Lord Mandelson, Prince Andrew, Shaun Woodward, and convicted paedophile pimp Jeffrey Epstein


Epstein and friend, Prince Andrew

In a previous post earlier this week, The Slog suggested that the main weapon protecting Establishment paedophiles is genuine fear among the elite about where the trail of detection might lead. The case history below offers an example of why that fear exists. Above all, it suggests one very simple guiding light for those reporting about peadophilia: if you want to know the way, ask a policeman.

There is hearsay. And there is something I’ve taken to calling ‘readsay’. The latter is different to gossiped word of mouth, because rather than being a word in you ear without witnesses, it’s 2000 words on newsprint or website – with anything from 12,000 to 750,000 readers.

If the readsay is in a ‘major’ title, then you can bet that a small football team of lawyers has looked very closely for the existence of unintended libel. If the subjects of that piece include one of the most feared politicians in recent British history and a Royal son, then you can be certain that the proprietor of the title has also been fully briefed on what the newsroom is about to publish.

On those bases, what I am about to do is really nothing more than piece together a series of well-established facts, and some of the contemporary allegations that went with them. Unusually in the coverage of paedophiliac perversion to date, the story spans both sies of the Atlantic – and both off and online media giants. Put together, the tale should make those in doubt about the existence of privileged protection think at least twice.


American bond and hedge fund mogul Jeffrey Epstein went to prison in 2010 – albeit briefly – having been found guilty by a US Court of soliciting prostitution from a minor. How and why he escaped a more hefty jail sentence – despite overwhelming evidence of sex crimes with dozens of young girls – remains something guaranteed to make the neutral’s blood boil.

The U.S. attorney who led the Epstein prosecution in Florida’s Southern District commented publicly on the case once it was no longer sub judice, even giving Tina Brown’s highly respected Daily Beast exclusive access to his view in the form of a long open letter. The following facts, among others, emerged: three 12-year-old French girls were delivered to him for his twisted pleasure as a birthday present. Epstein had purchased a “Balkan sex slave” from her family when she was just 14. And the FBI identified around 40 young women, most of them underage at the time, who had been coaxed into Epstein’s Palm Beach home on the request for a “massage” for money…..then forced into various sexual tableaux.

The judiciary knew all about this when Epstein was sentenced. In the US, sex crimes of this nature typically carry a term of 10 to 20 years in prison.  Indeed, the very fact of serious FBI involvement makes clear that the crimes were considered to be extremely serious, organised, and professionally rewarded.

Yet Jeffrey Epstein was sentenced to just 13 months in jail.

The Beast also described how ‘Fear and intimidation experienced by victims during pre-trial proceedings, combined with a ferocious, protracted campaign to undermine the prosecution, culminated in a set of charges that became a virtual slap on the wrist.’ Tina Brown is married to the London Times legend Harry Evans, an editor whose Insight investigations were the envy of the world. For her to print an accusation so blatantly means she knew it to be fact. And I’d imagine that Evans encouraged her to go with it. The combined experience of the couple is awesome.

Treading on toxic ground, the Daily Mail later got one of Epstein’s victims to go public, and describe her years as “a teenage sex toy”. The woman concerned, Virginia Roberts, produced a photograph of herself with Prince Andrew. It dated from 2001 – when she was 15 – and the ‘toy’ alleged that Epstein had paid her $15,000 to ‘meet’ the prince. The general tone of the piece was to suggest that Epstein had been pimping her around his circle over several years – before the age of 15 – while at the same time regularly abusing the girl.

Yet Jeffrey Epstein was sentenced to just 13 months in jail.

In 2005, a young girl first brought sex-crime allegations against Jeffrey Epstein to the Palm Beach Police Department, which sought felony charges against Epstein. Subsequently, however, the State Attorney agreed to charge him “only with one count of aggravated assault with no intent to commit a felony”. The difference between the US and Britain, however, is that when faced with an obvious perversion of justice, law officers don’t always look the other way. The attorney concerned, R. Alexander Acosta, brought in the State and then the FBI, who in turn alerted the Attorney General’s office in Washington. But it was 2010 before Epstein started his prison sentence.

And Jeffrey Epstein was sentenced to just 13 months in jail.

With that kind of influence, you won’t be surprised to know that Mr Epstein had an address book that was to say the least eclectic. In fact, so sure had Epstein been of his immunity, he had placed it online. The names in the book – and here again we are in Readsay territory, because nobody involved disputes these facts – go beyond the dynamite scale:

* The convicted paedophile’s addresses included ten entries for Lord Mandelson and his partner Reinaldo da Silva. They are both ‘gay’: why on earth would they be in the little black book of a paedopimp?

* The book had no fewer than 16 numbers for Prince Andrew, including the home numbers for politicians Lord Heseltine and former Northern Ireland Secretary Shaun Woodward. The Prince admitted Epstein was a close friend, and refused to disown him even when the guy was found guilty.

* An office address for Tony Blair and a personal number for Bill Clinton were also among the virtual names on record.

Victim Virginia Roberts then confirmed that Mandelson was a regular visitor to Epstein’s New York town house. ‘I remember him being at the house in New York, and I was introduced to him at a dinner party. He and Jeffrey talked business together,” she testified.

Now, imagine you are teacher Wayne Bedfellow, and three kids at your school have complained about inapproriate physical approaches. So the local Plod rings the Met and asks about the names in an address book owned by that West End pimp Reggie Richardson, who just went down for a ten-stretch on charges of pimping minors . In there are five entries for Solihull teacher Wayne Bedfellow. Don’t you think the West Midlands boys in blue would at least get Wayne in for questioning?

Shaun Woodward refused to comment on his otherwise unexplained entry in Epstein’s online book. Peter Mandelson refused to answer when asked about why convicted paedophile Jeffrey Epstein had ten entries for him and his partner Reinaldo da Silva…including fax and email numbers for the latter. The peer just toughed it out. When contacted by the Mail, Lord Heseltine said he had “no memory” of meeting Jeffrey Epstein.

The Duke of York stayed at the townhouse, just off Central Park, for four days one Christmas. Epstein lent his former wife Sarah Ferguson £15,000 when she got into financial difficulties. Both the Prince and Mandelson know Kazakh socialite and businesswoman Goga Ashkenazi: she is alleged to have introduced Andrew to Timur Kulibayev, the man who bought Prince Andrew’s former marital home, Sunninghill, at £3million above the asking price. That’s fifteen million Pounds. Ashkenazi too has multiple entries in the contact file of paedophile pimp Jeffrey Epstein.

Oddly, to the best of my knowledge, PC George Dixon has not been up the Palace to ask a lot of impertinent questions.

Compare and contrast, as they say. What can I say except that it all feels a bit seedy and demi-monde. To me anyway. It reads like the triumph of privilege over pressure. Nothing more, nothing less.

For those who’ve only been following the entire Slog paedophile saga in a cursory manner, I have to remind you that in a previous post relating to fun and games at The Groucho Club, I also reported the truth:  a respected hack confided in me not long ago, naming a senior member of the royal household as the joint owner of the Groucho’s hastily removed paedophile exchange website domain.

Now to my critics (and these include a large number of my own friends and regular Sloggers) this will be yet more evidence of scurrilous behaviour on my part. It isn’t, and the only analogy I have left in explaining the reason for dogged persistence is the police detective analogy used earlier.

If we think of the Fourth Estate as, in many ways, pro-am sleuths, then it seems to me justified to ask what a copper would do if faced with this sort of ‘connective’ evidence against Chummy. He’d look to eliminate Chummy from his enquiries or – if he couldn’t – make two and two add four for certain. If he couldn’t do that, he’d keep Chummy on file for future reference. And if Chummy was in the frame for sex offences again, he’d bear it in mind. Over time, he might even put a tail on Chummy, and se if he could catch the bugger at it.

Because nobody did that for Ian Huntley, two little girls in Soham died. Nobody did that because the record of his sex-crimes had been deleted. It was deleted by the Humberside police authority, headed by a multiply ‘cleared’ (but still highly suspected) paedophile whom the Labour Party has since disowned.

In the media world some people would like to see, Chummy would be ignored over and over again. Their solution to this issue would be to ask whyowhyowhyowhy so-and-so got away with it afterwards. Sorry, but that’s not the real world of common sense. The case continues…both here and – hopefully – elsewhere until the truth finally emerges.

This is Part Two of a double-header, the first instalment of which appeared this morning here at The Slog.



89 thoughts on “Lord Mandelson, Prince Andrew, Shaun Woodward, and convicted paedophile pimp Jeffrey Epstein

  1. Once again, I must congratulate you on a masterpiece from the pen, which says what has to be said, but in ways that provide obstacles to successful litigation.

    I know from direct personal experience the dishonesty of police, for Devon & Cornwall Police set Special Branch on me ( including armed officers ), when I exposed a Cornish council falsifying it’s Planning Committee minutes. As soon as you mention “corruption” to police, the shutters fall, and the “brick wall” emerges.

    I look forward to your next post, and will be posting this one on my POLICE LIES HARM US ALL Facebook group.

    Best wishes, Zen


  2. Excellent journalism, John. Once again, putting the so-called Pro’s to shame.

    Just be careful that you don’t go for a walk in the country alone, with half a bottle of tablets and a blunt penknife in your pocket…


  3. +1

    Echoing Ted’s wise words too, John.

    I am selfish, as you know, and I’m entitled to worry about who I’m going to read if you decide to zip yourself into a holdall and put yourself into the bottom of the wardrobe …


  4. +1

    Keep it up JW.

    As a parent of young children my opinion is but a simple one – these demonic paedophiles need outing and then chased down the street by a gang with old tyres and a gallon of the finest unleaded.


  5. John, your dogged attention to this issue shames the already subdued media now moving on to their more saleable subjects such as banal reality TV. The sad, often lonely and confused lives, of the many thousands of victims, are in marked contrast to the luxurious, arrogant indifference of the people named.


  6. JW, you cannot be praised enough for your tenacity in keeping this subject alive. People who are ‘in the know’, whoever they are, should be naming and shaming these paedophiles, however high up they are in society and anyone having been found to have covered up for these paedophiles should be dealt with just as severely as if they had commited the crimes themselves. The victims need answers.


  7. I concur with the sentiments above. Should it be that you are thinking of taking a break – let all here know when you expect to return to producing your exceptional blog. Also if any suspicious activities start taking place, please ensure that they get a mention online.

    If you are out and have concerns – tweet it ! Etc. etc.

    Oh yes….Do NOT talk to strangers or accept lifts from them even in they offer you some sweeties. Look right and left and right again…..if all’s clear etc etc. (Might appear jovial but meant in all seriousness).

    You are likely starting to attract serious attention from those we all wish exposed……… and those people enjoy living on the back side of the moon environments.


  8. Oldrightie :
    I read the undertone of angst from yourself, J.W., and others, and have frequently wondered, when the pitchfork moment will come?
    I’m still wondering, but until I can formulate an answer I wish you, JW and all who ‘get it’, well.


  9. Thank you Mr Ward for lifting,ever so slightly,the pernicious world of privilidged paediophilia.Again,the homosexual community are being used and abused as the paediophile will scream “homophobia” as the rays of light draw near,so real homophobia will be “suspect”.I think the coercive element in this activity is as yet NOT exposed and like the hacking the secret services and police are more than likely involved.
    The pain of the destroyed lives is unimaginable,but accurately portrayed in the useage of SSRIs and the suicide rate amongst those so abused.


  10. JW, funny thing is – the people you’ve referred to in this and earlier posts are unlikely to start a fight in court about it, because it would bring unwanted public attention to their (alleged) misdeeds. And if anything can bring on the “Pitchfork Moment” amongst the bovine masses, it’ll be outrage over kiddy-fiddling. Great and brave journalism in my view, and as said by others, putting the rest of the world’s media to shame. You’re a modern day Cobbett, but please watch your back with these b@st@rds!


  11. Excellent. Well done, JW.
    Don’t forget to check underneath your car, particularly on top of the wheels,as hubby was once warned by a member of Special Branch.


  12. Keep up the good work John. This is a boil that needs lanced. what comes out is not going to be pretty, but society will be the better for it.


  13. Truth is, we live in a primitive fear-based society, with a fear-based system that literally feeds on fear; it is their sole food. Wherever you look, as soon as you scrape away the wafer-thin Glove of Shamocracy, you discover the iron fist, forged in the terror of the medieval age, and re-bodged over the centuries into the ad-hoc adaptation we now see. The fear-based energy has been passed down from Master to Pupil in unbroken succession.

    For this reason, reform is impossible, because such a system can truly face it’s nature without destroying itself, so it constantly throws up smokescreens and diversions, while at all times sending new ripples of fear from which the growing hordes of expensive professionals feed.

    The professionals need a constant stream of damaged, ill, and criminalised people, in order to fuel their economy.

    The solicitor in Plymouth I exposed for sex-blackmailing clients ( for which I face trial as police attempt to shut me down ), is not an isolated example. Far from it; he is merely the visible tip of a very murky iceberg.

    These people are literally turned-on sexually by fear. When boys are charged by police, and go to a popular duty solicitor like this one, he sizes them up, and if they seem vulnerable, they are told that they are in big trouble, and may possibly be imprisoned. Having applied the stick, he then changes course, and offers the carrot. Fearful of their future, some of these boys offer him their mouth and their bottoms. As this manipulation is under duress, it is effectively rape. It has been going on in Plymouth for many years, and I intend to stop this man, come what may, simply by applying The Truth, under The Law of Karma.


  14. I’m only making this comment because I note that there are so few compared to most Slogs. This doesn’t make it less worthy. I’m sure that most of us are aghast and simply don’t know what to say. Brilliant work sir.


  15. Keep lifting the drain-covers for us all and exposing the seething mass of high-placed low-life beneath.
    But take heed of other Sloggers’ warnings and take care of No 1 – this is a very messy sewer with some desperate rats eager to preserve their territory from your factual forensics.


  16. Defenseless under the night
    Our world in stupor lies;
    Yet, dotted everywhere,
    Ironic points of light
    Flash out wherever the Just
    Exchange their messages:
    May I, composed like them
    Of Eros and of dust,
    Beleaguered by the same
    Negation and despair,
    Show an affirming flame.”



  17. Brutal truth and balls of steel…. hell of a combination!
    Hope you’re all paying attention? This is too important to miss.


  18. The real problem, the cause of the most damage, lies with the amorality and arrogance common to the elites be they royal, political, business, celebrity or institutional. Basically they do not see that anything wrong is happening, the old “well, they were probably gagging for it, anyway” or the “they do well enough out of it” or the “well they’re not exactly innocent” attitudes prevail and are sufficient an excuse to turn a blind eye or engage in a bit of misdirection. These people are consumed by their sense of entitlement, their power, egged on by their need to dominate, truly makes them think they are untouchable. For most of them keeping the reputation of their class clean is far more important than any criminality or immorality.

    It has been my experience that the majority of people who rise to the top, especially in the areas above, are detached from reality, actually sociopaths, lacking any empathy, sympathy or even consideration for those they see as below them or their class cronies.


  19. Luverly jubbly reading this post has me reaching for the Guardian cancel subscription docket. Easier than giving up butter ( which was also bad for me apparently).
    Channel4 news quoted Class War’s “Rich Man’s Game” which is beautifully succint dontcha think?


  20. I dont disagree with your reasoning.
    But I disagree with Camerons.

    The reality is, assuming he hasnt been buggering twelve year olds, his position gets stronger the higher things go.
    Throw a couple of Tory grandees to the wolves and the mob will love him.
    Literally, throw them to the mob to be torn to pieces.
    Then watch his poll numbers skyrocket

    And when Camerons special task force starts kicking in Labour Grandees doors, watch “Ed” hang himself.


  21. Thank you for yet another thoughtful and brave essay.
    What lurks behind all this is a cowardly and immoral mainstream media that refuses to expose the crimes of the rich and powerful. They cleverly pose as our friends and allies, when in fact they hate public opinion, and yearn for the days before the internet when they could peddle the establishment line to their hearts’ content. They have been left high and dry after decades of arrogance and cosy stitch-ups with the governing parties, and are now reduced to flailing out at social media sites at every opportunity.
    Thanks for telling it like it is.


  22. But thats the stupidest thing of all because WE. and that means all those who care about this issue CAN do something about it. Its not someone elses problem. Its not rocket science


  23. John is ok well on this matter he certainly is. Now if he would stop getting pissed and moaning about ‘benefit scroungers’and ‘them lot wot come over here and take our jobs’ he would be even better.


  24. Keep it up, John; greatly enlightening material. Politicians seem to be especially prominent among the list of characters for some reason or another. Indeed, I’ve thought for a while that much of what passes as international politics can only be attributed to blackmail for it to make sense.
    One caveat to my acclaim of your work. I won’t chase up the references here but my understanding is that Ian Huntley was set up and is innocent. His prior offence (which was leaked although there is no inditement) was committed as a mutual love affair with a legally underage girl when he himself was just 17. I’m sure many others have committed such a technical offence in all innocence .
    In this case the girls bodies were dumped just at the perimeter fence of a US army base. Within the base was a US army sergeant with a known, criminal record of serious child molestation. This man was quickly spirited off back to the US when he re-offended (including murder I believe, but cannot remember for sure). Huntley was set up for pure political reasons.


  25. man alive. makes labour25.com look like an enid blyton novel and i felt grim enough after that. Good stuff JW exposing this filth more power to your elbow.


  26. Peter, the detachment from reality and lack of empathy is most likely strengthened by repetition of their acts (‘familiarity breeds contempt’). Forty-odd years ago as a biology undergraduate I had to pith a frog (insert a scalpel at the base of the skull, into the brain; there being at the time no suitable alternative to study a functioning nerve or heart). Initially, I could scarcely summon the courage to do it; by the fifth experiment I was pithing with equanimity. The desensitisation was frightening. It struck me then that this is how it must have been for those running Auschwitz. Even more so when the actions are pleasurable.


  27. You have completely missed how it was the US Dept of Justice gave Epstein a free pass – ie negotiated a Federal non prosecution agreement, under which he could be no major case in a US Federal Court that would have resulted in a 20 year sentence. Epstein had the best lawyers money could buy in New York, including former lawyers from the Dept of Justice and the White House who were close to Bush. More crucially – the non prosecution agreement covered his associates who worked for him, like Ghislane Maxwell and others who procured young girls for him; and would have included other VIPs who could have been indicted if they had also had sex with under age minors in more than one state or even outside the borders of the US, say in the US Virgin Islands. This allegedly could have included a very famous person whose name appeared in the popular prints in England. One matter of crucial interest was the timing. The deal on the Federal non prosecution agreement was done in the run up of HM The Queen’s visit to the US in May, 2007, for the 400th anniversary of the Jamestown settlement. The other interesting feature was the decision of the special tribunal in New York to place Epstein on the highest rank of sex offenders. His lawyers fought this tooth and nail and the hearings lasted many many weeks. The records/transcripts of these hearings in the state Appellate Division should be available for public inspection. The court heard there was “clear and convincing evidence” against him. To be a Level 3 offender, the evidence had to have been pretty strong. We have not seen that evidence. Someone should go find it.


  28. John, What a privilege to read your mind’s conclusions!!

    Superb Journalism, Excellent Prose, Fact-Based Reality revealed and exposed simply, and with tender though blazing-heat logic.

    God Great — — Thanks!


  29. The Museum of flight in Seattle Washington latest acquisition is the Full Fuselage Trainer. It was used to train all 355 astronauts that flew the space shuttle. This plywood replica of the real deal was based in Houston until it was transported to Seattle this year.
    In 1991 a normal sized door was installed in the aft end of the payload bay to accommodate a visit by Queen Elizabeth. (The Queen does not bow). She chose not to enter.

    Ten years later her son had his picture taken with a self described “teenage sex toy”

    Several times in the comment section of the Slog I have read threats against the political elite but I can’t remember anyone taking on the Queen. I don’t have anything against the women personally however I fail to see the affection of some of you feel for the royal family. I admit this might be genetic. My crazy Quaker ancestors left your shores 300 years ago One of their crimes was a failure to doff their caps to their betters.


  30. Here we go again….
    If the age of consent were reduced to 12, we wouldn’t have to hear and read about all of this drivel wherever we look.
    For God’s sake, where were you age 12? I was shagging the people I fancied like a bunny, and if I didn’t fancy them I’d kick box like a hare.
    Get a life you no lifers.


  31. Good for you. But were you getting f*cked by middle-aged nonces under duress when you were 12? If you were and you’re perfectly happy about it, then more power to you.

    Otherwise, I’d say your precocious nobbing around is hardly relevant.

    Lots of love,

    N. Lifer


  32. Tom,
    What you say seems undeniably correct – but once the internet is regarded as a genuine, really serious, threat to some of the high and the mighty in our society it seems inevitable that attempts will be made to neuter it. Are there not already straws in the wind?


  33. I’m not terribly convinced by this story that’s being banded around on the net. The base in question was RAF Lakenheath (a US air force base) and the US serviceman in question was a member of the US air force.
    What’s being alleged is that in order to save (for political reasons) a lowly air force Sergeant from British justice an innocent UK paedophile was framed for two murders. I just don’t buy it. What came out in the aftermath of Soham and the Bichard enquiry was that Huntley had a pretty grim track record and the shockingly poor performance of both Humberside and Cambridgeshire police. Its a great net conspiracy theory but for the moment I remain unconvinced.


  34. More Power John
    Its form of corruption of the highest order essentially…..which we cant accept is irremovable…….to accept would be a betrayal of our children and maybe society as we know it….
    The only way forward is to expose someone high profile, then throw the complete book at him whatever the consequences……..Lord Mc Alpine I dont think it will succeed in covering up very much……


  35. I get the feeling that if we don´t create a reaction now then avenues will close and what we call child abuse wiil afford itself another degree of “acceptance”.
    It´s what happens to us every single day: the bar lowers imperceptibly until the restraints we wear are only uncomfortable insofar as we would have liked a different colour
    I ask myself every day what I can do to help


  36. Thise is the problem about taking peado networks seriously. They exist all right, but there are also a bunch of utterly loopy conspiracy theories that set themselves alongside the genuine stuff.

    Some of it, perhaps, encouraged by the same genuine networks- it does a great job of ruining the credibility of those who report the real thing.


  37. A similar time ago as an ecology undergrad, I was faced ‘cold turkey’ with a similar challenge and refused point blank. It seemed barbaric on a live animal.* Since then, looking around at what man is prepared to turn a blind eye to wrt other creatures’ suffering, has led to a view that our “civilised” society is barely skin deep.

    * and I wasn’t ‘failed’ as a result.


  38. now explain how a 16yr old child could leave bryn alyn community (north wales children’s home), with a baby in her arms, and Waterhouse, and the police came nowhere near to ask why/how?!


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  43. Prince Andrew had nothing to do with it. Why would anyone, least of all him, have his photo taken with an underage girl that he knowlingly was being abused?


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  60. Sadly the majority of people think the news is what the Daily Mail and the BBC tells them.Any ideas who was in the dossier that dissappeared after Leon Britton ‘put it down somewhere’ and is anyone trying to find out,Can the police be forced to investigate that odious baffoon and alleged paedophile Andrew.Even when the evidence is staring people in the face they still want to keep doffing their caps to these sponging inbred retards.My opinion.As a protest perhaps we should cross out the queens face on any banknote and put stamps on upside down,It might start a fire thats neede to burn out the corruption and abuse of power.My opinion


  61. There is a nasty stink here considering there are 14 men waiting outside an embassy for a man who has had dubious allegations made against him at an extremely opportune time, The police say Andrew’s alleged abuse of a minor has not been reported to them.Well it has now.I just reported it to the Met and on CEOP who claim to be interested in protecting children.Lets see.See how many people can report it.Anyone get a facebook campaign going.


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