Smoke signals

A building collection of signs suggesting impending fire

From an anonymous tipster in Austria:

Remember the Paddy Pantsdown story? Stolen court documents relating to a divorce found their way to the Sun. Paddy Ashdown was mentioned in them, so could not deny his affair.
Not generally known that the documents had been lodged at The Industrial Society, where they somehow escaped from a safe.
The Director of the Industrial Society, John Garnett (deceased) is believed to have leaked them to his daughter, Virginia Bottomley, who passed them on to The Despicable Digger. Allegedly.

I couldn’t possibly comment on that one, beyond observing that old Ginny Bottomless may, perhaps, have been Sir Jeremy Frunt-Botham’s original line into Newscorp. And talking of Newscorp…

From a senior member of the Hackgate community:

It seems that Uncle Rupert is having a spot of trouble as regards his public liability insurance. The chaps at the insuring outfit seem willing to pay out megabucks as long as there is no evidence of a senior management conspiracy to illegally invade privacy. But of late, they’re having their doubts about how credible that really is.

Hence the Newscorp lawyer tendency of late to adopt the hardball approach on any suggestion that the likes of Andy Coulson, Rebekah Brooks and other Board members knew what was going on.

Trouble is, Andy and Becks are going down for that very offence. And as she in particular was the CEO, the insurers have given the Wapping Liars notice that, should such an offence be attached to people with titles like ‘CEO’ and so forth, then not only would that render the policy null and void, such nullandvoidness would be applied retrospectively.

Good gracious me. I must tell Great Aunt Lizzie to sell her Newscorp shares immediately.

From one who has had dealings with The Groucho Club:

Recent research shows that a domain closely associated with The Groucho (and used by paedophiles to ply their disgusting trade) was in fact shared with a semi-retired ambassadorial member of a senior social family of the highest status.

The family’s matriarch has been informed, and evasive action taken. Having Sir James Savile on the books was bad enough, but this could’ve been considerably more toxic.

I think this sort of thing should be kept out of the public eye, and is entirely scurrilous. It could only set tongues wagging needlessly.

Anyone with smoke in their eyes should email me on

53 thoughts on “Smoke signals

  1. Its a little OT but the EU has been awarded the Nobel peace prize, I am not joking.

    I wonder how that will be looked upon in a few years when the EU has imploded and become a flash point for a new series of armed conflicts.

    And the Nobel committee should hang its head, this coupled with the obama decision a few years ago just confirms how ridiculously politicized and crooked their award has become.


  2. I wish I did. I do get the sense of anger and frustration widely spread and directed. But nothing like the focus needed to actually frighten our masters. I suspect for that we’ll need a chance co-incidence of events.


  3. I don’t suppose that any one at all will agree with me, but as you have mentioned J.Savile, JW, I will say this:
    Whatever happened to the presumption of innocence? It seems to be trial by media & hearsay of a man who is dead & cannot defend himself. I hold no brief for Savile, what he did no doubt was indefensible, but even in the worst case, even a murderer is entitled to a fair trial……or don’t we believe in that any more? Oh, well, perhaps it doesn’t matter, I wonder how much I could get from the media if I said I had been groped as a young girl by this or that ‘celeb’, even if it was oh, so many years ago?


  4. I’m gobsmacked by the EU winning any sort of prize…..If I were one of the Good Citizens of Athens, Barcelona or Lisbon I would redouble my efforts to Riot a Little Bit Harder next time and Burn a Bit More Down as obviously their message is not getting through yet.

    When the Euro finally crashes horribly, I will assume that this new spirit of ‘Love, Peace and Goodwill’ (that the Nobel Judges have indentified and I seem to have missed somewhere) …is going to extend to them all sitting around in a big chummy circle, divvying up all the trillions of debt between them in a fair and honest way without any nasty Raised Voices allowed ??

    Peace be with all of you fellow European Brothers and Sisters ! ;)


  5. I’m sure lots of people will agree with you, Mo. Innocent until proven guilty is how it should be and hopefully still is in this Country.


  6. If there is any satisfaction to be had from this absurdity, it is that Van Rumpoy, and not Bliar, who will be there to hang the medallion round his scrawny neck.


  7. As ‘Sir’ Jimmy Savile is now dead, what is the point of this witch hunt against him?

    As what are the baying mob going to do, dig up his body, and stick his head on a pikestaff in the foyer of the BBC?

    I agree action should be taken against those who knew about what he was doing and said nothing, or participated in his crimes, but it is pointless to have a baying mob in pursuit of a dead man.

    This really is mob justice at it’s worst.

    However if nothing else, it is entertaining to watch the sanctimonius liberals of the BBC on the receiving end of a good kebabbing for a change, as this time they cannot be ‘Holier than thou’ about it all…..


  8. Agreed Jon, the sheeple are too easily distracted and their memories too short – we do need a co-incidence of events to really light the fuse.

    Though I am still praying for some devine intervention in the form of a large lump of rock from the sky or the volcano under Yellowstone to pop.

    The human race needs a reset.


  9. There is quite a bit of “rumour’ available on the internet that a senior social family of the highest status has been involved in some kind of kiddy fiddling, apparently it is endemic, if you believe that kind of stuff…


  10. I wonder which boardroom of Goldman Sachs will house the framed medallion? This has devalued the Nobel prize no end, disgraceful. What next? Will the Nobel Prize Commitee award George Osborne the prize for Economics???


  11. Strange how all news stories about Pakistani pedo rings and the police mis-handling of the investigations have vanished from the news since the Saville story broke…….or am I just a cynical b!tch for thinking this a marvellous coincidence?


  12. Even the cash award which goes with it won’t bail out Spain for more than half an hour :)

    Still I guess the Swedes have to do their bit for european unity. If this is the best the EU can muster for improving its popularity and image across the world, it’s an even worse lost cause than I thought.

    Or do the ‘EU Counci’l get to share the contents of the Big Brown Envelope between themselves ?

    Enquiring minds need to know !


  13. Agreed, I was pretty shocked to hear on the news a police spokesman say (and I paraphrase) “Jimmy Saville was a sexual predator”.

    Where is the evidence that proves, beyond reasonable doubt, that the allegations being made are true?

    Same for Mark Bridger who has been charged with the abduction and murder of April Jones. Unless there is evidence that is not being reported, the only ‘evidence’ of his involvement is the testimony of toddlers.

    Christopher Jefferies (the Joanna Yeates murder) is another prime example: charged on next to no evidence, his details passed to the MSM by police and subsequently found to be totally innocent.

    Dont get me wrong, I am not condoning the crimes they are accused of. But this trail by media and prejudice (in its most literal translation) is wrong and unfair.

    We are seeing an increase in detentions for crimes that have not yet been established – preventative arrests of suspected terrorists, arrests for ‘offensive’ tweets or emails.

    I have said for years that the government wants to privatise the police force because they know that the (albeit decreasing) majority of officers are professionals that are proud to carry out their duties and will, when they have to, exercise their moral discretion and will not blindly follow orders.

    Privatise the police force and the government has their own private army of low-intelligence thugs who will do their bidding (provided the right palms are greased). Additionally, when another DeMenez happens, the ministers will all stand agog and fein horror at how such a tragedy could happen, without fear of reputational damage or a call on central funds for compensation. G4S will employ competent PII lawyers to weasle out of litigation for as little as possible. And to add bunce, the government will no doubt write in a handsome kickback fee for allowing the provision of such services.

    “In Germany they came first for the Communists, and I didn’t speak up because I wasn’t a Communist.
    Then they came for the Jews, and I didn’t speak up because I wasn’t a Jew.
    Then they came for the trade unionists, and I didn’t speak up because I wasn’t a trade unionist.
    Then they came for the Catholics, and I didn’t speak up because I was a Protestant.
    Then they came for me, and by that time no one was left to speak up.”
    — Pastor Martin Niemöller, 1945
    speak up.” –Pastor Martin Niemöller, 1945


  14. @Jon: you are right on the Darwin Awards. It was just a wish in my mind…that maybe in the future some of those “wonderful honest leaders” meet the Reproduction and Self-Selection criteria.
    Then…maybe the “Doublespeak Award”, or the “Foot in Mouth Award” (BTW awarded to Lord Mandelson, 2009).


  15. When I looked up the ‘Graph first thing this morning, I could not believe my eyes, then I laughed myself silly.

    The (Norwegian) Nobel Peace Prize is the kiss of death to all it embraces. The EU is toast.


  16. The mind boggles how useless, incompetent and possibly crooked our civil service is the media refuse to engage the issue. There can be no sustained recovey without a wholesale change in the way it operates with respect to accountability. Let’s look at best practoce, now in the old Dominions.


  17. @NickM

    Yup……….in my excitement at the news I had the same sort of brain numbness with which the Nobel committee must have been suffering. This viral idiocy can catch up with anyone not taking the precaution of thinking before posting but there is an easy cure.

    I came back now to point out my own failure………needless to say that the Sloggers are onto any factual failure – quick as you like :)


  18. I find it odd that kiddy fiddling is so totally beyond the Pale in these permissive times when those lovely, fashionable people at Stonewall and elsewhere are all for lowering the age of consent – or even abolishing it.

    That will be the next campaign after they can legally call themselves “married” and they will demand that it too should also be dignified as “equal love” . What is more, Labour ministers, like Christine Hewitt and others were supportive of this campaign by a group called PIE – Paedophile Information Exchange. People have such short memories.

    Perhaps Saville made the mistake of going for girls rather than boys. So unfashionable and perhaps he rebuffed some spiteful old queen!


  19. “It is unclear whether officials failed to save results, lost key calculations or deleted some of the workings behind their decision.”

    Perhaps they saved effort and jumped directly from inputs to conclusions?


  20. oT but you mention the relationship of Ms Bottomley and Master Jeremy. Funny really, Master jeremy looks the sort of chap who likes a bit of bottom! He did, of course, go to Charterhouse which used to have a bit of a reputation in that regards when Peter May and Lord |Rees Moggs went there. A famous book, Shadows on the Grass was written about those times by a fellow old boy but the book is now unavailable since all copies were supposedly bought up by the school.


  21. I agree with both Morningstar and Liz here. This award has totally debased the Nobel Prize. I feel so desperatly sorry for all those scientists and doctors who really did some overall good for mankind and where this award was considered the pinnical of their lifes work….whatever must they be feeling today to be lumped in with this lot.

    Nobel would have done considerably better NOT to make an award this year given the possible impending conflicts in many parts of the planet….surely that in itself would have been a more poigniant and honest message to mankind.

    btw, I read in the DT Debt Crisis that very raised voices have just been heard in the corridors of Brussels as to which Sprout should collect it…..Says it all……a really sad day for any of us with an ounce of decency.


  22. “…a few years…” – I can’t see it taking as long as that. We might get through the New Year, maybe, but that can is getting ever more massive and the kicking foot is rapidly tiring. Watch for the trickle of ‘smart money’ rushing into assets, property and PMs becoming a veritable flood over the next few months. At the moment, the kleptomaniacs need ‘liquid’ funds to bankroll their continued wealth-draining operations. Once they judge further vampirism is getting risky, all those ones and zeros will vanish into safe havens; you only own it if you physically hold it.


  23. Rumpy Pumpy re writes history? If he`s talking about WW1 and WW2 then he`s a fool.
    Or if he`s talking about the likes of the Spanish Civil War then the EU may be responsible for history repeating itself.
    Either way he`s still a fool…….. It`s beyond parody!

    “Europe got through two civil wars in the 20th century and we have established peace thanks to the European Union. So the European Union
    is the biggest peacemaker in history.”


  24. @Rowan – It appears that “Paedo Pakis” is a term not particularly liked on this comment section, but I see what you did.
    Pakistani Peados is OK.
    It’s clearly all in the positioning of the words, and there was me thinking I had committed alliteration oblivion the other week. Ho Hum.


  25. So the EU has saved Europe from going to war again – really?

    And I have a lucky rock which I carry around to save me from terrorist bombs, shark attacks and being hit by falling aircraft. It has been succcesful all my life.


  26. At this point Branson has both the information and the clout to do this government major damage, Good!

    It also looks like some very senior Sir Humphrey took a shine to First so what is really interesting is how far DfT will try to take this before CamMORON realises he has another toxic no win issue on his hands?

    MFG, omb


  27. As a Norwegian (ex patted to the UK) I am totally ashamed of the how the judgement of the Norwegian Nobel Comittee. The head is a drooling arse in love with himself. I think it is career enhancement this joker is up to as he is in favour of Norway joining the EU. He is also the leader of the European Council, which makes this even more moronic…

    What a farce!


  28. No Mo, you have it exactly right, death ends everything, even culpability for evil, which it is already clear there is NO EVIDENCE, just hearsay and innuendo. Saville can not now be punished and it is clear also that no one else will be called to account as an accessory. BBC management will slide off the hook again.

    Two things are important here (1) this advances the meme that no-one can be trusted, which, IN ITSELF, is deeply corrosive to your society, and (2) Plod is allowed to involve itself in PC frippery rather than concentrate on CRIME, the QUEEN’S PEACE and corruption and fraud in public-office.

    The degree of disfunction in the agenda of the MSM and TV is increased with each and every one of these silly distractions. Plod’s reputation is also further damaged as its leaders are seen to be completely detached from public priorities eg Paki-grooming, banksterism …

    MFG, omb


  29. I really do not understand the insularity here, the paedo meme is out of control and like health and safety has become an evil in and of itself.

    We say “Alle Erwachsenen sind die Eltern alle Kinden” ie All adults are the parent of any child…this means that all adults are expected to look after children in distress, and so our three year olds can walk to kindergarten safely even in mid-winter.

    Now there will always be evil, the abductor, kidnapper and the actual paedophile who must be detected removed from society before they do real damage. That is what Plod should be doing pro-actively, up to the highest level in the land and all cultural groups.

    Finally, there is a tiny group of children and adults who consensually wish to do things society rightly deprecates and the rich and knowledgeable will find victims in the third world, often with the connivance of their parents. This is, in fact impossible to police, no matter what the bien pensants believe.

    Far better to police things that are really prevalent and a social evil, eg paki-grooming, mis-selling and misprison of public office as well as WALKING town centres AT NIGHT and on WEEKENDS.

    MFG, omb


  30. Wouldn’t it be interesting if the Saville inquiry expanded organically & just co-incidentally uncovered other people in public life abusing their power in a paeodophile-stylee. I mean, wouldn’t it be just bizarre if they happened to find high office links to paeodophile rings. It would be even more so if they got access to the Dunblane inquiry records (the ones to be supressed for 100 years for no reason at all) and fond something rotten.
    I’m sure Jimmy wouldn’t mind that at all as a by-product.


  31. I am in no way superstitious but I just did an image search on google for “continent at war” and what did I find? Really spooky.
    How do they do that?
    Sorry, this is ridiculously off topic


  32. JW
    Are you still of the opinion that Jimmy Savile did nothing wrong? I was surprised to read that piece by you. I think you got it wrong. Did you know the guy?


  33. omb,

    The happy state of affairs which enables your “three year olds to walk to kindergarten safely even in mid-winter” – used to prevail in England not so long ago. No 1 Mother-in-Law tells me that as a four year old she was placed on a train in charge of the guard at Folkestone to travel to Charing Cross where she was met by a relative who put her on a train at Paddington (in charge of the guard) to travel to Plymouth where she was met by another relative and placed on a local train to a south Devon village. This was of course before most homes had telephones. If any mother tried the same today she would probably be arrested for neglect and the social Services would whisk the child into “care”.

    Only recently on a train journey with my wife into London we tried to talk kindly to some 7/8 year olds who were clearly part of an exciting school outing. Sadly they had been schooled into regarding us as strangers and hence a danger. The likes of Ian Huntley and, if proven, the actions of J Savile have a lot to answer for


  34. As the day has gone on I have to say that my incredulity has turned to utter anger and revulsion at this Nobel (which is the one thing that it is’nt) Award. I now hope that everyone in Europe can turn this into the greatest PR disaster in History both for the Nobel Idiots and the EU Nonentities on the day the Sprouts go to collect the award….we need a Europe wide general strike with as many people out on the streets of every capitol city as possible….. Mind you with a bit of luck, between now and the award day Europe will have decended into such a caldron of dissent, protest and arguement that they have to cancel the ceremony

    The last time that I seriously manned the barracades in London was 1968-72….time to brush off my ole riot gear again…..Anyone else with me ?


  35. “Same for Mark Bridger who has been charged with the abduction and murder of April Jones.” No it is not the same. There have been many people who have said that they were abused by him point the finger at Jimmy Savile, whilst he was alive as well. Mark Bridger, on the other hand, has had no-one accusing him of child cruelty or abduction apart from the police. Mark Bridger certainly deserves a fair trial, as does Jimmy Savile, and both trials should be televised, so that the whole country can see and judge. There are many things about April Jones abduction which don’t seem to add up – things we have been told by the media, things we have not been told by the media, and I get the impression that we are being goaded to call for Mark Bridger to be hanged drawn and quartered before he has even had a fair trial!


  36. A disrgaceful award which belittles it.

    Europe’s biggest post-war problem was osia. And it failed miserably. It could’n’t come up with any sort of plan, showed absolutley atrocious leadership, hid behind a fundementally flawed UN intervention (of which I was part, under command of John’s mate Bob Stewart) and then breathed a sigh or relief when Clinton finally lost patience.

    A petty little third world country with a population the size of Wales on the EU’s borders and it didn’t have a clue what to do other than hope someone else would do something while in the meantime over 100,000 people died.


  37. It is reported that Jimmy Savile’s family has had the ornate gravestone and all the flowers removed from the cemetery in Scarborough.
    All that’s left is a small hole with no foliage around it.
    Jimmy would have wanted it that way…..


  38. But we do go to war with anybody else …. Iraq, Afghanistan … soon to be Syria, nearly Libya …. see the pattern….


  39. @Zoompad. What I find odd about this trial of M.Bridger is that as far as I know the child has not been found. How can a man be tried for murder if there is no body? How can the police know for certain that she is dead? How do they know that she might not have been snatched by some other person, & still be alive somewhere?
    Also, it seems they were digging up his flagstones the day after she went missing. How could he have found the time to bury her in such a short time with no risk of being seen?
    It all sounds like panic to me, a sort of ‘grab an arab’ syndrome, which we used to say of the french police in similar circumstances.


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