We don’t want an emergency debate about the the BBC. We want a proper debate about the shameful treatment of Steven Messham.

Dear Ed

Just a few minutes ago, as yet unconfirmed news arrived to say that the Bryn Estyn whistleblower and long-term fighter for justice against institutional sex abuse Steven Messham has been found safe and well.

It’s a relief. But let me give you just a glimmer of what this man has had to suffer – for the nth time – at the hands of tabloid hacks, justice-perverting smears, and neolithic views about mental health problems over the last 36 hours.

A disingenuously patronising piece in the Mail on Sunday by Lord McAlpine. A foul piece of smear journalism from two Mail hacks with a sorry track-record of pro-institutional, anti-accuser mistakes. And being referred to as “a weirdo” by the truly appalling David Mellor.

Do I give a monkey’s about Jimmy Savile, Gary Glitter, Freddie Starr, or the McAlpine family? Not really. Do I give a toss about blamestorming the BBC? No, not even slightly.

Here’s why, Edward, Her Majesty’s Leader of the Opposition.

Mostly what I care about is horribly blighted lives, frightened and confused kids, and the vermin who satiated their delusional lusts upon them at the most vulnerable period of their growing-up process.

A blight that caused Mr Messham to humiliatingly soil himself out of anxiety last night, and thus need a bath afterwards….and a long, lonely walk to recover. A blight that caused many women of my acquaintance to flee Britain in order to find sanctuary and justice elsewhere. A blight that still leaves men and women across Britain leading isolated lives, during which misplaced guilt and lack of trust has frosted what they might have been.

A system that was supposed to mend them, Ed, broke them for eternity.

Next, what I care about is your Shadow Chancellor and Deputy Leader who, between them, broke every promise they made when Ministers for children and women respectively in the previous Administration. Specifically, they failed to end the disgrace of the Secret Family Courts, and did zilch to reform a social care system that is, at best, sexually dysfunctional.

Next, I care about the chance all this horror has given to Newscorp. I am justifiably suspicious of Rupert Murdoch’s motives in yet again attempting to demolish the BBC when more important social issues are in play. Lest we forget, this is the same, unreformed Newscorp that threatened your MPs, lied copiously to Leveson, and hacked the dead body of a paedophile victim…but still prefers to knock the BBC, rather than right grave injustices done to other victims of gross sexual perversion and insitutional corruption.

When you became Leader, you told the oppressed in our country that you would be their ‘friend in tough times’. For the last forty years – pretty much non-stop – a tiny but powerful group of paedophiles in the social care, teaching, local government and Westminster political arena have ensured their innocent victims are without any friends at all; in fact, all they have faced is enemies….in the Judiciary, police, legal profession, media and politics.

These are people already rendered afraid of every shadow by the nightmares of their youth. Yet those who have tried to help them continue to face threats, injunctions, castigation, and of course…yet more smears.

These people – the careworn and the carers – do not need another enquiry into the BBC, any more than they want Jimmy Savile’s headstone removed. They don’t care about Sky’s ambitions, or Jeremy Hunt’s puerile plurality ideas, or points you can score at the Dispatch Box this Wednesday.

They want justice. They want repeal. They want a decent level of retribution. And above all, they want their precious human dignity back – that shining light so callously snuffed out by fat sex-maniacs, tabloid media, uncaring politicians, corrupt judges, gagging orders, Secret Family Courts, and all the rest of the apparatus so wickedly assembled over time by the carnally depraved.

If your Party – and indeed at least some of those in the two Parties opposite – can’t do this much for the British citizen, then it is over for all of you.

For you are all implicated. Let us stop playing dumb here. Ministers bankrolled by rich men with paedophile site connections. Former Ministers who left discreetly for Europe. Deputy Labour Mayors in the East Midlands. Rich Tory supporters in Wales. Ambitious police constables in the South West. Crooked psychiatrists in Stafford. These people seem to wield astonishing influence….and as most of their MP sympathisers studied law, draconian injunctions do not seem to be a problem.

So this is my appeal to you, Ed: for once, listen to Tom Watson, and don’t leave him outside the stockade as the Lone Wolf yet again – like you did on Hackgate. Dump the BBC emergency debate posturing, and demand instead a combination of off-turf-no-holds-barred enquiry and Special Team police action to clean up – at last, and once and for all – these havens for sexual psychopaths.

Show some bloody balls. And above all, pay your respects to those who have suffered enough.


The Slog.

If anyone has a painless means of getting this in front of Tom, I’d be grateful for your help


  1. I agree with everything you have written except the bit about Tom Watson, I dont trust him or anyone else from Searchlight, and also he didnt say a single thing when Stuart Syvret got jailed and also when I was being persecuted in the secret family courts he never said anything then or did anything,. and I wrote to all of them at least 10 times, him included, but I wrote to some of them more times than that, my own MP Bill Cash had loads of letters, he never once brought it up in Parliament how they were torturing me, all he spoke about was caning in the family debate, wanting to bring it back, even though he knew one of his constituents was being systematically and cruelly tortured, it was awful and I know exactly how Steven Messham is feeling, poor man.


  2. At the risk of being negative, Ed Milliband is part of the status quo. I do not expect any action out of him.

    Murdoch and his tribe were not outed by anyone in Parliament the Police or Justice. It was a public groundswell outside the control of Cameron and Milliband that allowed this sore to be lanced.

    It will take just that sort of movement to get through this wall of protection of the priviliged and denigration of those have suffered.

    For this I look to Facebook and Twitter as the main campaign avenus.


  3. That’s right Zoompad, blame ‘the jews’, while I agree Searchlight is full of Mossad and Box, I’d say the same was the case with the EDL and the BNP (in that order). Not going to plug your ‘Aryan’ supremacist link here, as you have on Aangirfan, no? Too close to Remembrance Sunday eh? Nazi Goblin, blaming ‘Jews’ for the UK elite’s filthy habits.
    Oh, and I think the zionists are fascist B*stards too, so drop dead naziboy.

    Steve Messham is a hero btw, needing maximum support and protection.


  4. “If anyone has a painless means of getting this in front of Tom, I’d be grateful for your help”

    You could always send him a letter containing a copy of the piece – I’m sure that not all postmen are vile paedophile sympathisers working under the control of the Carlton Club. Tom Watson’s address is

    Tom Watson MP
    House of Commons
    SW1A 0AA

    I’m sure he’d love to get a copy of this stirring piece, though now that his colleagues on the Labour front bench are rapidly beginning to distance themselves from the entire affair, the extent to which he’s likely to be any use to you might turn out to be rather limited.


  5. If ever anyone lifts the flat stone currently over the ‘secret family courts’ they will find details so sickening that it will make the forced fostering of aboriginal children in Australia look like a benign Sunday-school party.
    Christopher Booker has already raised flags on the viciousness of the ‘social services’ in removing children from families. It is high time these secret family courts were fully investigated by someone who cannot be bought or pressured and has not already been involved. This may prove difficult because -as you say- there are threads and protections running through all the normal channels and state apparatus.
    For that reason I doubt very much if any politician will take any note of what you say, but you will have made rather unpleasant enemies. So watch your back.


  6. It looks like I am going to be bullied on here as well now, as well as Mothers for Justice and other sites. Sick of it. You are a cowardly scum bag for calling me a Nazi just because I dont like an organisation that was set up by paedophiles.


  7. I think exposing the secret family courts is a very dangerous thing to do, only someone really brave and decent would do it, and that is why I think John Ward is a hero, and if there was any justice in this world he would get a medal, as for being careful and watching your back, thats true, and I pray to God to protect all whistleblowers and victims of this horrible scam.


  8. I could not agree more.
    I am ashamed to be British and it is about time someone made it quite clear that most people feel that just because the Police, the BBC and all those who have tried to cover-up for their paedophile friends in positions of power,by putting the wrong McAlpine in the frame it does not mean that the public will be fooled.

    This crafty ‘mistaken’ identity, was almost certainly done in order to cause confusion between the McAlpine in Wales and the McAlpine in London.
    Oh how the must have laughed as one brother was allowed to speak out in outrage in the Daily Mail in defence of Lord McAlpine without mentioning the other McAlpine and his flash cars and reputation. The Daily Mail has never sunk so low.

    The cowards in the media who know perfectly well about this handy confusion used as a smoke-screen for the guilty in order to make the public feel Steven Messham is an ‘unreliable witness’ when it is so far from the truth.
    The Daily Mail is far worse than the BBC and the way they have gone out of their way to protect the McAlpine family is disgraceful as we all know about the identity error which surely was no accident.

    It is vital that the BBC, The Daily Mail and all those who have taken pleasure in continuing to abuse the victims of child abuse should be exposed and shamed.
    Lord McAlpine is certainly not the innocent man who doesn’t know why the name McAlpine is in this sordid equation, is he?. He knows as well as they all do.
    We will see who the Politicians worthy of any respect are by the way they show their courage in naming and shaming the horrendous paedophiles and supporting the courageous victims who have come forward.
    It will certainly not be Cameron as he will protect his pals in power.

    We need to have a man capable of leading Britain with courage and this courage must be enough to be able to name paedophiles dead and living in order that the extent of paedophilia is known as Britian is known as the capital of the world for child abuse.
    It is not Portugal. It is Britain.

    The public must be aware that babies are tortured and killed as well as children. They disappear, they are raped, tortured and often killed and these are the people who one stage further are necrophiliacs as Jimmy Saville could well have been.

    Children in Britain must be protected not fed to the wolves.

    Everyone in Britain must this time, stand up to the Establishment who has covered up horrific abuse in the Haut de Garenne in Jersey, the Kincora boys home in Belfast, the Welsh homes, hospitals and other institutions including paedophile rings running from the Palace under the Queen mother’s nose thanks to her favourite Butler.

    We must not be intimidated as the Establishment is trying to do to the victims.
    We must find the right Politician who will have the courage necessary to fight this horrible injustice.


  9. Milibad! John, your faith in this grotesque family is very misplaced. If you can get Ed out of a line of coke to give you five minutes of his time, you’ll be lucky. As for the rest of them, one mess of vileness. Dunblane was just one of their cover ups. To get to this we have to risk vigilantism if necessary even if the whiter than white McAlpine gets dragged along!


  10. “Incubus – An incubus is a demon in male form who, according to a number of mythological and legendary traditions, lies upon sleepers, especially women, in order to have intercourse with them.”

    No doubt there are other definitions but if you adopt the name presumably you are content to be defined as above. Unless of course you are ignorant of it’s meaning and much else besides..


  11. Good post John, very much agree with your conclusions.
    But how to make sure that this information is used to blow the cosy conspiracy wide open?


  12. ‘Zoompad said…

    “What is wrong with being a member/supporter of Searchlight?!!!”

    Oh dear.
    6:48 PM ‘

    Your blog is full of ‘red-baiting’ anti-Searchlight stuff (and I’m no fan, but for other reasons) and putting up this link to nazi filth hardly makes you wholly that innocent does it?

    Perhaps you’re simply naive or misguided, but I’d recommend not posting neo-nazi garbage if you don’t want people getting hold of the wrong end of the stick. (BNP members btw also have paedo convictions).


  13. Oh yes, well my name is unfortunate, but incidental, inspired by an old punk song years ago. I was abused myself as a kid- by my mother, whereas my Dad was quite cool, even though damaged, having PTSD from fighting against Hitler’s navy in the North Sea (MGBs) – So I’m quite touchy on the subject of Nazism…


  14. Thank you, John, for voicing the sheer anger – and frustration – of the many decent people who are appalled by the contents of this can of worms.

    If Ed Balls does respond I shall be mightily surprised; his mentor is one H. Harman who has not exactly covered herself in glory in the past on this subject.

    I rather fear that the fifth of Hercules’ Labours is what is needed here, with perhaps a touch of No.2 thrown in for good measure. Who the hell do we trust to be able to do this?


  15. Zoompad – take no notice, just another anonymous pathetic bully who probably got a little power hit at your response. Just picture him as a small minded sad person who gets his kicks out of upsetting those he perceives as vulnerable without having to run the risk of any reprisal. Just picture nothing, & you have him sussed, he cannot hurt you unless you let him.


  16. If Ed Miliband does nothing about a FULL and OPEN investigation into this peadofile sickness then, he is part of the problem.


  17. Oh yes, I agree with others. You, we all by replying, will have automatically made powerful enemies. The weapons and means are different, but you’ve no doubt seen the footage of the Nazi mass graves. Watch your back our kid.


  18. Just a minute here, get a grip…….

    If a public servant removes a child from a family the newspapers cry: “Nazi unaccountable public servant storm troopers”

    If they leave a kid with a family and the step dad bashes him or her to death the newspapers cry: “Why wasn’t little (insert first name) protected? Why did he have to die?”

    THe poory bloody ppublic servants are between a rock and a hard place.


  19. Some Ten or so years ago, a female executive colleague was working for a few years in London and bought the mews house behind Harrods, next to Wayne Sleep. He was a good neighbour even if he did have Diana crying on his shoulder some nights.

    When she moved back to Australia, she rented the place out via a real estate agent. The tenant converted it into a gay brothel, complete with two way mirrors and a room for voyeurs.

    She moved back to London and evicted this creep. SHe repaired the damage and lived in it again. She had to sell it a year later because of the constant late night interruptions of a knock at the door from very well dressed (married) famous faces.


  20. There are two issues here, as previously stated. The first is the abuse and cover up, the second is the sheer incompetence (possible political bias?) of the national TV broadcaster. Both are worthy of Parliamentary time. Playing one off against the other is to belittle both.
    The one connection is that both concern state run and financed organisations which have been used to damage others.


  21. ear Incubus it is you that your rather Schizophrenic comment seems fixated on the matter of Jews be they blameworthy or not ?
    Your reference to poor old zoompad as a “Nazi Goblin” quite an assertion indeed but based on what factual data ? Please enlighten us perhaps you are right and hold evidence to back up your enlightening statements.

    I am probably wasting my time with you Incubus your key topics indicate you are an inexperienced and rather obvious propagandist working from a key list of points which you raise in order to provide argument and controversy in order to disrupt this thread, are you being paid to perform your service ?

    If you require an education contemplate the following.

    When pondering things Nazi Might I suggest considering the “transfer agreement” and of course the finance and logistics behind the war machines.. A decent bunch of chaps “Jews against zionism” and another decent bunch “true torah Jews” hold considerable documentation on these matters, seek and ye shall find !

    Considering which bankers financed, backed and indebted all sides in WW2 might be a good start as might mulling over the apparent Wermacht manufacturing role of GM and Ford. Operation Paperclip is worthy of note as are the Red Cross papers and numerical data. General Smedley Butler has a related tale to tell as might Patton had he not met his premature demise. Patton may of course have been well received at “The Right Club” unlike that old soak with the fat cigar and burdensome gambler of a son.


  22. Thats very true, public servants are truly caught on the horns of a dilemma with taking kids into care.
    But there is a second issue, and thats secrecy within the familly courts. That secrecy encourages corruption, bullying of vulnerable parents and a sense of untouchable power.


  23. If you’re “quite touchy” on the subject of Nazism, don’t f**king bring it up. No one else mentioned Nazis.n


  24. Regardless of whether Miliband reads this or not, this is obviously the most important point to be made about this whole farce; that since even the first Savile revelations came out, it’s not been about paedophilia at all, but about the BBC. The other media organisations are so hell bent drumming up drama related to the beeb, that this issue has been left out to dry.

    Likely because it’s absolutely impossible for them to deal with this in any kind of mature manner; it may have been a bit crass, but the much vilified Brass Eye peadogeddon episode is still a reflection of the attitudes of the national papers today. The Mail themselves have done very well indeed by skirting quite close to dangerous territory time and again, – so they’re not about to kill that particular golden goose by acting with maturity. Mind you, they seem to have been the most vociferous when it comes to attacking Messham – but…I’m sure there’s no particular reason why that is…

    Leaving that aside though, I do wish the BBC themselves could grow some balls – they way that they’ve reactively fallen on their swords without any kind of defence whatsoever is pathetic. And getting Messham to apologise for a photograph that wasn’t even labelled correctly? Why wasn’t that brought up? Why haven’t the North Wales police yet spoken up about their part in all this?


  25. “Playing one off against the other is to belittle both”

    disagree, playing them off against each other is the only way to get anywhere because they all have dirt they’re trying to hide. push at one side, then the other, see if you can make a crack anywhere.


  26. Odd how in many of the posts on this topic, balls emerge as important anatomical accoutrements – showing balls, growing balls, having balls or not having balls and so on. Just for a while, and at the risk of a seeming adulteration of masculinity, might it be possible to dispense with references to the possession or otherwise of balls, which in the circumstances is not quite the most appropriate of metaphors to use – or so I should have thought.


  27. Frail, damaged personalities wouldn’t stand a chance as witnesses in court against a smart barrister paid for by rich and influential people. And courts of enquiries are always a whitewash. Politicians won’t see beyond the next sound bite that wins them a few votes, as well as being in it up to their armpits. What, then?
    Our crusader needs to be a public figure of enormous stature and gravitas who will not give up and cannot be silenced. Our new Archbishop of Canterbury? I don’t hold my breath but wouldn’t it be great? Maybe we should be writing to His Grace this evening.


  28. [Off topic – but backs up the corrupt nature of many Americans] Interesting, I had known of GM supplying the Wehrmacht – I hadn’t realized that Ford were up to it as well! This tidbit was uncovered …

    In July 1942 word filtered back to Washington from Ford of France about Ford’s activities on behalf of the German war effort in Europe. The incriminating information was promptly buried and even today only part of the known documentation can be traced in Washington.

    [… told] Edsel Ford about a plan by which Ford Motor could contribute to the Nazi war effort. French Ford was able to produce 20 trucks a day for the Wehrmacht, which [wrote Dollfuss] is better than,

    … our less fortunate French competitors are doing. The reason is that our trucks are in very large demand by the German authorities and I believe that as long as the war goes on and at least for some period of time, all that we shall produce will be taken by the German authorities …. I will satisfy myself by telling you that… the attitude you have taken, together with your father, of strict neutrality, has been an invaluable asset for the production of your companies in Europe.

    Dollfuss disclosed that profits from this German business were already 1.6 million francs, and net profits for 1941 were no less than 58,000,000 francs — because the Germans paid promptly for Ford’s output. On receipt of this news Edsel Ford cabled:

    Delighted to hear you are making progress. Your letters most interesting. Fully realize great handicap you are working under. Hope you and family well. Regards.

    Said “Hardship” being the allied bombing of their plants. Which were making them a profit from selling vehicles to the enemy army. Ford were also making a profit selling the aircraft to the US and UK governments that were dropping the bombs … it was all a bit of a French farce.

    Perhaps this is where Siemens learned their trade?

    Source: (Chapter 6)


  29. @Max: The new fellow may have a talent for pouring oil on troubled waters, but he’s likely to work for the Greater God, rather than the greater good. Stan Lee might know someone.


  30. @Houndstooth: Odd how in many of the posts on this topic, balls emerge as important anatomical accoutrements..
    They do because they are. Suggesting that years of Slog vernacular be suspended in the interests of refinement doesn’t change that!


  31. @ Gemma

    It was considerably worse than you can possibly think:

    “Standard Oil of New Jersey, according to Charles Higham in his book ‘Trading with the Enemy’, supplied oil to the Nazis prior to U.S. entry into WWII. U-boats were refuelled in the Canary Islands (so-called neutral territory) to enable the Nazis to prosecute the war in the Atlantic, and special additives to aviation fuels were provided to the Luftwaffe to enable the blitz on London. Standard Oil also had a partnership with I.G.Farben, who produced the gas for use in SS concentration camps.”

    This is from the bits and pieces I’ve collected for the writing of an “alternative-history” of Overlord – a sort of ‘What if the Nazi’s had done this instead of that?”. All I can say is, be glad they didn’t!

    I can’t lay my mouse pointer on it at the moment, but I also have one detailing that Prescott Bush, daddy of George H. and gramps of George W., was trading with the Nazis until the evening before the legislation stopping him (if it ever did?) came into force. And as we know, George H. saw war service in the Pacific theatre of war, not in the European one.

    If you would like a copy of Higham’s book go here for a free .pdf download:


  32. Thanks for the piece John……the important thing is that this is all exposed……UK will get pilloried by the rest of the world, the government will fall and the whole constitution tested but necessary all the same….


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  34. VJ

    thankyou for that depressing thought. As if I had any faith in the Americans as decent, family types … now that pleasant dream of Churches that believed in forgiveness?

    I think anyone shouting about Nazis should read all these and realize just how close the Americans and their beloved democracy were to some seriously evil people. The thirties was a time of real turmoil – and I can easily understand the truth of Warplan Red (against the Red Empire). It brought Chamberlain’s appeasement of Hitler into stark focus. Because he had just appeased Washington.

    The Red Empire in the American sense was the British Empire. Wikipedia play it down – but that is with hindsight. At the time it was nowhere near as certain. With hindsight Merkel is either a hero or a demon – right now, she is both. When we have “evidence” is when we will know what she intends to do.


  35. I don’t think Justin Welby is going to be any better at defending the weak and vulnerable from their preditors than the ones before him. I think I will write to him though, for a start off I would like someone in the Church of England to explain to me why they have been putting Jesuit priests in charge of Church of England Protestant churches, especially the one in Market Drayton which Michael Hayes was vicar at a few years ago, while I was attending. I stopped going to church, on account of Hayes treating me as if I was vermin, and him trying to stop me praying to Jesus for victims of Pindown and the secret family courts. I did ask Rowan Williams about this and also John Sematu, but neither of them answered my letters about it. Maybe one day they will answer God when He asks them all about it, or think of some feeble excuse to try to brush it under the carpet.


  36. They’re all running round in a panic because of that 2002 Select Committee which David Cameron was involved in, thats what I reckon, that isn’t an Internet rumour, it is solid damning truth, as for them h”getting a grip” on it” I expect that is a euthanism for more vigourous cover up and persecution of victims of abuse and whistleblowers, and all that will do is expose the bad ones, they ought to just all own up and repent of what they have done, trying to hide it wont work any more.


  37. Is Freemasonry the shield that protects some elite paedophile rings that go unpunished in the UK? Are Freemasons protecting their own over the children being abused by their members?


  38. David Cameron has publicly voiced his fear about there being a witch hunt against homosexuals, when Phillip Schofield showed him that list.
    Yet the Prrime Minister has not uttered a peep about the witchhunt against Steven Messham.
    Why not?


  39. @zoompad: I don’t know about Watson, but I share your suspicions about Searchlight. In the summer of 1989, having spent several months bringing a successful court case which achieved brief notoriety in the national/local press, I was telephoned by Gerry Gable who said that he would like to meet and congratulate me. We met in central London and he presented me with the latest Searchlight publication, a book by Ray Hill entitled ‘The Other Face of Terror’ about fascist/neo-nazi activity in UK – which was, essentially, the subject of the court case. During the months of living on adrenaline (there was a degree of personal safety involved) I met several people – journalists, police, politicians and political activists – whose agendas I would describe as not straightforward; Gable/Searchlight fell into that category; a lot of these people are just thrill seekers out for titillation.


  40. I agree about the Steve Messham bit, Zoom, but don’t be drawn into the gay bit…..paedo’s are depraved, and their sexual orientation should be irrelevant.


  41. There is no ‘witch hunt’ against Stephen Messham. He gave an interview to the BBC in which he made allegations against a former ‘senior Conservative politician’. These claims were utterly false, without any foundation whatsoever and were seriously defamatory, as Messham has himself admitted by his complete and abject apology to Lord McAlpine.

    In the Mail on Sunday there was a piece about Messham. Was any of that piece wrong or incorrect ? The answer is no. It is perfectly true that he was involved with Private Eye, The Observer and the Independent on Sunday in a libel trial in 1994 which those publications lost and which cost them £375000 plus £1 million in costs. It is perfectly true that he later assaulted a barrister at the Waterhouse Inquiry. And it is perfectly true that his evidence was regarded as unreliable. Any prosecution which relied heavily upon evidence supplied by Messham would be most unlikely to succeed and any conviction would more than likely be regarded as ‘unsafe’.

    One can but have a little sympathy for Messham. He has spent years believing that he was abused by a ‘senior Conservative politician’ and that this fact had been covered up. He got his chance to expose this through the actions of the BBC. He had his moment, but it very quickly crumbled into dust and he then had to issue a grovelling apology and might well find himself with a Writ for deformation. He now finds that had he bothered to look on the internet at a picture of Lord McAlpine he would have known immediately that he was wrong. Oh dear.

    Stephen Messham has been ill used by the BBC in their quite plain desire to smear the Conservatives with allegations of child abuse and to divert attention from the whole Savile business where they had a cast iron case of child abuse which they decided not to air.


  42. 90% (at least) of the political class are part of the problem (not suggesting they are kidfids of course) because they do not want to step out of the comfort zone of party bitching and point scoring to enable the status quo to continue.

    Ed’s BBC debate call is being made to bring the ‘subject’ back into the scope of policial comfort. The puppeteers are not going to allow either Eddy of Davey to raise the stakes for the perps (or should I say pervs). Too many in the ‘circle of friends’ have too much to say about too many people who are in the ‘circle of friends’.

    Good try though John – Don’t let go of this even when the ‘MSM – moves on and draws their line’. At least now any thinking person can see how the BEEB well short of being in the least bit concerned about what should be being uncovered – is standing on the stage shouting ‘Look at me ! Look at me !’.

    Our national broadcaster is a disgrace – has been for decades – and is clearly a large part of the problem.


  43. It seems to me that the the people and organisations that are responsible for governing and running this “United Kingdom” are no longer fit for purpose, neither do they have the trust of those they govern.


  44. Some common sense at last.

    It is perfectly possible to have enormous sympathy for Mr Messham, as Lord McAlpine himself says in his own statement (‘[…] I have every sympathy for Mr Messham and for the many other young people who were sexually abused when they were residents of the children’s home in Wrexham’ [… .]). At the same time, it is quite obvious that Lord McAlpine himself has suffered a grave injustice, and no-one seems in any great hurry to apologise to him.

    The rather absurd febrile atmosphere engendered by an ever-widening scope of conspiracy – (Tory) politicians, the police, judiciary, social services, freemasons, Uncle Tom Cobbleigh and all – and the use to which this story was used by the BBC – a convenient stick, yet again, to beat ‘Thatch’ – mean that we are further away from uncovering any truth, and with it justice, as ever.

    Any rational person, facing this farrago of unevidenced innuendo and obvious agendas, ought to dismiss the whole thing out of hand.


  45. Andy, you do not seem to want to deal with the ‘mistaken identity’issue.
    The WRONG McAlpine was outed in order that the McAlpine who did live in Wales and did have the flash cars, could be whitewashed by the 2 McAlpines who claimed shock and innocence in the media.
    TheMcAlpine family doth protest too much . Do they hope we will do no research and the Establishment will cover their families’ backs?
    This is why the Daily Mail looked as bad as it did with the Messham’s article where it is not the victim who is protected but the family mixed up in paedophile scandals.


  46. I agree Joanna. I find it shocking that Cameron did not get any stick for making an MI6 style confusion of baby and child raping and torturing , who one step forward kill their prey and the next, are necrophiles, with gays.
    How could any intelligent person confuse the 2 unless they were in a crafty cover-up?
    I know of no one who was not profoundly shocked by Cameron and yet…. No one in the press or media said anything!
    There are so many paedophiles at the top, they don’t know how to cover for them all and are even afraid to name the dead ones!


  47. The gay bit was brought up by Cameron to try and shut people up.
    It’s like being called anti-semite if you criticise Israel’s treatment of the Palestinians. Call someone a bigot and hope they shut up and go away.


  48. It was the North Wales Police who told Messham that his abuser was Lord Alistair McAlpine. If anyone is to blame then it is the North Wales Police.

    Steven need not have appologised at all as he did not name Alistair McAlpine.


  49. Hitler was very popular until he became a monster, like Bashir Assad sleeping in Buckingham palace and now being the greatest threat to world peace. Hitler I think was time magazines man of the year lots of the royal family supported Hitler since they were themselves German. War is great for the bankers and the weapons companies.


  50. a question if we say what we know about freemasonry can we be guilty of a hate crime , saying something that will cause a group to be hated?


  51. Except that…

    (1) there is still no solid evidence that a second McAlpine was a paedophile, any more than there was for the first. What evidence there is is circumstantial and tainted by being associated with someone who has already got it so badly wrong; and,

    (2) Mr Messham – whose credibility must be pretty low, in any case – is not making that allegation. No-one is providing any evidence that it was Jimmie rather than Alaisdair; the allegation rests on the fact that the two men share the same surname, plus some supporting circumstantial evidence, which is anyway strongly disputed by another victim, Keith Gregory.

    Here’s a link to the ‘Brass Eye’ ‘Paedogeddon’ episode:


  52. TPTB belong to various fraternities and cults. Freemasonry one of them. TPTB now know secrets for each other – will protect each other – i think this practice is obvious by now to all of us.
    It all depends on one’s motive, purpose, the evidence brought in, how you do what you do….
    About freemasonry in particular, they have been accused harshly by fanatical christians (and muslims), They have been persecuted in nazi Germany. So, you need to distinguish from this madness, or else it will be a lost cause.
    This is just my humble opinion, i am not an affiliate of any cult.


  53. Larry –

    that wasn’t quite the point I was making, was it?

    The point was that Ford were making vehicles for the Wehrmacht whilst Ford were producing the vehicles for the US airforce that were bombing the plants making the vehicles for the German Wehrmacht. Edsel Ford’s mention that “great handicap you are working under” … was largely of Ford’s own making …

    That was long after Edward VIII and others had either exited stage Paris or taken another line altogether. By that time the political uncertainties of the 30s were over and people knew what was what. It could have been very different had politics taken just one step sideways and Oswald Moseley found a way to power.

    It is very reminiscent of today where Merkel is demonized for showing the very backbone Cameron so clearly lacks. Just who are the good guys today? Obama? Merkel? Miliband? Few will know until the dice have landed. That is the problem with “evidence” it always seems so different afterwards and the pertinent facts become obvious.


  54. Very well said.

    It is also worth remembering that whenever the cry goes up about ‘witch hunts’, at which all “right thinking people” shrink back into their corners, we are dealing with a very dishonest interpretation.

    Witch trials were orchestrated by those in authority. They were a scapegoating perversion directed against some of society’s most vulnerable and isolated individuals: by and large single women existing on the fringes of ‘normal’ society. The trials were conducted by wealthy figures with disproportionate access to the many instruments of legal power and process. These ‘witch hunters’ took sadistic pleasure in inflicting torture upon those least able to defend themselves.


  55. Scapegoating – the Transference of Evil.
    David Cameron really made a tremendous gaff today. When confronted by a list of paedophiles in British politics sourced from the Internet, he looked rattled and stupidly came out with the following comment.

    “We must not let this turn into a witch hunt particularly against people who are gay,”


    David Cameron responds to paedophile accusations

    Using Homophobia to defend and distract from Institutional Paedophilia in the British Elite.


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  57. On the other hand, I must admit that balls are not always an essential anatomical accessory, nor are they always a good stout symbol of yeoman rectitude. Here’s today’s Guardian: “Rt Rev Peter Ball, thought to be most senior Church of England figure to be arrested in connection with a sex abuse inquiry”.


  58. Your comments are basically rubbish. At the Waterhouse Inquiry the name ‘McAlpine’ was put to Stephen Meesham. He immediately claimed that he had been abused by this man, whose christian name he could not recall. It is assumed that the person in question was Alfred James ‘Jimmie’ McAlpine (1908-1991) who lived at Gerwyn Hall, Marchwiel, Wrexham. He was the son of Sir Alfred David McAlpine (1881-1944) who was the son of Sir Robert McAlpine 1st Bt (1847-1934).

    Lord McAlpine of West Green is the son of Robert, Baron McAlpine of Moffat (1907-1990) the son of William McAlpine (1871-1951), who was the son of Sir Robert McAlpine 1st Bt. (1847-1934).

    So Lord McAlpine is a second cousin of the person in question, if I’ve got that right. He belongs to a different generation to ‘Jimmie’. Also in his statement Lord McAlpine clear states he had been to Wrexham only once and then in the company of someone. That means he never went to Gerwyn Hall nor indeed to Marchwiel Hall. How well did he know Jimmie McAlpine ? That suggest to me slightly, if at all.

    So do you know all your cousins ? I don’t. I have first cousins I have never even met and nor do I know where they live or their names. I do not know any second cousins etc, etc. And I have a very small family. How do you know your cousin isn’t a child abuser ? You don’t do you ?


  59. Your name suits you well, Major.
    You are confusing who Messham identified with who he named…and not asking why the police showed him a different person altogether.
    The man who abused him will be revealed here tomorrow, and to hell with the consequences.
    The man who abused many North Wellian care home children was Robert ‘Jimmie’ McAlpine, against whom there is a mountain of circumstancial evidence that goes well beyond innuendo.


  60. You are so wrong, and I suspect it’s because you are ignorant of your subject. Don’t judge everyone else by the standards of the BBC.


  61. But the reason why England suffered far less from witch persecutions than – say – Germany was because we had a system of Common Law which required proof, a trial, and a finding of guilt by a jury rather than simply raising a hue and cry.

    Incidentally, a note to John Ward; although the usual legal principle is that you cannot defame the dead, an exception is made when the purpose is to harm the living.


  62. Raising a ‘hue and cry’ is the only recourse that an abused child has (an unfortunate choice of phrase if ever there was); and more often than not a child will suffer in terrified silence, knowing perfectly well that the adult world (those with the power) will ignore or deflect their appeals for help.

    That is the only problem that concerns me; and I believe it to be the problem described by this open letter.

    That England suffered ‘far less’ is clearly of some comfort to you. You might want to experience living in ‘care’, for then you would know what it is to suffer far more. You would experience what it is to live with virtually no chance of appealing for help through the ‘respectable’ channels that so many of us take for granted. It is this that needs to change.


  63. You sure ? Messham has said he was shown a photograph, of whom and by which Police Officer we have no idea. He was told it was ‘McAlpine’. Alister McAlpine was made a peer in 1984. The question is whose photograph they showed him. We have no idea at all. Assumptions are being made, but none are based upon any facts.

    And Stephen Messham did need to apologise to Lord McAlpine. He named the peer off camera to the BBC and it was on that identification that they created their story, which was wholly untrue, malicious and defamatory.


  64. Bill Cash – Stafford? Jesus, no surprise – he followed me into the women’s loos to bother me at the station when I was about 16. God knows what he thought would happen. He’s HUGE but I managed to duck past. Didn’t know who he was till saw pic in Newsletter later.


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  66. Im not convinced, mcalpine dosent know who abused steve meesham?
    To call a mistaken identity?
    One must know of a suspect, to have sympathy towards their accuser?
    A little too quick to sue anybody forming a opinion of who abused steve?
    Steve did state his abuser had threatend to kill him if he was named?
    If the culprit is dead?
    How on earth did this dead figure manage to disrupt a living investigation?
    If nobody can question the main cover up?
    Its clear there is obstruction of any justice in steves case?
    If macalpine dosent know who abused steve?
    Why hasnt he offerd steve assitance with his high powerd lawyers to find out who the abuser realy is?
    Dosent anyone find this odd?
    More strange he only seems too preoccupied with himself, and suing anyone that might beleive steve?
    surely if he beleived steve sufferd terrible abuse?
    Why has he gone silent on the smears against steve?
    Not the behavior of a nice man at all in my view.
    Think the new machiavetti has indeed shown its calculations in this case?


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  68. Pingback: Child Abuse (update) | Enemy of the State

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