Sunday Splash

The national obsession with Jimmy Savile’s alleged paedophilia continues. This morning, the Telegraph investigates how the police let prisoners down in failing to nab him. As this torrent of accusation gathers speed, I have reluctantly had to conclude that I was wrong about Sir James Savile; but the non-stop coverage is both a distraction and a sign of MSM gullibility.

The case (which is really about an odd former wrestler abusing his fame with under-age girls, not mainstream paedophilia) is up there purely because the perpetrator was a celeb. Most paedophiles succeed because of their ruthless secrecy: they are anonymous teachers, social workers, and care home owners….hidden away in every job with access to pre-pubescent kids.

The gullibility comes from the mass media being surprised that police, senior BBC executives, and fellow performers never shopped him. Of course they didn’t: it was too risky career-wise, and might cost them a lot of money. Aversion to risk and expense now rules the ethical roost in Britain.

Savile is also the Top Hot Topic in the Sunday Mirror, alongside the Ten Best Things about the X-Factor. Katie Price has been sending flirty texts to a District 3 singer. Chantelle will never get back with Alex Reid.

The Sunday Sun reports that 126 former footballers are in prison, and this is a ‘shock’. It isn’t to anyone else. Francine Cornell breaks her silence about Ronan Keating, Esther Rantzen faces the sack for not shopping Jimmy Savile, and pleb-row minister Andrew Mitchell faces an open revolt from Tory backbenchers. It will surely be punishment enough for the cop-abusing Whip that he will henceforth forever be pleb-row minister.

The IoS reveals the existence of a document called ‘Coalition 2.0’ being drawn up between top Tories and Lib Dems about life after 2015. One memorable phrase therein, apparently, is ‘horizon-shift’. I can understand the need for this: keep kicking cans down the road, and sooner or later you’ll have to move the horizon further away. I’m just not sure how they’ll do it. Nick needs a nap in the afternoons, and Dave is busy spreading privilege everywhere. Sounds like a job for Jeremy-Frunt to me. Six decades of Savile sex abuse also gets a mention.

The Observer opines that the Jimmy Savile revelations ‘have made people realise how damaging child abuse is’, a statement as inaccurate as it is daft. Beyond a tiny minority of paedophiles, there is nobody in Britain who thinks child abuse is safe and desirable. And firmly on blame-message, The Obviouser suggests ‘Faster emergency response could have rescued up to 58 of the 96 who died in the Hillsborough disaster’. Not rushing the gates in the first place would’ve helped: but Liverpudlians have been absolved of all blame, so we should move on before the insults start pouring onto the comment threads. Oh – before we go – ‘The BBC’s shambolic response to the [Savile] saga demonstrates the unfit state of its management structure’…headed by a gratuitous picture of Chris Patten. Know what I mean? Nudge-nudge, Tory scum etc etc.

I have to say, today’s Mail on Sunday is pretty good, but then this is Dacre the Mad’s day off. It seems Education Secretary Michael Gove has told friends that, if there was a referendum today on whether the UK should cut its ties with Brussels, he would vote to leave. Gove also told friends to tell media hacks at the Mail to tell the readers that he felt this way. Gove is edging carefully towards a Johnson/Frunt future.

There’s a lead piece about how, 28 years on, a teacher and his 16 year-old lover are still happily married with four children. A letter suggesting that Surrey Police dropped its investigation into Savile sex abuse allegations because of his ill health and senility is revealed to be a fake. And UK shop-owning Gurkha Taitex Phlamachha was pushed up against a wall and told to ‘hand over the money’ or get stabbed as he approached a cashpoint. He proceeded to bash the mugger up good and proper. Hurrah.

And finally, I couldn’t find a single thing in the Sunday Express I wanted to read, beyond a sport piece claiming that Manchester City want their bad-boy striker Mario Balotelli to become the ‘shining light’, and a perfect role-model for City’s youngsters. This is slightly at variance with the Sunday Mirror’s story, ‘Balotelli not a role model we want say City’. There’s only one way to settle this….


60 thoughts on “Sunday Splash

  1. the Jimmy Savile story seems to me to indicate the lack of responsibility the authorities actually showed in the whole process. People knew and did nothing. In much the same way the authories are shown up in the Hillsborough tradgedy. These small insights into the non-working of thos who claim power is interesting and unsettling.

    On a final note, you were at Hillsborough on the day were you John, you saw it all unfold did you – just a question? At least you are not claiming the mystical powers of one Anna Racoon, who, from her base in France was able to ‘see’ the rump of Liverpool fans she knew so well ….a generation ago … tralala


  2. Surely the point with this whole Jimmy saville media frenzy is that we are applying standards of current day political correctness to things that happened in the 1970s…….thats 50 years ago! I’m not saying whether PC was right or wrong then or now the point is a lot can change in 50 years…….At the present time there is not a single law that operates retroactively in this way, so why does the MSM think that their modern day PC standards should be so applied?


  3. I would like to tell you that Greater Manchester Police can’t be bothered to investigate a multi-billion pound government bond fraud through which a hundred or more innocent investors have been conned out of millions. However, I have shortly to drive down to Coventry and every highway patrol will be allerted to nick me somehow if I do. So you will just have to read it for yourselves at


  4. I’m very pleased that you’ve changed your mind, however relunctanly, on the Savile issue.

    The press have been muzzled for years about establishment paedophilia and abuse in care homes by reports like Waterhouse and D Notices.

    Now they are being castigated for not speaking out.

    Hopefully, under that strain something will break.


  5. Surely, the real point is that although attitudes may have changed since 1970, it was just as illegal then as it is now.

    It’s not political correctness to out people who have broken the law. No need for a retroactive law.


  6. Exactly.

    This reveals my age but…. back then there was NO ‘issue’ of work-related sexual harrassment….and no concept of sexual harassment at all. Public debate on this matter and laws regulating it came much later and after quite a struggle.

    As for 15 year olds being seduced or ‘played with’, these girls would have been seen as ‘almost-16’, ‘up for it’ and on their own. (They were certainly not seen as children.)

    This was the same era in which responsibility for rape was far too often laid on the victim and the case dismissed – by our bewigged judges. Rape charges were therefore rarely brought to court, especially since the victim’s name was published.

    Esther Rantzen could have reported this abuse until she was blue in the face, and only been met by incomprehension. She would have been seen, at best, as a bore & bloody nuisance for her pains. At worse, fired or demoted.

    Had it gone to court, the case would have most probably been dismissed as a nuisance filing.


  7. This temporary era of so called ‘harassment’ is only part of an overgrown liberation movement combined with unhealthy and bloated compensation culture.
    The Law of the Jungle applies in the Real World, and will return to normal….
    LIKE IT OR NOT …yous socialist communist peoples..

    needed saying


  8. I have read quite a few article over the last couple of weeks where all and sundry have been waxing lyrically over Mr Gove. Seems he is a ‘genuinely nice guy’ not sure if that qualifies him for where I think he might be heading, do you?


  9. An interesting view, one I would not necessarily disagree with. They do seem to be upping the application of the KY, they are getting more slippery by the moment.


  10. Whether or not ticketless Liverpool fans fought to get into the ground, the following points are still pertinent: outside of the ground, the police failed to control access to the turnstiles; the fans who died were NOT ticketless latecomers; less than half of them would have died if the ambulance service had done its job; the police then lied and more to cover up their failings causing great offence to people who already lost loved ones.

    If you want public services that serve the public and give taxpayers value for money, then the people in senior positions, in this case senior police officers, should be answerable for their actions. I suspect that the police force played their trump card – their service during the miners’ strike – to get political cover from the then PM. So if on the other hand you want a country where a police force has immunity from prosecution in exchange for serving the government of the day, then continue to support the cover-up.


  11. @Eleni: second that.
    About the age thing…at least one Slogger has already realised who Eleni is…your “experience” with Golden Dawn” scumbags managed to find it’s way through the local media nonsense, and is going public.


  12. Haha ta for the secondary MSM news round up JW. Always start my Sunday reading here, before heading to the telegraph then the others.
    Sounds like they are pouring out the usual lame claptrap and waffle just like their political chums.

    “I can understand the need for this: keep kicking cans down the road, and sooner or later you’ll have to move the horizon further away” That was a gem. Nice bollox deconstruction cheers !

    Regarding Jimmy Saville. The most disturbing thing of all is that he got away with it. For year after year. What does that say about his peers ?

    I recall perceiving him as an absolute diamond for charity causes. The thought of him orgying with his mate Gary Glitter in a dressing room full of pubescent 13 year olds is a ghastly one ineeed. But as that Broadmoor victim explained, had she complained it would have been herself that was punished, not the great man.

    Sickening. But he’s dead now and all we can do is ‘learn the lessons’ all over again, while watching the alleged victim count increase daily.


  13. Is Hillsborough some sort of deity? are the victims there off the only people ever to have died in tragic circumstances in the entire history of the human race? I suggest you research for example, the circumstances surrounding Oradour sur Glane to see how tragedies affect people other than citizens of Liverpool.


  14. JW,

    As you have ‘fessed to be a long term ManU fan, I guess would you would reccommend that Balotelli emulate Rooney as a role model, especially his chronicled extra curricula granny and other community exploits?


  15. I don’t think I have made any claim for superiority – I’m not even a football fan – merely using an example. Another example, don’t think these things don’t happen anymore, is the plight of thousands of disabled people in this country. Many being thrown into destituion by the spurious work capability assessment – invented in the USA, imported by labour and manicured by the coalition.

    Thousands are losing benefits because they are deemed fit for work – when the reality is they are not and never will be. At the same time support and services are being removed. This means support falling to families if there are any. 73 people per week are dying (figures by DWP) either because of the stress being caused or they see no way out.

    The government has failed and will not carry out a risk assessment on its legislation – unlike when it deals with transporting cattle – so everybody is just standing by and watching it happen. Some might call it ethnic cleansing of a disablity kind – so much for any paralympic legacy. The systems are still failing the people of this country.


  16. The key to the Savile case is in the term ‘establishment’ – because he associated with others very highly-placed in the establishment (in many of its branches) and who shared similar inclinations towards young people, that same ‘establishment’ always knew that any threatened exposure would open his mouth about the others. Only after his death could the story ever be allowed to run.
    The most interesting aspect now is how far and wide it will run and which other ‘leaders’ will then be exposed as it progresses. If it runs all the way, then politics, media, police and churches may all have some serious issues to address.
    In the current quote-frenzy, we’ve not heard much yet from the Catholic Church, which granted Savile a Papal Knighthood on the personal recommendation of Cardinal Basil Hume – funny that……


  17. @Nick ,because i am only 50% kritikia and not so clever as the solid kritikoi please can you tell me what is going on? what experience and what is going on :(


  18. RE: Jimmy Savile. There’s something you are missing here….. TIMING.

    Savile passed away in October 2011. Within a day, stories started to appear raising accusations about him. No-one in the MSM picked up on any of the stories. Certainly not the BBC.
    Who was Director-General of the BBC? Mark Thompson.
    When did Mark Thompson end his term at the BBC? – September 2012.
    Who took over from Thompson? – George Entwistle.
    What was Entwistle doing before he became Director-General of the BBC? – Head of Television.
    When did the MSM finally decide to take up the story about Savile? About a week after Thompson slides off to a sinecure in New York and about a week after Entwistle takes over.

    The MSM sat on this story until Thompson was clean away. Then it all blew up. Why? What did Entwistle do (or refuse to do?) for TPTB for the media to suddenly decide to raise the Savile story from the dead?
    Just wondering…………….


  19. Paul

    and I thought the oil lobby had thrown in the towel sixteen years ago! They certainly admitted that man-made global warming was a fact. Perhaps they have changed their mind?


  20. Nice…………:)

    I see they are still trying to hedge their bets a little in the article (not mentioning steve Jones and his Climategate links at all). After all supporting the fraud for so long it must be a bit of a shocker to find out you have been perpetuating the fraud on your readership for many years.

    But, the repentant sinner and all that……

    Yes, this is one area where I have been convinced of a ‘conspiracy’ scam for a long time.


  21. There again, the fans could just form an orderly queue :) Or have they no self awareness ? (No self control I am sure of !)

    I have great sympathy for those who died and the families of those who died but the blame game cannot be aimed just at those who work at public service. The people turning up with an overriding concern ‘to see the match at any cost (and preferably none)’ cannot deflect from their own part taken in events. The only reason to make the ‘public sector’ take all the blame will be to get Compo for all concerned…………nope not wearing it !

    I notice that the compo demands are coming now in the JS debacle……

    Justice, truth, they mostly aren’t interested……….it all comes down to ‘if there’s a blame theres a claim’ bullsh1te :)


  22. “The Sunday Sun reports”
    Sorry for being a bit pedantic but my copy of the Sunday Sun leads with an interview with Duncan Bannatyne and a poll showing the loss of support for the Lib Dems in the north east, the Sunday Sun being a Newcastle based paper ( I think you meant the Sun on Sunday


  23. With all the talk on MSM, ref J.S. Hillsboro, did he say Pleb, Chav or Prole. Did the MSM cover up. Nobel Peace to the EU.
    Turkey as threatened to up the anti, if Syria shells Turkey? This is after Turkey threatened to shoot down a Civillian Syrian aircraft.
    So Turkey attacks Syria, Syria retalliates.
    Turkey invokes the NATO contract.
    Syria invites help from the Soviet Union [sorry Russian Federation]
    As this happened useing the above as a smokescreen?


  24. Esther Rantzen would have been protected by her celebretyship, the same way Saville was. She knew as well as anyone what he was like, and kept mum.

    All that “always believe the child, never blame the victim” stuff she’s been preaching for 20 years turned out to be for “normals”, not for people who might actually challenge HER.


  25. The late SIr Jimmy’s fall from National Treasure to Official Hate Figure in the space of a few days has a sinister aspect which few seem to appreciate.


  26. The hate fest in all the papers against a man who cannot defend himself,being dead, together with all the other useless rubbish detailed by JW so succinctly, seems to have the motive to distract rather to inform. No mention of continuing civil unrest in Greece, Spain, Portugal & Italy. And no mention at all of Ms Merkel being booed & heckled by a huge crowd in Stuttgart yesterday when she was there to support one of her party for mayor in the election shortly to be held there. She was completely & continuosly drowned out for a quarter of an hour or so. I had to go to Zerohedge for that.
    People in UK are being lulled, gulled & suckered.
    I totally agree with the comment from Franks.


  27. Oh well, that’s OK then. Back to normal. Phew, that was close, thought we were all going to die there for a moment.
    Oh, wait a minute, it’s in the Mail…….maybe i’ll just wait and see…..


  28. You might say that, but if Gove succeeds in wresting education away from the dead hands of the State and the Unions, he will have made a greater contribution to the country than any other politician has for many a year.


  29. Well john, I would suggest that your ability to admit you are wrong is one of the things that makes this blog so worthwhile. Also the range of comments that you receive, providing varying opinions on any subject, provide food for thought & can, if the use of an open mind is employed, challenge a persons long held assumptions.

    The Saville affair as was discussed here ( I avoid the MSM at all times ) forced me to think about the issue over the period of a couple of days, examining my fortunately few experiences in relation to this very dark subject from a new viewpoint. This did not lead to any great change of heart, more a reappraisal & the thought that perhaps that paedophilia / under age sex was something too often brushed under the carpet & for the most part ignored, leaving cracks for the rats to crawl into.

    The only real conclusion I came to was that the age of consent is an imperfect line drawn in the sand, but I think it’s the best we can do & all this talk about keen 14 yr olds, of whom I know exist, is, or could possibly be, used by predators as a reason to try & lower the age to 14, hoping that this becomes the new normal & bringing sex with 12 yr olds down to the lesser offence of under age sex.I am glad the truth, or something like it, is coming out, if only because it might at least tighten things up a bit & make it harder for these scum to prey on the innocent.

    One of the major problems in this world is those who think they simply cannot be wrong, unfortunately it seems to include the majority of those who are running things. My Mother always told me that I would have to learn from my mistakes, if true, it must follow that those who consider that they are never wrong or never make a mistake, will therefore never learn. I should be like Solomon by now, but I think I still have a long long way to go & probably will never get there, not in this particular universe anyway.


  30. All of the comments here about how JS is being used as a distraction tool are probably valid.

    However, what that should remind us all is that not only has the Establishment been devious enough to be complicit in JS’s criminal activities (and at the least taking advantage of the vulnerable, how many times does that have to be said before it sinks in?) but they have also found a way to turn it, use it, to their advantage.

    JS’s activities are almost a side show, the real object of attention should be those who were complicit. A side effect of the ‘hate fest’ might be them getting it up ’em. That would get my vote. Would it not get everyone’s vote?


  31. Mr Dingle
    Anna is from Liverpool, and like me is capable of watching a videotape without shutting her eyes.
    She has been bothered by obscene nuisance callers since she wrote her brave and outspoken piece. I never cease to be amazed by the ability of the self-exculpatory yob to believe in his total innocence….and right to absolution.
    If you’re innocent, WTF do you need absolution?


  32. Chrisb
    I’m sorry but I’ve had more than enough on this Hillsborough bollocks. The people who rushed the gates WERE ticketless you moron: that’s why the inncoent people died.
    In what ironically altered universe does that make the gate-rushers innocent?
    Sod the police cover-up. Sod the ambulance service. Had these yobs not rushed the gate, nobody would’ve died.
    “The police should’ve been more prepared”. What, they should’ve known that the Barbarians were at the gate?
    For Christ’s sake, get an adult life.


  33. Then you would guess wrong, chum. I think Rooney is a twat, as is Ferguson, as is Balotelli, as are most of them.
    The team I support doesn’t cloud my judgement of crap behaviour.


  34. @Paul
    No, I read it fine. You did post a link to the mail article, which I followed.

    Did you think I hadn’t read the article because I didn’t concur with your obvious relish, that the Mail has discovered what the weight of global scientific investigatory powers hasn’t yet been able to?

    My comment remains as above.


  35. @yana: A few days ago (can’t remember the exact discussion), Eleni reported how she had been harassed by GD members – right in Athens center. The incident (together with some similar ones) went public in some local media – specialised blogs and small newspapers. I think nothing came out on the MSM headlines (not that i care to read them much) – so don’t blame yourself for being unaware.
    The rest….i think it’s up to Eleni – if she would like to elaborate.


  36. I have a 15 year old daughter, and showed her the article JW posted about Savile the other week. After a quite an interesting discussion about what she thought the difference was between paedophiles, perverts and maths teachers, she concluded that John’s article sounded like an old bloke trying to make out that old blokes shouldn’t be looked on too badly for trying to get underage children in to bed.
    Although JW has clearly distanced himself from his previous comments regarding Savile, I wonder if his stance is the same as the one originally espoused; that if you are under 16 and up for it, it’s your own fault if all goes wrong.
    I also wonder if the same opinion would be held if your own 14-15 year old daughter had been molested, assaulted and/or raped by a harmless grey haired charity worker?


  37. “… has discovered what the weight of global scientific investigatory powers hasn’t yet been able to?”

    The ‘weight’ you have read haven’t discovered perhaps. The ‘weight’ I have read appear to be arguing with sober intensity that what the ‘weight’ you have read have said, is plain wrong.

    Time will tell of course, but for the moment I prefer the ‘sober’ approach to the scaremongers, especially since the scaremongers are the most keen to *slag off* and label as *deniers* anyone who dares to suggest they might have it wrong.


  38. “If you want public services that serve the public and give taxpayers value for money, then the people in senior positions, in this case senior police officers, should be answerable for their actions.”

    And wouldn’t it be a joy if that applied to everyone, including those members of the public who carry out the actions which result in tragedy in spite of the efforts of anyone else to stop or compensate for them.


  39. @ Mo

    “And no mention at all of Ms Merkel being booed & heckled by a huge crowd in Stuttgart yesterday ……..”

    And no mention of it in the German MSM or blogs either – at least until a couple of hours ago. I used the entry from here on the Slog to post a comment on PI. A response to my comment came shortly after to this link on YouTube

    The responders comment:

    “Here is the video to it. Merkel is being booed out. But the woman is resistant to pain and just babbles on.”

    If anyone who wants to listen to a bellowing crowd of disgruntled German citizens for 14 minutes, go for it – luckily, Mama Merkel is inaudible.

    Elsewhere, some quick translations from an article about a Nigel Farage interview – I’ll post the link to the actual video directly under this.

    “In the interview Farage spoke about a meeting between him and the Chancellor, which took place about a year ago. (…)

    I said to her, would it not be a friendly gesture to the German taxpayers, when they no longer have to constantly sign blank checks? And would it not be a liberation for Greece to leave the euro, reintroduce a strongly devalued drachma and so make the country healthy economically?”

    Then Merkel replied, for her this was not an option. Farage quoted her before a running camera as saying: ‘If Greece leaves the euro, other states will follow. That would be the end of our European dream.’

    But Merkel did not leave it there, assured the Briton, whose party wants a withdrawal of Britain from the euro zone. Farage: “She said: We do not care a damn if the youth unemployment rate reaches the 60-percent mark. We do not care if 25 percent of the private companies collapse. To be frank, we do not even care if the whole of Greece collapses, as long as we get to keep the European project.”

    Does Nigel have a tendency to ‘mis-speak’? I don’t think so.


  40. @ Full stop

    ‘twould get mine. What do you suggest; the rough end of a pineapple or perhaps a super-size dildo covered with 40 grit emery cloth?


  41. Really? And having given it to corporations (hello Newscorp) whose only aim is to make a profit? Ten years down the line, you’ll have a Libertarian explanation for why that has been a disaster.

    It’s funny how the Germans manage to run public education well. Perhaps their teachers don’t have to pick up the detritus of a sick selfish society.


  42. Try the 24 hour news channels : RT and Aljazeera. They covered these issues extensively. Find them on Free4view channels 85 ad 83 respectively.


  43. ‘Sod the police cover up’ is spot on except you seem to have missed one point, all these so called ‘ticketless fans’ couldn’t have gained entry without the police opening the gates. Ergo, no entry no deaths.

    John, you might be sick of all this Hillsborough bollocks but as I’ve said before, you conveniently like Anna Racoon have either distorted or changed the facts to fit your view of the world.

    And yes, the police should have known the barbarians were at the gates, they had cctv in the ground and outside, they had railings in the ground, they knew or suspected what football supporters were like so yes, they should have been fully prepared.


  44. There were hardly any ticketless fans at Hillsborough – the stadium never went above its capacity on the day – and nobody rushed the gate. They couldn’t, it was a heavy steel concertina gate, it wasn’t possible to ‘rush’ it.

    How exactly do you know that fans were ticketless? Because the Police said so? Think about it; HOW DID THEY FIND OUT? Their story was that around five hundred drunk, ticketless fans showed up in the last five minutes and caused such a chaotic crush at the turnstiles that they felt compelled to open the gate.

    So, in the midst of a drunken, chaotic crush of hundreds, the Police still somehow found enough time and space to check every single one of them for tickets, all in under five minutes? And then, having achieved this amazing feat of detective work, they decided just to throw the gate open and let them all in anyway? They were able to check these ‘gaterushers’ of yours for tickets, but they weren’t able just to turn them away? (This story is clearly untrue anyway, because the exit gate was actually opened eight minutes before kick-off, not in the last five minutes.)

    Seriously, you actually BELIEVE that story? Are you mad, stupid, or just gullible? I mean, talk about a guy who takes the Establishment’s word for everything. That’s you, Mr. Establishment-boot-licker. Pretty ironic, given how you try to paint yourself on this blog.

    Where did you get your information from, and also why have you never bothered to check it to make sure it’s reliable? Why have you never even stopped to think it through, when it’s so clearly bullshit?


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