EXCLUSIVE: Steve Messham missing for eight hours

“My walk is waiting”

The Slog has learned that, following a sleepless night and acute upset at the slurs made against him yesterday, Bryn Estyn whistleblower Steven Messham (left) is causing concern, having been missing for eight hours.

“He’s still not back,” one of his housemates told me at 1 pm today, adding “The last message he left was ‘my walk is waiting’. That was 7 or 8 hours ago. Nothing since…who are these establishment types who think they can spy on us and abuse us like we are nothing?”

The source was referring to articles in yesterday’s Mail on Sunday, and the idiotically insensitive comments of David Toe-sucker Mellor. He tells Steve’s disappearance behaviour is unusual for his friend, who had a bath in the early hours of this morning after being in tears for most of yesterday. The informant added:

“‘my walk is waiting’ sounds quite haunting. Where he is god knows, we wish we did…”

What is behind this wilful desire of the UK’s media set to obfuscate Messham’s role, the McAlpine family role, and to allow the ridiculous BBC sliding-doors-on-ice-sitcom-gala to take centre stage in the context of a hideous sex scandal?

I doubt if anyone can answer that, but before more distracting shouts of “innuendo!” emanate from the Carlton Club, let’s stick to solid, recorded evidence for a while:

At the Waterhouse Tribunal:

Gerard Elias QC: “Does the name McAlpine mean anything to you.”

Steven Messham: “Yes, sir.”

Elias: “In what context?”

Messham: “I was also abused by him sexually.”

Sir Ronald Waterhouse: “Is the person you referred to alive or dead?”

Messham: “I believe he is dead.”

Right, are we all clear on this? The McAlpine Messham was referring to is dead. So then, not Lord Alastair McAlpine. So why did the BBC nail his Lordship? Why have the media ignored the deceased nature of the suspect? Why did the Mail rubbish Messham in yesterday’s two articles?

OK, here is another fact. The two authors of one of yesterday’s Mail pieces, David Rose and Bob Woffingden, were both called to give evidence to a May 2002 Home Affairs Committee report on child abuse allegations – chaired by Chris Mullin, and joined by one David Cameron.

Bob Woffingden is a member of the British False Memory Syndrome group: their evidence has been used to take children from their parents in the Secret Family Courts, and dismiss evidence against paedophile social workers.

David Rose is a former member of MI5.

So then….not just objective MoS hacks.

They appeared in their 2002 evidence to be claiming that the paedophile perpetrators in question had suffered a gross miscarriage of justice. The Dept Of Health Bryn Estyn report (only 2 years later) shamed both their testimonies. Perhaps they’re still feeling sore. Or perhaps they have another agenda? I think we should be told.

Right then detractors, is this non-innuendo enough for you? No?

Fine, what about this:

The Waterhouse report contains Steven Messham’s statement to the police. In it, Steven testified that his abuser “had several cars and a chauffeur.”
The abusers would wait for Steven Messham at the bottom of a lane near Bryn Estyn children’s home when Steven had a late pass from the home. Messham was then abused in the car in a lay-by, and at the Crest Hotel in Wrexham.

Local Welsh councillor Keith Gregory has tesified that boys from Bryn Estyn would be taken to the homes of two McAlpine family members in the area – Gerwyn Hall and Marchwiel Hall, both a few miles from Wrexham town centre. Gerwyn Hall was occupied by Jimmie McAlpine, who died in 1991. Marchwiel Hall was the home of Jimmie’s sister. Their son, John Bell, lived at Marchwiel Hall at the time. He now lives in Thailand.

Jimmie McAlpine’s ID fits to the letter with his chauffeurs, his massive car collection, the house where he lived, the hotel he frequented, and the golf club membership he shared at the time with the two leaders at Bryn Estyn….both of whom went to jail on multiple charges of buggery.

Here’s my take on this last part: it is NOT innuendo, it is very powerful and consistent circumstantial evidence. At the time it should have been more than enough to put Jimmie McAlpine into a police HQ for questioning. But that didn’t happen.

There is an overpowering smell of rotting flesh in all this, but as the huge injustice done by the depraved of our nation goes out of focus, the main media of our Septic Isle are concerned with….revolving doors at the BBC.

Give me strength.

Currently in the works: The Carlton Club connection, and one of the biggest high-level paedophile rings ever investigated.


55 thoughts on “EXCLUSIVE: Steve Messham missing for eight hours

  1. so the bbc bad news report was obviously a set up, are they trying to scare other people in media from reporting child abuse.


  2. No they are attacking the BBC and making it impossible to ever get these people to trial in one go,the night of the long knives


  3. One problem with all this. Others on twitter, who seem to be abuse victims who know Messham, such as @Angleseydrift are saying he is not hugely reliable. “He was always after money” “they know what he is like”.

    I am beginning to think we have all been led up a drainpipe.


  4. It just gets smellier and smellier, whilst the guilty get themselves further and further away from justice. Not sure this will ever come to anything, eventually the distractors will start demanding ‘ A line be drawn under it’ time to move on, I hear them saying.
    What’s the betting we get a big EU distraction very soon? take the folks mind’s off things, focus it elsewhere, gradually sweep it away quietly…


  5. BBC ‘bad news report’ was a cock-up, the result of the corporation, running scared after Savile withdrawing the usual news management – lawyers agreed to run the program as long as no-one was named, it seems. But… Someone fed the Bureau of Investigative Journalism the story and they obviously didn’t think to read the report John mentions above.

    There is a vast reservoir of anger beneath the otherwise understated conclusion in the “Lost in Care Report” when the authors write, regarding the likelihood of a paedophile ring in the North Wales area around Wrexham;

    “…we are conscious of the difficulty of prosecuting individuals for specific paedophile offences alleged to have occurred many years ago on the testimony of the complainant alone or with the aid of only vulnerable corroborative evidence. It is for this reason that we have not named the “other men” referred to by B but we are firm in our own conclusions”

    That final sentence says more than all the acres of newsprint in the last month. I think the sentiment of that paragraph should also apply now.


  6. Very disturbing and distressing. This man was brave to step up, but that doesn’t stop him being vulnerable, and that stupid effer Mellor should not be forgiven his “weirdo” remark. Let’s hope.


  7. I’m always amazed that bedroom internet users can turn up this stuff, but paid, trained investigative journos can’t.
    I’m no ‘tin foil hat’ brigade type, but I’ve been feeling for weeks that the media’s obsession with the BBC over first Savile, and now Messham just stinks of diversion tactics.


  8. Whilst not being party to all the facts – and I admit to not having thoroughly read those which are available, I agree something is rotten in the State of Denmark.

    Years of earlier experience (I’m the wrong side of 60) with TPTB have taught me that there’s more truth and honesty in any one of John’s pieces than can be found in entire volumes of Hansard.

    The attacks on Messham by various bodies and individuals appear to be a leaf straight out of the manual of one Alistair Campbell – “If you don’t likje the message, smear the messenger”.

    I now realise that undoubtedly there is, at the heart of our “élite”, a ring of warped twisted individuals.

    Perhaps one can have just a soupçon of pity for them, as they are driven by urges which they might not be able to control:- urges which we cannot comprehend.

    How much more despicable though, are those like “Toe-sucker” (he’s not alone) who not only protect these deviants, but facilitate their activities by doing their besmirching for them?

    The man has the morals and character of a slug.


  9. John, I have to take my hat off to you on your persistence with this. It is a throughly disgusting situation and must take some stomach to be able to keep working at. Also, good on you for pointing out the insular vanity of the BCC luvvies. That they are so in love with themselves, that they would rather focus on their precious careers than get on with the job you are undertaking. I always loath that aspect of the beeb news, in the current context it is beyond tasteless.

    Please keep hammering this home as long as it takes to eliminate these depraved individuals from out midst and establish the amount of complicity from others.


  10. What also saddens me is that when a self obsessed jerk like Julian Assange is on the ropes the celebrities come out in force to offer the guy hospitality, refuge and moral support. When Steve Messham is on the ropes nobody seems to stand up and offer him the support he clearly needs and deserves. I sincerely hope he shows up soon.


  11. The DT are running a ‘live’ blog over at their site on this and as of up to 3.09pm not one mention of the plight of the real victim! MSM failing in it’s journalism not only the BBC!


  12. Hi, I honestly hope he’s ok. Just a point on this question “So why did the BBC nail his Lordship?”

    “Steve Messham said police had shown him a picture of his abuser but incorrectly told him the man was Lord McAlpine.

    The BBC’s Newsnight reported his claims against a leading 1980s Tory politician but did not name Lord McAlpine. ”
    from this article


    So why the silence from North Wales Police? And why are the BBC running around chasing their tale? It’s all very weird! I don’t understand it.


  13. You do need to keep at this John. TPTB are obviously closing rank and are actively involved in creating smoke screens to divert attention away from the important issues. The bloody farce at the BBC means that they are becoming scared shitless to report anything, the episode with Schofield and Cameron mean that the news teams on the other side are running scared as well. All the while silence from Cameron, and still nothing from Hague, (is he out of the country at the moment?). The McAlpine family with their pathetic, ‘holyier than thou attitude’ is…deciding who to sue, ffs, and adding to the confusion of what can and can’t be reported. These smoke screens are only being created to give the filthy scum at the centre time to cover tracks and get the whole evil bloody issue buried again, don’t let that happen, keep at it, something will break in a minute that will open things up so that progress can be made. In the meantime, I am not a religious man but I hope that if there is a God he is keeping Steve Messham safe….at last….something he obviosly wasn’t doing all those years ago.


  14. He did not say Lord McAlpine WAS dead .he said he believed he was dead .Remember it was North Wales Plod who showed him a pic and said that was Lord McAlpine .Newsnight should have shown him a pic to verify who he was talking about and he would have cleared it up there and then as he did later so they made a mistake there but all this BBC bashing is just opportunistic nonsense by its enemies and OTT for the mistakes it has made .


  15. I just google mapped Gerwyn Hall and Marchwiel Hall, and two things I noticed. First of all, you cannot zoom right in to either properties, try it and see what I am saying. Gerwyn Hall appears to have been turned into seperate cottages.

    The other thing I noticed is that both properties are extremly isolated. If a child was being raped at such places. That thought makes me shiver inside.

    Steve Messham, if you are reading this, be assured you will have plenty of support from other people, especially other Pindown child abuse victims, of which there are plenty, don’t take any notice of people like David Mellor, you know what he’s like, we have to make allowances for such people!


  16. Tom Watson has gone very quiet after his ‘this will be bigger than the phone hacking scandal’ speech. Has he been threatened or what? I hope his sticks with this as I had high hopes when he brought this subject up in the house.


  17. Well done John, you deserve great credit for keeping up the pressure. The fact that it is the MSM themselves who are hogging the limelight in this disgusting and frenzied manner says it all. Allowing the plight of victims to be eclipsed in this way is beyond dysfunctional – it’s psychopathic vanity and cowardice; the same goes for the politicians and the police. They had better hope, as we all do, that Steve Messham is alright; if they had any decency left in them, they’d do everything in their power to make sure he is and continues to be, along with the countless others who have suffered such appalling injury and neglect.


  18. Tom Watson (MP) may have realised he’s in over his head… I think he may be just waking up to the fact that all the evidence points to the so-called ‘royal’ family being at the center of child-abuse in the UK…


  19. That’s right Zoompad, blame ‘the jews’, while I agree Searchlight is full of Mossad and Box, I’d say the same was the case with the EDL and the BNP (in that order). Not going to plug your ‘Aryan’ supremacist link here, no? Too close to Remembrance Sunday eh? Nazi Goblin, blaming ‘Jews’ for the UK elite’s filthy habits.
    Oh, and I think the zionists are fascist B*stards too, so drop dead naziboy.


  20. What I don’t understand about this is – if steve messham said at the enquiry that he knew the man called Mcalpine who abused him was dead – why was he accusing and then got confused about the living mcalpine now?


  21. Why should we assume that only one McAlpine could be involved in child abuse at Bryn Estyn? Messham was abused by many people. The rush to exonerate Lord McAlpine is based on the idea that he is being mistaken for his cousin Jimmie, who died 6 years before the Waterhouse inquiry. But dead men do not sue and dead men do not make witnesses ‘vanish’, so why the need to pulp the Jillings report to protect a dead man?

    Messham told Waterhouse that he BELIEVED that one abuser was dead. Well, that could well have been true, but it doesn’t mean all of them were dead or that none of the others had the surname ‘McAlpine’, does it? In fact, the subsequent cover-up, refusal to investigate and fear of libel would suggest that some were very much alive and still very powerful men.


  22. Steve Messham is NOT missing…….Guardian journo Vikram Dodd stated this late this afternoon that Steven Messham’s solicitor says his client is safe and well and has seen him this afternoon


  23. Steve Messham, if by any change you read this, John Bell (Jimmie Bell’s nephew), has a website, which includes photos of his life in Thailand. http://marchbrook.co.uk/

    I’m not sure if I’m doing the right thing posting this, as I don’t want to be pointing the finger, at someone who is innocent. But I don’t want any stone to be unturned.


  24. youre right zoompad,you do have some really horrible trolls doing their best to trouble you. dont let it bother you, they are just keen to show their ignorance off.


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  28. “Alfred James “Jimmie” McAlpine (15 June 1908 – 6 November 1991)….McAlpine was married five times and had four children. He lived at Gerwyn Hall in the village of Marchwiel near Wrexham, Denbighshire, and played cricket for Denbighshire in the Minor Counties Championship between 1930 and 1935, mostly on the cricket ground at his father’s nearby home.

    A noted car collector, he kept and maintained his large private collection in the various outbuildings of the hall. The collection included example models from: Alvis, Aston Martin, Bentley, Bristol, Bugatti, Jaguar, Jensen and Rolls-Royce. He and his chaffeur’s prefered mode of transport was a 1934 V12 engined Hispano-Suiza J12, which was often seen at Wrexham Golf Club where he was president
    and http://www.thepeerage.com/p7364.htm

    He died in hospital at Wrexham in 1991″


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  31. Incubus:- A demon.

    Well we know who you are don’t we.

    Why don’t you go and speak to your friend Dave West of ‘Jimmy Savile is Innocent’ notoriety to find out what happens when you get the real God treatment. Believe me he is still trying to clean his underwear…

    Your wickedness will punish you; your backsliding will rebuke you. Consider then and realize how evil and bitter it is for you when you forsake the LORD your God
    Jeremiah 2:19

    Therefore thus will I do unto thee, O Israel: and because I will do this unto thee, prepare to meet thy God, O Israel.
    Amos 4:12

    Yes incubus prepare to meet thy maker.

    Carol A. Valentine


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