Bonzer Beer Alert

Here and there among the aisles of Britain’s wine warehouses and supermarkets there lurks an upstart newcomer.

He is from the Caribbean, and fashioned in the soft, French tradition of brewing beer. His name is Banks. He is not Banksy. Nor is he that West Midlands Brewery output, Banks’s. He is merely – as it says on the bottle – ‘the legendary beer celebrated across the [Caribbean] region’.

I picked up a bottle at an introductory price of a quid. It was amazing. I tried three more just to be sure. And then I cleared their stock out completely.

Attention: I am not being paid to say this. Banks is the best, reasonable level (4.7%) ABV lager I have tasted in years. It offers great medium taste and full body without any paving stones heading towards one’s face as a result. It’s not a session lager: it’s an aperitif – a 355 ml intro to an evening of food, fine wines and friends still able to drive home safely.

More normally, you’ll find it at around £1.47 a bottle. Expensive but wonderful, it makes Michelob taste like something brewed by the hillbillies from Deliverance.

17 thoughts on “Bonzer Beer Alert

  1. Do not poo-poo hillbilly bathtub brews John. I’m currently mixing up a vintage whiskey in my tub, will I send you a bottle once I get the explosions out of the manufacturing process?!


  2. John,
    pop into your local Morrisons supermarket and purchase a bottle of Furstenberg lager. Reinheitsgebot, smooth as silk, and well worth £1-49. You’ll be back for more, I reckon.


  3. I’ve drunk plenty of Banks in Barbados, thoroughly pleasant though can’t say I’ve got all that excited. If they exported Pacena Pilsener from La Paz that would be something, though perhaps the best part of drinking it is that it means you’re in Bolivia.


  4. Sadly if the beer gets popular then it will be brewed under licence in the UK in one of the lager factories.

    I’m currently drinking ‘Bavaria’, a quid for 500ml in Morries, it tastes like piss (most lager does) but at least it is imported (brewed in a lager factory in Holland)


  5. Donaueschingen brau, from Baden-Wurtembourg (Schwartzwald, Black Forrest) is very good, as is DE brewed Paulaner or Lewenbruaw.

    The town is in the East of the Land, about 45 minutes from the Swiss border at Schaffhausen then Singen and the E41 NW. Bothe the Bodensee and Titensee are close and good food and beer are normal.

    From Freiburg/A5 also 50 mins.

    MFG und sehr gluck Sloogers, omb


  6. Yes the lesson of how to destroy everything is alive in rip-off Britain, just pick obscure beer and have them by the pallet load. Market leaders Kronenberg and Stella taste NOTHING like the home brewed stuff from Strasbourg and Luvain.

    I do a lot of business in Brazil and mostly in Amazonas, Cervejaria Fellice is very good.

    MFG, omb


  7. Ooh! How do I get one to taste test for my beer blog here all the way down in Oz? Even though I have never tasted this, I will gladly swap it for XXXX, preferably the entire breweries! (Gratuitous plug – go to my website linked in my name).

    Fortunately we do get the best beers imported (Chimay, Leffe, Hoegaarden, Schofferhoffer) rather than under license. Due to the latter, I have absolutely no idea what Stella Artois, Carlsberg, Heineken etc taste like, but I presume I’m missing out!

    BTW, your blog is brilliant, combining politics AND beer into the same blog! Nuts and gum, together at last!


  8. I have a bottle of Thomas Sykes ale brewed in the National Heritage Brewery in Burton on Trent in 1985! I wouldn’t dare open it, although it does say on the bottle that it “will age like a good wine”.


  9. Have a pint of Sams Smiths pure brewed lager or a pint of old brewery bitter or a pint of beer from any local micro brewery (there are loads around) and leave the overpriced big brewery rubbish for Londoners to drink. With a few exceptions the beer in London is the worst in the world.


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