More doodling on the pad of Greek politics. Word reaches me that the working title of Antonis Samaras’s new political regrouping in Greece is The European Party. One would imagine that this will play very well in Berlin-am-Brussels.

A well-known econometric agency in Athens has, I hear, told the Greek PM that the new Troika demands will lead to an unemployment level of 30%. Thus, this Grand Coalition of Cowards is being perceived as the best way to persuade the Greek electorate – with one voice – that neocon self-flagellation is the only way.

However, the rise and rise of Syriza continues to give the Prime Minister unpleasant nightmares. Watch out for a new proportional representation law amendment aimed at removing the 50-seat bonus for the Party who comes first.

Over-egging the McAlpine pudding. I have been greatly encouraged this afternoon by the receipt of one phone call and an email suggesting that Lord McAlpine’s allies are a tad concerned about his cooking skills when it comes to the Sympathy Suet. The growing view among the protective elite is that his Lordship (who is staggered by his discovery of a hitherto unknown cousin Jimmie) has let his hand slip a bit with the syrup. McAlpine told the Independent today that he has “a very dicky heart”, and added that “Boris [Johnson] got it right. There is nothing as bad as this that you can do to people”.

Allegedly, those close to the Lord close to death (as opposed to De’ath) are suggesting that having a fat prick up your under-sized ring at the age of 12 – and then living with the scars – is a rather more difficult trauma with which to cope. I am greatly relieved that this Peer is at last getting some sensible guidance. For his sake, I hope it continues.

Policing the political police policing the police. A bit of shock-horror here for those enthusiastic supporters of Mr Oliver Letwin’s chief brainchild, elected Police Commissioners. First straw polls back from the field suggest that the voting level as a percentage of those eligible is beyond dire.

At least, this is what The Slog’s Devon & Cornwall Copshop sources are alleging. Of course, on a day in which The Times reported that another five coppers have been arrested over fiddling statistics, I cannot be held responsible for the veracity or otherwise of these reports: for the world we inhabit today is replete with one thing above all others – veiled agendas.

But all does not bode well for Ollie’s boss Dave, who is said to be unabashed by the news….and determined to press on with his Big Society of Small Turnouts.

Meanwhile, for those who missed  The Slog’s Twitter gag today re PCCs, I shall repeat it here: if PCC stands for Paedophile Catching Cops, then we should all vote for it immediately.