Given the current obsessions with Jimmy Savile and Gary McKinnon, I thought Sloggers might like to cast their eyes over this piece from April 2010:

Supreme Court: Paedophile rights more important than autistic rights.

The judge heading up our Supreme Court rationalised its decision to delist two serious sex offenders on human rights grounds today. Lord Phillips said the offenders’ list notification requirements were ‘an interference with their rights’ – in the case of the younger chap, his right to play rugby and go on foreign holidays. The older man of the two is 52 and has serious heart problems, but the younger one is still 18, and had committed several ghastly rapes by the age of 11. Only two years ago, two Plymouth paedophiles were allowed to take foreign holidays. They never came back – and Interpol is still trying to trace one of them.

What is it about judges and psychiatrists that a mountain of evidence about the unreliability of conclusions like no longer pose any significant risk of committing a further sexual offence never seems to get through to them? Just a few months after one of the Bulger murderers was sent back to jail after re-offending, here we go again.

Ed ‘Mad Dog’ Balls insists that the solution is to vett and bar 12 million people, but being an idiot he has an excuse. The Supreme Court Justices don’t: what about the rights of the 12 million being pointlessly harrassed by nosey paedophobes?

From the Supreme Court’s inception in 2009, doubts have been expressed about first, why all the hugely expensive rebranding and lah-dee-dah was necessary in the first place; and second, whether it would just turn into another elite institution devoid of commonsense.

For example, although keen to defend the rights of mentally ill sex offenders, the UK’s supreme legal body seems generally unwilling to defend British extraditees. In the cases of Ian Norris and the NatWest’s 3 bankers, extradition followed the normal procedure of rolling over whenever the Americans say boo. And of course, in the case of Gary McKinnon, he would’ve been seen to be tried in a British Court anyway – so why the need to extradite? McKinnon (who is also clearly disturbed in some major way) is having his rights as a UK citizen crushed without so much as a by your leave, M’lud.

McKinnon’s appeal hearing before this lot comes up in March. Don’t hold your breath waiting for judicial signs of brain and spine.

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