US ELECTION: Clintons & Obama at daggers drawn as Romney lead hardens.

Lucky bounce for Romney as Top Ten polls show him three points ahead.

A bitter feud is going on between State and the White House as to who gets the lion’s share of blame for the death of Ambassador Steven in Benghazi. And Bill Clinton is rushing to the aid of his embattled wife.

Relations between Barack Obama’s White House and Hillary Clinton’s State Department my be about to rupture publicly over the growing Benghazi scandal….and thus damage Obama’s re-election chances further. Some pollsters last week had Romney gaining 5 pts following the first candidates’ debate.

Former President Bill Clinton is apparently so concerned about White House moves to dump responsibility for the Libyan atrocities onto Hillary, he has hired a team of lawyer and media volunteers to work all hours on protecting his wife’s reputation. Sourced close to the Clintons suggest he may advise the Secretary of State to threaten resignation now if the Obama administration tries to make her the fall guy for Benghazi.

This isn’t just paranoia on Slick Willy’s part. Last Friday, the White House  press secretary Jay Carney, when asked if Obama and Biden knew security was lax in Libya, suggested they didn’t by observing that “matters of security personnel are appropriately discussed and decided upon at the State Department by those responsible for it.”

This came just 24 hours after Vice President Joe Biden flatly stated that the Obama administration did not know U.S. interests in Libya needed more security before the attacks.

What has been a long running Clinton-Obama feud. It dates back to the 2008 Democratic Convention, when Obama’s advisers only narrowly managed to persuade the cocksure Obama that Bill Clinton needed a prominent role at the convention.

It heated up a few weeks back when Bill – on hearing that Obama was being over-confident about his first Romney debate – placed a phone call offering to give the President some advice. The Black Dude didn’t return the call. Clinton’s astonishment quickly turned to anger and suspicion when the White House started briefing against Hillary.

If the Romney team can grasp this opportunity, and suggest that a political civil war is getting in the way of US foreign policy at a crucial time, then the challenger could open up his lead further still.

“Neither [Democratic] camp has anything to gain from this,” says a trusted Washington source, “be that Obama now or Hillary in 2016. If she even threatened to resign now, Romney would pick up votes on the basis that the President’s foreign policy would’ve lost it’s rigour. But Obama’s antennae are not, shall we say, the best in town.”

The arrogance of Barack Obama in private is rapidly becoming the stuff of legend, a trait thus far kept out of the public eye and hugely softened by the open, relaxed style of his wife. But to date in this campaign, the President has not handled things well against an opponent who, until a fortnight ago, was heading for the political footnotes.

On the other hand, the Romney team tends to fumble the ball time after time, and Mitt’s bold promise to up the Middle East ante may prove to be a double-edged sword in a country becoming more isolationist by the month.

Meanwhile, the release of the latest Gallup poll yesterday (Saturday) confirmed an average 3% lead for Romney in all ten national surveys. This clean sweep represents a come-back of stunning proportions. With the Obama team very much on the back foot, the last thing the White House needs now is self-inflicted damage.

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11 thoughts on “US ELECTION: Clintons & Obama at daggers drawn as Romney lead hardens.

  1. I see Mr. Ward’s observation of the Benghazi Affair as legitimate and prescient election analysis.
    I gainsay that there is more than meets the eye in the affair.

    The assailants used mortars and grenade launchers.
    The assailants struck a purported safe house. That indicates a well-armed force with amazing intelligence of the sort one purloins from the inside.
    nefits from the death of Ambassador Stevens? Those with a vested interest in the perpetuation of the Arcs of Crises through North Africa, the Middle East, and Central Asia.
    Who have such vested interests? American neoconservatives.
    Who are American neoconservatives? Advocates of perpetual war with connections in finance and intelligence.

    The October Surprise of 1980 was a neoconservative effort to thwart hostage release negotiations with Iran to sink Pres. Carter’s reelection.

    Query: Was the assassination of Ambassador Stevens a neoconservative action to undermine Pres. Obama’s reelection? Doesn’t this make sense of Gov. Romney’s comments after Amb. Stevens’ death?

    Second Query: Will Obama and the Clintons join forces to put the spotlight on neoconservatives and their flag carrier Romney? Can they afford to?


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  3. The race is as close as it could be, but still has Obama at over 60 per cent chance of winning and gives him a 62.9 per cent chance of winning with 49.9 percent of the popular vote compared to Romney’s 49 per cent. They also give the electoral vote count 285 to 253 to Obama.

    It may well be that Romney’s momentum surge/ dead cat bounce has slowed after the VP debate and it is up to Obama to show he really wants another term in the next two debates. (There have always been questions about his enthusiasm for a second term and noting the $14 million Clinton earned on the lecture circuit alone last year shows there is life after 1600 Pa Ave.) He has to worry about presentation because racism is still a factor and if he is perceived in the debates as an angry black man that will work no better than the humble one in the first debate.

    Ultimately, it will be down to turnout. Can the Dems mobilise the blacks, Latinos and old whites scared of losing their medicare better than the Repubs can mobilise the plutocrats and the dumb working class whites.

    Still all to play for choosing between two old whores, one with gonorrhea and one one with syphillus. My guess is the public will wear two condoms and go for the first one. My experience is to go with intrade in a close race. They got the Kerry Dubya race spot on. I lost my bet because Kerry lost Ohio because Diebold had some voting machines to give the Repubs an edge, a fact which I had previously discounted.


  4. That either of these men are considered the “best” candidate to be placed in charge of the mighty United States of America, from a population choice of hundreds of millions makes me want to weep.

    I guess that the EU only won the Nobel Peace Prize this year, because to award it to two of the other nominees – George W Bush and Mr Tony Blair may have been seen as a public endorsement to Mitt Romney and the Republican Party and no liberal lefty would ever do that now, would they?


  5. I have a nagging fear Romney will win the popular vote, while Obama wins the electoral college.
    Cue total and utter chaos.


  6. The law is clear and unequivocal. It’s the electoral college that counts. Gore won the popular vote against Dubya in 2000 but Dubya won the elec college with some help from the Republican Supreme Court of Florida and SCOTUS in Washington.
    Nixon beat Kennedy in 1960 if you exclude the ballot stuffing in Cook County and in LBJ’s Texas but Nixon in an act of statesmanship refused to send the country into turmoil..


  7. You “gainsay” that there is more than meets the eye to all this? According to my Webster’s, gainsay means to declare to be untrue or invalid.


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