Toffs to the right of ’em, social workers to the left of ’em.

Can we have some real people back in politics please?

Lord McAlpine having spent the last week politicising the libel process, the fine Councillors of Rotherham yesterday demonstrated that the Left too can stomp about in the seedbed of liberty sporting lead overshoes.

The decision by Rotherham Council and two of its social workers to remove three non-white kids from successful parents because they vote UKip beggars belief. The Council’s firm line on “standing by” its decision suggests they don’t know the first thing about democracy (or indeed UKip). It should also be grounds for using the old Thatcher law about local incompetence, and have them removed from the governing process.

It would be hard to imagine a better opportunity for The Slog to demonstrate why its dislike of both Left and Right is far from either negative or wishy-washy. On the one hand we are presented with a right-wing manipulator using ambulance chasers to strangle opposition. And on the other we make the acquaintance of Stalinists determined to use children as a means of strangling political incomers.

Yet oddly enough, we come back full circle to the same background: vital areas of social governance being rendered dysfunctional by political agendas. And specifically, we come back to the same place: the protection of our children.

While leaping Lord Alistair and slavishly right-on social workers continue to make their heavy-handed points, we the People are left with nothing but abuse of a system upon which we depend. Vindictive and lawless, these extremists continue to blight our culture for the sake of discredited polemics.

I am tired of fanaticism. I’m sick of feminist lawyers and neocon greed, of Brechtian Labour’s shadowy figures and the Tory Party’s paedophile backers, of Boris Johnson and his blatantly ambitious rabble-rousing, of Lord Fallon’s double-standards and MPs wanting double-helpings, of Harriet Harman’s dense bigotry and Labour covering up for perverts in its midst, of unelected foreign media barons trying to run the country, and billionaire Peers attempting to stuff ballot boxes with monied influence.

There won’t be a Saturday Essay today; there’s too much ongoing lunacy and criminality with which to deal. More anon.

118 thoughts on “Toffs to the right of ’em, social workers to the left of ’em.

  1. When I heard this story on BBC this morning it made me feel empty inside.

    What beggars belief is that someone in a position of responsibility in Rotherham social service thinks that this is acceptable.

    I can say no more – it just makes me angry.


  2. “When I heard this story on BBC this morning it made me feel empty inside.”
    This is absolutely terrifying – what is wrong with the English? – will no one take to the streets? How can this happen and be reported as if its somehow normal or OK?
    Maybe the world thinks Greece is mad, but the whole country went into melt-down in 2009 when a policeman shot and killed a 14 year old boy. The streets of Athens were on fire. This went on for days and days and was almost impossible to contain.

  3. Because we are pathetic as a nation. The British would only take to the streets if: 1) It affected the football. 2)BGT. 3) Strictly Come Dancing. 4)X-Factor.
    There you have it. Lambs for the slaughter. We deserve all we get.

  4. A very good question. On top of our ‘natural reserve’ we now have deep layers of cultural stupefaction, confusion and disinterest. The problem is that the longer you leave this sort of lunacy unchallenged, the harder it becomes to object effectively. However, the analogy of a candle under a pan of milk still applies; sooner or later it will boil over.

  5. “The Council’s firm line on “standing by” its decision suggests they don’t know the first thing about democracy ….”

    Two points here, I think. First we no longer have a democracy in any meaningful sense. The party system ensures that elections are resolved on the basis of choosing a party, not a representative. Even that choice has to be made on the basis of manifestos that consist of vague promises more often based on the supposed flaws of the opposition than their own intentions. Making it worse, of those promises some they intend to keep, some are intended in spirit only, some are intended to never, ever be kept (but by damn, they sound good!) and the rest, the majority it seems to me, are merely innocuous sounding place-holders to give them legitimacy in introducing things they know the electorate would never willingly vote for but they are determined to do anyway. And just to add to that horror, experience strongly suggests that, for the most part, pre-election their only interest lies in winning, only after the election do they actually sit down and think about what they actually intend to do. “Democracy my arse,” as a certain sit-com actor was prone to say.

    Secondly we have to remember who government works for and only a fool would think it is you or me. The stakeholders of government are: the government bureaucracy itself, the benefits of political class, big business, financial institutions, national institutions (the Establishment) and cronies, hangers-on and the others that use the lobby industry.

    Is it any wonder that governmental apparatchiks, be it national or local, neither believe in democracy nor work in its interest?

  6. There is only one good thing about our langour in the face of this wickedness; when it finally becomes endurable, the backlash will “clean house” for many generations.

  7. i like your post and your blog. what i don’t really like is having to click on ‘rotherham mentally ill council’ to read it. lots of people i know would be called ‘mentally ill’ but they’d never do something as stupid as this.

  8. When I left Brit for the last time in ’95 I felt like a Jew leaving Germany in the early 30’s. I told everybody where ritney was heading. Nobody would listen so I can have no sympathy whatsoever. The smart Jews left early. Those that did not got eradicated. The smart Brits left early. There is nothing there left to save. Spinelessness rules, OK!

  9. Eleni: Most of the ones with a tipping point left already. There are a few brave souls like Mr Ward, who I assume out of romantic nostalgia, remain to fight, but they are fighting a long lost battle. Those that would stand up to authority and lead the spineless plebs have gone to much greener pastures like Northern Europe, Aus or New Zeeland. The thugs on the street and the very rich have ALL the power now and the natural born leaders have gone. What is there. Ucrap and Farage who takes his wages from the organisation that he pretends to want to destroy. What a hypocrite that man is. If he truly had the courage of his convictions he could not take their money as it would make him vomit with self disgust.

  10. Eleni
    Surely you are not suggesting that we raze Rotherham to the ground over this? (not a bad idea in the minds of many) This was an action of breathtaking stupidity, but there are peaceful options available for dealing with it.
    The British are a stoical nation who keeps the collective powder dry. When they do react there are fireworks, as Napoleon, Hitler and Galtieri found to their considerable cost.
    I do feel uncomfortable with folk pointing towards X Factor and football as evidence of apathy. I don’t watch these things out of choice, but I can’t see the harm in others taking a couple of hours out to enjoy themselves.

  11. The political classes are slimy odious sociopathic creatures who are truly the dreggs of humanity and should be either put down or lobotomised and given lowly, menial but essential tasks — thus genuinely serving the populations they claim to represent. Sorry, just thinking out loud.

    Was it not Billy Connolly who said just by virtue of wanting to be a politician should be enough to disqualify a person from becoming one?

  12. As there is a by-election in Rotherham next week, a spectacularly high vote for UKiP would be a timely kick in the pants for the knuckle-draggers in its Social Services Department.

  13. I’m sorry but describing Lord McAlpine “a right-wing manipulator using ambulance chasers to strangle opposition” is utter rubbish. What exactly he he ‘strangling opposition’ to? The idea he’s a child abuser perhaps? Does he have no right to go after people who have defamed him? Lots of people made completely incorrect allegations against someone, and now they are having to pay for it. What Lord A is doing may be heavy handed, but imagine what the alternative would be – loads of people saying ‘Oh but he hasn’t sued anyone in court, so he must be afraid of losing, so there must be some truth in it.’ This has already been used as an argument ‘proving’ he’s a wrong’un because he hadn’t sued about previous similar allegations. So if he did nothing the rumours would go into overdrive.

    I suggest you let the BBC broadcast allegations that you are a kiddie fiddler and let that enter the public consciousness via Twitter etc for a while and see how that affects you, and whether you might then want to take decisive action to show it wasn’t true. Of course you might not survive long enough to sue anyone if the mob find out where you live first………………..

  14. I agree it is not the inane shows or footy that’s the problem. It is the people responsible for the indoctrination of kids, the dumbing down of education, the lies and propaganda rammed down the throats of a gullible, ill- prepared people.
    Go into an average pup anywhere in the UK, with normal working class clientele, and try to have a conversation that requires thought, informed opinion and an open mind. I would put money on it being an exercise in futility.

  15. ‘There won’t be a Saturday Essay today; there’s too much ongoing lunacy and criminality with which to deal.’
    Wife taking you shopping is she?

  16. Obviously time for Farage to do more than posturing in the European Parliament and step into the limelight to challenge this through the courts.
    If he wants UKIP to be taken seriously as a mainstream political party then he has no other choice. Perhaps he should take a leaf out of his Lordships book and sue each of these jobsworths individually.
    Time for a little more than some trite soundbites methinks and if he is not up to it (if indeed he ever was) then he should step aside.

  17. The left shall fight the right and the right shall fight the left and neither shall see the enemy laughing on the sidelines

  18. Nick, Farage is a political lightweight bordering on embarrassing, but I have to take issue with you.
    First, the UK is a net contributor to that corrupt organisation, so it could be argued that the UK taxpayer pays his wages anyway, along with Camerlot et al. Secondly it is always more effective to fight an organisation from within, rather than standing on the touchline bawling at the ref.

  19. Would you prefer that he try to do something from outside the EU parliament? Yes, that would be successful, wouldn’t it? Look, regardless what you think of his motives, at least being inside “the organisation” he has the opportunity to raise these points and speak about them to the unelected bureaucrats, and he does.

    Unelected idiots like van Rumpoy (witness his witless speech yesterday about the EU budget – a budget for which the EU has produced no accounts for years) and dangerous people like Barrosso (one Europe, one Reich!) NEED to be exposed and Farage would have NO chance on Earth, were he not INSIDE.


  20. If it was, he was absolutely right.

    Aldous Huxley also maintained that people who govern should be people who don’t want to do so, because their motives for doing things would not be self serving (I’m paraphrasing so I may not be making the point as eleoquently as I recall reading some years ago).


  21. Apparently Farage has said it is a ‘bloody outrage’. I’m afraid it is much more evil than that.

    The problem is though that the only way to deal with, as in *control*, extremes is to invoke another extreme. Short of imposing full frontal lobotomy on people who think the way they do, nothing will induce them to think less maliciously.

  22. “One of the penalties of refusing to participate in politics is that you end up being governed by your inferiors.”
    ― Plato

  23. Perhaps it will work out for the best in the end, hopefully leading to some sort of balance. It seems that tyrants petty or otherwise have to push it too far before anything is done about it. Here’s hoping the kids will be OK & my very cautious optimism is not misplaced.

    In the interest of balance the soggy middle ground occupied by the Cleggies is also an area inhabited by useless careerist tossers.

  24. Also, please be clear that life is often a choice between the lesser of 2 evils. I prefer to be “ruled” by the corrupt morons in Brussels than by the City of London and Wall St and their political puppets. As a meditating, dope smoking, unreconstructed hippy I have never taken much notice of anybodies rules and regulations other than my own.

    Life in Northern Europe is still very sweet. However bad it gets here, and it surely will, it will be a Sunday School bunfight compared to what is coming to Britain and America. Having an independent and working brain we moved to the middle of nowhere with a very large garden very soon after the cull of Lehmans.

  25. “too much ongoing lunacy and criminality with which to deal”!!!!!!!

    DEEP SIGHS of agreement, with feelings of helplessness and powerlessness… Don’t even have the strength to visit mums in prison whose kids were taken unlawfully AND who are being treated as if they were the criminals…

  26. On an entirely unrelated note:

    my new baby daughter arrived in the world at 7:30am this morning. Her beauty and innocence have already inspired me to redouble my efforts to help make a better world for her to grow up in. Her training in “slog”-arythmics begins today!

  27. Well congratulations to Mum and Dad and here’s hoping your efforts prove more fruitful than my own have been, in making improvements for one’s offspring to enjoy.

  28. “In the interest of balance the soggy middle ground occupied by the Cleggies is also an area inhabited by useless careerist tossers.”

    Good point Stevie and one can’t even say that they do less damage, because actually it wouldn’t be true. So extremes are truly awful and the middle ground is, er, pretty much as bad. Damn, where to go?

  29. It’s a choice between making a better world or preparing diligently so that I can effectively protect her and her big sister when TSHTF.

    Beans, bullets and bullion are great birthday presents!

  30. “I suggest you let the BBC broadcast allegations that you are a kiddie fiddler and let that enter the public consciousness via Twitter etc for a while and see how that affects you, and whether you might then want to take decisive action to show it wasn’t true.”

    What would interest me at least as much is whether if those allegations were made about JW, or any of the other less privileged than McAlpine people here, we’d be able to achieve a fraction of the response he did.

  31. I am not sure but, I am starting to believe that UKIP is a sideshow designed to give the electorate the illusion that there is a choice, when, in reality there isn’t. Or maybe with the intention of bringing UKIP’s profile more into the spotlight? I cannot believe that there are not more devious motives in play here, just what those motives are, who knows?

  32. I hate to judge on anything without all the facts,hence why i haven’t received a letter from HE WHO SHOULD NOT BE MENTIONED.
    if it is just for voting UKIP then this is very disturbing,Not knowing the system well though,i would have thought that to make these children wards of court a judge somewhere,like in he who should not be mentioned case would have judged or Lawyers acted on evidence not rumour
    I think neither shows our systems of governance in good light or it’s reporting of it
    more reason to regulate the government & press
    We only want the truth

  33. It’s a bit more complex, especially these past few days. We can now reasonably imagine a nice British couple somewhere, say Alice and Bob –an informed couple, mind you– reading about this mess in the morning paper, and ..

    Alice: “How frightfully awful to imply those foster parents weren’t fit, and on such grounds …”

    Bob: “Right you are luv, but on the other hand think how relieved they are not to have been called out as pedophiles.”

    Alice: “Hadn’t thought of that Bob. Hmm. Terrible situation. Terrible.”

    No telling what might be passing for logic and common sense these a days.

  34. Congratulations to you and your lady Chris. It’s over forty years since my daughters came into this world. The thrill of those moments still warm me. Let’s hope you have the same joy with your girls as I did.

  35. Nick,
    If you were a hippy, then we’re the same age!
    BTW, I emigrated to Portugal which is also very sweet, but with better weather.

  36. Don’t worry Mr Spooky :) They have probably moved them somewhere safe from evil influences………. nice little care home in North Wales no doubt !

  37. Is there cultural stupefaction?
    There is some good stuff on TV (among the total crap), there is some great music, especially live music, (among the total crap), there are some great, thoughtful plays being staged (among the total crap), some great art exhibitions (among the total crap)-probably exactly as it always has been.
    The fact that the mass market media enthuses over e.g Helen Flanagan’s bikinis does not mean that most people believe it is of consequence-they are generally just entertained by it. Most people do recognise what is important-and yes the milk is coming to the boil (to steal the analogy).

  38. i am one very overjoyed captain today. my new little abbie has arrived. headwetting this evening with chris. what a day!

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  40. Let’s be clear about this – he was misidentified as an abuser of Steven Messham.

    But not by the BBC – his name was doing the rounds on Reddit and Twitter well before the programme was shown.

    The original Scallywag allegations were not sued over – why? – and the magazine foundered over allegations that John Major had an affair with a No. 10 caterer, even though they reported the rumours as false – and the fact that it later came out that he had indeed played away from the marital home with Edwina Currie.

    As part of this, the magazine was turfed out of their offices and all their papers seized, including, it was claimed, the evidence to back up their original allegations:

  41. I am sure they are being cared for,it seems today is a good day, congratulations to Chris & Laurence.& you John

  42. Apparently its UKIP’s opposition to multi multiculturalism that’s offended the left wing bigots who run Rotherham Councils social services department. Check out the chisel faced harridan in charge of social services trying to defend their decision on Sky news. Old school loony militant Labour left.

  43. Dip. Mrs H isPortufraise. Portuguese origin, born in Paris, French Nationality. We would love to live in Portugal but it is so hard to earn a living there and now with a young family and habituated to Luxembourgish high wages and low taxes it is not realistic. We live in the Belgian Ardennes, where people are generally polite and friendly, the air and water are clean.

  44. Matt,
    You seem to think that because Lord McAlpine did not sue Scallywag over their false allegations that they were somehow true. Let me spell it out for you: they are not and nor could Scallywag, you or Wardy prove in Court that they were. They are lies.

    Whether Lord McAlpine sues or does not is entirely a matter for him and his lawyers. It does not alter, nor ever has, the simple fact that these allegations are complete and utter lies and seriously defamatory. The BBC deserved all it got and actually Lord McAlpine was generous to them.

  45. @old nick. I take it you haven’t seen Farage’s two-minute speeches on You Tube? He regularly shreds to pieces van Rumpoy and Draghi whilst Rumpoy sits there like a stuffed dummy and Draghi gurns. Pretends to destroy? If this is pretence he is bloody good at it.
    He is at work inside the EU while someone like me writes in and moans about it all. Respect to anyone who gets off their butt and stands up in public

  46. What would be the point of spending your own money suing a defendant with no assets (known in legal circles as a ‘straw man’)?

  47. Just realised that the English Democrats are standing in Rotherham & the by/election is on Thurs. UKIP are neck & neck with the tories, according to the bookies. Could this have been put out by the MSM to boost Ukip to the detriment of the EDs’? Apparently they were/are on to a good vote. Just a thought…….

  48. I thought they were eastern european, they could of course have come the eastern-european-buy-a-passport-Bulgarian route to our welfare system. But hey it doesn’t matter.

    We have to get past this bit whereby if you don’t welcome foreign welfare system shoppers it makes you a racist as opposed to sensible.

    How the hell did they work that reversal? I did dip into the cesspit of the ONS at one point as I had a theory about NI numbers. It seems that there are a goodly number of eastern europeans-welcomed-with-open-arms-by-tory-and-labour-alike as necessary to our economy, it seems that a goodly number of people registering to have an NI number so they can work here, are claiming benefits after 6 months. Now there’s a shock.

    I bet you can’t claim for 6 months is why they aren’t there on day 1.
    Now if you have an NI number you can apply and get an NHS number -welcome to free health care!

  49. You don’t need to have an NI number to get an NHS number. In facts its now far easier to get an NHS number then an NI number as the DWP have belatedly become far more stringent (they now rather impertinently ask for proof that your working). As for the NHS number just drop into any NHS surgery, register with a doctor and you’ll get an NHS number in the post. All are welcome.

  50. Absolutely that really would be fantastic but I doubt its going to happen. The local plebs will do what they have always done and vote Labour. If Dennis MacShane was standing as the official Labour candidate he would still get a handsome victory.

  51. This guy was one of the most powerful men in the eighties, a number 10 fixer and fundraiser, the Peter Mandelson of his era. He literally wrote the book on Machiavelli. He advises powerful people to encourage false allegations so that when they’re uncovered it will damage the credibility of the source and anyone else making similar claims.

    He is an intensely manipulative, clever and devious man. No one should have the tiniest bit of sympathy for him.

  52. M’lud did not sue (1994) but Major did (1993). Mag went on until 1995. Could also have sued the editors individually. Or any of the other people that republished since, like David Icke. For the money or merely to set the record straight.

    None of this means that he is guilty of anything at all of course – and I neither infer nor imply anything. I seek merely to understand.

  53. Couldn’t agree more. It’s akin to trying to raise the dead and is what led me in sheer frustration to leave the country, after years of attempting to arouse a whiff of concern in friends and acquaintances about not only what was happening to Britain as a whole but in their own backyards concerning local council peccadillos.
    Despite feeling somewhat like the proverbial rat deserting the sinking ship, it’s hard to watch from afar that as matters have become immeasurably worse, there’s STILL little sign of sentient life, other than the popular pastime of moaning. It may be apathy or laziness, or may be related to traditional British horror at being perceived “different”, not “nice”, of making a fuss, or standing out in the crowd. If they do find the courage to speak out, they have to be prepared for the MSM to make mincemeat out of them for daring to rock the boat. Other than Farage, there seems to be a dearth of characters prepared to stand up and speak out and HE had to persist for years before the MSM would even report him.

  54. But don’t forget there’s Galloway’s Respect candidate who will hoover up lots of the ethnic vote, some natural Labour voters will react against MacShane’s decades of criminality by staying away, and who’s going to vote Tory or Lib-Dem ?
    Could be a fascinating count – there may yet be a surprise in store.

  55. The High Principled Lady from Rotherham’s wonderful Council – you know, the ones who in that recently appalling Court case of female child abuse couldn’t tell the difference between a self-seeking fantasist prostitute aged 14 and a seriously and serially abused fledgling screaming for someone – anyone – to listen to her stories of unspeakable and unwanted brutality (yes those) – seems to have got terribly muddled. (All together, “No surprise there then!”). On the Toaday prog this AM she stated that the reason why the Council had had to be very careful in this case was that already the Council had badly misjudged their responsibilites in it. So badly that a Judge who had previously listened to welfare issues in respect of the children, had roundly castigated the Council regarding their actions in placement, in no uncertain manner. So, chastened and with commendable care, they chose a foster family who for 7 whole years had served the community with apparently exemplary kindness and consideration in respect of all needy children they were required to protect. If the Council had had any misgivings in the past about unwanted ‘political influence’ on the part of their carers they surely would have put measures in place to check for exactly that. Like they were totally unconcerned about BNP voting families being employed? That merely highlights their incompetence – they should be dismissed immediately. But we’ll probably be able to sleep a little sounder tonight – a new tick-box will be immediately introduced on foster carers application forms: – “Name your political persuasion”. I’ll give a prize to the first person who writes: “Last week it was Labour – but now I’ve learnt that they’re bigots (at least in Rotherham)- I’m voting Screamin’ Lord Sutch”. Now there’s sensible. Problem solved.

  56. The number for Rotheram’s Childrens Social Care is 01709 823987
    I’ve just tried ringing them to voice my disgust at this outrageous decision, but the number is constantly engaged.
    Why not ring them Monday morning? They need to know in the strongest terms that this is not acceptable. Whilst it’s not the pitchfork moment that we would want, it’s a start, and better than sitting on our arses doing nothing?

  57. “…imposing full frontal lobotomy on people who think the way they do…”

    a 9mm or .357 full frontal lobotomy?

  58. John, I realise that aged 68 I’m beyond help. I have confused Rochdale and Rotherham. So if you can moderate lines 2 to 5 inclusive, that will allow me to sleep more easily – and not confuse even more people. Thanks

  59. They’ve obviously taken the phone off the hook, probably being the weekend. I have emailed them, thanks for the address!

  60. @M Davis
    I too have emailed them under their complaints section. I suggest that as many as are able, should do so as well.
    This is jaw dropping stupidity, and they need to be told so.


  61. I have been reading this story and all the comments today. My feelings alternating from shock to anger, to despair, to sadness, to anger again…
    For what it’s worth, this story made me totally forget our local drama. It’s all irrelevant, trivial, when compared to children’s suffering.
    IMHO it’s time to start acting and stop all this, or else “1984” is soon to follow, sometime ahead of 2012…

  62. Hmmm. Rather than two kinds of people I have always thought of it as two stages. The first (initial) stage is where the purpose of the bureaucracy is foremost. The second stage, usually achieved within 12 – 18 months, is where the purpose of the bureaucracy becomes the bureaucracy itself and the original purpose is effectively abandoned.

    I recall what was for me one of the defining statements about the difference between private and public sector managers. A manager in the private sector is there to take things forward, to improve, innovate and extend. In other words, manage. A public sector manager (bureaucrat) is there to stop change, to discourage innovation and self-determination. For me this is the main reason why the civil service is incapable of any adequate or effective provision.

  63. Exporting democracy to the heathens when we dont have it here. Elected officials doing whats best for us in our own name ir ket the ‘rabble’ take over. We never get it right because we can never come to a decision and agree on anything. The only thing do agree on is that ‘something must be done’ ie its someone elses problem.

  64. “Old Nick Heavenly”
    “I prefer to be “ruled” by the corrupt morons in Brussels than by the City of London and Wall St and their political puppets.”

    What makes you so sure the corrupt morons in Brussels are not the political puppets of globalist entities in league with Wall St and the City of London? If the morons in Brussels are indeed corrupt, who knows how you will end up being “ruled”?

  65. Unfortunately we have had about 50 years of not noticing that if we don’t hold government to account, it won’t bother listening to us and will just hijack the law. I can barely count on the fingers of one hand, who of the 2,000 people I know really well are aware of how corrupted the whole system is (and most of them would claim they are thinking folks.
    I fear it will take many years to become unbearable for enough of us to turn the tide. It is staggering how much people will take, and how short their memories are.
    I hope I am not including myself in that group.

  66. Max C;
    yes I have seen it. It was very funny.Dumpy’s discomfort was a joy to watch. Did you see Dumpy on Belgian telly earlier this year telling us all that we had nothing to worry about. That was hysterical.! Nevertheless, Hermann is a clever man and good at solving problems.

  67. alexei:

    My whole way of life was made illegal in Shitain in ’95. I have no doubt that Brussels is run by big corporations for big corporations.but I still see it as the lesser of the evils.

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