This tweet came in tonight, I having ruefully suggested it’s not nice to call James Delingpole a twat:

‘if you can’t take being called a twat, twitter isn’t for you’.

So there we have it: the Tweeter at large on why Twitter is really for bigots who want to insult each other.

I use Twitter all the time – for two very simple reasons: first, it’s an excellent way to satirise all those deluded ‘important’ folks who think their contribution to the sum of human thought is priceless. Much of it is indeed priceless – but not in the sense they intended. A classic example of this was last week’s Van Rompuy tweet, ‘Many congratulations to EU on receiving Nobel Prize – richly deserved’. And now that Dave Cameronandon has joined this happy breed of clowns, it’s even more fun than it was with only Dan Hannan to go at.

Second, it is an excellent source of new Sloggers. The tone of voice one adopts in tweets is, especially, an effective way of targeting and then attracting the real, commonsense, humorous radicals I want at the site.

But what Twitter also encourages (not a good thing) is knee-jerk trashing. Generally speaking, sorry, tweeting, it involves a deadly combo of Right Wind-Ups followed by Left Expletives followed by Right Retweets. And guess what? No matter how long it goes on, the Left doesn’t get it. Amazing. Who’d’ve thought that, eh?

James Delingpole, Dan Hannan and others of the Youthful Madly Conservative Association (YMCA) pull the same stunt over and over again: those with whom they disagree are ignored or blocked, while those who use expletive-crammed insults are gleefully retweeted. “See – observe,” they say, smiling behind a metaphorical hand, “I am of the Right and True way, a harmless victim of nasty foul-mouthed Lefties.” And still the Left bites at the bait with gusto every time.

What does this tell us about the robotic nature of pre-programmed polemics in this country? Simply this: the Right cannot stop demonising the Left…and the Left cannot stop being demonic.

Surely the sane 70% in between these two deserve something better?