Pandora’s box of British paedophiles: why the unknown nature of the contents keeps the lid on them.

Part Two of today’s Slog Special unveils the key four-letter word:


Masons perform odd rituals, bullies choose positions of power, and exclusive clubs tolerate unspeakable practices. But the central truth I have arrived at in relation to institutional paedophilia is that the conspiracy element stops where the perpetrators end, and the tolerators begin. One simple thing stops most senior public in public life from opening up the sexual abuse of children in our systemic lives: fear of unforeseen consequences.

They are rarely if ever ‘in on it’. The reality is, they are scared of how far the tentacles will reach.

The chronic need to bully, cause suffering to, and control small people is the driving psychological background to most paedophiles hiding in the system. Some systems give them better excuses to be with children, and more protection because of the respect paid to the job title. This is why the presence of rape-rings is almost entirely restricted to teaching, the priesthood, childcare (private or social), charities, local government, juvenile correction centres, and – more rarely – the police, Westminster politics, and show business.

Although times are changing, cops, MPs, priests and celebrities get more respect than most, and more power than most. Teachers, social workers and care-home leaders get more access than most.

The reason why the Ed Balls Vett & Bar system would’ve been useless is because paedophiles are already in the system, and already armed with a dozen excuses for their behaviour.

The reason why Ed Balls felt the need to vett 12 million people was because he had no idea at all how prevalent the problem might be.

The reason why our Westminster legislators are running away from the issue yet again is because they have no idea where this trail of slime will lead.

And last but not least, the reason why our security services are heavily involved is because they have no idea whether paedophiles in their midst have been turned on the basis of foreign blackmail.

These are all incredibly powerful reasons for keeping the lid on things. The reason is rarely a conspiracy of evil. The overwhelming motive is terror of the collateral damage that might be done by the unpredictability of the explosion.

But while those protecting the perpetrators may not be evil (if indeed anyone is) their methods will be ruthless. The entire social contract between government and citizen could be blown apart. Or not. The thing is, nobody knows.

What we have here is the equivalent of a 400 megaton nuclear UXB. What we therefore also have is those in charge wishing to bury it elsewhere a long way from them….and shooting anyone who tries to stop them. I’m serious about this: I have met senior security services staff. Very often, they see their job as not dissimilar to shooting any male passenger likely to start a rush for the lifeboats. (You’ll meet people in the American Federal Reserve and the Bank of England with similar ideas).

A few awkward buggers in this world think the risks are massively over-stated, and even if they aren’t, the truth and the survival of the citizen’s dignity are always more important than any State….and almost always more important than any State secret.

*    *    *    *    *    *    *

Where might Britain’s burgeoning paedophile scandals go from here? Much depends on what Tom Watson decides to do: but in the general scheme of things, the entire impetus will drain away unless the full extent of the problem is at last audited in some way.

Without more names coming into the public domain, we will simply get public boredom, and a return to abnormality. Which is why the legal, political, justice, security and policing forces at the State’s disposal will use every media contact and ruse to suggest that speculation based on circumstantial evidence should immediately cease. (And why the braying for more blogosphere controls is already well under way).

Tonight I am going to suggest more names: not as “random smearing” (the erroneous government description that has now replaced “innuendo” as the Establishment drivel of the hour)…but  because, in some important ways, outright publication can give those around whom clouds exist the chance not to sue and injunct, but to present powerful evidence for the false nature of those suspicions.

Exactly, if I may say so, as Lord McAlpine did last weekend. For he is, be assured, a man with far more access to the front pages of our press and website media than the 2010 estimated 5% of boys and fully 18% of girls likely to suffer sexual abuse in the care home system. Their only recourse last year – all 10,000 of them – was to go on the run. So let us from here on leave the la-la land of Boris Johnson behind us, and accept that the care system playing fields are rather more uphill for the victims than they are for sexual sadists who prey upon them.

I hope that fair-minded readers who still inhabit the ordinary realism of Planet Earth will see that I am reporting doubts in what follows, rather than blindly accusing.

As I have said, the tentacle lengths are unknown even to the dissemblers. Let’s examine what they fear about this potentially giant squid.

*   *   *   *   *   *

I will start if I may with politics. Tom Watson has made specific reference to evidence collected during 1992. So that is most likely to apply to high-profile Prime Ministerial aides in the more immediate history preceding it.

‘Sir Peter Morrison II’ for example could turn out to be Leon Brittan, a former Thatcher Minister who shuffled off to the EU during her reign of error. I have heard his name mentioned so many times by civil servants, MPs, hacks and others of the great and good in relation to paedophile tendencies, it seems to me that either somebody truly pernicious has it in for the bloke, or there could be some basis for the accusation. I honestly don’t know. He was an usher at Ken Clarke’s wedding: hardly the sort of connection justifying the booking of Court time at the Old Bailey. But he was a man spending much time in Europe…and the ultra-safe diplomatic bag import of naughty photos therefrom is part of what (I suspect) Tom Watson is driving at.

What of Ken Clarke himself? Former child actor Ben Fellows has accused Kenneth of grabbing his willy, and Mr Clarke has twice strenuously denied Ben’s allegation as “complete fabrication”. He would, wouldn’t he etc etc, but for me he doesn’t fit the description of ‘a former PM’s aide before 1992’. One is, of course, left wondering therefore why Ben Fellows would make such a thing up. And perhaps why Mr Clarke, along with Ed Balls and Harriet Harman, never moved against those paedophile supply warehouses otherwise known as the Secret Family Courts when he had the opportunity.  Finally however, call me cynical, but there are numerous members of the Parliamentary Conservative Party who would rejoice at the sight of Kenneth Clarke being consumed by scandal.

But the European Union is attractive to chaps of eclectic sexual interests for all kinds of reasons. Not all of them came from the Tory ranks, and so of course we must be talking about the then Peter Mandelson. Two Times journalists thought they’d got very close to evidence of a Mandy peccadillo five years ago. And very briefly, a Hungarian website did make some truly remarkable allegations about his stamina around the same time. For all I know, both accusations were entirely groundless, and had no links at all to similar circles elsewhere in the EU. But that’s my point: I doubt if any people in the contemporary Parliamentary Labour Party know for sure either. Media officers ponder (as the Tories did with Peter Morrison): “How old were the boys? What was the law about it then?” Uncertainty breeds both caution and cowardice.

First coward out of the Labour Ministerial sprint away from Tom Watson’s enquiries yesterday was Harriet Harman. Ever since her youthfully tolerant madness about the Paedophile Information Exchange, Harman has been the subject of doubts, clouds and rumours about all this. So too has her husband, Jack Dromey – an equally enthusiastic supporter of PIE at the time. Jack is a big-beast Labour fixer. He leads straight back to the Unite Union, whose main Parliamentary mandate he more or less controls. The Unite Union is a powerful supporter of the teachers and social workers. And the Unite union’s vote swung the Leadership Ed Miliband’s way pretty much as Chicago won the US for JFK in 1960

You see what I mean here? I bet Tessa Jowell doesn’t know what truth there is or isn’t to any of these probably baseless rumours. Tell you what: I’d lay 12-1 Ed himself doesn’t know either. We’ve seen Mr Miliband in action before at the start of Hackgate. He waited until the very last minute before piling in on Tom Watson’s side against Newscorp. Because he didn’t know what deals had passed between Gordon Brown, Sarah Brown, and the Murdoch men before Cameron came to power.

This is the way national politics are these days: absolutely nobody trusts anyone else, because nobody knows for sure where truth ends and rumour begins.

But while we’re back here at Newscorp again, let us note that StrangeBenfellows has also lobbed accusations at the Sky News team, using a description that fits Dermot Murnaghan almost perfectly. My instincts tell me that Murnagham is a straight, ambitious bloke who gives off none of the vibes one might expect from a pervert. But it might give the Times and the Sun yet another reason for Sky to remain in the shadows, while the BBC’s Jimmy Savile remains in the limelight. Do the senior executives at Sky know for sure whether all of their anchors are sexually normal? Of course they don’t.

One other phone-hacking side-effect, by the way, was that it started a bitter feud between Newscorp and the Royal Family on the subject of Prince Andrew’s ambassadorial business trips around the world. Andrew has also believed for some time that his daughters were being hacked by the Digger. But others still find the sexual nature of some of the Prince’s male friends decidedly odd too. One has done time for paedophile pimping. The odd scurrilous tidbit has suggested that Andrew himself is an admirer of young flesh.

For a genuine royalist like David Cameron – and probably most of the Establishment – the idea of any sort of investigation leading to a senior royal coming under suspicion would be their worst nightmare. But then three months ago, a highly respected investigative journalist alleged to me that the paedophile website linked to the Groucho Club’s domain was indeed shared by a well-known member of the Windsor dynasty. Oh dear.

As for the Groucho itself, regular Sloggers will know that we’ve been there oft-times before. Its leading light JHJ Lewis illegally employed surveillance cameras there, presumably to spy on his clients. That much has been established in Court. Lewis has in turn never denied the Club’s connection to the paedo-site. And JHJ Lewis is the mysterious sugar-Daddy who bankrolls Jeremy Hunt on his fact-finding missions among the Newscorp subsidiaries of New York and other destinations around the globe.

It is very likely that Jeremy Hunt’s connection by money to alleged tolerance of paedophile online exchanges is nothing more than an unfortunate coincidence. But Mr Hunt is now Britain’s Secretary of State for Health, and in his Parliamentary interest declarations he has gone to some lengths to disguise the identity of his benefactor. Mr Hunt’s ministerial remit includes Mental Health, as well as the treatment of children while in hospital. Before that it centred on the country’s culture, and the Newscorp bid for BSkyB.

Does the Coalition Cabinet know for certain (or even vaguely) that no bomb might explode at some point under one of its members? My answer would be an unqualified “No”. Several of those very close to the Prime Minister during 2011 had – genuinely – no idea as to the guilt or otherwise of Andy Coulson. I know, because I asked them…and I’m convinced they gave me the truth as they perceived it.

On and on they go, these potential tidal waves from the nuclear UXB. What ghastly monsters might they wash up on the shores of Fleet Street and Wapping? Already in this cursory wander, we have gone from Downing Street to Brussels via Hungary and the Unite trade union. From Harriet Harman and Newscorp to Buckingham Palace and the NHS. From Welsh care homes to the Downing Street Cabinet.

And yes, even in that last link there is another shadowy place from which nobody is certain what ghoulish spectres might emerge. For there is a man who in the 1990s was Welsh secretary. Who got himself embroiled in a somewhat unsavoury debate about bedsharing while in the field with a young male colleague two years ago.

David Cameron said nine days ago he would be  “appointing a senior independent figure” to look into the way allegations of sexual abuse at North Wellian children’s homes in the 1970s and ’80s were dealt with. The man described above – who is now one of his most senior colleagues –  did indeed set up an enquiry into the very same thing during 1996. It heard from 650 people over three years who had been in care during the period after 1974. But as the BBC stated last November 5th, ‘Concerns have now been raised that the remit of the inquiry had been too narrow and that it had failed to consider allegations about children being taken out of the homes’ for the warped pleasure of various nasty persons driving big cars, wearing nice shiny shoes, and inhabiting very large houses in the countryside between Wrexham and Chester.

That man was and is Great Britain’s Foreign Secretary, the Rt Hon Mr William Hague. A very firm favourite of Margaret Thatcher from the day, as a schoolboy himself, he made an impassioned speech at Conference.

Yet again, let me hasten to say that these links are at best tenuous. But in the infernally suspicious mind of a senior, ultra-cautious politician or Military Intelligence spook, such things ring alarm bells. Because once again, the concerned (and involved) observer is 100% deficient in the certain knowledge thing.

*   *   *   *   *   *   *   *

In the risk-averse and desperately declining Health & Safety culture we inhabit here in 2012 Cruel Britannia, every senior politico’s instinct is to do nothing, or do nothing beyond a pointless gesture. Thus David Cameron dishes out EU vetos with all the influence enjoyed by the FA over Alex Ferguson, and Ed Miliband declares that a minimum wage increase can be achieved in the world of neocon bourse lunacy he seems happy to accept.

What I’ve been doing in this piece tonight represents a probably uninfluential but nevertheless carefully argued case for once again forcing our political ‘élite’ to go further than they’d like, and investigate those under suspicion…..rather than publicly suspecting the motives of those in search of some kind of truth and justice.

The juvenile bollocks put out by opponents of serious discussion about the nature and extent of endemic sexual rape of the children passing through our ‘care’ system should not be allowed to suffice this time. There is no excuse for injuncting evidenced speculation where the wellbeing of children is concerned. But there is every reason to circumvent the injuncting sociopaths with reasoned argument.

Steven Messham and the 10,000 kids on the run from predators tonight deserve better than House of Commons onanism. Let’s get this sick mess out in the open once and for all, remove the uncertainty, and then make some proper decisions about how to stop it ever again gathering so much power to deprave and destroy.

Part I of today’s double-header is here

151 thoughts on “Pandora’s box of British paedophiles: why the unknown nature of the contents keeps the lid on them.

  1. ‘The reason why our Westminster legislators are running away from the issue yet again is because they have no idea where this trail of slime will lead.’,
    I think they know exactly where it will end John , that’s why they’re trying to keep the lid on it. Let’s hope, that with sites like yours and public awareness of child abuse they won’t get away with it this time. Brilliant article.


  2. I suspect John is right, either that or there is a truly astonishing incidence of perversion in the British Establishment. Of course that may be the case, but people are always scared of what they don’t know or understand.

    I also agree wholeheartedly that somehow the vulnerable must be protected against institutional abuse and the only way to do that is to shine some light into dark corners.

    Now, pin pulled, let’s see how long it takes the powder train to burn down and shower some shrapnel about!


  3. Let us hope Tom Watson has the courage to stand up to the bullies and cowards who protect the paedophiles, rapists and killers of children.
    Let us hope the people of Britain who cherish their children are able to imagine how they would feel if one of their own children were abducted, raped, tortured and possibly killed after horrific suffering.
    Surely there are enough decent, courageous people who can show the bullies whoever they might be, that their conduct is in admissible?
    The Royal family is no exception.
    The Government is no exception
    The House of Lords is no exception
    The Judiciary is no exception
    The Police is no exception
    Everyone who is guilty of I admissible conduct, cruelty, torture, abuse, killing the most innocent and vulnerable MUST be stopped and in order to stop them they must be named.
    Everyone who protects them from being exposed and stopped, is guilty.
    Paedophiles must be named and stopped.
    This may take courage but it must be done or who are we, to call ourselves a ‘civilized ‘ nation?


  4. Bravo, John! You have the public on your side. Now, let’s hope someone in ‘high places’ finds the courage to speak out, for the sake of victims past and present.


  5. John, long time lurker who has found your site to be not just compulsive reading but first source for news on so many subjects. All I can say about this latest post is – I hope you’re wrong. I hope there isn’t a paedo ring embedded at the heart of the establishment. But as there almost certainly is, someone needs to keep the story going after the outrageous spin that turned focus onto the BBC last weekend.

    So good on you. A brave brave post. Where cowards flinch and all that….


  6. This, IMHO will never give us the satisfaction we, well more so the victims, deserve. The ranks are closing, they are shutting every open door and disseminating bollocks on a daily basis, many very clever people in positions of power and influence are NOT going to let the cat out of the bag.
    Soon, some other bigger scandal will hit the front pages and all will quickly be forgotten.
    Oh, by the way, why is Tom Watson dragging his feet, He, apparently knows who the Tory paedophile dinosaur is so, why is he not naming him? And that’s effectively where we are, political mileage, personal gain, not sure he really cares about the kids, hope he proves me wrong but, I doubt it somehow. This is more about politics than the kids or, maybe JW is correct and nobody knows just where this will end…


  7. They sell the lie, but only we/ourselves can buy the lie. Don’t open the door to their lies.
    It seems to me that the PTB are rearranging the chess pieces, redesigning the prison.
    Fear is the tool alright.
    These nasty scum are human but not beings and as a result they only know hate.
    They hate us and want only to rule us and destroy us, because we have what they can never possess, being.
    They want to turn us away from the knowledge of self/nature for a plastic life.
    Look at what THEY label as success in life!
    They try to thoroughly beat us into servitude make us their robots and for us to thank them for it..
    If you feed on what they offer then you will kill your self whilst living.
    We stand in the light afraid of the dark( as they, stand in the dark afraid of the light). Step into our own darkness and face oneself(seems scary). The true darkness is from within. From our self ALL flows.
    Paraphrase; Turn(inwards) and face the slings and arrows, and by doing so, defeat them.

    Ego wants to rule us, but only the self can embrace all.

    ”There is no coming to consciousness without pain…. People will do anything, no matter how absurd, in order to avoid facing their own soul. One does not become enlightened by imagining figures of light, but by making the darkness conscious.” ~ Carl Gustav Jung.

    Don’t look out to a god, look to your Self/soul.

    It is EASY to deceive a person not centered in his/her self (not ego).


  8. While Leon Brittan was ‘shuffled off to the EU’ under Thatcher’s remit, we may recall that a similar shuffling-off was activated by the Labour administration, but this time to NATO.
    Versions of the ‘Chiltern Hundreds’ for kiddie-fiddlers, it would seem.


  9. JW,

    You haven’t told me anything I didn’t know but it is a relief to read it in print.

    I’m pleased you mentioned how dodgy the Ben Fellows accusations are but there is one point I’d like to make and that is that Fellows associates KC with Sir Michael Grylls (Father of ‘Bear’ Grylls) and Ian Greer.

    This raises the Cash for Questions scandal and I’m beginning to think that it was a carrot and stick operation. Please take the time to read this piece from The Independent 1996. It is a straight report about Cash for Questions but look at the names, not Major and Lamont but the grafters below that top tier………..

    Sir Peter Morrison is mentioned as are others.

    It has got me thinking along the lines of a carrot and stick operation. But if the carrot was mannila envelopes stuffed with cash, what was the stick ??


  10. John, you say something about there NOT being an evil presence involved in all this…. but I think you are wrong. I think there is a very real presence of evil – in the whole world. I believe the devil’s greatest weapon is to deceive all of us into believing there IS no devil. We are all our own little gods, we do what ‘seems right to us’ and so on.
    This whole paedophilia thing is evil personified. The cover up is evil. The treatment of Mr Messham is evil.
    We must turn from evil and embrace good. We must all fight against the evil – because otherwise the evil will prevail. Sorry to sound ‘religious’ about this, but we must re-learn that GOD IS LOVE. God is good. The opposite of evil. We must reach out to these victims of abuse, in love,. And we must stand against EVIL in whatever form we find it.
    I wish I could express to Mr Messham just how much God loves HIM and how he is precious and valuable and LOVED by almighty God. And God will not be mocked…. He will have His vengeance. Leave it to God, Mr Messham, He will avenge your pain.
    In the meantime, Mr Messham, know that there are many people out there who wish you well and are on your side. Never feel unloved…… because YOU ARE NOT.


  11. The truth is we’re not being governed by this lot, and handing power over to the other lot when the time comes won’t make one iota of a difference. Why? Because it’s not them that run the country. How do I know that? Because the first duty of a government is to protect its citizens (or subjects in our case). Feel protected?
    No, the people who are being protected are the corrupt banksters, police,media moguls, civil service mandarins and anyone else who knows the truth about the political and societal “Elite”. They are aided and abetted by those who are part of the establishment and fear their loss of privilege if the system changes. And it’s our money – either raised by taxation, or borrowed in our name that keeps it all going.
    Excellent article John, keep up the good work.When it all eventually comes tumbling down – “Well – hell scud it into them” – as my Mum used to say.


  12. The majority of politicians have no reason to fear this but they do nothing for one very simple principle.

    A politician taking a backhander for a dodgy arms deal etc. if known by a paedophile means they can say nothing!


  13. @John Ward…..””””””””And last but not least, the reason why our security services are heavily involved is because they have no idea whether paedophiles in their midst have been turned on the basis of foreign blackmail.””””””””

    John, a stunning article and I don’t want to nitpick, but are you sure the UK security services aren’t themselves involved in this form of blackmail as well as “foreign” ones?



  14. FECK ME. I love you. You have real balls, you beauty.
    I have finally read something that says the whole truth…and as subtly as a brick in a velvet pillowcase, to boot.
    Adeybob gives this a full stamp. I’ll stand behind every word you say.


  15. Your comment and not a religious nut here just a different angle.

    The next time you see a politician holding a child, think of a pair of glowing eyes, hideous breath, pair of pointed horns that would devour the child in an instant. Yet everyone looks on them as protectors of that child a severely misplaced level of trust there I think shown by how they have completely sold everybody and everything out. Do a doubletake of all photoshoots with children now in a completely different light. The image conjured up is horrendous and maybe if enough people see it this way the concept of Cameron visiting a school to praise their achievements can be seen under the light of a predator stalking it’s prey.

    That is how I would delightfully express any mention of a politician doing anything of worth nowadays. They are just casing the joint to see what they can get out of it.


  16. I suspect there will be a drip-drip effect, which will lead to dissolution of Parliament. Worse than paedos, are the politicians who did nothing, perhaps because they were secretly gay/bi or otherwise compromised.

    As with the priests, the gay could not out the paedos, for fear of being outed themselves. So, they moved them around, sent them to Europe, HL, to their families.

    What this week has shown is that everyone in Westminister believes the rumours, as the Sally Bercow tweet showed. But, rumours can serve as disinformation, as can be seen with the McAlpine issue. He and SIS were content to allow everyone believe the Scallywag/Davison expose. Time will tell what he was hiding. I hope none of our money goes towards a BBC lilbel payment in the meantime. He won’t take anyone in to a court room – he would have to explain why he made no attempt to stop the Scallywag story, what he knew about his relative & why he owned Graham Ovenden works. A top QC would make mince-meat of him.

    PTB/SIS/intel agencies like politicians with pecadillos – they’re easy to manipulate. It’s easy to destroy a politician/officer with an accusation of an affair. Some require money, some require boys, everyone has a price. Perhaps, if SIS didn’t supervise, another intel agency would.

    When I read the Ben Fellows allegation, I suspected NE. I’ve no idea why you’ve named DM.


  17. Well done, John. You have more courage and insight than all of Fleet Street put together. As you say, it’s time these rumours were addressed head-on, for the sake of the innocent among them too.


  18. @FA “Worse than paedos, are the politicians who did nothing”…

    ….and then there’s the Whips.

    I doubt that anyone seeking power is allowed to remain uncompromised in one way or another.

    And then, of course, some do not realise quite what they have stepped into until they cant get out without losing everything.


  19. Well said and I am sure that the poor victims have the unswerving support of 99.9% of Britain’s decent and honourable citizens. Shine a strong light on these vile cockroaches in our society.


  20. Respect for telling it as it is. As part of the root and branch reform to stop paedos getting access to kids the adoption and fostering laws need substantial change. No child should be in a care home. Local government has shown itself unfit to care for orphans. We need to stop putting off families who could adopt or foster kids who need parents not care homes.

    The secrecy of family courts should be scrapped too.


  21. Sorry to sound a discordant note amid all the adulation, but much of this sounds to me like McCarthyism, but with paedophilia the main target instead of communism. The tactics being employed – defamatory suggestion that stops just short of libel, demanding interrogation of those “under suspicion”, and the constant drumbeat on corruption in high places, are identical to those employed by Senator Joe McCarthy all those years ago. McCarthy posed as a crusader determined to root out evil from the body politic; McCarthy, too, constantly harped on about moral depravity and its effects on national decline. McCarthy also excelled at whipping up public hysteria.

    I’m all in favour of protecting children from paedophiles and I agree that those found guilty deserve the most severe punishment that the law allows, but I have yet to be convinced that a McCarthyite campaign will save many of the genuine victims of paedophilia. McCarthy, before his campaign collapsed, caused much misery and cut several valuable lives short – but most of his accusations turned out to be baseless, and many of his targets either simply kept their heads down or fled the country, taking their talents elsewhere. The number of genuine communists apprehended was derisory – and of course as we all now know, American communism was the wrong target anyway.

    If a campaign against paedophilia is indeed launched, let’s hope that it doesn’t suffer a similar fate. And let’s hope that one day, someone will come up with sensible and practicable suggestions for protecting the children whose present and future vulnerability ought to be at the heart of the matter, instead of hounding those who are somehow agreed to be “suspects” in what promises to become a glorified witch hunt.


  22. Not very nice, I’d heard the rumours years ago but there is some stuff in there that surprised me and horrified me.

    Sounds like some people may still need to look over their shoulders…


  23. Hound, you make some valid points but unlike McCarthy, JW is not an elected politician. Your hyperbole is misplaced. (Perhaps you should direct it at Tom Watson).

    “let’s hope that one day, someone will come up with sensible and practicable suggestions for protecting the children”

    One day? We’ve been living in hope for years already. The whole issue risks being allowed to subside quietly as it has in the past- a situation which surely cannot be allowed to continue, for the sake of past and future victims. As someone said,

    ” There is a tide in the affairs of men. Which taken at the flood, leads on to fortune; omitted, all the voyage of their life Is bound in shallows and in miseries ”

    Or put more simply, “carpe diem”.

    Today JW has attempted to do just that. And I’m sure, thought long and hard about it before grasping the nettle.


  24. I do not know you personally John, but I am very thankful that you exist. It gives me some hope & faith in humanity that there are truth seekers like yourself out there who seek to shine a light on the corruption that seems to have become the norm within society.

    But for the internet & a few voices on it I would be seeing the world in a very different light, a good enough reason for the creatures who hide in the darkest corners to censor it. If they were successful in achieving this it would be to me the equivalent of a new dark age.

    So ‘ Rave on John Ward ‘ may your voice continue to ring out loud & clear & whatever the future brings, you will at least be one of the very few who can look their grandchild in the eye & truthfully say: ‘ I tried ‘.


  25. JW: “Steven Messham and the 10,000 kids on the run from predators tonight deserve better than House of Commons onanism. Let’s get this sick mess out in the open once and for all, remove the uncertainty, and then make some proper decisions about how to stop it ever again gathering so much power to deprave and destroy.”

    To surmise…………..REVOLUTION!!!!!!!!!!!!


  26. Ian Bailey: “I hope you’re wrong. I hope there isn’t a paedo ring embedded at the heart of the establishment.”

    I’m Irish. We didn’t really have an “establishment”.

    Our church, Roman Catholicism stood in for that deficiency.

    Anthropologically we’re nearly identical.

    If our last 20+ years are as they have been reported, then, based on my own Hibernian experiences, hold onto your hats, you of Albion, you’re in for a rough ride………..


  27. Brave and brilliant JW; you manage to identify, quantify and deconstruct so much of what is wrong with the status quo.


  28. @kfc
    “Oh, by the way, why is Tom Watson dragging his feet,”

    Perhaps someone from the Labour Party had a word in his ear (see Perhaps I’m just a cynic, but I would have been more impressed if he had announced a campaign to sort out the Labour stables


  29. John Wards’ dedication is an example to us all.
    This pedophile ring is the ring that rules them all, pull it down and all the rottenness of the system will be exposed!
    Hold onto something solid folks, because this is the big one, if we so choose!

    “Only in the darkness can you see the stars.”
    ― Martin Luther King Jr.


  30. @Houndstooth: Your argument is, as usual, nicely put but contains several moral contradictions which, at this time of night, I don’t have the energy to deconstruct. In a nutshell, equivocating over child abuse will not answer, and if you think that John Ward is aiming to create hysteria, I think you are very, very wrong.


  31. It was announced a couple of days ago that there will be a Royal Commission into institutionalised pedophilia in Australia. It was warmly welcomed, but many people suspect that this is just another smear campaign against the opposition leader because he once trained to be a catholic priest. The government has suggested it’s Terms of Reference will include state institutions and other churches, but the ABC has dutifully made the link to Tony Abbott on their behalf by criticizing why the RC isn’t bring restricted to the Catholic Church, and gratuitously dropping the opposition leader’s name into comments about Catholic priest pedophilia. Very ugly indeed.

    A lot of worms will come out of this particular can once opened, but the situation in the old dart seems even worse, and considerably so. Institutionalised depravity is a crime against humanity.


  32. Dear Mr Baskervilles
    We will go round in circles until the Bermuda Triangle is a hexagon on this issue. What you suggest is preciely the approach Savile used to get away with it.
    We simply don’t agree and never will.
    Let’s leave it at that.


  33. This message is from Trevor Pitman, Deputy of the States of Jersey who started the petition “@ukhomeoffice: Restore the visa of banned journalist Leah McGrath Goodman #FreeJersey,” which you signed on

    Some new news — from Leah McGrath Goodman:

    Thanks so much for your continued support. As we close in on 3,000 signatures, it looks like I may be closer to having my visa restored in the UK.

    Right now, the heightened awareness of how abuse victims have been hurt in England has made it easier for the sponsor of this petition, Trevor Pitman, to engage in positive communications on my behalf with the UK’s immigration authorities. (Thank you, Trevor!) With any luck, I may have the green-light to continue my research by the end of the year.

    This is only if the UK authorities follow through on their assurances, however. We are hopeful, but the hard work is not yet done and each step has proven expensive…both in terms of time, emotional resources and funding.

    Please continue to spread the word. Awareness is key, so long as there are editorials like the one featured in last Friday’s Financial Times letting fly with such statements as: “Fraud, robbery, mugging, burglary – even rape and murder – may sometimes eventually be forgiven. But no such indulgence is available to child abusers. This was not always so.”

    This very strange piece — which might have better run under the title “In Defense of Paedophiles” — comes from Sir Max Hastings, an otherwise respected British author, historian and journalist. Not sure what the point of comparing child abuse to burglary is — other than fouling oneself as a sort of paedophile apologist — but Hastings does not let it drop there.

    “The public obsession with paedophilia now obliges art galleries and auctioneers to exercise extreme care in marketing images of children,” he says. “Many honourable and admirable people who work with the young must exercise elaborate care to avoid casual physical contact with their charges.”

    Uh, isn’t taking elaborate care around children supposed to be a good thing?

    While these are the kinds of ignorant sputterings I have long grown used to hearing from, ahem, “paedocrats,” it is disappointing to hear them from a fellow journalist — a beknighted one at that — who should really know better.

    (Just an aside: You also have to ask yourself what motivated Hastings to write this editorial. To make a fuss over such high-class problems as the way in which auctioneers are suffering when the protection of children is in question seems to be in the worst of taste.)

    The editorial must be read in full to be believed, but Hastings does reassure us that “child abuse is not a national plague” and we should instead focus on tut-tutting the “spasms of hysteria.”

    Unlike Hastings, I do not believe getting to the bottom of the matter is, as he says, akin to an “archaeological dig.” Or that “Roman excavations are more fruitful.” I believe as long as there is a push to not ask questions or dig deeper there are plenty of reasons to continue to do so. With patience and compassion, there are ways to heal, but they cannot be approached from a place of denial or ignorance. Let us hope that the national discourse can be allowed to move forward, from a place of truth.

    Thank you for your continued support. It has made all the difference!



  34. Who stopped her from coming to the UK and why?Had she not landed at Heathrow and been denied access,again by whom and why?I think McGrath has information on a trail that leads right back to the USA as do so many trails that are yet to start here in the UK.


  35. I wonder if you have read Anna Raccoon lately? She has an interesting take on the Savile story as she was at Duncroft at the time.

    However, very Ballsy of you to name Leon Brittan and Lord Fondlebum of Boys (as he is commonly referred to in our pub, merely an example of ‘Vulgar Abuse’, m’lud). I hope you have some evidence if the libel lawyers come calling.


  36. Well, it was never really about the children, was it? The BBC is the same. All the time they were bashing the RC church it would appear they were busy employing and protecting their own paedophiles.



    This petition will be delivered to:

    John Vine, UK independent Chief Inspector of Borders and Immigration@ukhomeoffice

    Michael RobinsonHead of Jersey Customs and Immigration Service@ukhomeoffice: Restore the visa of banned journalist Leah McGrath Goodman #FreeJersey

    Petition by
    Trevor Pitman, Deputy of the States of Jersey
    St. Clement, Jersey
    Leah McGrath Goodman is an American investigative journalist, author and former UK resident who was banned from the UK after launching an investigation into the alleged mass abuse, torture and possible murder of children on the island of Jersey – a British Crown Dependency and one of the world’s leading offshore tax havens.

    The largest of the island’s scandals made international headlines in 2008 at the Jersey orphanage Haut de la Garenne when nearly 200 victims alleged that the government had turned a blind eye to horrific crimes against defenceless children for decades. Evidence taken from the orphanage included the exhumed teeth, blood and bones of children. Then, in short order, our island’s chief of police was illegally suspended, our health minister was thrown out of his job and evidence of children’s remains were irreversibly compromised as Jersey’s government scrambled to shut down the investigation at all costs.

    After succeeding in doing so, Jersey’s government, to this day, squanders millions from the public purse to try to silence and discredit its critics and, most appallingly, shield the accused from being brought to justice, a number of who remain in high-ranking positions working closely with the island’s children – free to strike again.

    With the help of this international petition, we demand Ms. Goodman’s Tier-1 UK visa be restored so she can complete her urgent investigative work.

    The people of Jersey are being denied the democracy they deserve. This should outrage not only members of the island’s public, but everyone in the international community who cares about truth, justice and the freedom of the press.

    We are in need of a major overhaul of our troubled system if we are ever going to effect change. Please sign this petition to if you believe in the principles of a free and open democracy. We need a government that will work to protect our children and bring justice to the victims – not oppress them. On behalf of the people of Jersey, this is quite literally an S.O.S.

    Every day that goes by without this problem being fully addressed potentially exposes our children to further abuses.

    – Trevor Pitman, Member of Parliament, States of Jersey

    “Author and journalist Leah McGrath Goodman watched the investigation and digging at Haut de la Garenne from her U.S. home with interest. As the national and international TV cameras turned away from the story, she remained interested and decided to write a book on the subject. She began making trips to Jersey to research allegations of cover-ups…She set up a meeting with the Immigration Service and says it was all going well until she told them what she was writing about…”

    – BBC

    Read more:

    UK Member of Parliament John Hemming tables motion in support of this petition:

    The Guardian: Jersey’s secrecy culture and interview with Leah McGrath Goodman: … cy-culture

    BBC: Interview with Leah McGrath Goodman: … k-and.html

    Petition Letter
    I’ve just signed the following petition addressed to: John Vine, UK Independent Chief Inspector of Borders and Immigration and Michael Robinson, Head of Jersey Customs and Immigration Service.

    Leah McGrath Goodman is an American investigative journalist, author and former UK resident who began researching reports of the breakdown of the rule of law in Jersey – a British Crown Dependency and one…
    I’ve just signed the following petition addressed to: John Vine, UK Independent Chief Inspector of Borders and Immigration and Michael Robinson, Head of Jersey Customs and Immigration Service.

    Leah McGrath Goodman is an American investigative journalist, author and former UK resident who began researching reports of the breakdown of the rule of law in Jersey – a British Crown Dependency and one of the world’s leading offshore tax havens – after the island made international headlines in 2008 for the alleged mass abuse, torture and possible murder of children at the orphanage Haut de la Garenne.

    Those accused of harming countless children under care include privileged visitors from abroad, the orphanage’s own staff members and prominent citizens of Jersey – some of whom, incomprehensibly, continue to work with the island’s children in high-ranking government positions.

    Ms. Goodman successfully conducted her research until 11 September 2011, when the UK Border Agency detained her at the request of the Jersey Customs and Immigration Service. Absent any charges, Ms. Goodman was fingerprinted, photographed and stripped of her passport, phone, wallet and possessions and held in the basement of Heathrow Airport for more than 12 hours – past the legal limit – without access to a lawyer or the U.S. consulate. This was in violation of her human rights. She was then sent home and banned from the UK for two years (reduced to one year with the help of Member of Parliament John Hemming). She has been denied a new visa and right of appeal.

    In order for Ms. Goodman to finish her research safely, she must receive pre-entry clearance from the UK – clearance it has so far declined to give her. Please restore Ms. Goodman’s Tier-1 UK visa, so she might continue her research.


  38. Some encouragement from downunder. Recently announced is a Royal Commission into institutional pedophilia with wide terms of reference and a huge look-back time. Church, state, charity, educational etc institutions. In response the grumpy Cardinal Pell of the catholic church, “it wasn’t just us you know”. No it wasn’t, but of 641 internal investigations, the catholic church did not refer 1, not 1, to the police. The main thrust of their efforts was to cover their arses whilst revealing many others.
    Given the wide scope of the inquiry, there is a good chance of hell freezing over before the culprits are sent there.


  39. Pingback: John Ward – Pandora’s Box Of British Paedophiles : Why The Unknown Nature Of The Contents Keeps The Lid On Them – Part 1 – 15 November 2012 | Lucas 2012 Infos

  40. I forgot to add that McCarthy, rather like George W Bush Junior, was a Manichaean – if you weren’t his friend, you were by definition his enemy: “those who aren’t with me are against me” me etc. etc.

    But on the main point yes, there is no possibility at all of you and I agreeing on this matter, and as you sensibly suggest, let’s leave it at that. I’m sure you don’t want dissenters round here, anyway – they only spoil the fun.




  41. @Houndstooth: More flowery drivel. The comparison, possibly attractive for the purposes of sophistry, is obviously untenable; the Senator was using his political power to control and manipulate events with a malign objective. What sort of person would want to indulge in point scoring over child abuse? Your comment about dissention on the Slog is childish and similarly inaccurate.


  42. So the Beeb are going to settle out of court (with our money of course):
    Very interesting that McAlpine doesn’t want to go to court:
    “Mr Reid [McAlpine’s solicitor] also appealed to all those who had named Lord McAlpine on the social media site Twitter to come forward. He said some prominent people had already apologised, but others had not.

    He told the World at One: “What we’re basically saying to people is, look, we know – in inverted commas – who you are, we know exactly the extent of what you’ve done. And it’s easier to come forward and see us and apologise and arrange to settle with us because, in the long run, this is the cheapest and best way to bring this matter to an end.”


  43. I just heard a trail of this on Radio 4.

    “We live in Italy, we don’t read the papers or have the internet”
    “We have received a large number of emails of support”


  44. & enough already with the witch hunt – McAlpine is OK isn’t he ? It was admitted by all that he had been wrongly accused. He hasn’t been thrown into a pond & had to prove his innocence by drowning, had all his body hair shaved off in order to find the paedo mark, his pets checked in case they are his familiars or tortured until he confessed.

    McCarthy & Roy Cohn = The Slog – that’s a good one.


  45. Suspect there may be a subtly different motivation behind the Aussie Royal Commission.
    Just imagine if it were to report that all the nasty, evil, child abuse in Oz can be traced back to ‘the old country’ – what better sub-text on which to launch the Republic Campaign, immediately after the death of QE2 ?
    Just doing the advance prep-work…….


  46. Amazing piece. A googled dereck Laud and he was the alibi in the rape story of the hamiltons. Does anyone know where that rape story fits with all of this. Was that true after all i wonder ?

    Also saw dereck laud on big brother and he seemed a decent chap


  47. Lord McAlpine doesn’t need to go to Court: the BBC have conceded that they defamed him and so it is in their interests for him not to take it to Court. They would then have to pay not only damages and costs which would end up being substantial. No point in the BBC trying to fight that which they have already conceded.


  48. No, it isn’t. No-one in their right mind would go to court which would just enrich the lawyers. The case is straightforward-no need whatsoever for the “day in court”.


  49. Notwithstanding the behaviour of other members of his family, if Lord McAlpine does not donate every penny he receives to an appropriate children’s charity, then I for one will draw my own conclusions as to his integrity. A ‘good name’ is a fine thing; however, set against the suffering of defenceless children, it glitters not nearly so bright. I have recently been accused of abusing my 9 year old daughter by her alcoholic and vindictively hostile mother, so fully understand this territory. That the focus of all the current concern has been hijacked by protestations from the rich and powerful speaks volumes about their vanity and the abject cowardice of TPTB. Making false or reckless accusations is very wrong, and counterproductive, but there does need to be some sense of perspective which acknowledges the greater wrong done to the innocent victims of child abuse who quite obviously do exist in considerable numbers.


  50. I always imagined it was Edward who would be in the frame as the royal connection.
    His profile fits rather well. Kicked out of the military, joined an amateur theatre group and was known for throwing hissy fits left and right. Never known to have a girlfriend until one day he announced he is going to marry, just as speculation about his sexuality is at it’s peak.


  51. @davesdrinks
    Strange this………in the way that the UK is suddenly caught up in a storm over kidfids – and across the world the same ‘issue’ becomes a headline act but without the ‘kickoff’ subject.

    Although I agree with everyone (almost) that this must be brought into the open with facts, coverups, collusions and indeed crimes brought to light, I am starting to wonder what we are being distracted from in the wider world……….. Something bigger ? (than the ‘UK powerbrokers’ being institutionally corrupt which we already know – it is just the type of corruption we are focusing on) even more massive I would suggest…. is going on in the big wide world……. from which our gazes are likely being turned.

    Or maybe I am just too suspicious and too cynical of the behaviour of the ‘higher eschelons’ and ‘authoritative voices’ to trust what I am ‘fed’ by those who have spent their lives deceiving the people at every turn !

    An excellent and brave piece John – well done. But please, do not take your eye off the ball elsewhere…………. :)


  52. What depresses me about all this is the fact that, with the amount of information available on the net ,tv documentaries and the papers,nothing ever seems to get done for the victims. The establishment will protect their power,privelege and position at all costs.


  53. Don’t let it get you down H ! I went through the same when getting divorced (her desire – not mine) from same sort of woman……… Don’t however expect to get any kind of court supported ‘contact’ once the woman gets ‘custody’ (and she will) it cost me one heck of a lot of money to discover that justice (or best interests of the child) is not even a figment of the family courts imagination. It is mainly about keeping ‘mum’ happy.

    Did not see my daughter for 14 years, but she got in touch just after her 18th birthday :) We get on extremely well now, but you can never recapture (from either side) the lost years……


  54. I understand only too well these sentiments. I lost my younger daughter to fatal, abuse inspired, psychiatric illness and addictions. I am estranged from my elder daughter and Grandchildren, whilst her mother’s abusive second husband retains access to the grandchildren. I’m dismissed as a sour loser. Nothing could be further from the truth.


  55. Thanks for the info- very depressing unfortunately – Hopefully Sian Griffiths will be consulted, but I am not holding my breath.


  56. You’re a brave man. Not many would have the guts to put it in print. Thank you for giving us the nation’s best blog. Take care; we don’t want to lose you.


  57. @Morningstar & Oldrightie: You have my full sympathy, thank you for yours, we are many. The irony (?) of my situation is that my daughter and her slightly older brother are actually resident with me, as well as with their mother who is currently being viewed by ‘social services’ as guilty of neglect concerning my daughter’s medical needs. My daughter has full presentation Foetal Alcohol Syndrome and significant learning difficulties, her mother has recently cancelled three important medical appointments, one with the national lead consultant in FAS which I fought for several years to acquire. If a father caused permanent, lifelong injury to his children he would, no doubt, never see them again. I am currently being prosecuted by the CSA for the THIRD time this year for not supporting my children!!!!! In February they bottled and withdrew having got me to the Mags, in August they sent their top solicitor and the Mags threw it out, they have now entered an appeal in County Court 26th Nov. Interesting times.


  58. Lord McAlpine was the subject of untrue allegations. He is entitled to do with the compensation whatever he so chooses-without any conclusions being drawn at all.
    The continued conflating the issues of the child abuse with the defamation by untrue and unsubstantiated allegations of an individual is appalling. It seems to be “justified” by some concept of collective guilt-a concept only covered by our conspiracy laws. Again no eveidence of any conspiracy has been produced despite many, including the apparently saintly Tom Watson, saying they “know”.
    Well, if they do, they should say. But it is increasingly clear that they don’t-and that Watson is just a windbag seeking to make political capital-which was exactly his job for Brown. No surprise there.
    The child abuse was dreadful and should be properly investigated i.e. not by the publication of unchecked allegations by reporters from a pompous overblown useless, biased state broadcaster. It seems likely there was a conspiracy-but until there is evidence, properly supported, no further allegations should be made.


  59. I know that lifting things out of context has become a popular sport in these parts, but for the record, what Max Hastings actually wrote was:

    “Roman excavations are more fruitful, as they involve tangible remains. Who can anticipate useful conclusions about alleged crimes from as long as four decades ago, for which there is no substantial evidence, only unsupported oral testimony?”

    His point, surely, is the absence of “tangible remains” of many alleged past crimes – a proposition that most people in their right minds would readily accept, I should have thought. Put another way, paedophiles can be apprehended and brought to court only on the basis of incontrovertible evidence, and with the passage of time, that evidence becomes ever more difficult to find.

    As you rightly say, “with patience and compassion, there are ways to heal, but they cannot be approached from a place of denial or ignorance.” It is beyond question that physical evidence can disappear with the passage of time. Denying that truth helps to perpetuate ignorance and gets us nowhere.


  60. As the name McAlpine was mentioned in the official inquiry and has been on the interenet for nigh on twenty years, why is Lord McAlpine today stating that these accusations come as a ‘tremendous shock’? He must also have had knowledge of the Newsnight programme before it was broadcast yet nothing was done until after the Schofield debacle and Steve Messham’s sudden capitulation. Why has Lord McAlpine not even mentioned the police, never mind criticise them, as it was they who confirmed the name McAlpine to Steve Messham in the first place? Is Lord McAlpine not going to sue the police? Why is no one in the media asking Lord McAlpine if he had any knowledge of the officially documented matter of his relatives taking children to their country houses to be abused? Are we even allowed to ask these questions any more?


  61. There is too much information out there for this to go to court. Too big a risk. They want people to self incriminate themselves!
    Silly buggers!


  62. This is a powerful and important piece John – I take my hat off to you.

    This is the first time I’ve seen or heard anyone mention what I have long believed to be at the heart of most of the problems that society faces today – namely individual and collective insecurities.

    Linking this to your Aims piece of a few months ago, about how we can improve our society – I think we need to be conducting public affairs under a key principle of transparency. Technology can enable this paradigm shift and to a large extent it already is. It just needs the institutional arrangements to catch up.

    We need thorough, sober investigation into all these allegations and structures/cultures that have and are allowing abuses to happen. And nothing should be allowed to get in the way of these processes, regardless of perceived repercussions for the way things work.


  63. Well lets pick all that apart. First of all the BBC broadcast a maliciously defamatory piece which had no basis in reality – even Wardy would have to admit that. It did so on the basis of an interview and a private assurance of Stephen Messham that it was Lord McAlpine. This was untrue. Messham has said that the Police showed him a picture and said it was ‘McAlpine’. Did they say ‘Lord McAlpine’ or just ‘McAlpine’ ? When did they say this to Messham ? And which Police force and which Police Officers are we talking about ? And indeed more to the point of whom was the picture ? We don’t know. And how do we know what Messham says in this regard is true ? We don’t.

    You say Lord McAlpine ‘must also have had knowledge of the Newsnight programme before it was broadcast’. How so ? He lives in the South of Italy. The BBC did not ring him up and ask him about the entirely libellous allegations. As he said today in his interview on ‘the World at One’ they could have saved themselves a whole load of agro and cash had they bothered to do so.

    You go on to ask ‘why is no one in the media asking Lord McAlpine if he had any knowledge of the officially documented matter of his relative taking children to their country houses to be abused ?’. What point would there be in so doing ? The person you are talking about died in 1991 and was, I think, a second cousin once removed to Lord McAlpine. The good Lord has been to Wrexham once in his life so has never visited either of the house you are refering to. How well did he know this distant relation ? I would venture hardly if at all. Do you know persons with a similar relationship to you ? Does Wardy ? I bet the answer is no.


  64. Aah Hb, the CSA, a festering putrescent abscess on the backside of humanity if ever there was one. Of course a fine ideal, corrupted by targets and the obscene self interest of human beings addicted to the power given them by the legislation.

    I myself claim the small victory of taking one of the first if not the first actions against them at the Magistrates Court for harassment, causing alarm and distress, when they put an order direct onto my earnings. As you may gather they shouldn’t have done, because the Magistrates Court came to an arrangement with them to remove it immediately if I agreed to withdraw my application for a summons, without even appearing in Court.

    As I have said more than once, it is the enforcers, facilitators, backroom boys, whatever you like to call them, who need our attention at least as much as the lead names. It is they who allow the Facist systems imposed by TPTB to succeed at least as much as the designers of same. Without the facilitators TPTB wouldn’t get away from the starting block.

    A pox on them and power to your elbow, but we both know it is your lifespan which is being shortened by the resulting stress, not theirs, even when you finally neutralize their worst efforts.


  65. Ceri Thomas can forget about sending any more snoopy double handed BBC moles round to my blog with little pokearound private messages to pick my brains, I really don’t appreciate it and think its nasty and crafty.


  66. The CSA – yes tell me about it – another abomination which should be dismantled (and anyone who is immoral enough to still work for it taken out and put up against the wall).

    Have posted my experiences before so will not do so again, but suffice to say – bunch of incompetant lying thieves who cause more suffering (especially to children) then they could ever pretend to alleviate.


  67. But what if allegations are made to Plod – and nothing happens ? Or investigations are instigated and the outcomes ‘locked up’ and beyond the reach of those seeking justice ? For this is the problem – too many people have instigated or been involved in cover ups. The stories have been turned into ‘discredited accusations due to lacking definite identification’ when it is easily possible that the (young) victims would not have had a real clue as to the identities of those ‘partaking’ of their bodies. But plod has the means and resources to investigate and hasn’t (apparantly) done so adequately in the past. Thus people have no recourse but to shout their stories from the rooftops – and booger everyone until the authorities, that can do something, do it !

    Put this way… would you rather your young son was rogered up the ar5e by peoples unknown (and without recourse) or somebody was misidentified on TV and given the ‘airtime’ to ensure that it was made clear that his identification was a mistake. It is still the case that the accusations stand against someone or many people, in collusion (or a blind eye turned) with the authorities has been abusing children…………The bottom must be got at (no pun intended) – but all who can instigate a full, open and honest airing are too busy sticking their heads up each others ar5e5 !


  68. @MickC: I have often liked your comments and felt that you make good sense. I am, on this occasion, not entirely certain that you have really thought it through. We certainly agree that false allegations are wrong; however, the noble Lord has already had the most powerful and public vindication that it is in any way possible to receive and, as a result, his reputation is de facto restored. In any event, it is not possible to buy such a thing back, and what is of most value to the wrongly accused is the certain knowledge of their own innocence. My concern is that, considering the nature of the subject matter, it seems very tawdry that the focus is so easily shifted away from the victims and the mountains they must climb in order to find peace. Also, these allegations have only come out in this way because the truth has, for so long, been avoided and ignored by TPTB; speculation is the inevitable result.


  69. @Full stop/Morningstar: Meant to say also, yes they truly are as sociopathic a bunch of disingenuous hypocrites as you could find in any rat infested den of pustulant palcontents. I take the liberty of considering myself as altruistic as the next bloke, but I wouldn’t give them the steam off my pudding – and I don’t mean my dessert. The CSA, as some may not know, is a for profit business, registered at Companies House, with a number of undischarged CCJ’s against it. May their sores always fester, every last one of them.


  70. @Mick C and Hb.

    Both of you in my humble opinion write with good sense and compassion, I agree with you both. Therein the problem.

    I am reminded of another problem that has been ongoing for years. It involves the targeting of elderly and often mentally infirm occupants of their own houses. They are identified (often by the so called Traveller section of society) and having been selected are conned and bullied into paying thousands of pounds under false pretences for work not done, which is in any case absurdly overpriced even if it had been necessary and done. Every time an investigation was done any prosecution attempted would fail because of the mental frailty of the victim. Once the CPS took over decisions about prosecution, none would be even attempted because of that factor.

    Eventually successful prosecutions were mounted, but only after hugely expensive surveillance driven operations which provided evidence independent of the victims which would stand up in a court of Law. A few were made an example of but the usual derisory sentences resulted.

    Much the same difficulty applies to victims of sexual assault, even adult victims. Again, therein the problem.

    All this grand talk of evidence is just that, grand talk. Evidence of sexual abuse is damned difficult to get and even more difficult to present as creditable.

    There is an answer, but it is hugely expensive because of the man hours required and with regard to retrospective cases might still prove inadequate to stand the test required by criminal court.

    In my view that should not be a bar to an attempt to properly investigate, but it requires the right public pressure. that may or may not come about as a result of the current furor. I hope it does.


  71. @Wfd

    You’ll get no argument from me, we should each do whatever sits easy with our conscience, but I’ll stop short of advocating what others should do.


  72. @Full stop: Well said. You are ‘running before the wind’ (your earlier maritime comment gave me my first involuntary laugh of the day, for which I thank you).


  73. Morningstar

    it is not an either/or -is it?

    The BBC has the clout and resources to get it right-it should not have put the programme out as it did-full stop.

    JW has used the phrase “evidenced speculation”-an oxymoron if ever there was one. There is evidence-or it is speculation. Probably acceptable from JW-not acceptable from the State broadcaster.


  74. @MickC
    ” JW has used the phrase “evidenced speculation”-an oxymoron if ever there was one. There is evidence-or it is speculation. ”

    Evidenced speculation = a Theory


  75. HieronimusB,

    therein lies the problem in poor “investigative journalism”-the target has changed from the perpetrators of the crimes to the victims (no, not the right word but can’t think of another at this time) of the misreporting. The two issues have become conflated with the most recent becoming the “most important” to the news media-but both are important.

    The “libel” bit is now hopefully dealt with and should take a back seat-allowing the paedophile strand to take its true place as the focus. The problem is, I think, that those, such as Watson, who say they have evidence actually have none-and were just using the story for party political ends. For my money, Watson is a bully and a blowhard-happy to suck up to the Murdoch press for Gordon until the Murdochs did not support him.

    The paedophile affair needs true investigative, non political journalism-and God knows where that’ll come from. We used to have it-but not any more it seems. All is about denigrating the “other side” in politics-we have pygmies, the giants of both sides are long gone.



    In this ‘Age of Perversity’, should the foetus survive ‘creation’ in an ageing, last-chance-mother, who is labouring for Mammon, in the grip of a debilitating male ‘work ethic’, it is inevitably born into a culture akin to battery-farming; a culture obsessed with ‘bottom-line’; focused on good ‘layers’, i.e. schooled, conformist ‘chickens’- feather-loss notwithstanding.

    It is my conclusion that the human baby is – quite naturally – also obsessed; in this case, the obsession is with the prime imperative: “Control”; control of food supply and comfort; control of limbs, locomotion, bowels, and the acquisition of any other enabling faculty. If ‘a life’ is at all achievable, one might reasonably expect subtle maturity to gather pace, while equal-and-opposite control-obsession, declines. But what if this transition fails? Obsessive maturity is, clearly, an oxymoron. A nation schooled to obsessive control will surely malfunction.

    A battery-house is not configured to satisfying a human newborn’s innate needs; as already said, ‘the farmer’ (GNP obsessed government) just wants output. Thus it is that few new arrivals now avoid comprehensive, primary, psychological damage; this being compounded, for the entire duration of their formative years, by the institution of school (imposed after being ‘softened up’ by mercenary childcare). Sadly, Mammon has now eclipsed Mother in the psyche of ‘advanced’ womanhood; this error now reinforced, over successive generations.

    I conclude that school-leavers are, typically, even inevitably, immature and socially incompetent; still beset by varying degrees of drive to control. Some escape their demon with drink and drugs, or decline into welfare-dependence; some become ‘control freaks, perhaps even rapists and murderers. (The typically-controlling paedophile might well be a prime example!) Yet others, become serial qualification-acquirers, and some are trapped in self-harm, anorexia and bulimia. ‘Other niches are available.’ Who (but a politician) would call this ‘civilisation’?

    The above is disaster enough, but the most pernicious group, I suggest, comprises those who try to convince themselves, through the exercise of control over others, that they do have control-of-self. Those so deluded, go into various professions where the ‘raw material’ to be worked upon is us, and the greatest harm is inflicted by those who make a career in politics. Here the ultimate control ‘trip’ (favoured by Prime Ministers) is mass killing, in gratuitous warfare. But obsessive need is never met; those afflicted strive till they die. Blair is exemplary.

    Hence I define politics as: “The art of self deception, wrapped in the craft of deceiving others – for ‘their own good’.” In the parallel universe of politics, the neediness of the damaged child, cloaked in bogus philanthropy, constitutes the ‘consummate parliamentarian’. Should charisma and/or oratory – those infernal ‘gifts’ – be present in the zealous aspirant, political success is all but assured. The most fiendishly endowed among those so ‘blessed’, may ascend to despot status, i.e. Prime Minister.

    But if The Commons comprise 650 damaged, juvenile control freaks, would not governance be obsessive, alien and bizarre, while generally bringing serial, costly failure upon the nation? Would not governance, on careful inspection, prove to be a Machiavellian tyranny? Indeed! We have succumbed to insidious ‘D’ MOCK CRASS Y. Where Y? is, culturally, left unasked.

    Under the Westminster Ethos, we are trapped in a feedback loop that only serves the politicians. As I write, the quintessentially aberrant of these multi-distilled human travesties, aspire and conspire with others of the same ilk, from other ‘advanced’ nations, to even greater heights of control: they are attempting to impose ‘The New World Order’.



  77. Hilarious! “We can’t find you because it’s the internet, so come and confess, and pay us, and apologise, and abase yourself before us, before we… er… um…” My old headmaster had the same ploy when something like vandalism happened. “I want you standing outside my study after assembly; we know who you are!” We laughed in his face. It was a Grammar School, and we weren’t that stupid.


  78. Does anyone at this wonderful blog knows an honest lawyer who could help me to sue Barclays “Crap” Bank. They simply closed my 1o year´s saving account bank without any formal authorization from me and sent a 3400 pounds check that no bank in Brazil wanted to exchange. Result? Nothing left for me. No money, no saviing account.

    Get in touch at:


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  83. check out judge Vincent, sits in the south west of England as a family court judge. fathers for justice report
    It appears that he is in to rent boys? freemason. Children have gone missing in zennor in Cornwall, MI6 appear to of been aware of this? dead bodies in a certain area, why they took no action
    Judge David Tyzack Q.C family court judge, another freemason.
    on the committee for adoptions, conflict of interest.
    Sat as a barrister working for the local council in the south west of england
    It appears he never goes against social services.
    Also appears to have some bad habits, check out the dungeons.
    Judge, Sean Overend, freemason, corrupt, was name in the sun new paper for letting off sex offenders in his court. Was up to his neck in fraud, protecting criminals. Moss Mayo in Devon

    These guys are not just stealing children, but big time fraud, Tyzack, ‘Moon’ and (Wigmore might be dead) Wildblood have sat in court, using freemason signs.

    A certain High court judge at an appeal hearing, was sitting picking his nose and eating it, the other high court judge was was a making freemason signs.

    This is what the public have to put up with, no justice, no truth
    thou shall not bear false witness.


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  85. I read this about a month ago and have spent the last month searching for evidence to ‘disprove’ it. I am a scientist. Instead of trying to prove a theory you try and disprove it and if you can’t disprove it then it is more likely to be true. And I can’t. This intelligently written and inspiring, brave piece should wake up everyone to to the possibility of a better world. There are a few really bad people and then lots who are scared, weak, self-centered or so overworked they just can’t face up to their own lives let alone the outside world. We have to work collectively to ensure people know. Evidence is mounting everyday.


  86. For the sake of balance, there is an alternative scenario to your conspiracy theory about politicians (which may indeed be true, as you have pointed out that smoking guns are only notable by their absence): that is that the security services are the control freaks and one way they exercise that power is through the power of smearing.

    I was told by an Establishment insider that ‘if Prince Andrew dies of AIDS, it will be sold to the country as leukaemia’. As that was the best part of a decade and a half ago I was told that, either Prince Andrew responds very well to anti-retrovirals or it was a smear from the medical establishment. You may be aware that MI5/6 has infested various London teaching hospitals, one of which the Tories are trying hard to shut down right now (which would be a very good thing, IMHO) and there are certain sadists who believe ‘breaking human beings’ is compatible with the Hippocratic Oath. I’m not sure that would stand up to rigorous judicious investigation, however the BMA runs rings round the Tory Party when it comes to show trials, closing ranks and muck raking. They have rather too close relationships with Surrey Satellites you know: dangerous for your health, that can be…….

    There are assertions out there on the internet carrying every bit as much weight as yours that the reason Brittan was smeared by MI5 was because they had intercepted Gadaffi sending instructions to the London Embassy 24 hrs before WPC Yvonne Fletcher was shot from within the compound but miraculously didn’t pass it on. Brittan was unimpressed and so the smear campaign began.

    The assumption would be that every time some godalmighty cock-up occurs in MI5 or MI6, the first sign of trouble and the offending politician is a ‘paedo’ or a ‘perv’ or a ‘gang banger’ or a ‘pimp’. Such an addition to our democracy that little revelation would be…..

    The assumption would alternatively be that, because MI5 and MI6 were so corrupt and incompetent, the only way they could protect their asses would be to ensure that the only politicians who could get promoted were blackmailable. If that were true, then MI5 and MI6 heads should be hung for treason. The whole of GCHQ should be assumed to be a hotbed of Nazis needing a 21st century Nuremberg to rid of of their scum and our elected politicians should spend just as much spying on the spies as the spies spend spying on us.

    You’ll note Brittan might still be a paedophile for all that, but you might want to start delving into HM’s Security Services to see what sort of muck you find in there. Pretty horrendous I’d expect……..

    Perhaps you’d like to bounce Dearlove out of his Mastership by exposing him running a spying service on all the undergrads who are supposed to spend 3 years away from prying eyes shagging anything which takes their fancy. Pretty sick needing to peep on all that, isn’t it????

    You might like to look at spy rings built up in Manchester since the millennium. Part of becoming ‘part of the Golden Triangle’ you know. Can’t be a ‘top university’ without spooks you know. You asked why anyone should pay £9000 a year to be spied on for life online by University pervs and spooks? That’s why it’s not worth going to Uni any more. You pay them for them to spy on you for life. Caveat emptor………

    Nothing like starting from the premise that security services are criminals not bound by the law. CIA running world drugs?? The Poles doing ‘rendition services’ for the Yanks?? The Russkies seeing London as their ‘signals listening post for Western Europe’?

    Poor politicians are small fry. Try the satellites of multinationals, the global spying of Google, they’re the professionals.

    You want to solve paedophilia, you get a satellite company to hone in on your suspects. 24/7/365. It can be done all right.

    But you’ve got to trust that the results lead to convictions, not to blackmail.

    That’s why you’ve got to pay for it, not MI5, the Met or anyone else. You and a backer rich enough to bankroll you.

    Who’s that backer going to be Mr Ward????


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