Merkel begs Cameron not to leave EU just when everything’s going so well

Oooo-eee, snivel-snivel-slurp-slurp

Berlin has been leaking pro-British drivel all morning. I may have to empty my email inbox as it is close to bursting point. As indeed is my sick bag. This in the Daily Telegraph:

“In the medium term, it is Britain, a major country, that poses the greatest threat of a schism,” said a German official. “Not only is Britain moving away from the EU, but also the EU is moving away from Britain.”

The German offficial – who declined to be named und vos only obeyink ordass – was in fact Untergruppen Finanzfuhrer Ulricht Schnitzelnoodle. He added later:

“Zer euro is in fact a big success become, and hass no bearink votsoever on ze future of the European Anschluss, vich is now in rudische health. Only ze Britisher island racism is holding uns back from our moment of Glory, yes, once again it is all ze fault of ze Churchill cliquesturm und zaire friends in ze und so weiter und so weiter lazy Grechenuntermenschen in zaire strinkvests und so weiter und so weiter…”

PS You may find this hard to believe, but I’m told that some Camorons inside No 10 had to be talked out of playing the old Rolling Stones track ‘Angie’ for Merkel’s visit. Eat your heart out In the Thick of it.

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120 thoughts on “Merkel begs Cameron not to leave EU just when everything’s going so well

  1. Tacky stunt.

    Weren’t Schofield and Jason Donovan ‘close friends’ once? Wasn’t that at a time when the age of consent was 21? How old was Donovan?


  2. The most sickening quote in the DT from Herr Merkel was this:

    “You liberated us from National Socialism”

    FFS – where to start to deconstruct that b*ll*cks from the former DDR youth organiser ….


  3. As I have commented previously, the EU would probably be happy to see the back of us politically, but as the 4th largest net contributor (approx 13% of net contributions) with two of the others, France and Italy, slithering down the economic toilet, they really, really want us to stay, especially Germany. Killing off our rebate would be their next biggest wish.


  4. Peter C
    “Killing off our rebate would be their next biggest wish.”

    I am sure that Cameron would be only to happy to oblige if he could find a way.



  5. Seems like the re-election of obummer has given everyone else the excuse to drop the charade of sanity and just go totally bats**t crazy.

    Keep it coming you pack of loons! Draghi’s up next:

    Announcement of QE5,6 & 7 whilst wearing a chicken suit and smoking a crack pipe.


  6. We can start the deconstruction by saying we didn’t liberate them, we beat them. German enthusiasm for mad theories is a recurring problem throughout history, usually followed by protestations from said Germans that it was nothing to do with them. You’d think the Nazis were Aliens from Planet Zarg rather than the logical fruition of crackpot German militarism and race theory. They were all happy to go along with it when they were winning.

    A lack of civic courage is the true hallmark of the German bourgeoisie.


  7. Thanks JW….I just about got through your new post OK until the bit about No 10 nearly playing Angie for .’The Wicked Witch of the Weimar.’…..

    Very nearly saw my lunch for a second time at that idea. No doubt Angie would have reciprocated with this little dittie from a very young and hilariously unlipsynced Van Morrison and ‘Them’


  8. Lets have no more of this anti German talk and disrespecting of the Fatherland. The “Real Gems” will be along very shortly to give you all a very severe lecture and telling off. Your all very naughty boys.


  9. who declined to be named und vos only obeyink ordass

    That doesn’t wash. Viking Jack made it quite clear and with evidence that a soldier in the German army need not obey orders if they feel it contradicts their morals.

    Just because a British soldier does not get this choice does not mean that this extends to other nations. I think we have been here before.


  10. Apparently the list was compiled from a five-minute trawl of the internet, mostly Twitter. Hardly investigative journalism at its best.


  11. Frau Merkel is reported as telling Cameron that it might be nice to be an island, but it’s not so good to be isolated.
    She was right about the island bit, but we would hardly be “isolated” if we were free from EU trade restrictions and thus able to trade freely with the whole, wide world.
    It’s like the old Times headline, only this time “Fog * in Europe – the rest of the world cut off”
    (*read FUBAR)


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  13. I have read that the EU’s accounts have not been audited for 17 years, that they have a huge slush fund which they use to bribe MP’s, I have also heard that Ted Heath a man who liked young boys was bribed with £33,000 to sign away UK sovereignty by signing the Treaty of Rome. UKIP is a scam and should not be trusted, Vernon Coleman tried to have UKIP promote some of his highly effect books on the corrupt EU. EU retains power by bribery and using paedophilia to blackmail mp’s


  14. @Chris, only one little problem for me..The Oldest Bank in the World: Banca Monte dei Paschi di Siena
    Siena, Italy Founded 1472
    Not sure there were banks in 1300?


  15. I, been thicker than a plank sawn from a Giant Redwood, instinctively know that the EU is wrong. It’s a plain smack in the face with an ice cold dead fish type of wrong.

    I don’t know how it got to be wrong and why it is wrong – but it’s wrong. My instinct tells me it’s wrong. Is my instinct wrong?

    I’m fed’ with feeling that everything is wrong with the EU system and that NOTHING will be done about it no matter how bad it gets.

    It’s never going to be put right – way too late.

    I effin hate the EU,EZ,EEC,ESM,ECB and any other feckin ‘E’ you care to mention. I hope the whole ruddy E-continent plunges into civil unrest.


  16. @KFC

    Maybe it was just a publicity stunt, but it could backfire..

    Claiming you knew a senior MP had “interfered” with 14 year old girls but kept it quite really can’t paint anyone in a good light.


  17. You know, I wonder, is it a ring of elitist paedophiles that are threatened with exposure that’s holding most of this together? From what I have been reading today Blair was very involved one way or another, Brown has a fondness for young boys apparently, I have even noted that the Royal Family are implicated, again now Dunblane has come back into the spotlight.
    There’s generally no smoke without fire somewhere.


  18. A clickable Euler diagram showing the relationships between various multinational European organisations.
    This lovely Euler diagram shows that there are alternative bodies we could be members of in a way which is very easy to see. It’s only like a gym membership package or choosing which insurance options to take on a policy. Just move your flag to where you’d rather be.


  19. Undoubtedly Morvan. Few politicians have the integrity or belief to hold anything as important, never mind sacrosanct, everything is a tool for them to bargain away as they see fit, although it is more likely that fritter away is the correct phrase and that it will be done in pursuit of self-interest above everything else.


  20. Sir,
    As i am currently conducting amorous liasonswith a Kommandant in the German army….yes, we have been here before.
    Now i call him ‘client’…it sounds better, more like I actually havea real job…which of course I don’t because I am so full of mischief and utter nonsense.
    Sorry sir, I promise to talk less nonsense, and not mention Germany again.


  21. It’s one explanation which would fit. I can’t for the life of me think of another, why on earth would these sovereign nations allow the Sprouts to call the shots? They are all putty in the hands of the Sprouts, can you come up with better explanation?


  22. @KFC

    Using paedophilia as a control mechanism could make some sense, adultery / homosexuality / expense fraud no longer seems to be enough to outrage the soap opera watching masses.


  23. Sir,
    I forgot to mention that as well as having vast knowledge authoritavely on all subjects, I also speak five languages: Nonsense, English nonsense, Holland nonsense, Germany nonsense, and Zulu nonsense because I was born in a thorn bush on the vast African plains in Bongoland while my father gathered the mopani berries to make his gin.


  24. It’s not a popular view on this blog, but we’d be bonkers to leave the EU.
    Thats were we do our business, and anyone who thinks we can strorm off in a huff with no repurcussions is delusional.
    If the EU is as evil as some seem to think, why would they alllow us out and keep trading with us? Anyone fancy much closer ties to the States, where 27% of the population is moonbat insane? Closer ties to the Chinese, who hate us for what we did to them 150 years ago, and steal everyones designs?
    Norway has oil, gas, fish and 5 million people. Switzerland has tax-dodging on an industrial, geo-political scale. We have a messed up financial sector, some foreign owend car factories that sell into Europe, and a few biscuit makers.


  25. Schofield is a moron. What did he expect the Prime Minister to do with his list ? All he was doing was smearing people. Like that fat ugly slug Watson. The Law requires a fact and I don’t see any of those around. Do you ??


  26. I believe we are where they do a great deal of business also!!
    They need UK a great deal more than we need them – Germany especially!


  27. Not sure Switzerland does in fact have tax-dodging on an industrial scale – tax rates are low enough that most Swiss residents don’t feel the need.

    It merely provides somewhere reasonably safe for the rest of the world to bank – is that what you mean?


  28. @Paul.J “If the EU is as evil as some seem to think, why would they allow us out and keep trading with us?”

    They would allow us out because they have absolutely no way of stopping us from leaving should we democratically decide to go hence the sudden large amount of public grovelling coming out of Berlin. Perhaps you think that the EU has an Operation Sealion tucked away ready should the need arise? With the exception of France they spend a derisory small sum on their military preferring to sponge off NATO and the United States so I don’t think an invasion is really on the cards. The EU couldn’t even get its act together to prevent genocide in its own Balkans back yard so don’t hold your breath as regards an EU army goose stepping its way across the channel.

    As regards trade they (the EU) have an enormous trade surplus with the UK and given their in the financial mire every-bit as much as we are do you really think they are likely to suddenly start a trade war or impose sanctions? The whole rotten European dream is likely to expire of natural causes and financially implode anyway long before we could call a referendum and leave. We can sit back and watch the EU north/south civil war, the rich pacifist north verses the angry bankrupt south.

    Given whats coming down the road I think a British exit is the least of the thoroughly corrupt EU Commissions problems.


  29. Paul J. I beg to differ. The UK taxpayers contribution to the EU ensures that UK farmers are, as usual, pushing shit uphill. As an example, the average UK farm of 81 hectares receives a single farm payment or subsidy of about 12,500 euros and the average Danish farm of 60 hectares receives about 30,000 euros. On top of that, the main milk buyer in Denmark, Arla, received 990,288,184 euros (yes that is correct), as export refunds from the CAP budget from 2001-2010 (the figures are now “confidential”), Dairy Crest, during the same period received 23,917,598 euros. I could provide many more figures that only go to show that the UK taxpayer is not only subsidising mostly less efficient continental farming, but also during that process, exporting agricultural jobs and our contribution to UK GBP to the EU.


  30. Could it just be that the ‘sovereign nations’ have persuaded their sheeple that Political Union is a good thing?I have never met a Continental eurosceptic, more’s the pity.


  31. “It’s not a popular view on this blog, but we’d be bonkers to leave the EU”

    No idea whether it is a popular idea on this Blog or not, but if you are suggesting, like some others have that ‘oooh’, it’s frightening out there, so it is so much more warm and soft inside where all that corruption keeps us safe, you may just be in the majority.

    Heaven help us from the weak. Is that what was meant by the mindless mantra that they (the meek) will inherit the Earth?


  32. Reply to reply of Peter C second comment:

    …and that it will be done in pursuit of self-interest above everything else.

    Oh boy, you have hit the nail on the head there!


  33. Spot on, Mark. Would the EU survive in any form at all without the Euro (which is presently nailed to the perch like a Norwegian Blue that will likely loose all its feathers and be admitted to be ‘pushing up the daises’ sometime during 2013)? ……..Personally I doubt it.

    Many of the EU laws and provisions were made to serve one country rather than another, were the result of wheels and deals (CAP for one) and thus are either corrupt or outdated, and thus are not in the UK’s interest.

    The UK had traded with all of the world before and after WW2, and with a couple of notable exceptions, those in our former empire wished to stay in touch, trade and in many cases still have our Queen as a nominal figurehead. So I must fundamentally disagree with Paul. J that EU, US, Asia or anywhere else would stop trading with us if we left the EU. WHEN the EZ disintegrates and pulls down the all the major economies of Europe, I believe that Honda and Co will be very glad to remain in the safe waters of the UK in this global region….others may seek refuge here. Hence the sooner we are out, the better.

    When the EZ’s demise brings down the EU as we know it, I personally have no objection at all to looking for a new way for the UK and other nations of Europe to collaborate. I have simply reached the conclusion that the walls will fall down shortly because the present foundations are faulty and therefore everything has to be torn down in order to start again to build something that can be viable.


  34. Sir,
    Tonight I will be speaking the sixth language of love to my beloved ‘KOMMANDANT’ after we have finished eating all of the sausage wurst and emptied that large bottle of schnapps in the bunker.
    I am wearing my new underwear from the ‘Miss Victoria’ collection that I heard about on Radio 4 and bought by mail order from Sheffield – in red.
    Chris de Burgh recordings will also be softly singing ‘the lady in red’ as I stimulate my man with my knowledge of ‘europolitic and successful high finance in the eurozone’ which I saw on the Deutsche Welle satellite station yesterday.
    your ever loving gemzybabes xx


  35. What worries me a touch is, any attempt to out paedophiles must be positive in my view, those who seek to denigate those that try however meagerly or with a ‘tacky stunt’ must, in my view somewhat sympathise with the paedophiles. Calling Tom Watson a ‘slug’ because he dared to question in my mind reinforces that belief. But, it would seem the paedophiles in high office outnumber those who seek justice.


  36. Completely agree.

    Watching C4 news, it does look like there are some serious attempts by those outside the inner circles of power trying to get things sorted. The Hillsborough crowd are demanding a foreign investigator head the inquiry (great idea IMHO) . Our politico’s are saying we don’t have “the structures”

    BBC Just mis-quote DC as saying “This musn’t turn into a Gay witchhunt”

    While I do suspect Mr Watsons partisan motives, he probably has opened a can of worms for his own party, at least he has stood up and said something.

    Hopefully Nadine Dories says something from the jungle :)


  37. Yes we do, but if we left, our farmers wouldn’t be any better off, as we’d just import stuff from abroad.
    We’d have slitghtly cheaper food, and poorer farmers.


  38. If the EU is as evil as some seem to think, why would they alllow us out and keep trading with us?

    Simple: if you are in Europe and want to trade there, you agree to pay the EU what it demands. That goes for Switzerland and Norway too.


  39. The C4 report was interesting as it featured the first mention of ‘the masons’ as being potentially significant in this – but still no mention of the Catholic Church………yet. Patience, it will all stumble out in due course.


  40. I agree, whilst there must be some personal gain politically, we should not shy away from the fact that these people are paedophiles and should not be subject to protection because of their social and public standing. We could at a push accept the diminishing democracy in the ways things are but, not the the abuse of innocent and vunerable children. That is NOT acceptable.


  41. Larry

    I posted a comment earlier today to that effect.

    As to the rest, I have no idea. As ever, it is a trueism that you can’t cheat an honest man. If they are corrupt, their corruption is something that undermines their self-confidence (hence their being able to be bribed/blackmailed).

    Like my sorry little shadow, there are sock puppets you can get to slander them with all sorts of invective – with corrupt courts, it could be made to stick.


  42. @mudplugger

    Or Royalty / Anglican Church ;)

    TBH Looking at some of the names on the ‘Net that come up, a huge amount seem to have come from the landed gentry (maybe a statistical bias given the number of Etonians involved I suppose) .

    Not being a history grad, I had to look up why we went from a “republic” after the civil war back to a Monarchy.

    The Hague and Brussels again…


  43. Germany ain’t leaving, and Greece ain’t leaving either….nothing has changed. Six months ago the EU wouldn’t survive the autumn, hey, it has survived just fine and will continue to do so. Folks, this has years, if not decades to run.


  44. Hey, Barosso and Rompuy know that their pensions are safe and they know that it doesn’t matter what they say or do. Their pensions are safe. That’s all they care about, it’s just that most folk aren’t aware of their motives yet.


  45. I’m afraid we would be bonkers to stay within the EU. There is a fundamental difference between the British view of what the EU should be and that of most of continental Europe, Germany included. There is no real way to square this circle. I suppose it is basically down to history; to the different attitudes to Liberty and the different relationship between citizen and the state.

    And perhaps from the Continental perspective a friendly divorce would be in all our interests. They could carry on with their ‘Le Grand Project’ without the hindrance of the pragmatic British. We would be free to decide our own employments laws etc and to forge what many believed we joined in the first place (but didn’t): a free trade area. It would require the Continental Europeans to acknowledge that you cannot force a people to surrender their sovereignty unless they are willing to do so, or you have the required number tanks to force them. But in the end it would be to the advantage of everyone.


  46. I have a solution, change the law, make it legal to have as much sex as you want with any child, that way we no longer have a legal issue, only a moral one, which, we all know isn’t a problem if you are kiddy fiddler because, you don’t have any morals in the first place.


  47. Kfc1404,
    Just a minute. Watson is a nasty Brownite thug. When he stood up in the Commons and made his accusation during Prime Minister’s Questions he was doing what Brownite thugs love to do: smear Tories. Had he actually wanted to raise this issue he would have used a Private Notice Question to the PM. The reason he didn’t do this is quite plain.

    I have read that the person Watson was referring to – whom I will not name – has denied the allegations and states he has been to Wrexham just once. One of those abused and making some of the allegations gave evidence at the original inquiry set up by Clwyd Council but the chairman has no recollection of that person naming any political figures. That report was never published, but the Secretary of State set up a judge lead inquiry. The Waterhouse inquiry, a link to which is posted below, is now being criticised and its establishment is seen as part of a ‘whitewash’. The inquiry was set up under the Tribunals Act by William Hague, then Secretary of State, who acted entirely according to the Law. The Labour Party made no objection and the inquiry began in January 1997 and reported under a Labour Government in 2000.

    You state ‘it would seem the pedophiles in high office outnumber those who seek justice’. Can you produce any evidence whatsoever to back up this claim ? Care to name these pedophiles ? Or are you saying, as Watson was trying to do, that anyone who happens to be a Tory must therefor be a pedophile ?? As David Aaronovitch noted in The Times today ‘That’s what you become if you don’t join in the clamour, but ask first for the evidence – ‘the friend of the pedophile’.


  48. @Kfc “make it legal…” No doubt they are working on it. It’s all part of that “rainbow of sexual experience” isnt it.


  49. I never realised that being gay made you likely to be a paedophile. Clearly David Cameron is better informed than me!

    Personally, I would have thought that being a Politician, a high ranking Freemason, or Catholic or Jesuit Priest, would have made you more likely to be a paedophile.


  50. @Full stop. Well said. Fear is the ultimate form of control- look at how it’s being played in Greece. Our economy may be just as much of a basket case as theirs but I’d like to think we have more balls.


  51. Nick, there are a limited number of reasons for creating new banknotes. Obviously the reason is to get rid of the old ones but what’s the reason for that? As far as I’m aware it’s only because too many are under the matress or too many are counterfeit. Or a combination thereof.


  52. @ Sebastian W

    Apart from the first and last sentences, a load of old cobblers! Just imagine which language we might be using if Blücher hadn’t turned up in mid-afternoon, after a forced-march, at Waterloo. Don’t forget, Wellington was about to order a retreat back to Brussels – he had effectively lost the battle.

    @ Andy

    Then you have remembered it wrong! Very wrong, in fact. I have long considered that the one individual totally responsible for the catastrophe that was to come was Franz v. Papen. He was the first class numpty that assured Hindenburg he had Hitler and the Nazis “under control”, and that Hindenburg should nominate Hitler as the Chancellor – even though Hitler had achieved a lesser % of the vote in the previous election. If only Hindenburg had remained true to his intense dislike of Hitler and the Nazis!

    Back to Seb W.

    “A lack of civic courage is the true hallmark of the German bourgeoisie.”

    To be fair about back in the 30’s, if you know that you could be ‘disappeared’ for a month or so because you failed to turn up at the “NSDAP Peasoup & Sausage Extravaganza with Fundraiser” for two Sundays on the trot, then you tend to keep your gob shut and do as you are told. Has there ever been a similar situation in British history? Could such a situation be on its way? If it does arrive, what are you intending to do – honest answer please?

    Theoretically, today there is no excuse for it – but the lack of civic courage is still present. However, plans are afoot to bring about a change, one of them being a revival of the “White Rose” next Spring. For those not familiar with the organisation:

    The figurehead will be Susanne Hirzel, the last remaining member of the original White Rose.

    “After the arrest and execution of the Scholl siblings she was also arrested and in the second trial, in which Kurt Huber, Willi Graf and Alexander Schmorell were sentenced to death by the People’s Court under Roland Freisler, she was sentenced to six months in prison, because her knowledge of the distributed leaflets could not be proved.”


  53. @ Gemma
    Not sure what you infer here. ??
    Free trade is one way, or import tarriffs is another.
    Any EU demands could be met with punitive taxes on BMW’s and other manufactures payable at Port of Entry. There is no case for the eurocrats to blackmail the UK at any time. In fact the self serving Eurozone dream is very fast becoming the latest in German theory that is being shot down in flames by non other than common sense uttered by innocent and unbiased observers worldwide.


  54. They are obviously showing us the new €5, €10, €20, €50, €100, €200 notes to avoid freaking the Germans,…….but given the time it will take for the ECB get them into circulation, I predict that Mr Draghi will have changed the artwork a bit by then, ……following his next desperate attempt to ‘save the Euro’ by resorting to QE on a mind boggling scale.

    I would anticipate that the new Euro notes that the ECB will actually put into circulation in a year or two, will be much more useful by then for popping down to your local shop… €500, €1,000, €2,000, €5,000, €1,0000, €20,000 and €50,000 !


  55. @aflatoxin. As a foreigner, i don’t have the whole picture. History shows that UK did have the balls in the past – if you still got them, well hanged then :-)
    What you do have is
    – bigger country size to withstand the blow
    – fuel. Enough to cover emergency needs
    – more “fat” to burn, (riches, gold) to make it through the hard times
    – allies that will help (US, BC). We got none…


  56. The only ‘evidence’ available is what’s available to you and I, and you and I have no idea whether or not it is the truth, irrespective of who is publishing it.
    “The Problem With The Internet is Whether or Not What You Read is The Truth”
    Abraham Lincoln.


  57. On the day of the passing of Clive Dunn, a brilliant headline from the daily Mail … “Who do you think you’re kidding Mrs Merkel?”


  58. I’m afraid this EU crisis has resurrected all the old WWII stereotypes and name-calling. It might be salutary to hear what names the French, the Germans and the Italians have for us British!


  59. Not sure how this will play out…….either there will be an almighty stink which turns the road back on the corruption which has developed over the last several decades OR and (it is this one I suspect of being most likely) there will be demands from the ‘elite’ to control online and social publications in order to shut down the dissemination of information. They desperately want to do this and now they can ‘make’ an excuse (peoples – their type of people mind you – lives ‘ruined’ on hearsay etc etc).

    Which door has been opened ? They tried the ‘anti piracy route’ and got the peoples verdict (mainly across the other countries of the EU) – Dave having already signed the treaty after the MSM told nobody anything about it in the UK until he had done the deed – a la Lisbon – still think that they are not the same ?)…. now they will try another route. They just do not ever give up trying to stifle information flow to the plebs.

    Wondering whether there have been any further developements on Johns old concerns about the proposed ‘two speed internet’ recently ? I have not come across anything – but it doesn’t mean it’s not moving forward.

    Third time lucky, I ask myself ?

    I think that we need a new law in this country to curtail government powers. No international treaty or obligation to an international body or organisation to be ratified without reference to the UK Demos……I’ve had quite enough of politicians doing what is good for me on the international (and domestic for that matter) stage without so much as a by your leave :) The technology exits to make this cheap and easy – why do the politico’s not make use of this technology to encourage the people to partake in ‘politics’ as they so say desire. Instead of always using it against the people ?

    Sorry – turned into a bit of a rant but having written it I do not want to delete it as it needs expressing – while we can still do so.


  60. To get a ‘fact’ the matter needs proper investigation…if it does not get publilcity, the ‘elite’ will simply brush it aside with a ‘parliamentary enquiry’ reporting several years hense whilst those in scope prepare well enough for their exit before charges and arrests are made.

    Personally I think that we need to call in investigators from say the FBI to do the work…….. our ‘top cops’ are too smeared in slime themselves to be trusted with dealing with ‘their own type of people’.

    The FBI have some good investigators – and no I do not watch CSI or the like. We need ‘real independance’ when investigating the ‘elite’ in this country, so corrupt at the top has it become.


  61. @Gemma

    What if the UK just say’s ‘Nope’. Germany going to want to stop providing us with all those lovely Cars and Washing machines are they ? What happens if we just ‘buy them second hand’ from say Brazil if we want them ? Is the EU (or Germany) going to refuse to export to Brazil because they might sell the good on to the UK at a small markup ?

    The EU is a dead and roasted goat of an organisation. Only those who have a vested interest cannot (or will not) see it for what it is.


  62. Max C

    that is a very interesting point. In most cases, Europeans aren’t really aware of Britain.

    Many here in NL think you are outside the EU in any case. Which means if they are buying in stock … don’t even look your way. The canny ones do though. Britain can’t rely on the canny ones – there are too few of them. It’s fine for me because I only have one household to look after and that means I can be choosy.


  63. Thanks for that VJ.

    Excellent insights. Perhaps the only time when Britain had a similar state of affairs was under the rule of Cromwell. After all, the King found Parliament unruly, so quashed it. Cromwell found even the Rump Parliament too boisterous. As to the Barebones parliament … I think you get the picture.

    Thankyou for putting Sebastian firmly in his place. He needs a little more tolerance of other cultures.


  64. Andy :”The Law requires a fact and I don’t see any of those around. ”

    And the gathering of these facts requires honest, dedicated, motivated, police and prosecutors, and I don’t see any of those around either.


  65. I wonder if the new Banknotes are going to be the old weimar solution…

    1 (new) Euro = 1,000,000 (old Euro)

    That’ll be the inflationary route out of the problem……….if there is no debt forgiveness……..!


  66. Morning Star

    Think cost. Think hard just how much it would cost to bring in stuff from Brazil. Do the sums. Fuel isn’t getting cheaper.

    The EU may be a dead duck. It is still a very big dead duck. As to blackmail, that is used against those who have something to fear. With a parliament as corrupt as that in Britain, there is good reason for them to fear what the EU might have on them. That they don’t is irrelevant. The fear works better that way because you can’t get any straight answers.


    So what? What is Cameron, Clegg or Muddlepuss going to do about it? Their sole aim and purpose in life is to keep their life quiet. Doing anything … anything at all … would upset somebody. So the easiest way is to do nothing. Unscrupulous bureaucrats in Westminster or Brussels know this all too well. Oh, and so do unscrupulous banks.

    Oh, did I forget liberty?


  67. I fear I must step in here to say that while I do indulge in this apparent Germophobia from time to time, it is really Geliphobia. Any woman who leaves her bloke without warning, but takes the fridge, is one seriously mega-weird person.
    I will offer you a prediction: within eighteen months, the German people will be the biggest eurosceptics on the planet….and they will be right.


  68. Paul J
    I salute your bravery mate, I really do. But I have nagging fears about your discernment. The headline:
    The other headline:

    As my Dad used to say Paul, “If it was easy, everyone would be doing it”. So lets show some British balls, should we? ESpecially as we’ve got more of them per square mile than anyone else.


  69. @Gemma – oh Ok I guess we’ll just have to buy them from Norway instead then to cut down the shipping costs…….. or there again perhaps BMW will just build a factory in the UK in order that it can sell us cars we want to buy ?
    Maybe just maybe there would be investment enough to produce BMW quality cars in the UK. We could even call it something original like WMB and hey, who is going to fine us if we take apart a Germen example, build similar and put a Red/Black badge on the finished article – as China might ? No, I’m getting extremely silly now…….. Admittedly, it might be difficult to ‘copy’ german products directly, but if we want them and they will not sell them, then someone WILL build them. It is only about the price the market can charge when selling as to whether the investment is worthwhile. the EU has absolutley no influence except when importing our exported goods on our ability to trade. And if they want a trade war – they’ll lose out on their BoP which is not good for the German economy if they want to keep the ‘project’ going – I do not think.
    Fact is – for the German people – they would be better off out as well, but they are just a bit behind on the uptake…….


  70. John

    believe me, they already are. Remember that their news is controlled by the allies – so you might not get to see as much of it as you might want in the mainstream media. There are no few Wessies who would happily divorce several Eastern states as well … give them back to Russia or whoever wants them. After all, Bonn did well enough as a capital.

    If the Germans do leave the eurozone it won’t be the Germans suffering either. They seem to have the courage to take decisions that their British counterparts lack. To be frank, Merkel has more balls than Cameron.


  71. So lets show some British balls, should we? ESpecially as we’ve got more of them per square mile than anyone else.

    Are you suggesting what I think you are suggesting here? After all, there are more Dutch ones per square kilometer in the Netherlands than almost anywhere else on the planet.


  72. Morning Star

    if you knew a little more about what was going on on the ground, you might have different ideas. For one thing, BMW already has factories in the UK. So do Volkswagen.

    Get up to speed!

    Now think about this: Britain has some of the finest carmakers in the world – McLaren et al. The problem is that they are not mass manufacturers of the kind that can keep an economy afloat. Believe me when I say it takes a little more than just reversing the letters to design, prototype and manufacture a motorcar. That’s okay, I know of what I speak as a former industrial designer.

    Yes, it is a very silly idea.

    As to the price the market can charge, that is commodity speak of the first order. I say no more, only to say that if you want to know how to buck trends, my website is as good a start as any.

    Finally, if the EU has no influence except when importing our exported goods – then why aren’t you exporting to those countries you are so fond of? Perhaps the chickens are coming home to roost and you really will find your dreams just went up the pipe.


  73. Sir,
    Please excuse my ignorant and coarse comments.
    I really must apply to Brussels for my mad cow talking nonsense license.
    That should do wonders for my libido too – which would be a turn up, since I must see the doctor about that healing itch.


  74. Mad cow disease was an English export to Europe. Feather brains easily forget this sort of thing.

    Frankly I am surprised you are let out without a leash.


  75. Correct. They lie about everything else. They consider themselves above the law and capable of exerting untold power over other vulnerable individuals and people in lesser influential positions. Keeping it all quiet whilst retaining the moral high ground in public is their power trip. Bastards!


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