Islamist gets his freedom, the EU gets another tick from Westminster, bankers’ safety-net strengthened….

….10,000 UK kids a year abscond from care to evade sexual abuse

Which form of freedom should come first?

Abu Qatada is a fashionably high-profile Human Rights recipient, whose newly confirmed permission to stay in the UK (while in the middle east and Asia his adherents bomb people into crippledom) tests almost everyone’s liberal instincts, however gushing or homaeoapathic they might be. He is free to roam in Britain.

The Coalition continues to be a willing (and at times enthusiastic) member of a European Union so crooked it can’t get any accountancy firm anywhere to sign off its accounts, so economically disastrous that half of  ClubMed’s school-leavers can’t find employment, and so profoundly fiscally mismanaged its debt cannot be managed even with near 0% interest rates. The EU is free to impose its laws on the UK.

Britain’s banking system stands accused of doubling the national debt liabilities, cheating small businesses, manipulating the Libor rates, and doing nowhere near enough to sandbag itself against the inevitable wall of derivative knock-ons heading its way. But to date Mervyn King has spent £375bn trying to give them free money in exchange for toxic isotopes, and the Treasury thinks that RBS Man Stephen Hester is a good ol’ boy. Our bankers have a licence to skim at our expense.

So there’s a nice trio with which to start the day: a murderously illiberal Islamist, an ethically bereft European Union, and a serially psychopathic financial sector: all of them not just tolerated in Britain, but told they are welcome here. We somehow can’t bear to see them go.

Contrast and compare with how Britain treats its indigenous citizens towards the lower and more vulnerable end of the scale.

This week, one million households will receive letters from HMRC about losing child benefits. (I am opposed to them on principle, but that’s not the point: the recipients’ quality of life has been eroded.)

Last March, the price of Beer rose 5p thanks to tax increases. Drinkers here in the UK already pay 40% of all European beer taxes, despite only consuming 13% of the volume. (Same caveat as above applies)

For nearly four years now, the UK’s retired have suffered near-zero interest rates (Zirp) on the investments they use as income. This has forced the normal 38% level of Wrinklie investment in stock markets to go up to 80% in some cases (which was always the idea anyway) and encouraged speculation in an obviously Central Bank-manipulated gold market.

Despite some private care homes charging as much as £250,000 a year to care for one troubled child, there has been a significant reduction in financial support for national children’s services that would actively assist in the protection of kids in care from sexual abuse. 25 children aged between 12 and 17 disappeared from care homes and foster care in Kent alone last year. Kent Council admitted that they had ‘no way of knowing’ what had happened to the children although it was suspected that these young people were victims of child trafficking.

In 2009, a secret immigration document revealed that as many as 77 Chinese children had disappeared from a care home in the London Borough of Hillingdon. No sooner had they arrived at the home than they vanished. These children, it was discovered, were farmed out across the UK, in an assortment of perverted business deals that resulted in already-vulnerable youngsters being plunged into prostitution and drug-trafficking.

On 20th June 2012, The Children’s Society and others compiled a report about the vulnerability of children in the UK care home sector. It concluded that children who run away from care homes generally do so because they are being abused and groomed for sex, while teenagers are routinely placed in rough areas far from home and in care homes known to paedophiles. Police estimate that some 10,000 children go missing from care annually, though official government data recorded only 930 last year…something of a discrepancy, that. And get this one: ‘there is a troubling tendency in the child protection system, where it is often acceptable for adults to engage in sex with children as long as it is “consensual.” The MP’s are expected to announce an urgent investigation into the system, which they say “is not fit for purpose.” One wonders what they think the purpose of child care is.

Global Human Rights aims are often laudable, aiding the EU’s survival for some is important, and apparently without our banking system the sky would fall in. But the decent protection of our old and squeezed from want, and their troubled children from sexual trauma, doesn’t get a look-in. We are free to study impoverishment at close quarters.
Yesterday, The Slog wrote an open letter to Ed Miliband suggesting that a debate about the treatment of Steven Messham, and the continuing ability of paedophiles to evade justice, are more important than onanistic cross-bench point-scoring at the expense of the BBC. Unsurprisingly, the telephone has not started ringing from Labour HQ. The main movement has been the distancing of themselves from campaigner Tom Watson by cowardly Shadow Ministers.
Nobody in the MSM is pointing out The Slog’s simple observation about the McAlpines: the BBC got the wrong McAlpine, and the others in the family stand accused of a long-running cover-up. Still no writ from his Lordship, by the way.
There will be more later on the horribly predictable – bordering on obscenely cunning – conclusion that our legislators are now disseminating: the poor ickle Lordy-Wordy-McAlpine’s life has been so besmirched, we must now regulate on press freedoms. God bless Boris Johnson, and all who are steamrollered by him.
See that thin end, see that wedge, blink blindly in that smokescreen, watch the perverted, fascist, illiberal neocon State starting to take shape. Switch on the telly. Watch Nadine Dorries battling with creepie-crawlies. Have another beer. Fall asleep. Somnambulate into 1984.


69 thoughts on “Islamist gets his freedom, the EU gets another tick from Westminster, bankers’ safety-net strengthened….

  1. Andrea Davison wote this apparently, now, which one is she talking about, because I just don’t know anymore….
    In Interviews victims had named a number of police officers including Fraud Squad officer DC Stephen Winnard who later arrested Andrea in 2010, senior judges, celebrities, and Politicians including, Derek Laud, McAlpine and Peter Morrison and also the Duke of Westminster. Victims claimed they were collected from the Childrens Homes in expensive cars, including Jimmy Savile’s Rolls Royce and taken to be abused by an elite paedophile ring. Investigating officers in the North Wales Police confirmed that Lord McALpine was one of the abusers. These interviews and other evidence were kept by Andrea.

  2. “(while in the middle east and Asia his adherents bomb people into crippledom)”
    Even just a smattering of evidence for this outrageous statement could not be provided. Your semi-decent revelations are now being totally obscured and destroyed by your islamophobic rants. I now consider that you are a 5th columnist for the whole islamophobic agenda generated from a certain well-monied Middle east state that likely supports your harmless digs at the system.

  3. Oh, do me a favour, how about reading the various middle eastern and Aisian news agencies to get comfirmation of what the ‘religion of peace’ actually does. To be unaware through ignorance or stupidity is one thing, to be deliberately unaware because of fanaticism which engenders a complete inability to comprehend what is truth and what is not renders your opinion and intellect null and void.

  4. I defy anyone to discover what it is that Abu Qatada actually did.
    He is convicted in absentia on torture derived evidence and has
    committed no offence in the UK.
    It was rumoured that he was an MI5 agent but other than that
    searching provides nothing concrete.
    (Not that I think he’s a great guy, just I like to have a good reason
    for locking folks up other than their religious beliefs or the colour
    of their skin).

  5. ” the wrong McAlpine, and the others in the family stand accused of a long-running cover-up. Still no writ from his Lordship, by the way”

    JW – you may well be right about this and I hope for your sake and the vibrant life of The Slog that his Lordship refrains from taking up your invitation to sue.
    Even so – I and apparently a few other slogonauts – believe it would strengthen your case and credibility and enhance the effectiveness of your campaign against all paedo-slimes to acknowledge, like George Monbiot, that it was a mistake (I am not doubting your good intentions) to finger Lord McA as the man that “everybody knew as the man standing accused”. I for one, but speaking I suspect for many, did not “know” that until I read that particular EOT.
    As for Qatada: you write “tests almost everyone’s liberal instincts, however gushing or homaeoapathic they might be. He is free to roam in Britain.” I hope yo9ur liberal instincts pass the test. And by the way, it is only true in tabloidese that he is “free to roam Britain”. ( hours a day allowed out of his house with electronic tag and not allowed access to internet and not allowed to talk to named individuals. “Free to roam” is a taboid bollock that I would hope you will continue to deconstruct.

  6. ps. sorry if the above seems like carping. And, yes, I ackonwledge it is far easier to deconstruct the occasional slog bollock than do what you do daily – for which my admiration remains undimmed.

  7. DomE – Like you – I am genuinely curious about the grounds for locking up or deporting Qatada. Apart from mouth-foaming about his views, I would welcome enlightenment.

  8. Britain’s banking system stands accused of doubling the national debt liabilities, cheating small businesses

    Is it any wonder that Germany’s Mittelstand are successful when they have this kind of help?

  9. agree 100% even the term “islamaphobia” is a mind bending phrase, it pretends that the fear is irrational, the oil money is able to hire better pr than the israeli’s.

  10. Gemma did you watch parliament when they discussed the interest rate swaps which were sold to small businesses ? they stole 10’s billions from small businesses and then when they got caught told the business they would help them out providing they kept it hush hush.

  11. Why do we need any grounds? He’s not born here, if we don’t like him he can FO. Frankly, I don’t give a monkey’s whether the Jordanian’s torture him. Even Newsnight last night said why don’t we ignore the court and worry about the condequences later.

  12. The MSM has gone into overdrive ,disseminating and ignoring the Child abuse scandal. It is as if it never happened. All attention now deflected on Auntie BBC poor news management.
    EX Director General Entwhistle scapegoated after a couple of months on the job and the diversion of his pay -off raised in Parliament.
    The sheeple continue to be diverted by Nadine Dorries and her antics in the jungle.
    Folks the jungle is Right here and we are the prey, to be used and abused by TPTB.
    These Establishment people are smart and classic Goebbels experts at deceit ,deception ,dissemination ,deflection and obfuscation.
    Worthy opponents, but we battle on from the trenches. This is a guerrila war and not a full frontal assault. We will not let the bastards grind us down.
    It will be a long slow struggle to wake the sheeple from their slumber

  13. @ oldasiahand

    “Why do we need any grounds? He’s not born here, if we don’t like him he can FO”

    because when we, the people, consent to the imprisoning of people who the elite dont like regardless of evidence of guilt, then we waive the right to object when they come for us and our loved ones.

  14. Quite. If the fellow committed a crime to come to Britain, or while he was in Britain, throw him out. Doesn’t have to be Jordan: surely he can find another host to be a parasite on.

  15. Larry
    when I lived in the UK the noise emanating from the lower house was such that within ten seconds it was switched off. Friends of mine visiting from Europe would sometimes comment “why are they making such a noise”? Because they simply could not believe that grown adults could behave in such aggressive and antisocial ways – and retain any sense of dignity.

    The Bundestag can get boisterous, it is rarely out of control. I recall one occasion the house was suspended for the afternoon. For there is no eating allowed and a Socialist MP had just handed a Conservative member a piece of his chocolate. They were sitting next to each other, by the way.

  16. You are right Salford Lad, they are all trying to divert the people away from the horrible and distasteful truth. Where are supposed ‘big players’ in all this? Cameron appears to be visiting schools and discussing spelling tests with teenagers!, Osbourne is researching the American election results, and telling us that he’s sussed out how to win the next election….by championing gay marriage!!, the deputy prime minister and the home secretary are running around like headless chickens trying to sort out the legal system for it appears like a U turn in the law allowing dog shit on the streets………..I’m really starting to think that we need to take the law into our own hands to sort this out….and before someone posts to tell me that attitude is wrong, I know it is, but what the hell is the solution?

  17. Let’s not forget that the BBC has a few internal cultural issues to resolve ex Savile and all that follows from there. One is the 2006 bias in favour of global warming, the other is the bias away from a Christian culture.

  18. The government has precurred the safest trial possible,the only stumbling block is that the evidence to be used was obtained by torture
    it is why the government doesn’t appeal to the grand assembly
    If you have any compulsion for human rights and wish never to see British/American governments setting up quamtaneo style camps ever again
    then you must up hold the law
    the law rightly must show all nations that evidence under duress is never going to see the inside of a court room
    That doesn’t stop me wishing him deported,but it is time to stand up for human rights,if we are what we wish to believe what we are

  19. The other is the bias towards comment which seeks to influence public opinion in a chosen direction, rather than just reporting the facts.

    Unless it has changed in the last three years since I stopped watching and listening because of it’s bias.

  20. @Gemma: your comment sounds very vague to my simple mind….
    If the subject is brutality of islam, facts are all around. Do i need to start a long list now? – oh please….Burning 15 year old girls with acid is a fact.
    If the issue is how West has treated these nations, well there are facts over there too – unless one’s everyday’s reading material is Tulisa’s clubbing adventures.
    I have found myshelf in this situation many times. I am accused as islamophobic when i express my disgust on the brutalities of M.E. societies, and then accused as anti-semite (or communist) when i bring to light the dirty laundry of the other side. So go on and thrill me…

  21. Much of the documentation on paedophillia and Arms to Iraq collected by Davidson was “stolen” by Derbyshire constabulary. She alleged that Gordon Brown ( a suspected pedophile) recieved this information.
    Peter Eyre a former UK serviceman has extensively documented this on the web,.
    As regards Morrison … The Tories were well aware of his twisted interests prior to his appointment.

    Edwina Currie — a junior health minister in the Thatcher government — spelled it out, in black and white, in her diaries which were published in 2002.

    ‘One appointment in the recent reshuffle,’ she wrote, ‘has attracted a lot of gossip and could be very dangerous: Peter Morrison has become the PM’s PPS [Parliamentary Private Secretary].

    ‘Now he’s what they call a “noted pederast”, with a liking for young boys. He admitted as much . . . when he became deputy chairman of the party but added: “However, I’m very discreet” — and he must be!’

    ‘She [Thatcher] either knows and is taking a chance, or doesn’t; either way, it’s a really dumb move. It scares me, as all the Press know, and as we get closer to the election, someone is going to make trouble very close to her indeed.’

  22. It is most annoying to have my browser IP tagged. It is a most ungentlemanly thing to do.

    I replied to what was a rather general remark “Evidence is all around you in the news” – namely that in many cases, evidence is just as I described it. There is no apparent difference between a printed lie and a printed truth. No small part of my job is based on the fact that people are unaware what constitutes “evidence” in their mind. I was not implying you were anything – I was merely trying to ascertain how well you understood your own perceptions.

    In response to the specifics of this case – what many Muslims do to their daughters needs serious investigation. It goes a lot further than the occasional attack using acid, however brutal that was. Any such attacks are intended as a means of suppression and therefore utterly abhorrent to me.

    I am steadfast against any coercion at any level in any place. This may seem contradictory to what I said earlier, my point is that I understand these things, understand how to influence people. I choose not to. I might make my sales slower, they are of an inordinately higher quality on account of it.

  23. Nick,
    someone needs to bring them into line. Their handling of their deficit is pretty dire – and as mentioned, a deficit means that you allow others to control your destiny. For a nation, that is tragic. I think you understand that, living where you do.

  24. Islamist gets his freedom, the EU gets another tick from Westminster, bankers’ safety-net strengthened….

    …and Margaret Moran gets away with £53,000 expenses fiddle , judge says she is too depressed to be sent to prison. How much further is there to go before we hit rock bottom?

  25. The Home Secretary tells us she couldn’t deport Abu Qatada because EU Law over-ruled our UK Law. Meanwhile Euro fanboy Nick Clegg says “We’re determined to deport him. He doesn’t belong here, he shouldn’t be in this country, he’s a dangerous person.”
    If they feel so strongly about him, why not bung him on a plane this afternoon?
    What are the consequences of putting up two fingers to this EU Court? Am I missing something?

  26. @David. All the way to the bottom, David, all the way. The powers that be have got the whole thing sewn up. Even if another Oliver Cromwell or Wat Tyler were to show up today, the populace is too hypnotised watching “I’m a Celebrity” to even look up from the telly.

  27. You know, if it is the Masons which are enabling/colluding to cover this all up then, you might also think that there might be one or two 30th Degree and up who find paedophiles abhorrent and disgusting, and would want to stop the besmirching all regular Freemasons, and would take the appropriate steps. There must be some Freemasons that are decent surely?

  28. Scameron and the other bigwigs have their heads down and are in deep cover whilst the brown stuff flies around…
    Again, JW has stood up and said what needs to be said, and I agree – the biggest and most pressing issue is why are our ‘leaders’ doing diddly squat??

  29. @ MaxC. “What are the consequences of putting up two fingers to this EU Court? Am I missing something?” it isn’t the EU Court that has ruled it was the the Special Immigration Appeals Commission, Errm, one of ours I’m afraid. What the consequences of saying ‘up yours’ to it might be I dread to think. But I get the impression that it might involve a great deal of sulking and an inordinate amount of ineffectual hand-wringing.
    Desperate stuff, what?

  30. I see Habeas Corpus and Magna Carta is trending again!

    It leads me to ask who is defending our right to not being taken or imprisoned or disseised or exiled or in any way destroyed except by the lawful judgment of our peers or by the law of the land?

    A simple but important sentence, often used by civil liberty lawyers to defend what most think is the indefensible and then much quoted to quell the public outrage on the misguided basis that it’s an upholding of an ancient right for the benefit of us all.

    This ancient defence of liberty was never intended to be corrupted by liens and caveats pustulating three simple lines of script and compelling ermin clad octogenarians to act against the will of the people in some misguided role as defender of liberty.

    Parliament acts for the people, so f*****g act and send the message out to all that standing up for human rights doesn’t mean bending over and taking it up the arse.

  31. I only need to look at him to want to deport him. He preaches hate & the takeover of our country by Islam.
    As ‘subjects of the Queen’ we do not have an absolute right to a passport, it is granted to us, & can be withdrawn. His should be. Why do we have to put up with people like him.

  32. I would like to say, JW, a Big Thankyou for keeping on with the child abuse scandal.
    If people like you can keep it going, if we can be ‘on ’em & at ’em like hornets’, then perhaps they won’t be able to wave it away, & will have to do something about it. If they don’t, then they are all in it up to their dirty necks.Cameron did, after all, say that “We’re all in this together”. Lends a whole new meaning to it……

  33. If I had fiddled £53k from my employers, or from public funds and been caught and prosecuted, I feel sure that I would be very depressed about it.

    Especially if I thought I would do porridge AND have to pay it back.

    I’m sure that pretty well all of the “Benefits Cheats” who are prosecuted are at least somewhat miffed as well.

    Does this mean that I can now try it, and quote Ms Moran as having created a precedent, therefor I can be let off AND keep the loot?

    Or doesn’t it count if you’re a plebeian?

  34. Erica I think that you must be living some distance from reality. You find it easier to hide behind the politically correct phrase “islamophobia” than to see the world as it really exist.

    My thinking on the matter changed on Sept 11th 2001 when some men believing somehow that they were pleasing God. stole a airplane that I routinely flew cut the throats of my fellow pilots and crashed the jet into the World Trade Center. The men who killed my friends may not represent all of the people who practice Islam but these killers had a lot in common with the man you just let go……………SHAME ON YOU GREAT BRITAIN. .

  35. No, no, they are all utterly unspeakable, as are politicians, judges, members of juries, fruity-voiced barristers, all the limp wristed individuals who work for the BBC, all gays (and all people who look or sound like gays), all Muslims, nearly all police officers, all holders of the OBE, traffic wardens, ticket inspectors, scout masters, choir masters, all workers in the social services, all Conservatives (including all members of the Carlton Club), all bishops, of whatever denomination, all rich people, most foreigners, and, it goes without saying, all of the teachers in the public schools. And of course anyone, but anyone, who has any connection whatsoever with the EU or with the IMF. All without exception hopelessly rotten to the core, I’m afraid, and completely beyond redemption.

  36. According to the research on the internet, almost none of 33rd degree and above. There is a filtering mechanism to divide them between the few decent ones and the “real” 33rd degree, which is Satanic supposedly (allegedly) in nature. I once received a leaflet from an AMORC Rosicrucian, which stated in black-and-white that Freemasonry was indivisible in nature from Rosicrucianism and that they “served Lucifer”. If that convergence is correct (and it may not be), then there isn’t much room for doubt. What is certain, absolutely certain, is that very nasty behaviour tends to gravitate towards positions of power, and that those who make it to the top, tend to assist like-minded others to climb the greasy pole (sorry) in preference to disinterested advancement through merit.

  37. They do not help the like minded out,a hand up the ladder to perpetuate the ring,but for the survival of the ring,which happens to perpetuate and increase the ring,which eventually for it to collapse in depravity

  38. “Meaning and morality of One’s life come from within oneself. Healthy, strong individuals seek self expansion by experimenting and by living dangerously. Life consists of an infinite number of possibilities and the healthy person explores as many of them as possible. Religions that teach pity, self-contempt, humility, self-restraint and guilt are incorrect. The good life is ever changing, challenging, devoid of regret, intense, creative and risky.”
    ― Friedrich Nietzsche

    “The individual has always had to struggle to keep from being overwhelmed by the tribe. If you try it, you will be lonely often, and sometimes frightened. But no price is too high to pay for the privilege of owning yourself.”
    ― Friedrich Nietzsche

  39. what a bunch of utter tossers running the uk.why dont they just `disappear` the stone age bastard and f//ck the consequences.and the lawyer and the judge. camoron was on the bbc news looking and sounding so pathetic it was embarrassing,to add insult the newsreader was fiona bruce being paid 10000 quid a week. pisstake.

  40. It seems that to get away with a rather egregious theft, all you have to do is to deny, deny, deny. The lady in question was on the radio again today, denying that she had stolen anything. How dare we proles raise questions about her dry rot? Well rot there is, and this particular patch is beyond the usual treatments. Therefore the judge considered her to be unfit to plead. She might as well have pinched 10 times as much, given the impunity that resulted. As for benefits cheats, few of them ever repay even £1, and most are let off with a suspended sentence and a gentle slap on the wrist with a limp fern. Only the most outstanding fiddlers are treated to a real jail sentence, that is, half the pronounced length, more or less.

  41. captain – he preaches intolerance, hatred and the destruction of all that is good about the uk.
    rather like you – going by your comment here.

  42. Your comment is typical of a psuedo intellectuall aside popular with the misguided minority.

    What does it mean exactly?

    Did my replication of the line from Magna Carta embracing habeas corpus not register as to who our peers are in the ‘or’ option?

    Anecdotal evidence has it that the vast majority of our peers want to deport this person. Parliament want to deport him too.

    How many more of our peers would it take or should we cede to the will of the few who think they know better?

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