From the Archives: Mandelson the manipulator manipulated

I thought this one from nearly three years ago might be a suitable way to embarrass Mandy on any number of levels…

February 28, 2010 · 7:00 am

Revealed: Some reasons behind the Mandy ‘we will join Euro’ proclamation.

There may be rather personal reasons why Lord Mandelson is keen to talk up the Euro.

If you’ve been wondering why Mandy wants to show British confidence in the Euro, we may be able to offer you a clue here and there.

First off, to retain his European Union pension, Peter mustn’t criticise its institutions. The pension pays him £31,000-a-year (just enough to cover his wristwatch bill).

Second, continued good behavior will allow him to have this sum index-linked in perpetuity, should he by some misfortune reach 65. An annuity on this basis would cost the Lord of the Ring in excess of half a million quid on the open market.

Third, Manglesum will not get his EU contract pay-off of £230,000 (and a £15,000 relocation fee) if he commits the cardinal sin – to paraphrase Peter’s own syntax – he ‘talks the Euro down’.

I always find that it helps to work out the agenda these days, don’t you?

13 thoughts on “From the Archives: Mandelson the manipulator manipulated

  1. High moral tone and altruistic political motives,my brown Irish bollox. These political creeps have there nose in the trough, the day they come off their mothers titty.
    With a few notable exceptions,most are compromised, by money, power or scandal.
    We indeed are lions led by Hee-haws. Tally behind and you may get the droppings to feed your garden roses.


  2. I must getting cynical in my old age. The German phrase “Na und?” instantly flickered across my mind. Mandelson has never been anything but a manipulative liar devoid of ethics.

    Libel lawyers nota bene: merely vulgar abuse, m’lud.


  3. I must also be getting cynical in my old age, when the German phrase:

    Nein, Nein, Nein, Nein, Nein, Nein, Nein, Nein, Nein – (until everyone in the room holds up a cheeseboard) and then, miraculously – it’s:

    “Okay”…. Zis Chezze iz on ezpenzes Jah?


  4. Alongside his cronies Lord and Lady Kinnock, who have notched up a handful of European gold plated pensions between them. Ah Socialism, dontcha love it!


  5. Remember the letter mandy wrote to a doctor thanking him for all his help? the doctor was a voodoo witch doctor, the help was in dealing with an opponent.


  6. @John
    It is good that we are reminded about these subjects………..good call to republish………………3 minutes hate well spent :)


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