SALLY BERCOW’S SURRENDER: What in God’s name is going on here?

Breaking at The Telegraph (with no comments allowed) is a piece with Sally Bercow grovelling about having learnt (sic) her lesson: (my emphasis)

‘Mrs Bercow, a prolific user of Twitter, closed her account after she wrongly linked Lord McAlpine to false child abuse allegations. She now faces legal action and a pay-out to the Peer.’

No she didn’t, and no she doesn’t. Note that no hack in the Telegraph has the spine to sign their name to this blatant propaganda.

This is such a brazen attempt to rescue the Case of the McAlpine Smears that never became a case anywhere, as such, that I’m seriously considering giving up completely on the Torygraph. It’s becoming as blinkered as The Guardian at the other end of the bollocks-spectrum.

I’m going to tweet La Bercow and see what’s what.

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60 thoughts on “SALLY BERCOW’S SURRENDER: What in God’s name is going on here?

  1. Interestingly an acquaintance of mine, a man of some means and position, has tweeted and blogged regularly about McAlpine, but has yet to be sued (or even contacted). *innocent face*

  2. Leveson does a dormouse,sets one side against another and shows who is in who’s pocket,Made it very hard for the corrupted

  3. Ah, I think I see the mistake here, I took ‘No she didn’t’ to mean the linking and ‘No she doesn’t’ to mean facing a payout. That’s not what you meant is it?

  4. Leaves me in a bit of a quandary – whilst I dislike sloppy, ambiguous or downright incorrect reporting, I must say I was prepared to overlook a lot if it removed from the public gaze the terminally irritating Mrs Bercow and her equally obnoxious diminutive spouse.

  5. The Tellytubbygraph has become a heap of shite, or the jjforest show if you hung out on Ambroses crock of lies today. I have started to read the Indy again. Another once great Brit institution reduced to rubble. What an utter wreck that island has become since I was forced to leave in 95 when my way of life was made illegal.

    It’s very pleasant here in northern europe, where we have a stable currency that is set to run until at least the end of this century

  6. We do love a lady to behave like a lady, and more especially in Public Life.
    This lady has a lesson or two to learn.
    Where is the controversy in this?

  7. kfc

    Exactly. I lived in my Mercedes Benz van without an address, only in the winter; so as to spend more time with the brats. Rest of timeworking in Europe. All I have ever wanted is enough space to be able to paddle my own canoe and the State to leave me alone. I had to go to Germany for that!

  8. @ONH: Good for you, not many achieve it. My nephew gets close to it by living in a caravan in a small park but, they all have to shift their vans around ever 3 months or so to avoid the community charge but, for around £70 per week he gets all his electricity and patch of land to live on with water and waste facilities. He’s happy.

  9. Isn’t the nicest part of all this that they (the Bercows) thoroughly, irrefutably, endlessly (hopefully), deserve each other?

  10. To bypass the Telegraph paywall simply go commando!

    Google Chrome – New Incognito Window
    Internet Explorer – Tools – Inprivate Browsing

    Doors open!

  11. @ONH
    “where we have a stable currency that is set to run until at least the end of this century”

    I thought you’d said you were living in Northern Europe?

  12. That’s what I took it to mean kfc, if I’m wrong I’m also confused. (Always a worry because I’m sitting here convinced I’m sipping my first glass of Port. If I’m confused I’ll have to start marking the bottle with date stamps.)

  13. Use an anonymising proxy such as “Hide My Ass” and it’ll allow you to change your apparent location to where ever is convenient. UK if you want to watch UK TV through “TVCatchUp” or want to read the Torygraph on line. There are other ways round their money grabbing schemes.

  14. hum hum hummmm…
    I love it when Chris de Burgh sings to me..
    ” 3 times a lady..” la la..
    hum hum hummm..

  15. Without a doubt; what I’m less sure about is do we deserve them..? This whole thing reminds me of Groucho’s wonderful line: “…love flies out the door when money comes innuendo”. At least debt monetisation has a certain putrid logic to it, but the McAlpine scam truly takes pernicious farce to a new and darkly surreal level.

    Groucho on politics: ” Politics is the art of looking for trouble, finding it everywhere, diagnosing it incorrectly and applying the wrong remedies.” You bet your life.

  16. @The Real Gemz
    Lets get our quotes right -“3 times a lady” Lionel Ritchie
    Chris de Burgh -” Lady in Red”

  17. You can get yourself a proxy IP application for Windows (not sure about phones) such as Hide My IP it’s a free download (no, I’m not an affiliate – just a user). Buy the premium upgrade and set your IP to a choice of regions in the UK – bingo – you can read the DT and also watch BBC/ITV iPlayers too. I’ve been using it for years, very reliable. You can also be ‘located’ in a load of other countries too. I’m currently ‘located’ in Northants – but actually located 700 miles distant.

  18. “This is such a brazen attempt to rescue the Case of the McAlpine Smears that never became a case anywhere, as such,”

    ITV dont seem to agree, what with them paying out £100k plus

  19. Their number plates say everything that needs to be said about Mr and Mrs Bercow…B 13 RCO and S 88 LYY.


  20. So I’m not the only one..
    My lorry is L18IDO
    He roars like a lion.
    Suits me so he says… my kommandant .
    I must go now and have another brandy.

  21. davenpuerto the telegraph count your twenty visits because they count the cookies. to avoid go to settings enter cookies in the search bar, enter the web address of the torygraph, disable, confirm. hey presto the software cant track you. free reading as it should be. little victories mean so much. atb cc

  22. Yes, jon, out of the blue – suddendly the telegraph is demanding a monthly fee for access to their website. I thought it was just like the Times paywall thingy. I hadnt realised it was for overseas readers – hell I live in the EU (France) I thought we had a free market – ha ha ha ha ha ha ha
    deep breath – ha ha ha ha ha……weeps.

  23. Boncourage….. could you possibly re-post this any time after the 15th December, when my darling daughter comes home from uni. Because what you are telling us to do is beyond me – but my darling will be able to sort this out in SECONDS…… and I would love to get iplayer and all the other stuff you mention.
    Ta ever so…..

  24. Ok Holders…. this Hide my ass thingy… do we type it into google or is it more complicated than that? Do we need a certain 19 year old to sort it for us?
    I like the idea, but the implementation is WAY above my pay grade….

  25. Riiiight… Captain. I wondered about the whole cookie stuff.
    Mmmm… I might just have to follow your instructions – but will I remember them? Could you repost this on 15th December of for the following 3 weeks? I would be so grateful.
    Also, I beleive that I have given the telegraph my credit card number – dangit. Shit (but dont tell my daughter I used that word……)

  26. Some classic remarks this week, JW!

    Nice work on defending our Greek friends, a relief to see a non-left wing site plugging away there. Nothing to argue with on your Leveson recommendations… despite being a Guardianista…

    Your resident ”Stalinist”

  27. Silly boy. Put your wurst back in your trousers and get your gravatar the right way up before you realize what a fool you are making of yourself.

    You just can’t get the Trolls these days.

    And this after all that was said about “off topic commenting” by a well known author – one really doesn’t know who not to believe next! Incredible.

  28. Don’t have another brandy until you have finished your wurst – and started to embarrass Mr Ward with your off topic inanities. I do wonder that he puts up with Trolls like you.

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