The Centre for Research in Environmental Epidemiology has just published a load of old tosh about the effect on their babies of pregnant women who eat a diet high in fried foods.

Epidemiology is the study of how and why infectious diseases spread. So why CREE is looking at this issue in the first place eludes me.

Anyway, this classic bit of reporting from the British Bollocks Corporation:

‘Women and babies from England, Denmark, Greece, Norway and Spain were tested for levels of a potentially toxic chemical found in fried potatoes. It found babies from Bradford, who represented England, had the highest levels and lower birth weights.’

Where to start, eh?

‘babies from Bradford, who represented England’. Are they kidding? Bradford consists of people who can’t speak English (being dialectical Tykes or insular Muslim chavs) let alone represent England.

“And representing England tonight on the Eurovision Birth-weight Contest is Bradford, where 28.7% of the district’s population are from black and minority ethnic communities, and one in three people of working age are out of work.”

Nothing racist here: just empirical stats. Bradford is about as typical of England as Bergerac Cricket Club.

The gist of the Beeb’s piece is that fried food fatties have kids with lower birth weights. This means the babes will have to eat like horses just to catch up with their mums. Alternative headline could therefore be:

‘Boffins say eat chips to end obesity in next generation’

Idle hacks and gobby doctors strike again. They are equally stupid. Ignore them. Join marches to vapourise the Centre for Research in Environmental Epidemiology.