The EU is a sort of snakey ladder with hints of  liberal Nazism – says Dave

A brief post this one, but size isn’t everything. It makes you think, and that’s the point.

At the Telegraph site this afternoon, there’s a news piece which offers this outstanding example of Dave saying what a hero he’s going to be if he squeezes so much as an exhalation out of the EU:

‘Leaving the European Union but staying in the single market would mean that Britain was governed by fax from Brussels, David Cameron said.’

Here’s my take on this: isn’t it funny how when he’s in Europhile mode, Rancid Cameldung is dead keen to tell us how harmless and absolutely vital to our survival the EU is….but when he’s under overwhelming Party and electoral pressure to return to free trade with it, it’s a dictatorial fascist superstate that gives its members orders by fax?

There is of course a very simple solution to the Jekyll & Hyde personality emitted by the European Union: leave the bloody thing entirely. It is, after all, sinking into the quicksand at a rate of knots. But even if it wasn’t, it has been revealed as a controlling Franco-German arm-twisting club run by Belgian robots so many times now, surely it is that club we should not want to join because it would have us as a member?

So get thee now to Hastings dear Cammers, there to face the might of Herman le Conqéreur and his mighty army of banana-straighteners, and receive a deadly pen in your eye from the bureaucrats.

PS: the latest opinion poll has UKip on 16%.