THE SATURDAY ESSAY: Fantasy can only lead to fascism in the end.

We may have killed off the Soviet Union, but before that happened our self-styled democratic politicians learned everything they could from it.

Political correctness has been the mind-altering drug of the Left and Centre-Left now for almost three decades. For over two years, the Right has had its own pc, Political Commerce. It is trying to steamroller over facts, ethics and morality in exactly the same way that the original pc shouted down facts, genetic biology, and practicality.

The damning commonality between the two is their insistence on ignoring updated data and the consequences of fancy, while repelling any and all creative ideas. Because of this, Anglo-saxonism today is a stagnant, fearful, and ultimately superficial culture.

Perhaps the entire political class could be said to suffer from one overriding pc: polemic correctness. Whether the mantra ‘open for business’ or ‘racist’ is used to combat critical analysis, the effect is the same….the need for a large dose of creative reality is dismissed.

If these observations should seem to you sweeping and unjust, let me for a paragraph or two list some incontrovertible facts about contemporary British politics.

Of the major economic theories available, both the men who inspired them  – Karl Marx and Adam Smith – have been dead for well over a century. The men who refined them – Keynes and Friedman – have been applied to our current problems, and found wanting. Respectively, central bank  QE and Merkelian austerity’s response to that failure has been “Keep going, it’ll work in the end”. Thus whether QE kills the currency, or austerity kills the economy, the result will be the same: widespread impoverishment of the citizen.

The British Left – still called Labour although there is no real working class in 2012 – offers us a full quiver of quackery. Feminism is behaviourist tosh, multiculturalism a dismally dangerous failure wherever it exists, trade unionism an agent of controlling anti-democratic violence, wealth redistribution ineffective despite 68 years of trying to achieve it, and State-run public health an overstaffed disaster that’s unfit for any purpose beyond employing arrogant consultants and often apathetic nurses.

On the Right, the Conservative Party is split between equally irrelevant ‘wet’ and ‘dry’ approaches to our socio-economic mess. The Wets rattle the occasional sabre about the EU, but by and large admire it. They follow a ‘One Nation’ Toryism invented by Benjamin Disraeli 170 years ago (and recently snatched from under their noses by Labour’s Ed Miliband). The Dry people follow the ideas of Baroness Thatcher, a lady who left office 23 years ago having brought us negative equity mortgages, deregulated banking, an unhealthy closeness to Ronald Reagan, and a trail of broken communities throughout Britain. The Cameron government tries to believe in both at once, but at heart would prefer it if profit-motivated business took over the whole shooting match under the mantle of The Big Society.

The third force of any significance in the UK – the Scottish National Party – is running (and winning) on the ticket of Scottish Independence, an idea so devoid of economic reality only the highly intelligent would ever entertain it.

So in a nutshell, the British voter today has the choice between a Big Society dictated by grubby commercial interests, One Nation run by denialist social scientists, or two slighly smaller nations – one of which has almost the highest level of welfare dependency in the EU. As remedies for our current malaise, I would liken these approaches to a patient being offered electrolysis, antibiotics or amputation as the options for treating obesity.

I’m sure that both David Cameron and Ed Miliband are reasonably relaxed this weekend, and confident that their political careers have been – at least temporarily – relaunched. In the US, Mitt Romney will be happy with his performance during a debate in which not a single, solid or thought-through policy was debated; while Barack Obama will have teams of writers and spinners advising him on how to play Round Two. I’m sure that, in private, this quartet of wofflers grasps the enormity of the hole we’re in. But I’d be willing to bet that none of them is thinking that hard about the consequences, once a foul-smelling truckload of excrement pours into the hole at some point between late November and Spring 2013. What they are mainly thinking about is first, what to say next; and second, what the effect of saying such things will have on the voters, the Party, and the media.

The issue of finding something revolutionary and visionary to make life better for all in the future will not exist on the schedule, radar, or agenda of any of them. There are two reasons for this. First, they know there are far too many political dangers and vested interests dictating the impossibility of even suggesting such an idea, let alone trying to put it into practice. And second, they don’t have any ideas anyway. These guys aren’t creative thinkers: they are winners with enough faces each to persuade enough people that they should be in charge.

Why have they won out then? Here I think the issue is largely one of yes, vested interests and invasive media  – but also citizen discernment. The ability of voters these days to see through an empty con-artist with pleasant features and a nice turn of phrase is in many cases close to zero. It was blindingly obvious to me at the time of their election that Tony Blair, Nicholas Sarkozy, George W Bush, Gordon Brown, Nick Clegg and David Cameron were not up to the job. This was a case not so much of insight as eyesight: I have no special powers – just one eye in the Kingdom of the Blind.

The media culture we have remains one of the main reasons that, time after time, we wind up with mediocre winners. The game now is to catch out, to smear, to ridicule appearance, to scaremonger about the pitfalls of ingenuity…and above all, to follow the controlling, antiquated ideas of the billionaire proprietor. But these things were ever thus: the media’s main deadly dysfunction at the moment is its ability to distract small minds with childish things….while trotting out views  that are rarely questioned – thanks to two generations of dumbed down, formulaic and conformist education.

Substitute Izvestia for The Guardian or Der Sturmer for the Daily Mail or Der Spiegel for The Times, and this essay really could be applied perfectly accurately to Nazi Germany in the 1930s, the Soviet Union from 1932 to 1986, and the European Union from 1980 onwards. In Britain, we laugh too easily at clowns like Barroso, control freaks like Merkel, and crooks like Venizelos – but we have our own versions here. In the West as a whole, everything is econo-politically heading in the same direction: a refusal to listen followed by an explosion of violent frustration. All our political and constitutional processes must be reformed – and soon.

But in the meantime, the internet is for opposition. At the moment were are merely millions of splintered egos fighting tightly focused and massively wealthy megalomaniacs. We must start building more alliances of decency, before it’s too late.

55 thoughts on “THE SATURDAY ESSAY: Fantasy can only lead to fascism in the end.

  1. Here you raise the most important point for the future – how to harness all the blogers output to be more accessable. You need to get together and start working out some strategies where you can all show off your ideas from one platform. Could someone come up with a site showcasing all these specific sites and turn them into your own newspaper. It would be pretty easy to do. You then become a united “alternative” thinking platform.


  2. ps, then you harness facebook and start this platform /newspaper as a group on the FB system. As time goes on more and more people will find FB and “like” your group. This means every article that is produced on the platform can be beamed into the inboxes of all the FB users. You need to harness FB to get your message out there !!! Even if it is for your own blog.

    I am currently doing the same thing for my own project which is totally unrelated to blogging / politics, but we need to use FB to connect with the people. FB is the way to tap this audience and spread your message. Email me if you want to learn more.


  3. Think it is a long time since the Brits were the vibrant, clever culture that was the Anglo-Saxon age. Much diluting of the gene pool since then. You could hardly have accused the A-S’s of being PC. Opinion in those days was governed by whoever had the biggest axe.
    Sorry that that was all I took from this wonderful polemic, John … I’m just a dumb woman, what do I know?


  4. If only i was 18 again,i still would not be a member of the kevin kilmore klub
    and i could go camping without being in pain


  5. Col: I have had a Facebook group called “We Want a Referendum and We Want it Now” for about a year or so, and despite my best efforts to get a decent membership (remember Simon Cowell was defeated by a FB group) I have only managed to get 50 members, and some of those have left! It’s pathetic the apathy that the public suffer from, and don’t TPTB know it?


  6. I’m not on facebook, don’t want to be on facebook and see no plausible reason why facebook is the answer to anything. It is a transient form and one that also is easily controlled bythe organisation and the media … and the government!!


  7. Many years ago,I asked my Spiritual Master,” All the chaos in the World- who is responsible for it?”
    The Master replied,” 2 classes of people who live by the principle of divide and rule.
    One is politicians,and the other preachers.”
    We need to come up with a group which are neither politicians nor preachers!


  8. The problem is not concentrating the ‘news’ into one place. Those of us who want to know, seek out the Blogs which are of any real relevance.
    The problem is getting those who don’t want to know, to change their outlook and start getting into real life rather than the fantasy thrown them in the MSM. TV is SOMA !
    We cannot do it any more than we already do in the main. All we can do is convince others to seek out what we have sought before them. In my most humble opinion :)

    Good piece John, think I was trying to say something similar in a reply post the other day………..not nearly so eloquently however.


  9. @Angie Jardine “I’m just a dumb woman, what do I know?”

    Don’t beat yourself up about it…’re in a majority :)

    A-S, even with big axes used to have councils in order that the choices they made were in the main approved of by those who followed them. Leadership is always by the consent of the people being lead. When it stops, they tend to cut your head off, or something similar………..One man with a big axe stands no chance against 90 with just their bear hands…………Its always about numbers…..fortunately so for the little guys like us :)

    Leaders (those with the big axes) tend to forget this.


  10. I’ve been worried about the lack of news and information in the Media for some time. Its now getting completely out of hand. There’s no indepth reporting on the Greek situation, no one is aware of the German-Franco arms scandals in Greece. The true scale of the debt crisis facing the western world isn’t reported, considered or discussed. There are also massive changes taking place within the UK and Europe that will remove all traces of privacy and individual independence for ever, yet no one can be bothered to look into the matter. I’ve come to the conclusion that we either have very secret reporting controls in this country or good journalism is completely dead.


  11. It’s easy to say that Brown, Cameron and Clegg were clearly not up to the job. Perhaps most people could see that, but that is the choice they were given. We had next to no input in the selection of the shortlist.


  12. Many blogs are already linked via links to other blogs, the web.
    Although I never blog myself I read many of these,the first time I read the blogs it was like a breath of fresh air.
    Blogs can publish stuff the dead tree press or the controlled media wouldn’t touch with a barge pole.
    What is the important consideration is those bastards never ever get control of free speech on the internet.
    They are desperate to do it because the truth is there for all to see.
    They do not like it one little bit.
    What got me thinking was the smoking ban once I studied the real facts I then realised the whole establishment was a “crock of shite”, lying, corrupt
    hypocritical and greedy.
    Then I realised there where other far more important issues out there.
    The biggest issue is the sorry state of accountability enjoyed by these troughers, pseudo intellectuals and madmen.
    Still the die is caste its gone too far to mend.
    The drones just do not get what is coming.
    Our future is similar to Greece or Spain.
    Nobody will take the tough course required too mend the situation for future generations who have been badly betrayed by the corporate political axis.
    I reckon they will get their comeuppance.
    Unfortunately though only after they have completely wrecked our society.
    Its accountability that is lacking, that’s the root cause.
    The first society to revolt and break the political corporate axis?
    The one with a noble constitution, who else?


  13. @ Kuldip Singh, you are probably right, but like Democracy, not a brilliant system, but better then most alternatives.

    Hi John another good article,

    But as the would-be leader of the free? world said, [honesty by mistake] 45% who live on Government hand-outs don’t want too change the system. By this he meant Welfare Scroungers.
    Unfortunately, he overlooked the other 45% who are in receipt of Government Subsidies for their Companies or jobs.
    The other 10% either create wealth, or are happy to live within their means so don’t care and are quite happy to let these to main groups fight it out amongst themselves, hoping that they can keep what they have for themselves, selfish i know, but the prime law is self-preservation.

    Unfortunately where we are now is the equivalent of the last years of the fall of the Roman Empire, were all the peoples that Rome dominated come to Rome to live of the dying carcasse.

    There will either be a collapse, when??. Or maybe something finer will emerge out of the ruins, As per the Holy Roman Empire [before people start talking about Child molesting Priests and Meglomaniac Popes, like the Borgias.] I was just useing The Holy Roman Empire as an example.

    It could be a benevolent world government, bringing wealth, peace and prosperity for all.


  14. I agree with you completely. Those in my social circle and at work – capable, bright individuals – simply don’t want to know about anything beyond their newspaper or BBC broadcast.


  15. “The internet is for opposition” – in my view the internet is THE opposition, the rest are all pissing in the same pot.

    Trouble is, well-argued blog-posts like this one use many words – TPTB know that most of the voters have developed (oir been helped to develop) the attention-span of a gnat, so no matter how well-linked a good blog may be, through FB or whatever, it will only ever reach the small and diminishing pool of thinkers. Hence TPTB are happy with the status quo, as the ‘real opposition’ can never accumulate the strength of voices it needs to change it.


  16. @Morningstar. Unfortunately, the councils & such all came to a rather brutal end when Dear William of Normandy crossed the Channel & outlawed all the axes! The Normans have been running things more or less ever since. If you like reading historical novels(well researched) then a really good one is ‘The Last English King’ by Julian Rathbone. It really brings it home what & how much, we lost all those hundreds of years ago.


  17. “It could be a benevolent world government, bringing wealth, peace and prosperity for all.”

    Oh, look! A flying pig!

    I don’t doubt for one moment that we’ll get a global government at some point in the probably fairly near future. But it’ll be one run for and by the same bunch of rent-seeking sociopaths that are in charge now. The rich make the rules, which is why they’re busy siphoning off the wealth of the rest of us before the inevitable collapse; they intend to be in charge of whatever comes next, too.


  18. Changing peoples minds can be very difficult,many cling to what they know
    So why try,let them do their worst before we have to do our best


  19. And,adieu,to the loyal Labour member for Paris (Bois de Boulogne),who has finally relinquinshed his tax payer funded duties of representing the people of Middlesborough.


  20. Ok, but the slog could easily get a FB group going because he already has a readership. You were starting from scrath. What about the other economic blogs etc. They also have an established readership and i bet 50% of these readers (at least) have a FB account.

    Getting people talking about politics/economics is a big subject. We need to be doing it in order to make a change. I think more interest in these things will grow (they are already because how many people were swapping ideas and info about money/gold/economey/future) before 1995. These interest topics have really only grown due to the interent allowing this sort of discussion. It will grow and then you will get that TIPPING point and then something good will happen. I’m positive, but i am still relativley young compared to this readership (i think), being 40.


  21. This is an old style group. It would be better to set up the group in the new style, where people simply click “like” and then they get updates and comments from the wall board. To actually ask someone to join is a hinderance to people.

    The new style changes on FB have been around now for quite a while and they work a lot better.

    Try set up the group again.


  22. That site is delusional. Idiotic.

    Only a total moron would seriously believe theres no difference between democrats and republicans. The democrats are a normal, centrist political party which inhabits the reality based world. The republicans, by contrast, are mostly fact-free moonbats and mouthpieces for the very rich.

    I’m no fan of the tory party, but they’re not comparable to the US republicans.


  23. Stay away from Facebook! They can shut you down and destroy your investment of time and thought, Also be aware that there is an ongoing battle between you and the elites for control of the nets and if you lose it’s game over.

    The enemy we face is called vested interest or rent seeking behavior. It’s antidote is a distributed and competitive mainstream media that shines its sterilizing light on the cockroaches that breed under rocks like bupa and serco and g4s.

    The problem we have is that the media are now the biggest rent seekers of the lot and Rupert is rent seeker in chief.


  24. I disagree. Even if you support Obama, as i do, you cannot argue with the fact he has been the most authoritarian President, probably even more so than Dubya, with his extrajudicial killings anywhere in the world of any nationality and his support of the NDAA, the enabling legislation for a totalitarian state. On his side he did get Obamacare approved something no one had been able to achieve in over 100 years of trying. But, in the end, both parties are patsies for the Israeli lobby, the military industrial complex, the energy, health and banking sectors and the degradation of the average American will continue its four decade decline on the road to serfdom.


  25. @Mo
    Thanks for that…….have had a look at the reviews on Amazon and I would probably enjoy it. Is now on my list of to gets…..but have a stack of books (or more precisely several stacks of books) to get through before handing over any more of the ‘well earned’……….:)


  26. Like the doomed French aristocrat in Blackadder

    B: ” Do you want to earn some good money?”
    A: ” Now! I want other people to earn ze Monet and geev it to me.”


  27. I don’t know whether anyone else has seen this particular irony: the average US citizen is one the way to experiencing the economic privations and restrictions to liberty that his/her ancestor did in the England of 450 years ago, that forced them to emigrate to a newly-discovered continent across the water. In the ensuing centuries the pioneers, their offspring and fellow seekers of a better life forged a great new political and economic framework that became a model for others.
    But now the onlooker sees a US of lost hope, a bloated bureaucracy, and an empty treasury – just like its motherland.
    What was the point of it all?


  28. In case people think I do not do my bit in spreading the ‘good news’, I do !

    I have a regular e-mail list which goes out with ‘teaser’ pieces and links to the whole artlicle in order to try to tempt people into dipping their heads in.

    The CC list is back up to about 80 people these days and I often find people I know quoting back pieces which I have sent out. I have had several people (not everyone knows it is from me) ask to be added in and in the 3 years it has been going only 2 people have repllied asking for me to stop sending to them.

    It started as just family and friends and some colleagues with about 10-15 people so it is growing…………I also know it gets forwarded because I have received copies back through a different e-mail account.

    We do what we can………


  29. @Iain
    Remember the declaration sometime back from the government…..We should not be talking the economy down……….guess what they meant…..we must start a massive program of hiding the situation and where necessary, lying to the people about the state of the economy so that nobody realises just how bad things are. Should people become aware, there would be massive runs on the banks and into the Gold & Silver bullion markets which we would then be unable to manipulate. The unstable banks would go udders to the moon and our future seats as company non execs, EU appointed apparatchiks, taxpayer funded lobbyists or ‘charity’ and ‘quango’ board members would be lost.


  30. Angie Jardine,

    Please do correct me, but was not the Anglo-Saxon age known as the ‘Dark Age’ and did the Kings of England before 1325 (around) not speak English as a first language?

    Or is ‘old multiculturism’ good for the ‘gene pool’ whilst current multiculturism in your opinion bad in every way, even for women?


  31. kfc1404,

    Joan Rivers said that the only person she knew who lost 14 lbs. and kept it off was Marie Antoinette!

    circa 1983


  32. A major problem to the global problem is that creative accounting in the public/private sector is rampant and coupled with inconsistent, manipulated, gerrymandered government statistics it has left the world not knowing what the size of the economic problems are.

    It is not a matter of volume of data or information that is lacking it is the ability to rely on the accuracy, consistency and most importantly its Relevance is where the problem lies.

    Finally the ‘Big Lie’ or just lying is taken as virtually acceptable, just as quickly as QE has become a standard Central Bank tool.


  33. Wrong – wrong – wrong.

    Blogs like this need to get on facebook in order to reach the necessary audience.

    This does not mean your content will be held on facebook. Your content will be on your own blog.

    FB is a channel you use to access the audience.

    You do this by sending out updates to your audience via FB and in that update is a link to your latest posting.

    It is simply a channel to get your message out there and it is free.


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