Smoke Signals

smokesigslogoCan you guess who it is yet? The word from Plod in the Know is that the 80 year old Beeb performer in police custody is an animal lover with antipodean origins.

Will we soon learn that McAlpine’s case is a bit Aunt Sally?After The Slog’s mild panic earlier this week, word reaches me that La Bercow remains steadfast in her resolve to repel the builders.

North of the Border. Scottish Law Journalists are currently investigating the secretive Scottish judiciary. I understand they have turned up a host of criminal charges: irregular activities such as tax dodging via offshore trusts, allegations of associations between judges & members of criminal gangs, regular liaisons with male & female prostitutes, membership of secret societies, and allegations of “bungs” taken in criminal trials appear to have turned up. Oh dear.


30 thoughts on “Smoke Signals

  1. Dunno who you’re referring to, but overall it’s a little disturbing. I can sorta handle people trying to steal from me via usury and taxation, but if anyone makes an eye for a young son, I will most certainly go insane.


  2. Chris has also got this one:

    about our good old Dominique the Rammer!

    Interesting to read that his lady-love has finally sodded off. And here was me thinking it was true love ;-). Though I suppose when it finally dawned on her that she wasn’t ever going to become ‘Madame Präsident of France” she just decided to give up on him. There’s only so much a girl can take!

    So, what is he doing for pocket money these days? The family wealth was hers and presumably she has taken it with her, and presumably he is currently unemployed as well. Surely he hasn’t got all that much stashed away on the side – or will have after Naffisatou gets her payout.


  3. Rolf, say it isn’t so. You go back to when we got our first TV a 9 inch Bush black and white in time for the Korean War. That’s over 60 years ago. And tie me kangeroo down sport was my favourite along with A pub with no beer.


  4. O/T: I’d like to promote a fight between Freddie Flintoff, former captain of England, and wannabe heavy weight boxer, and Adam Hollioke, former ODI captain of England and present cage fighter.


  5. Je connais but they were hits at the same time. Tie me kangaroo down made the hit parade in the US. Sadly Slim’s nice little number never ade it despite being a country and western flavour.


  6. Re Sally Bercow: If she is indeed going to tell MacAlpine’s lawyers to ‘Get Lost’ after all, then in all fairness I am happy to retract any rude remarks I may have Commented about her earlier this week. Just a small number of High Profile Names telling him to ‘Sod Orft’ should do the trick for all the rest…I don’t Twitter …..but if true, jolly good luck to her !


  7. Rolf Harris is 82 years old, so either someone has got their facts wrong as to the age of the person detained or it is another person (probable).


  8. According to the ‘news’ on German telly last night Dominique has apparently agreed to pay Naffisatou a cool $6 million. The only problem is, he doesn’t have $6 million himself and so he is, apparently, having to borrow it from his bank and his ‘getrenntlebend’ (estranged) wife.

    Oh dear! All of which brings up, of course, how does he intend to pay it all back – particularly that sum which he is having to borrow from his bank? I wonder if ‘Flange’ Hollande might chip in a few euronen?


  9. But all the papers reported it was a man in his 80s, not an 80 year old – still don’t want to believe it though!


  10. I don’t think they got away with just palming us of with the dead ones, so the next step may just be to SACRIFICE one or two expired but still living ones. The artiicles in the MSM using the work done by Brian Gerrish about common purpose was a good start, but they failed to print the bit about MST (Media Standards Trust) purchasing the ‘Hacked of’ website two weeks before they were supposed to know, or should i say, the ‘scandal’ broke in the papers.


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