The McAlpine finances. Overheard in Pratt’s Club last week…much discussion on the nature of Ali McAlpine’s net worth prior to the start of his National Tithes Collectathon. What on earth could this mean, we ask ourselves here in Slogger’s Roost.

Goldfinger points up not down, for once. Standard procedure on the NYSE these days is for gold to plummet $10-30 at opening time. Last Friday, it climbed the North Face of the graph to go from $1729-1753.

Keep an eye out for what gold does over the next few days. My own view is that it shot up on fears of complete eurozone catastrophe. I think it will at best steady off, and at worst drop down again. But it does show those who are awake what gold will do when the SHTF in Europe.

Uncle Benghazi’s Rice. In what looks set to become the opening nomination punch-up of President Obama’s second term, Susan Rice is likely to be asked by Congress why she leapt with such alacrity to the conclusion that the 9/11 US Benghazi Embassy compound fiasco was a spontaneous reaction to an obscure anti-Islamist video. The main reason they’ll ask the question is because little or none of the evidence supports her opinion…which, spookily, aligns very closely with Obama’s face-saving view.

Why Hillary and Bill Clinton so swiftly reversed out of this debate remains a mystery. But I understand that some hitherto missing pieces of the jigsaw might come to light….from unlikely sources.