Obama and his big fat mouth. Major hat-tip goes to JM for spotting that, on 6th September last – before the ‘demonstration that got out of hand’ – in Benghazi (resulting in the needless death of Ambassador Steven) President O’Drama had told the world’s media that Al Qu’aida was a spent force and “effectively defeated”. Five days later (on the anniversary of 9/11) did a ‘spontaneous’ demo attack the US Embassy in a highly organised fashion to suggest otherwise?

I understand that a prominent Southern Dixiecrat family thinks that this is exactly what happened. I also hear from Stateside hacks that the Romney team smells blood here…bad blood. Worse still, there appear to be drone video pictures showing clear evidence of an ordered military assault on the Benghazi compound.

Were the Black Dude thus to continue trying to dump responsibility onto the State Department for this gigantic cock-up, those of a passionate Southern nature might feel inclined to explain the size of Barack Obama’s hubris problem. Mitt must be rubbing his mud-stained hands.

My Big Fat Greek Divorce. A major-league rumour in Athens at the minute is that Antonis Samaras is giving serious consideration to offloading excess ballast from his torpedo-damaged Coalition. As Evangelos Venizelos stands out like Mr Balloonalopulous on the ballast dimension, the word is that he will either be buried at sea or put on trial, whichever seems at the time to be the more painful.

However, I’m also reliably informed that, despite her protestations of loyalty while in Greece (from inside her concrete Gelimobile) a lady of Wagnerian proportions demanded the obviously impossible from the luckless Samaras behind closed doors. So as the neo-Nazi Golden Dawn knuckle-draggers seem to have more support than PASOK in the latest opinion poll, Antonis the alleged Hun-Obeyer is seriously considering an approach to the Hitler admirers.

None of this would make sense in relation to an accord with Berlin-am-Brussels. But it would were the plan to involve falling under the protection of the United States.

Big Fat Paedo-panic in Westminster. Now that revealing one’s abuse at the hands and other extremities of public figures has become de rigueur in Savile-Row Britain, it’s becoming clear to observers of the genre why so much endemic paedophilia has gone unmolested for so long.  For the rainbow of sexual behaviour in both Houses of Parliament seems itself to include a penchant for smaller parts.

Disturbing rumours are circulating to the effect that trade union enthusiasm and the wearing of suede shoes are particular clues.

But I couldn’t possible comment.