Can we have some real people back in politics please?

Lord McAlpine having spent the last week politicising the libel process, the fine Councillors of Rotherham yesterday demonstrated that the Left too can stomp about in the seedbed of liberty sporting lead overshoes.

The decision by Rotherham Council and two of its social workers to remove three non-white kids from successful parents because they vote UKip beggars belief. The Council’s firm line on “standing by” its decision suggests they don’t know the first thing about democracy (or indeed UKip). It should also be grounds for using the old Thatcher law about local incompetence, and have them removed from the governing process.

It would be hard to imagine a better opportunity for The Slog to demonstrate why its dislike of both Left and Right is far from either negative or wishy-washy. On the one hand we are presented with a right-wing manipulator using ambulance chasers to strangle opposition. And on the other we make the acquaintance of Stalinists determined to use children as a means of strangling political incomers.

Yet oddly enough, we come back full circle to the same background: vital areas of social governance being rendered dysfunctional by political agendas. And specifically, we come back to the same place: the protection of our children.

While leaping Lord Alistair and slavishly right-on social workers continue to make their heavy-handed points, we the People are left with nothing but abuse of a system upon which we depend. Vindictive and lawless, these extremists continue to blight our culture for the sake of discredited polemics.

I am tired of fanaticism. I’m sick of feminist lawyers and neocon greed, of Brechtian Labour’s shadowy figures and the Tory Party’s paedophile backers, of Boris Johnson and his blatantly ambitious rabble-rousing, of Lord Fallon’s double-standards and MPs wanting double-helpings, of Harriet Harman’s dense bigotry and Labour covering up for perverts in its midst, of unelected foreign media barons trying to run the country, and billionaire Peers attempting to stuff ballot boxes with monied influence.

There won’t be a Saturday Essay today; there’s too much ongoing lunacy and criminality with which to deal. More anon.