A building collection of signs suggesting impending fire

From an anonymous tipster in Austria:

Remember the Paddy Pantsdown story? Stolen court documents relating to a divorce found their way to the Sun. Paddy Ashdown was mentioned in them, so could not deny his affair.
Not generally known that the documents had been lodged at The Industrial Society, where they somehow escaped from a safe.
The Director of the Industrial Society, John Garnett (deceased) is believed to have leaked them to his daughter, Virginia Bottomley, who passed them on to The Despicable Digger. Allegedly.

I couldn’t possibly comment on that one, beyond observing that old Ginny Bottomless may, perhaps, have been Sir Jeremy Frunt-Botham’s original line into Newscorp. And talking of Newscorp…

From a senior member of the Hackgate community:

It seems that Uncle Rupert is having a spot of trouble as regards his public liability insurance. The chaps at the insuring outfit seem willing to pay out megabucks as long as there is no evidence of a senior management conspiracy to illegally invade privacy. But of late, they’re having their doubts about how credible that really is.

Hence the Newscorp lawyer tendency of late to adopt the hardball approach on any suggestion that the likes of Andy Coulson, Rebekah Brooks and other Board members knew what was going on.

Trouble is, Andy and Becks are going down for that very offence. And as she in particular was the CEO, the insurers have given the Wapping Liars notice that, should such an offence be attached to people with titles like ‘CEO’ and so forth, then not only would that render the policy null and void, such nullandvoidness would be applied retrospectively.

Good gracious me. I must tell Great Aunt Lizzie to sell her Newscorp shares immediately.

From one who has had dealings with The Groucho Club:

Recent research shows that a domain closely associated with The Groucho (and used by paedophiles to ply their disgusting trade) was in fact shared with a semi-retired ambassadorial member of a senior social family of the highest status.

The family’s matriarch has been informed, and evasive action taken. Having Sir James Savile on the books was bad enough, but this could’ve been considerably more toxic.

I think this sort of thing should be kept out of the public eye, and is entirely scurrilous. It could only set tongues wagging needlessly.

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