The Sunday Splash

There is great news for Michael Parkinson in today’s soaraway Sunday Sun: Emu was a paedophile, and Rod Hull was a groper. We don’t need ‘allegedly’ in this observation, because poor old Rod fell off his roof adjusting the TV aerial years ago…and you can’t be done for defaming a dead person. Such as Jimmie McAlpine, for example.

The cast-iron source for the yarn is darts legend Eric Bristow, who says he “nearly decked” Hull for using his unlikeable bird to abuse members of a kiddie audience. Parky nearly decked him too. Lots of people are ‘nearly decked’ in life. Rarely, it seems, are they arrested. Lord Alistair McAlpine and his loveable lawyer Andrew Reid would like to deck some 270,000 people for casting aspersions on the McAlpine family name. They want to deal this, they tell us, because the overwhelming public mood is in favour of much stricter media news regulation. Are they?

‘Almost three quarters of those polled (71 per cent) said that the main focus in stopping bad practice in the media should be tougher application of existing laws, with only 24 per cent saying new legislation and regulations were necessary’ records the Daily Telegraph this morning. People should tweet this as much as possible, as it gives the lie to McAlpine’s humbug about ‘public pressure’ forcing his damages feeding-frenzy – as if he was doing us all a favour. MPs should also take note: the 150 or so of our embezzling MP cheats trying to muzzle investigative hacks (because they want to reinstate the expenses scam without the media finding out) should now quietly slither back under the damp stone from which they so unwisely emerged.

The Independent also carries the report, noting that under 10% of respondents thought press regulation was a Top Ten issue. But it leads with the Gaza escalation, which is probably right. All the usual signs are there: cynical wind-ups from the Arabs followed by over-reaction by the Israelis. But as The Slog opined in July, US foreign policy in the region is the real culprit here: Washington and the State Department are playing with fire in the entire East Mediterranean sphere: encouraging the Greeks, supporting the Israelis, keeping Erdogan happy, pushing the Muslim Brotherhood’s Syrian takeover, and destroying the Iranian economy. There are fuses heading for at least three powder kegs now, but apparently I’m being ‘a little hysterical’ so I’ll shut up about it. I seem to be irritatingly right about the Middle East, when what we need to more Foreign Office bollocks and Islamic drivel. Fair play.

The Mail meanwhile – which came the closest it’s ever been to Defender of the State Right or Wrong last week – is still very much in favour of zero press regulation (good thing) especially its own right to print half-truths that try to bend minds but wind up merely boggling them (probably also a good thing). David Rose declares himself “very close to suing” some bloggers this morning (by which he means The Slog) because he has “an irrefutable case” against people who accuse him of being ‘a secret paedophile in the pay of MI5’. He then focuses on David ‘Nutter’ Icke as typical of bloggers, and rubbishes Twitter, before once again gratuitously referring to the source of paedophiliac exposures as ‘dubious’.

In short, it’s standard MoS fare: (1) I’ve not accused him of being a paedophile (2) I said he was a former MI5 operative (3) if he’s never cooperated with MI5, then let him say so, and I will apologise (4) He did give hopelessly inaccurate evidence to the Waterhouse Enquiry – evidence that unwittingly worked in favour of perverts (5) His piece last Sunday about Steve Messham was inaccurate in almost every respect (6) he still will not address the McAlpine omissions in relation to family history (7) better authorities than him find much of Messham’s evidence compelling (8) his mate Bob Woffinden has been proved wrong about endless cases from Hanratty onwards, and (9) his view appears to be that there is no paedophile history of widespread abuse in North Wales. Move over David Icke, there’s a new kid on the block.

Anyway, as Cameron would say, let me be clear about this: David Rose is an Establishment toady. It’s an opinion I could back up ad nauseam in any Court of his choosing. As such, it isn’t actionable. He no doubt thinks I’m a harebrained troublemaker. Fine.

The Opinium/Observer survey finds that 56% of people would probably or definitely vote for the UK to leave the EU if they were offered the choice in a referendum. Full marks to the Obby ‘orse for splashing this as opposed to burying it on P37 – which is what it would’ve done, along with immigration surveys, a decade ago. It points out the growing popularity of UKip, but like James Delingpole in yesterday’s Torygraph blogs, totally fails to press the point about UKip’s failure to turn that advantage into seats. Very significant for me is that, while 56% of us would like to get out of the EU, four out of five of us don’t fancy voting UKip. Words like Farage, omnishambles and cavalry twill trousers spring to mind. Cue shoal of thread insults from his disciples.

The Mirror sticks with its winning formula of Celebrity Paedo Challenge, spilling yet another story trying to reach further into the barrel of Jimmy Savile’s depravity. The Sport had him shagging dead bodies. Now the Mirror has him “shifty and grinning” as he lay in wait for pupils every week in a cathedral. Is nothing sacred? No, it isn’t. That much is certain after the last two years of UK ‘élite’ behaviour.

But while everyone wrings their hands asking how Savile got away with it, Harold Fascist of Surrey still thinks innuendo should be punishable by death. Poor Harry is a bear of little brain, and cannot join the dots up between fear  .  threats  .  having power  .  being able to afford gagging orders  .  having access to the media that victims don’t get  .  paedophiles getting away with it. It is a sloping playing field, Harry: police don’t have bells on their cars any more, Dixon is dead, hacks are lazy and frightened, citizens are TV-fixated and/or drunk, and Superman never existed outside comics. Really. He doesn’t exist, Harry. Nor do Father Christmas and the Tooth Fairy.

Finally we look in briefly on the Wapping Liars. Paywalls being what they are, all visits there for me these days are mercifully brief, but today’s issue actually looks quite good. What the paper should be called, of course, is the Sun Day Times, because it’s news stories are really Sun piffle with better art direction and equally awful puns. ‘Roger and out’ is the headline to the General Petraeus story. But ‘Top comic faces Twitter revenge of McAlpine’ is a good piece, showing how Alan Davies faces a McAlpine suit for one of his less careful Tweets. McAlpine’s focus so far has been upon the BBC, George Monbiot, Sally Bercow and now Alan Davies. And we’ll have no innuendo here about settling old political scores, thank you very much.  ‘Cameron nabs Boris guru’ is however an old story, featured in a Slog Smoke Signals post ages ago.

Murdoch is in something of a pickle now. Having thumped the tub for press freedom to help with decisions about illegal Iraqi Wars and TV station takeovers, Roop now finds himself up against the very controlling Toffs he dislikes so much. It couldn’t happen to a nicer bloke, but as both the Digger and the Builder are huge fans of Australia, surely they can come up with some mutually profitable compromise. I’d love to speculate about what it might be, but on balance I’ll resist the temptation for a week or two.

Enjoy the Roast.

23 thoughts on “The Sunday Splash

  1. I didn’t really follow much of what you were wittering on about in this piece. No real thread or thought construction.
    I am generally drunk when I comment on your site (as will be evident to most) which is surely ok for a simple respondent. But were you truly drunk when you wrote this blog. On a Sunday morning?


  2. Not being a lawyer, I do wonder how she can be sued for asking why someone was trending on Twitter. I presume she has had legal advice and is prepared to face up to McAlpine’s bullies.


  3. In other news, someone is trying to bump off the people who know a thing or two about a thing or two:
    “THE whistle-blower who exposed the Welsh children’s home sex abuse scandal has cheated death in a suspect car smash ­after his brakes failed.
    Police have seized care boss Malcolm King’s motor to see if it was sabotaged.The car, a regularly-maintained Volvo S60, careered across a busy A-road and was hit side-on by an Alfa Romeo.
    Afterwards Mr King, 68, who suffered a broken leg, found his brake pedal unattached and lying on the car floor.”


  4. “David Rose declares himself “very close to suing” some bloggers this morning (by which he means The Slog) because he has “an irrefutable case” against people who accuse him of being ‘a secret paedophile in the pay of MI5′. ”

    He means me I think, not you John.
    I have chosen my words very carefully with David Rose. I have called him a protector of paedophiles, and an agent of MI5.
    If he wants to drag me to court for saying that he is welcome to do so. Only it wont be a secret court, as I have had pretty much enough of that nonsense.
    If he wants to try to make a martyr out of me, and it is the will of God, then I put myself into Gods hands, and look to my Lord to protect me.
    I have done nothing that I feel ashamed of concerning David Rose, and I wont be ashamed of telling the simple truth, or caring for other victims of Pindown, or just for simply fighting for the right to have a life free of malicious vindictive persecution.
    And if David Rose and his friends think I will be reduced to a quivering shrieking wreck, as I was during my seven year ordeal in the secret family courts, then they can dream on, because the Lord and his angels will keep me strong and brave, and I will be as strong and brave as Joan of Arc.
    So bring it on, I refuse to be scared of any of you any more.


  5. I am still waiting to hear an explaination of why David Cameron has allowed such people as lobbied Parliament in 2002 to try to hinder the police doing the job that we all want them to do and what they get their wages for.
    I am not anti police, though some people have tried to make out that I am an anachist. Christians arent allowed to be anachists for a start off.
    I just want the police to be able to do their proper job, which is keeping law and order.
    What happened in those Pindown childrens homes, I’m telling you, was NOT NOT NOT lawful! I should know, I was there!!!


  6. No doubt David Cameron will be reading this, so I will address him one to one.
    Mr Cameron, I wrote to you, before you became Prime Minister, words to the effect that the British people would give you a fair crack at the whip, and that it would be a happy time for you if you did right by the British people, but if you betrayed their trust, they would smell you out and despise you for it.
    You have two options now. You can try to stuff all this under the carpet. You wont succeed, but you can try. Thats option number 1.
    The other option, is to come clean about how you were duped by these people. I am quite quite sure that is what has happened. I do not for one instance think you would ever be party to anything that was going on in those Pindown hell holes.
    May I give you some advice, Mr Cameron? There is no shame in admitting you were duped by crafty people, there would be no shame for you at all for admitting that. I have found, in spite of everything, that honesty is always the best policy. The British people are amazingly forgiving.


  7. This D***d R**e chap seems to view twitter as publishing when it is not. Rather it should be viewed as the voice of the crowd. That is why these platforms are data-mined in an attempt to gauge public opinion. People only complain about it when that public opinion is not their favour, suit their agenda or whim of their master (whoever that may be). Trying to sue individual members of the crowd who don’t hold an opinion that is favourable to one is seriously Orwellian.

    How can public opinion be libelous. What is scandalous is MSM trying to tell the public what their opinion should be.

    PS keep up the good work John


  8. ‘PS Keep up the good work, John’ +1.
    I do hope that even though you are a busy man, that you are managing to have some quality time with little Lyla……


  9. I very much doubt a single Twitter user will ever appear in court accused of libel in this case, for a number of reasons:
    a) too much else could come out about other people, which the establishment at all costs would want to prevent
    b) Twitter itself would probably sue McAlpine under some business regulation or other, or take the case to Europe – and that’s if they didn’t throw their billions behind supporting the Tweeters
    c) It would only take one defeat before a fickle libel jury for McAlpine to be completely discredited, which could prompt counter-actions against him
    d) The process would be more likely to bankrupt McAlpine than the Twitter users, given their lack of resources and his legal fees (and the reason above)
    e) I share the view that he doesn’t have a legal leg to stand on in many of these cases, such as Sally Bercow – a good lawyer (and many would be queueing up to make their names in such landmark cases) would tear such a case to shreds
    f) Public opinion would turn very rapidly against him if this looked like a witchhunt, and the media would have to follow suit


  10. Zoompad, you have right on your side and good will prevail.
    Trust in the Lord. Vengeance is His.
    Forgiveness is no more than allowing God to sort things out – He will do this, either now or in eternity.
    You have to let go, and trust God to avenge what has happened to you.
    Keep fighting the good fight, and believe that God will make these people pay for their sins.
    I am so sorry for your pain. God bless you.


  11. I don’t believe that a truly independent regulator that is independent both of press barons and the politicians will stop the press performing its investigative role. A regulator that is set up by statute will control the processes of the press but will not stop journalists doing their job. It will stop the Murdochs, Morgans, and Dacres from running roughshod over the editors code of practice. If set up correctly it will also stop the bullying practices that are endemic in newsrooms and enable whistleblowing by journalists. There’s no reason why, under statute, the press shouldn’t be just as vibrant as it is now, bringing corrupt politicians and businesses to book.


  12. Your heart just gets bigger and bigger every day. I truly do admire you. Your wonderful writing is only surpassed by your output. Incredible, really.
    Must be a God-given gift! You speak nothing but the Truth. I rejoice in your quest to see Humanity released from the tyrannical clutches of those who control us. Bravo. Bravo. Bravo. The Dark ones’ demise is near. Your valiant efforts will be justly rewarded. Namaste. God bless you.


  13. Ah, JW, just when I thought you’d cantered off down thw wrong road you come up with a brilliantly entertaining piece. Cavalry twill trousers indeed! The young’uns won’t know what it means!


  14. Extract from the said Daily Star:-
    “Mr King, a county councillor and former chair of North Wales Police Authority, was one of only 12 people given copies of the 1996 Jillings Report, which named every abuser.
    The Jillings Report was so explosive insurers ordered it to be pulped but a copy has been found in council archives. Clwyd County Council leader, Dennis Parry, 64, said the controversial report should be made public”.

    Why would “insurers” make such an order? And how likely is it this report will ever see the light of day ………..


  15. yet another ripping great Sunday Splash.
    Even though most times I have no idea at all of what you writing,
    I love to read it none the less.

    Sometimes I get the feeling you are skating on thin ice re. litigation.
    Must be that you enjoy the thrill of this dangerous sport.
    But be careful fer f%@*k’s sake.


  16. It’s not a case of ME letting go though. It’s them who won’t let me go. They are still persecuting me, and my family. I wondered why Stafford Police told me when I complained about my medical records being altered without my consent or knowledge, that it was perfectly legal to do that. I was outraged, because I know it is damned well NOT legal to do that. But the Military Secret services have special exemptions! So when I realised that MI5 were involved in the cover up of institutional child abuse, I understood what has been going on, and why the police looked so shame faced at me.
    My case, Stafford Police told me, had been quashed from above, by a senior detective.
    So now I am in the horrible and scary position where I am being superstalked, watched all the time, because MI Morons know everything there is to know about me. I have had them parked up outside my home, not visiting anyone, just sitting in cars, then driving off, it is so bloody creepy. The police have been told about that as well, but all I get now from Stafford Police is that I am a mentally ill attention seeker.
    Mentally ill, yes, because I have PTSD. I am not being given proper treatment at my GP surgery, I am being denied access to proper help. I have no doubt whatsoever that the people who are leaning on my GP are the same people leaning on the police.
    So its not a question of me letting go. What are you suggesting I let go of, life itself? All I want is to be allowed to live, like any other normal person, not be persecuted and hounded all the time.


  17. @ Hedwig
    “The police officer at the scene told me they’d examine it very thoroughly. They said they’d go over it with a fine-tooth comb.’”

    And miss the obvious hacksaw blade whist analysing the ‘details’……… doubt :-)


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