placed a gagging order on the press, threatening to prosecute any media mentioning the name of the “suspected official”. Subsequently, the Dutch Public Prosecutor declared, “the complaint against Joris Demmink is false”….but without presenting any evidence, as such.

The case remains very high-profile in the Netherlands. Two months ago, Dutch newspaper Algemeen Dagblad revealed Piet Hein Donnerhad indeed been warned by two of his own senior government officials about Joris Demmink’s murky track record. Yet he did nothing.

Also this Autumn, Demmink was accused of raping two teenage boys, now men, during a visit to Turkey in 1990s. One of them recently shared his story on US television and testified to a Senate Committee. Demmink has in turn been accused by publications like Die Welt in Germany, and several well-evidenced books throughout Europe. But he sat tight.

Prominent Dutch barrister Adele Van der Plas continues to call for justice against Demmink, but concludes ruefully, “I think  it could be that more people are maybe involved.”

She is very probably right. Connected paedophile rings are known to pass both information and victims across borders to and from Turkey, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Holland….and Britain. A middle-ranking Conservative MP confided to me two years ago his belief that “at least one” senior Minister had used the Diplomatic Bag to facilitate this trade.

And yet today, it is the investigative journalist Micha Kat who is on trial. The 49-year-old faces a Court in the Hague on charges of insulting the Dutch royal family,  two bomb threats, death threats against a journalist of Dutch mainstream newspaper Telegraaf. Two months ago he was put on probabtion for scrawling “danger: paedophile” on the house of Joris Demmink.

The charges (except the scrawl, which he admitted) feel both odd (insulting royals?) and trumped up. However, Kat himself is no stranger to controversy about his eccentric beliefs, which include Holocaust denial – although he is himself Jewish. He does also have a long history of facing slander and libel suits, as well as various suspensions from legal and journalistic institutions.

Were this affair entirely down to the trigger-happy Misha Kat, I wouldn’t be blogging about it. But I sense that in this case, Joris Demmink has been extremely lucky in his choice of main enemy.





60 thoughts on “PAEDOPHILE POWER: You ask how Jimmy Savile got away with it….read this.

  1. unbelievable really. I just hope that as more information like this becomes available on the net,that a tipping point will be reached and people’s anger will force the authorities to bring these vile people to justice.


  2. Substantial additional information on Demmink and the Dutch ruling class and Royal connections here
    Anyone reading this article and related /linked ones in the same archive cannot but conclude that no child abuse investigation will ever do more than offer up a few celebrities and lower/middle-ranking procurers to temporarily assuage the outrage of normal people. The desease really is endemic among our ruling classes.


  3. Where is the Real Gemz to say it isn’t so? Those nice cloggies are one step away from perfection; that is reserved for the krauts and the Afrikaners..


  4. No doubt when every country has an up to the moment DNA database as per recent UK NHS promises, we can all say goodbye to crimes like these. No doubt. It is only wanting to be told us.


  5. “will force the authorities to bring these vile people to justice”

    I believe it would be good also but are ‘the authorities’ even capable of doing so never mind inclined to.


  6. In case you are interested in the holocaust and want to draw your own conclusions, you may want to check out Joseph Farells Reich of The Black Sun:

    It contains references to Carter P. Hydrick’s Crticall Mass, which strongly suggests Auschwitz was an uranium enrichment facility, which actually produced a signifcant amount of enriched uranium and without which there woud have been no Hiroshima nor Kawasaki.

    Once you have managed to cope with the consequences of that, you can search for “David Cole in Auschwitz” at YouTube, which will make your stomach turn even more.


  7. “no Hiroshima nor Kawasaki” eh mate?? Multiple history degrees, Alzheimers, bad with name or geography? Try Nagasaki.

    Well, rhymes eh wot?


  8. This is a big problem when people start writing about peado/criminal networks at the top of society, it always atracts total loooopers with insane conspiracy theories. Most people are naturally averse to this, and perhaps ignore the whole thing altogether.

    Which in turn makes one suspect that those mentalists might actually be encouraged by nasty establishment types trying to keep things secret, or rather hidden in plain sight. I’m reminded of Churchills’ staement about truth in war being so precious, it must be protected by a bodyguard of lies.


  9. ‘The desease really is endemic among our ruling classes.’
    Personally, I would swap endemic for compulsory.
    The more one reads, the more it becomes obvious, just how they manage to get away it.
    I cannot forsee a situation where they will ever face justice, as they are supposedly the justice.


  10. “Most people are naturally averse to this, and perhaps ignore the whole thing altogether.”

    The sad thing is that this is exactly how and why guys like Savile and Demmink get away with their crimes.


  11. I have seen DC’s work before – stomach churning is right but unfortunately his writings slot nicely into many heads that prefer to believe his & Irving’s shite despite truly gigantic evidence to the contrary.


  12. Could just as well be Dublin,Edinburgh,Cardiff or London.But of course our legal eagles are too fair to get involved with anything so sordid.


  13. Mr Farrell is an excellent Historian.
    He explains all his primary sources.
    Personally, I am aware that some of the crazier theories regarding the era are not crazy.


  14. Involved in a paedophile type court case concerning a boy some years ago……not us, morally supporting someone else, the ‘evidence’ was rubbish against the accused, and had huge holes in it. The prosecuting barrister pushed and pushed and PUSHED the people giving ‘evidence’ against the accused, until they divulged that the accused was gay. At this point, the jury were cleared, the Judge said that this had to lead to a new jury, and the prosecuting barrister then said the ‘boy’ had been through enough and ‘withdrew’ the case. The innocent chap was not even told to ‘go’ by the judge who stormed out…..
    From this I conclude there ARE good prosecuting barristers, and that equally there are Judges already with preconceived ideas.
    Also, it was quite clear that a boy HAD been abused….and the ‘culprit’ hand picked. (Too much graphic detail from a 10 year old for it be otherwise).

    Case dropped, person we supported released ( to then try suicide a few times), but as far as I am aware, no new case ….so how is the boy?

    And on it will go.


  15. If you want to know more about the Holocaust, I suggest you read Primo Levi or any other author with an actual historical pedigree- not some American sensationalist pulp writer. Your ‘recommendation’ is rendered doubly absurd in that you cannot even name another real event in recent history. Still, I’m sure there’s someone out there who has denied the bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki…either that or blamed it on the ‘Grey aliens’.


  16. I begin to think that the “authorities” ARE the vile people, & that there is only injustice. If it wasn’t for the internet we wouldn’t have known about it anyway. Well, I wouldn’t have. Thanks to JW for keeping this going.


  17. It looks like you misunderstood me. I said no thing in the direction of denying the bombing of Hiroshima and/or Nagasaki.

    Hydrick analysed the records on the American Uranium enrichment program and concluded they did not nearly produce enough enriched Uranium needed to produced an a-bomb. He also analysed the plant at Auschwitz and because they used as much electricity as a city like Berlin, it is tempting to conclude Auschwitz must have been an uranium enrichment plant. And because after the Americans captured the German u-boat U-234 which appeared to have transported enriched uranium and all of a sudden the US did have the enrichted Uranium it could not have produced itself, things appear to add up.

    I don’t remember all the details, but to me the story made sense at the time I read it. However, I did not go to the archives to check Hydrick’ s claims and neither did Farell, so there it is certainly possible that Hydrick’s claims are bogus. I don’ t think so, but it is possible.

    However, there is a huge difference between saying that no bombs were dropped and suggesting that no bombs could have been dropped without a non-US source of enrichted uranium and concluding that one of the most likely sources of non-US enriched uranium would have been Auschwitz.


  18. I’m with you there, Bellevue.
    Nowhere in my adult brain is there a single cell which finds the idea of any sexual activity with a child appealing – I simply cannot understand the attraction. Children are there to be children, adult women (in my case) are there for sex, and those categories never mix.
    I find it difficult enough understanding gays, but they’re adults, it’s their thing, it doesn’t affect me, so I’m OK with that, but kids simply don’t feature.
    Maybe I’ve got it wrong, but I’m happy with how my brain works on this one.


  19. Ahhhhhhhhh… now it makes sense why Turkey was fast tracked for EU memebership by the Germans and Northerners… weeks before they were complaining about Turkey’s civil rights abuses and record of torture and then all of a sudden they were being swept into the loving fold of the EU’s sickly teet. These people are all trash.


  20. There’s bound to be a Dutroux connection here, where similar establishment types were fingered- magistrates, local gov officials, aristos, senior police etc…


  21. Is it just me, or do all paedophiles have that paedophile look in their eyes? I’ll just tell my kids to look out for the creepy eyes!!


  22. weve got that here in america its called the “franklin scandal” – the so called fbi made it all go away aside from a few brave citizens like ted gunderson. hell bill clinton is a rapist. google ‘clinton body count” and see the long line of citizens who gave their lives for the GREAT SECRET


  23. Many well known politicians and Lords have been known to the newspapers for many years. Newspaper Editors are known to have had discussions with a former MP and how he needed to be moved out of London. Yet, our so call FREE press is still covering up for their friends in high places!!! When is someone other than Edwina Currie going to speak up? There so much corruption in our establishment. I would love to be able to have an opportunity to stand in for Andrew Neil on This Week this Thursday. I would ask Michael {Portillo why he was so frightened of Rupert Murdoch?
    I guess there are many many people frightened of Murdoch and that’s probably why the main focus is on the kiddie fiddlers who worked at the BBC. Also the main reason why the press will not be held to account but why the freedom of the internet is under threat. The likes of Tebbitt and Blair want the internet control so I am automatically against it.


  24. Came across a story about who Jack the Ripper really was and why “they” did it. Interesting read. Implicates the royals, their bloodline, pedophile brothels, blackmail, incest, and last but not least Winston Churchill’s father as Jack the Ripper.


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  26. Not only in Holland. But in every “free” “western democracies”
    Every country under “morlock” control has it!


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  28. …I worked for US DoD for over 22 years…20 of those years served as a “Federally Protected Whistle-blower”….I had no experience with these perverts in the workplace (only as a child)….but the rest of the workplace, it’s systems and processes are as corrupt as you can possibly know…


    RJ O’Guillory
    Webster Groves-The Life of an Insane Family


  29. My first (and hopefully last) post on your admirable blog. I hope I don’t step on any toes with my lack of self-introduction, and perhaps unwittingly reposting, but Bellevue and Mudplugger ask why do they do it?

    You have to understand the joke/entertainment part of the fishing hook. A grim read indeed by a person who worked on the Dutroux thingy for five years and posted the results on a site taken down in 2010, for obvious reasons. I rescue two other links to the material here:

    Not for the squeamish, but you did ask. And should be made known to the general public as soon and as quickly as possible as this topic is hot again with Demmink and Savile. Please help to inform others.

    It is of paramount importance to understand how the powerful keep everyone toeing the line through the possibility of blackmail. No dark secrets, no position of power. You can’t climb the ladder unless …

    Imagine you are asked to spit on the cross, you refuse (you are an upstanding citizen) you go no higher in the dark corridors of power, but are maybe unaware of this. Spit and you show balls.

    It’s a modern version of the Masonic secret ladder. Each higher stage, demands a further kind of joke-like test, perhaps it is a party and you are a little piddled. Each test is slightly more outrageous than the last: an orgy in which you are photographed with two young (of age) ladies on your knee, next is two young rent-boys on your knee, next a minor (16 yrs). A gradual process where your tastes, appetites, temptations, whether on or off drugs, are probed and revealed. As you rise higher you become unwittingly more complicit and frightened of public exposure. Before long you will be doing things that maybe you don’t condone yourself but you are in too deep … This is the underlying fabric of our political culture and every other walk of life where the elite only wants its own.

    It could rightly be regarded as “satanic” in nature. And the “joke” Satanism of a fancy-dress party could at any time become a real sick one.



  30. A lot more people might have to begin to think this, if they have never taken such a view before, Mo, you’re absolutely right. Sadly I can’t claim such innocence. I’ve thought this way for many years, watching world events and the behaviour of our elite circles – those who were once referred to as our ‘elders and betters’. The decent among them seem to be mowed down as a matter of course, having irritated those who will have their way at all costs. It is a great shame indeed that citizens have forgotten that once adults, they enter into a ‘society’ at their own will, and can leave such an arrangement en masse at any time if they decide that group is behaving in a manner that is uncivilised and unworthy of respect. Our so called ‘rights’ are not handed to us benevolently by our government, or our church, or any other people who like to give themselves labels. The most a government can do is to protect the ‘rights’ of its citizens. But the rights to be left alone and to live in peace are not theirs to give or take away. But it takes courage and energy to decide to try to slay the dragon – qualities that have been sapped by centuries of conditioning, and malnutrition of mind, body and spirit. Our courage fades because we’ve witnessed too many deaths, too many pointless and heart-breaking deaths of beautiful souls who have tried to break the spell and paid the ultimate price, to no avail. But that’s because they acted alone on our behalf. And because we remained silent when they were taken from the earth. There are no easy choices here. Accountability applies to all of us, not just to the rich and powerful. This is why Mr Ward’s blog is to be applauded and supported in any way possible. A tipping point will be reached. There was a time when slavery was acceptable. Now it isn’t. Make no mistake, it didn’t go away. It had a change of address to countries you and I don’t visit. There was a time when black people could not eat in the same restaurant as white people. I am not naive enough to believe these racist bigots are not still out there. To shine a light upon iniquity is to cause it to scuttle under rocks. The MPs only offered to give back their false expense claims because they were caught with their hands in the cookie jar. Someone shone a light at it. And with so many issues, a tipping point is reached whereby their behaviour is unnacceptable to the majority of us and they at least have to do their filth clandestinely. Hence the blackmail opportunities. And so it goes on. BUt at what point do we decide the whole damn government has become infected to a point whereby there is nobody there who speaks for the majority? Nobody at all.


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  32. Please read the whistleblower blog: This blog exposes the criminal activities of Chris and Clare Godson in Thailand, Cambodia, Ireland, USA, and now central France. If you have further information about Chris and Clare Godson email:


  33. I noticed a few people above mentioned whether or not there were any links between the Belgian/Dutch paedophile cases. There was a lady, I believe that she has now died, called Jacqueline Smolders, who worked in 1 of the clubs frequented by people linked to both countries’ paedophile networks.

    Obviously, no network of this size is going to be able to contain itself within the borders of a single country, let alone one as small as either Belgium or Holland. For more information try searching for “Beyond the Dutroux affair”, “Beyond Dutroux, ties to The Netherlands”, and “La Nebuleuse”.

    The I. S. G. P. is the best website that I have come across on this topic. Unfortunately, there is just so much information that I have had to return to the site over and over again, just to be able to take the vast quantity of knowledge in. It is also NOT a very pleasant read.

    Many of the high-ups in the Dutroux affair had links, either by marriage, business, occupation, position, etc., to the alleged ring in Holland. Some may be innocent, some certainly less guilty than others.

    I agree with what many have written about a “tipping point”. I had hoped that the Jimmy Savile case would be just that, but it looks as thought the usual remedy of a few celebrities being arrested (not all of then being found guilty) is going to work in this case, and the Elm Guest House situation also seems to have gone rather quiet.

    We can only hope.


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